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when i was about 8 (bearing in mind deathly hallows was released when i was about 15) i wrote a harry potter fanfiction where harry and ginny where married and it was the morning of the september 1st and they were taking their 3 kids to the platform to meet ron, hermione, and their kids. i dont remember what the weasley kids were called, but i do remember that harrys kids were called lily, james, and for some reason mercury bob. i dont know why mercury bob, but i do know its still less ridiculous than albus severus.

Kiss The Pain Away

“It hurts!” Castiel screamed at the top of his lungs as he plopped down on the grass clutching at his arm. Small tears started to sprout from his tiny blue eyes. “Dean!”

The younger of the two children sprinted across the yard with wide worried eyes. As Dean sat beside his best friend he took Cas’ arm onto his lap and studied the now reddening and puffy spot where the bee had stung. Dean wanted to call his mother out, but he knew that she was on the phone with an important person and he shouldn’t disturb her.

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When I’m sad I like to think about the first night Mulder and Scully spent with William. and how Mulder held him in his arms for 2 hours straight while Scully napped. and the way he watched her feed William with his head perched on her shoulder. or how they all laid down on the bed together; William snuggled between them as they both pointed out features that resembled the other. Mulder pointed out that he had her eyes, and Scully pointed out that he had his tiny cleft chin. and when William woke up in the middle of the night Mulder changed him and brought him over to Scully to breast-feed. then, he spent 45 min rocking him to sleep while softly singing Joy to the World and another 45 min watching him dream. and how he carried him to his crib and slowly inhaled his scent and kissed his soft head before going back to Scully. 

or maybe that was the last night Mulder spent with William and Scully. 


some girl copy MY oc//how i look irl just wow.

u cant tack some 1′s look if there real

i wood not care a lot if then copy off 1 of my OCs but

there tacking how i look >.>

the girl dose know she might have to pay like $1k right >.> 

i just dont know why some kid things its fine to tack some 1′s looks >.> 

it makes me sick

and now thx’s to her my sick ;v;


anonymous asked:

hhey I uh. live in a family that has a lot of mental health issues? and so I see a therapist for stuff but she isnt really ,, trans or gender non-conforming friendly. shes sort of the authority figure & I worry telling her anything will make her dislike me and ruin the relationship I have with her. ive only just learned to trust her since my therapist as a kid made me have some trust issues, and I dont really know what to do. my mom knows i want a binder but not that im trans. im just ? worried


Okay, is there any chance you’d be able to change therapists? (I know that could make things difficult, especially with trusting) but if you found a more accepting therapist you could work up to opening up about your gender to them.

You should keep yourself safe, and if you feel that telling your current therapist would be a mistake, then don’t do it.

Don’t be jerks to people (especially girls) who get into comics after seeing the movies. They have to get introduced to the media somehow! So while you whine and complain about “fake geeks” I’m going to make some new dang friends.

Do you ever just fucking crumble inside when you think that Dean and Cas are so unbearably miserable but if they’d just get their heads out of their asses and kissed then maybe they’d become unbearably happy?

Because I do. All the fucking time. And it’s ruining my life.

i took a train to munich today and on the way there i saw police standing at every train station we passed with big buses that drove refugees to munich for free and then in munich what i saw there was just overwhelming there were many many refugees outside the train station crying tears of joy, recieving free food and train tickets from volunteers and also police that were actually being friendly and helpful (!!) some kids were running around and playing, smiling, laughing and i dont even know how to describe that situation like it’s been so fucking bad for them and they are literally survivors and now so many people are helping and idk it was just so overwhelming literally thank you to everyone that helps those people getting the freedom that everyone deserves