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when i was about 8 (bearing in mind deathly hallows was released when i was about 15) i wrote a harry potter fanfiction where harry and ginny where married and it was the morning of the september 1st and they were taking their 3 kids to the platform to meet ron, hermione, and their kids. i dont remember what the weasley kids were called, but i do remember that harrys kids were called lily, james, and for some reason mercury bob. i dont know why mercury bob, but i do know its still less ridiculous than albus severus.


infodumping about the ocean


turns out

there isnt -1 messages in my inbox IS NOT SO EMPTY but like why tho?? who paid u?? blink twice of u were forced to send ‘babe’ to me inbox like Who r u??? were u at?? why u all on anon¿¿¿ i wanna meet u!! i wanna hug U ur all BABES xx

Kiss The Pain Away

“It hurts!” Castiel screamed at the top of his lungs as he plopped down on the grass clutching at his arm. Small tears started to sprout from his tiny blue eyes. “Dean!”

The younger of the two children sprinted across the yard with wide worried eyes. As Dean sat beside his best friend he took Cas’ arm onto his lap and studied the now reddening and puffy spot where the bee had stung. Dean wanted to call his mother out, but he knew that she was on the phone with an important person and he shouldn’t disturb her.

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Do you ever just fucking crumble inside when you think that Dean and Cas are so unbearably miserable but if they’d just get their heads out of their asses and kissed then maybe they’d become unbearably happy?

Because I do. All the fucking time. And it’s ruining my life.

Don’t be jerks to people (especially girls) who get into comics after seeing the movies. They have to get introduced to the media somehow! So while you whine and complain about “fake geeks” I’m going to make some new dang friends.

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i'm new to stanning up10tion and i know basically nothing about the members, can you tell me a bit about each? (w pictures if you could, thanks!!)

Thank you for handing me this pleasure to help : D

Okie so let’s begin with the leader: Jinhoo   He’s part of the vocal line

He was born on the: 95.08.02

He is known for his lips as you can see and swells a lot from eating chilli (when he was on the meet&greet he ate chilli)

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Then we got Kuhn, the co-leader   He’s the rapper (but he can sing well)

He was born on the:  95.11.11 (pepero day) 

He has a deep voice and sounds intimidating but really he’s a little cinnamon roll 

He also does a great kim woo bin impression

Now to Kogyeol (his name means noble which on tv he is often called the noble one)

He was born on: 96.05.19    He’s part of the vocal line

He is “amazing” at freestyle rap like wow 

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Now you got Wei     He’s the ‘high-toned’ rapper

He was born on: 96.06.08

He’s an absolute cutie who got embrassed when Kogyeol rapped on Weekly idol

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Now we have the ‘cave’ rapper Bit-to ( i dont know why he’s called that tbh maybe because he has a low voice)

He was born on: 96.08.24

He’s the charismatic on stage type but then an idiot off stage :’ )

He has a cute smile tho 

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Now we got Satan—- I mean Wooshin    He’s part of the vocal line

He was born on 96.10.27

He’s a squishy evil but cute full of aegyo playful loves the manknae line alot person. : D  And he has awesome art skills (manga) which is displayed on their reality show

Lemme pass you an example on his evilness— Poor Hwanhee (the guy he dropped the tray on)

Let’s not forget Woogyeol (which can also be a play on word for We got married the show)

Now the ball of sunshine that makes you wanna squish him and protect him 

SUNYOUL   He was born on: 96.11.06   He’s part of the vocal lone and his high notes are no joke. He’s also recently appeared on King of Masked singer

He has the brightest smile and cute teeth

Now we got Gyujin aka Mr Pouty Face

He is part of the vocal line but doesnt get many parts

He was born on the 97.11.21

He’s also nicknamed Shincan Eyebrows because it resembles that character

And the manknae line—

We got Hwanhee aka the beagle   He was born on 98.05.06

He has amazing vocals and is compared to Hwanhee Fly to the sky and more famously Exo Baekhyun

Expect a lot of mankae bromance, hence the gif above

And finally Xiao

He is the Mankae of up10tion and also the one who deos the brilliant fanservice of showing his abs   *Sidenote: Him and Sunyoul are unoffically in charge of the abs in my opinion*

Btw on his solo charm stage he grinded to the flooe to Justin Timberlake—- WHAT IS THIS KID I DONT KNOW 

Some more XiaoHee moments

And finally XiaoShin couple

And there you have it the brief rundown on up10tion 

Welcome to the fandom ^3^

Tons of stories

Warning: some of these contain poop, pads and there is a pedofile mention and over all grossness

1.I go to school in australia, and year 7 to about year 10 kids would play what we called the ‘penis’ game.

You just had to scream the word penis as loud as possibele down the hallways, in classrooms, in meetings etc and not get caught.

It was really weird

2. In yr 7 i had a geography teacher called mr grey and he was really old and always grumpy.

There was this kid, we’ll call him B for short and B was the class clown. He would annoy Mr grey until he, im not shitting you, growled at b, like a dog.

For the rest of the time we had class with him people would randomly bark at him. By the end of the year mr grey had to take time off for high blood pressure. There was also a meme about him because of 50 shades of grey, ill see if i can submit it later.

3. Year 9 camp we went to Queenslands theme parks, movie world/ wet n wild and dream world. During dinner one night, we all were crammed into some dirty dining hall with shit food and watered down apple juice, a bunch of teenage boys all spat some of their already chewed food into a glass with water in it. They dared their buddy to drink it for $20 and he actually fucking done it, he fucking done it. Me and my best friend were outside gagging almost throwing up for about 20 minuets.

At the same camp someone left a used bad in the girls assigned bathrooms and 2 guys had a fight at like 9pm at night.

4. As you can already tell this school was a shit hole, people delt drugs and knives all the time. I was in english in 9th grade, the top english class which is surprising because we all acted like animals. Before bottle flipping, there was that weird craze of tipping a glass upside down with water in it and getting the water to stay inside it. A girl done this in English with her friends water bottle while her friend and her teacher were out of the room. They both came back in and the teacher lost her shit but nobody would own up to it, so nothing really came out of it but i just thought it was funny to share.

The same english class, later that year we were being clowns, the teacher hadnt turned up for class. We were all on our phones, feet on the desk chatting away. The girls friend in the previous story was talking to someone on her phone and ran out of the classroom down the hall way and got caught by the english head. All we heard was, extremely loudly, “GET OFF OF THAT PHONE!!!”

everyone in this class started unpacking their shit so quickly, we always had to read for the first 10 mins of class for somw strange reason and some kids never had books of their own so there was this cupboard up the back of the toom with books in it. One of the super popular kids started throwing books out of the cupboard to everyone before the head came into our classroom and lost her shit at us.

I feel like thats a good example of students helping over students. Also wasps were attracted to this room for some reason and would often fly into the class room and people would scream. In a previous year, in the same room someone had rubbed gum all into the carpet and it stained.

5. Math, yr 9 we had some hippy teacher who treated us like we were 10 years old. Some kid had party poppers in his bag, i dont know if these are called different things in other places but they’re the things with string and if you pull the string confetti comes out of it and it makes a popping sound. He set that off in class and the teacher freaked out because she could smell it and they were making up all of these excuses to what it was and to who it was. Eventually someone dobbed them in and im pretty sure he got bashed after class.

6. This happened to my best friend, but in physical activity theory class, we called it p.e theory, a kid had an extreme case of diarrhea and shit himself in class while sitting next to her. She said she could tell he was farting really badly and that she could smell it. She heard his stomach gargle and him yell, “oh shit”, stand up, grab his butt and run out of the class room.

He was previously known as moldemort because he ate mold out of a bin as a dare and is now the diarrhea kid.

Conclusion; i don’t go to this school anymore, and it was a constant shit show.

My friend also broke a cuboard in math, ignored it and got away with it. Someone broke a 1m wooden ruler in a ceiling fan, someone also threw a chair at the same ceiling fan and broke it. Some teacher called Mr.hop was a bit of a pedo and told a girl he’d spank her and there was a rumor going around that he put his hands down a girls shirt to get her phone out of her bra, hes retired now. Also for the longest time, we had these crappy move-able class rooms that constantly smelt like mold. And there was a clean pad that was stuck to the wall in one of them for the longest time, nobody had decided to take it off the wall for like a year.

There was also this kid who had a really bad case of nits/head lice and would sit up the back of the class room and pick them out of his head and eat them….

Kids would also sit up the back of the school smoking weed and cigs all day and the teachers just didnt give a shit.

Yeaaahh, australian schools suck

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Junkrat and roadhog dress dreamers, junkrat is bein all buddy buddy with CD but roadhog is bout to fight HB

Same anon as before I ment derse dreamers,Auto correct is a bitch

skeptical hogman holds his shitty rat away from the alien. 

i took a train to munich today and on the way there i saw police standing at every train station we passed with big buses that drove refugees to munich for free and then in munich what i saw there was just overwhelming there were many many refugees outside the train station crying tears of joy, recieving free food and train tickets from volunteers and also police that were actually being friendly and helpful (!!) some kids were running around and playing, smiling, laughing and i dont even know how to describe that situation like it’s been so fucking bad for them and they are literally survivors and now so many people are helping and idk it was just so overwhelming literally thank you to everyone that helps those people getting the freedom that everyone deserves

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honestly, saying that you 'cant do any other style' is really selling yourself short, and all that is going to do is stop you from improving at all. you cant be closed off to change, otherwise youre just going to stagnate and not learn anything. learning IS change, IMPROVEMENT is change, and its something you should get more comfortable with if you want to make your art better. you definitely have the potential and drive to do it, so try to be more open to criticism and suggestions and change!

Anonymous said: also dont worry about things ‘not coming out decently,’ youre gonna have to make some mistakes before getting better, and being constantly worried about messing up is only going to make it look like you drew with your teeth clenched the whole time haha. try to relax!

Yeah well I like staying in my comfort zone, and

I can improve just fine without completely changing my style at once :3c
(Explanations are in the tags if you don’t understand what I mean lmao)