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Holy FRICK, it's youuu. I've seen your art all over and never realized it was one person who created all these amazing pieces? How did I not? They're all so good? Anyways I'm here now. Subscribed and all!

Excuse my reaction but ‘all over’ sounds like … everywhere but tumblr? D:  (Which, if that’s the case, makes me really unhappy because my art should only be on this site.. with some exceptions)

But yeah… Well .. I am glad that you found me? o_o .. and yes all these shitty little jokes are mine. They’re bad :’D .. and the art is just sketches but yes. That’s all mine. When you see a bad joke with seijou 3rd years involved, it’s probably mine because that’s been all I did lately :’D… I’m very sorry for it, I just can’t stop. But I am very happy that you seem to enjoy all my dumb art.
And I guess I need to get a bit more continuity in my style. I realize some pieces look very different in style from others. I’m still not where I actually want to be so, yeah. :D
Thank you <3

Pumpkin - 3

Pairing: Bucky x reader

Summary: rain always brought something with it. love wasn’t something you exactly expected.

Author’s Note: yay! Finally wrote something!! So, it is a little gloomy and sad but it has a cute ending. Hope you like it!

Warning(s): swearing, body image issues, self-criticism and self-hatred

Words Count: 2000

PART 1 , 2

Originally posted by ghostwritingforyou

You had arranged all your clothes in your closet. You admired them for a while before heading to the bathroom to change and wash your face. You brushed your teeth and washed your face as usual and then changed into a loose tank top and shorts. You had to wear them in winters for your powers had a tendency to act up. you let your hair down and took in a deep breath. It was this time of the day you could truly unwind.

You walked out of the bathroom and turned up the volume of your speakers ‘great.’ You thought and collapsed on your bed. You cuddled up with your pillows and let the music engulf you. the clouds had covered the sky, and chilly winds blew through the window. it was perfect until the bel rang.

You groaned and sat up. ‘I just took my bra off.’ You muttered and made your way to the door. You opened the door partially and found a visibly dishevelled Bucky standing there.

‘you seem like you had fun tonight.’ You said. he didn’t respond for a while, he was too busy taking in your appearance.

‘who the fuck are you and what did you do to (y/n)?’ he asked in a joking manner and you rolled your eyes.

‘the fuck are you doing here? It’s 1 am.’ You said.

‘can I come in please? I’m cold.’ He rubbed his arm. ‘you too.’ He grinned. you thought for a while before crossing your arms over your chest. you blushed and cussed under your breath before letting him inside. You moved to your bedroom while he plopped on the couch.

‘why are you here?’ you asked from your bedroom. ‘everyone else got shit face drunk.’ He shouted. You walked in the living room with a confused look and sat beside him.

‘so?’ you asked.

‘can’t I stay? I thought you loved me.’ he put a hand on his hard to show fake hurt.

‘nah, anything for you. just, what did they do?’ you asked.

‘well, I wasn’t feeling like getting drunk so I just sat there. Then they all just went crazy! Like batshit shit crazy! Clint shot an arrow at me so I left for the gym…’ He narrated more incidences. ‘you don’t even know the worst part.’

 ‘what’s the worst part?’ you grinned.

‘well, when I was cleaning my knives after punching the heavy bag. Thor came out of nowhere and tried to “banish” me because he thought I was Loki. I had to jump from a fucking window to get here.’ He said and you busted into a fit of laughter.

  ‘yay! It’s a sleepover.’ You stopped laughing. ‘I don’t think I can sleep for at least an hour now, you wanna watch a movie?’

‘sure. Hey, one question.’ He laid comfortably on the couch. ‘why are you wearing that? Don’t you get cold?’ he grinned.

‘will you let that go?’ you shot him a glare. ‘I have to, my powers go crazy sometimes and my body temperature gets very high.’ you said looking for the remote.

  ‘you look nice. Your hair looks good that way.’ He looked at you from the couch.

‘scoot.’ You said. ‘nope.’ He sprawled on the couch and tucked an arm under his head.

‘do you want to go flying, again?’ you smiled and he sat up properly. ‘I really love being an elemental sometimes.’ You turned the TV on. You changed channels trying to find a good channel, to no avail.

‘guess we’re not watching a movie.’ He said and you nodded.

  ‘it’s the worst sleepover ever.’ You laid back your head and stared at the ceiling.

‘it’s raining.’ Bucky looked out of the window.

‘IT’S RAINING!’ you shot up and ran towards the window. You opened the window and stuck your hand out. ‘let’s go on the roof!’ you wore your flip flops and he gave you a weird look.

‘have you lost your mind? I’ll freeze over there.’ He argued.

‘oh, you won’t. I’ll make the rain drops refract from your path.’ You said but he didn’t respond. ‘please?’ you gave him the puppy eyes.

‘fine.’ He sighed and got up. ‘but if any-‘

‘yeah, done. Let’s go before it stops.’ You grabbed his hand and ran out of your apartment. You reached the roof and looked around. You always loved the rain. You don’t know why but you found it calming, healing.

  ‘rain.’ You both said in varying tone. Yours was filled with joy while his with disgust. ‘come on.’ You offered him your hand but he declined. ‘what kind of an asshole doesn’t like the rain?’ you crossed your arms over your chest.

‘it’s not that I don’t like it. I’m freezing.’ He said with a slight shivering.

‘aww, sorry I forgot. Come here.’ You levelled his face with yours and connected your forehead with his.

‘what are you doing?’ he asked softly.

  ‘shh..’ you closed your eyes. ‘just a little fire magic.’ You said and summoned your energy. Bucky didn’t realize when the cold had stopped bothering him as he was busy taking in the details of your face. ‘I guess that will do.’ you let go of his face and he quickly straightened up.

‘I am still not willing to get drenched.’ He crossed his arms over his chest. you rolled your eyes and stepped in the rain. You looked up and let the rain drops kiss your face. you smiled as the water ran over you and the cold breeze blew through your hair.

 ‘you don’t know what you’re missing!’ You shouted. ‘come on buck!’ you said and he shook his head in a ‘no’. you stomped right by his side and crossed your arms. ‘so, you won’t come?’ you asked.

‘you can bet your ass I won’t.’ he said. you huffed and jerked him forwards. ‘what the-!?! I’m going back.’ He turned away but you grabbed his arm.

‘come on, Jamie! Live a little! Just stay for a while and it will feel great.’ You said and he gave you a bitch face. ‘close your eyes.’ You said softly.

‘why?’ he huffed.

‘just do what I say. Close your eyes and look up.’ You did what you said and waited for him to follow. ‘Bucky.’ You opened one eye and found him looking at you.

‘that’s stupid.’ He said. you glared at him and he sighed before doing what you had said. ‘now what?’ he said with closed eyes.

‘just breath.’ You said softly. He took deep breaths and felt a comfort wash over him. ‘did you know that rain heals everything?’ you asked softly and he looked at you. ‘you see, god, is in the rain. I am not much of a believer but this sentence always lived with me somewhere.’ You talked and he couldn’t look anywhere else but your smiling face. he hadn’t felt this feeling in such a long while, he hadn’t felt serenity. ‘I don’t know why they say that rain is depressing. I always found it relaxing, like it was a medicine, something that healed everything. It washes away your wounds like a mother and yet people call it dark and depressing.’ You shrugged.

‘you hear that?’ he asked as a faint tune entered his ears.

‘hear what?’ you asked and he hushed you.

‘listen. Seems like a song.’ He said. you had to strain your ears a little before hearing it too.

‘I hear it now. It’s a nice song.’ You smiled trying to look in the direction from where the sound was coming from. As you tried to look past the rain, you were suddenly grabbed. Bucky grinned and positioned your hands on his shoulder. ‘oh, hell no. I do not dance’ you tried to retrieve your hands.

‘nuh-uh. My turn to make you try something new.’ He intertwined the fingers of his flesh hand with yours and kept his metal arm on your waist.

‘I already hate- ‘you frowned.

‘shut it. just follow.’ He led you both to the tune. It was amazing and horrible at the same time. You were dancing in the rain with the man you had feelings who didn’t know how you felt. You decided to not think about it and just enjoy the moment while it lasted. Little did you know that he was going through the same plight.

‘(y/n)?’ he said hesitantly and you hummed in response. ‘I need to tell you something. It’s just getting a little too much to carry these days and I just want to get it off my mind.’ he moved back. ‘(y/n) I-I –‘he struggled to find the perfect words but it wasn’t a movie or a book and he for sure wasn’t a writer.

‘just go ahead and don’t worry. There’s nothing you could do to make me hate you. ever.’ You smiled.

‘okay, (y/n), I like you. a lot. I developed a liking for you the first day I met you. you are the most amazing person I’ve ever met and I just, I just want you to be mine.’ He pursed his lips and looked at you hopefully.

‘I wish it was true.’ You said in voice barely above a whisper. ‘is it some bet or a joke, huh? Because it’s really sick.’ Tears mixed with the water on your face.

‘no, no, no! it’s true I love you dammit!’ he raised his voice and moved closer to you.

‘not it’s not!’ you shot back. ‘look at yourself and then at me! there’s no way in hell someone like you can love someone like me! I am not good enough, Bucky! I never was I never will be! And it hurts! It hurts like hell!’ your voice cracked and he heard a crack sound of something else too; his heart.

‘and you know what hurts more? You, out of all people saying these words of affection to me when there is no way you can love me. you!’ you moved in his direction. ‘you, the one I had started to love.’ You looked in his eyes. ‘I compare myself to every other person, Bucky. Every goddamn person. And I lose, I lose every fucking time.’ You avoided his eyes. ‘so, please, if it was anything like a joke, I will forgive you. and if you did have any feelings for me, forget it. you deserve someone better. Someone who’s beautiful and not like me.’ you looked at him one last time and made your way to the door. He grabbed your hand and pulled you close to him.

‘let me go.’ You tried to get out of his grip.

‘shh..’ he tightened his grip. ‘just shut up for a second and listen alright.’ He looked in your eyes. ‘I love you. it’s no joke, no bet. Just me pouring my heart out to you. you are fucking amazing, you are the one who made me feel like a human again, the one who made me laugh. If I have to list the reasons why I love you, it will take the whole damn night and still wouldn’t be enough. I love everything about. I love how your hair covers face, how you laugh and smile, how you always give the best hugs, how I can’t look away from your lips, how you talk about things and explain them. I just can’t have enough of you.’ he ran his thumbs on your cheekbones and a faint smile appeared on your lips.

‘do you mean all that?’ you asked.

‘yup, and here’s proof.’ He captured your lips and kissed you slowly and lovingly. You were too surprised at first but moved your lips in sync after a while. He grinned as you pulled back. ‘not too bad for a first timer.’

‘shut the fuck up.’ you buried your face in his chest making him chuckle.

‘ah, finally.’ he hugged you back tightly and kissed the top of your head.

‘I won’t hesitate to kill you if you tell anyone at the facility.’ He heard your muffled voice.

‘I promise. Let’s get back inside first.’ He held your hands and placed a quick peck on your lips.

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The Dead Will Rise

Characters: Dean x Reader, Sam, Castiel

Word Count: 2,206

Warnings: Just major angst, major character death

Summary: Two years ago, you were declared as legally dead. What happens when you show up on Dean’s doorstep?

Originally posted by deangifsdaily

You took a breath for the first time in 2 years. You crawled up from your grave that Dean and Sam buried you in. They couldn’t bear to give you a Hunters funeral so they buried you instead. You grasped the ground and dug your nails into the dirt and heaved yourself out of the grave and laid on the ground.

You remember dying; you remember Dean killing the demon that had stabbed a knife through your chest.


“Just let her go, this fight is between you and me, not her.” Dean growled out, his mark glowing red. You knew he was angry and if it weren’t for the demon holding you, the demon would be dead by now.

“I know but how much fun is it going to be when I kill Dean Winchester’s play toy.” You gulped but felt the knife press harder against your neck.

“Dean, don’t do it. I’m not worth it,” You whispered to Dean.

“You’re not going to die. You want to know where the blade is? I’ll tell you just let her go.” Dean bargained. If Dean told this demon where the blade was, game over. You couldn’t let that happen.

“Dean, don’t. Please don’t do this. He’ll kill you and Sam and then me. I’m dead either way.” You got tears.

“Don’t listen to her Dean. You tell me where the blade is I’ll let you live.” You knew, without a doubt, that the demon was lying.

“Crowley has it. Go to him and he’ll hand it right over.” You also knew Dean was lying to protect you. You knew where the blade was and it wasn’t anywhere near Crowley.

“Wrong answer.” In the blink of an eye, the demon shoved the blade between your breasts and plunged it right into your heart. You couldn’t make any noise as blood dripped down your mouth and all over your shirt.

“NO!!” Dean screamed and ran to the demon but the demon was long gone. You fell to the floor with a thump and your glossy eyes landed on Dean’s tear filled ones.

“I-I l-love y-you.” You stuttered. With every word that passed, more blood came pouring out. “Tell S-Sam I l-love him t-too.” You let a few tears fall as you took your last breath. You went limp in Dean’s arms as your soul left your body and on its way to Heaven where you would be seeing Castiel.

Flashback over

You didn’t know how you got back or what ever happened to Dean or Sam. For all you know, they both could be dead. God, you hope that isn’t the case. You stood up shakily and looked around at your surroundings. Of course you would be buried in the middle of the woods.

You couldn’t be placed in a cemetery because legally, you were dead. You were surprised that you were wearing clothes and smiled a bit when you saw it was one of Dean’s sweatpants and one of his favorite flannels.

You got tears and let them spill over as you thought of your boyfriend and how much pain he could be in right now. You missed him and missed Sam; you needed to find them.

You walked about 2 miles when you saw a road and followed one side of it, knowing that you’ll come to civilization soon enough. Eventually you did and saw a small town but didn’t know exactly where it was or how far it was to the Bunker.

All you could think about at the moment was food and you walked deeper into town. You frowned when you saw the town empty; like all of its people had vanished. Nothing seemed to be damaged or vandalized so you walked into a gas station store but didn’t see anyone.

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What if someone from the alphabet squad actually caught Fushimi undressing and saw all his knife straps and was like 'holy fuck his skin isn't made out of knives?!'? Preferably Hidaka xD

Maybe after a particularly rough mission everyone’s clothes get all artfully torn up and they all have to go change. Hidaka gets finished pretty quick and heads back out except he accidentally walks in on Fushimi who’s still in the middle of putting the harness back on and Hidaka gets to see a full view of exactly how many knives Fushimi wears on a regular basis. I think Hidaka would actually think it was pretty neat and say so, probably wondering how Fushimi manages to hide that many knives without it being obvious at all. Fushimi clicks his tongue and rolls his eyes but Hidaka keeps being all interested in him, Hidaka probably remembers that day that Fushimi got in his new knife shipment and made them disappear in like five seconds flat and how’d you do that anyway. Fushimi maybe even feels a little uncomfortable with all this interest because it reminds him of the way Yata used to look at him and call him cool all the time and so he turns away and tells Hidaka to mind his own business. Hidaka laughs sheepishly and apologizes and admits that the alphabet squad was starting to wonder if Fushimi’s skin was made of knives because of how easily he hides them. Fushimi’s like ‘are you an idiot?’ and Hidaka says that still, he thinks it’s really cool that Fushimi figured out this whole system by himself and that he’s able to fight so well with hidden weapons, Hidaka feels like he would feel uncomfortable having all those knives covering his skin but Fushimi wears them like it’s nothing. Fushimi kinda ducks his head and mutters a quiet ‘thanks,’ not able to look Hidaka in the eye because he doesn’t know how to handle all this sudden praise.

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Sir, I want to be transformed

I’m trying to work on better ways to facilitate this as I get a lot of these requests.  The hardest part is defeating this culture of games and snark, irony and wink wink and smirk smirk.  I have a hard time eliminating that in even myself, but it’s far worse on some of these cyberaddicts who make progress at the pace of a snail.

That’s the key breakthrough – and I need to make it happen.  I’m trying to work on a stone-cold serious 80’s classic rock mix that’s supposed to sound like Ohio after midnight.  I figure if I can crush that, I can crush all the ‘this is some joke, jocks are stupid, huh huh huh’ attitude that is holding back so many queers here.  There’s barriers to the reptilian midbrain and zoomorphism that need to come down, too.

 — ❝ you’re seriously ‘gonna deny this, q? ❞ although finn had only just arrived in the auditorium, his usually composed manner utterly disrupted by layers of conflict and confusion combined, he couldn’t help the hurt that filtered through his expression. ❝ was this just some kind of sick joke, huh? some kind of PRANK where the stupid, naive jock ends up looking like an idiot? ❞ his words, despite being self-deprecating, were sharp; cutting; vicious. as he made his way down towards the stage, his eyes narrowing avoiding making eye contact with her, he swallowed the lump in the back of his throat - trying to contain his inner frustration and anger. the more he tried to understand it, to justify her decision, the more irritated he got. who the hell catfished their ex boyfriend half a year after they cheated on them with their best friend? it made no sense.

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Is this some sort of sick joke?


Did he send you here to spy on me?

Huh? No! He doesn’t even know I’m here.

*heavy sigh* This whole situation has me so confused.

He would never spy on you.

I know that… I’m sorry I snapped at you.

No, I’m sorry. For all of this.

How do you know Merlot?

I’ll explain everything as soon as he gets here.

Gets here? He lives in Windenburg.

Trust me. I’m sure he’ll be here first chance he gets.