some joke huh

What's so funny?

There you go giggling again! I’m not even touching you! What… did I do something? I mean I’m not doing anything, I’m just putting my hands over your belly! Yeah yeah yeah I know, hands and feet tied, blah blah blah, whatever, but I didn’t lay a hand on you, so why are you giggling? Ooooh you must’ve thought of a joke huh? Oh here I have one! Why does this little lee laugh so much? …. My goodness! Laughing hard already? I didn’t even finish the joke! You sure are easy to amuse. I’m sure my hands attacking your hips and sides had nothing to do with it, right? Now how about some more jokes huh? I got all the time in the world!

anonymous asked:

What if someone from the alphabet squad actually caught Fushimi undressing and saw all his knife straps and was like 'holy fuck his skin isn't made out of knives?!'? Preferably Hidaka xD

Maybe after a particularly rough mission everyone’s clothes get all artfully torn up and they all have to go change. Hidaka gets finished pretty quick and heads back out except he accidentally walks in on Fushimi who’s still in the middle of putting the harness back on and Hidaka gets to see a full view of exactly how many knives Fushimi wears on a regular basis. I think Hidaka would actually think it was pretty neat and say so, probably wondering how Fushimi manages to hide that many knives without it being obvious at all. Fushimi clicks his tongue and rolls his eyes but Hidaka keeps being all interested in him, Hidaka probably remembers that day that Fushimi got in his new knife shipment and made them disappear in like five seconds flat and how’d you do that anyway. Fushimi maybe even feels a little uncomfortable with all this interest because it reminds him of the way Yata used to look at him and call him cool all the time and so he turns away and tells Hidaka to mind his own business. Hidaka laughs sheepishly and apologizes and admits that the alphabet squad was starting to wonder if Fushimi’s skin was made of knives because of how easily he hides them. Fushimi’s like ‘are you an idiot?’ and Hidaka says that still, he thinks it’s really cool that Fushimi figured out this whole system by himself and that he’s able to fight so well with hidden weapons, Hidaka feels like he would feel uncomfortable having all those knives covering his skin but Fushimi wears them like it’s nothing. Fushimi kinda ducks his head and mutters a quiet ‘thanks,’ not able to look Hidaka in the eye because he doesn’t know how to handle all this sudden praise.


Is this some sort of sick joke?


Did he send you here to spy on me?

Huh? No! He doesn’t even know I’m here.

*heavy sigh* This whole situation has me so confused.

He would never spy on you.

I know that… I’m sorry I snapped at you.

No, I’m sorry. For all of this.

How do you know Merlot?

I’ll explain everything as soon as he gets here.

Gets here? He lives in Windenburg.

Trust me. I’m sure he’ll be here first chance he gets.