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Hum so since there is always the concern with young aces, or teens identifying as ace, I wanted to share a story with some ace blogs.

When I was 12, we had a sex ed sessions. Not going to enter the details, but it was overall horrible, and I honestly didn’t have any interest in it and it was pretty obvious. I don’t know how it happened, but my lack of interest was reported to my head teacher who called me in his office. The first thing he told to a 12 yo who wasn’t interested in sex was “were you abused?”

In hindsight, it came from a good sentiment, but it’s pretty telling if it’s abnormal not to be interested in sex at 12. Adults, teachers, saw me as broken, because I wasn’t interested in sex. It was obviously not normal! And “abuse” the only possible explanation.

I didn’t have the words back then - whether asexual or even sex-repulsed - so I couldn’t explain myself. In a class of rougly 30 12/13 years old kids, I was the only one with such a lack of interest.

So, when I see people asking “I’m 14, can I be ace or am I too young?” I remember the insistance this teacher had that I had to be interested, when I was only 12. While, yes, at 14 you could be a late-bloomer, you could also be ace and stay that way. I only discovered the word half through college, but I was definitely already ace back in middle school. So, from my point of view, it’s great you already found the word! Things’ll be less confusing for you, especially in high school.

Hope it can help. Sorry for the weird English!

So for whatever reason people keep asking me for writing advice

so here’s some of my general writing tips for people

- Characters should be people, not props. Characters should always have a reason to be acting the way they do, even if you’re the only person who knows what that is. Keeping their reasons for being who they are and doing what they do in mind will let you keep their character more consistent and avoid falling into cliche.

- This goes doubly so for villains. Villains don’t need to be sympathetic but they should at least have a justification for what they do in their own head. They should think they’re right and have a reason to think that, even if it isn’t even remotely based on reality. Few people ever accept they’re wrong and act anyway. They think they’re right. Note this doesn’t mean they think they’re ‘the hero’ or anything like that. They just their actions are right and justified.

- Subversion isn’t inherently clever or skillful writing. Just pull that thought out of your brain right now. There are way too many people who think the device is inherently clever or meaningful and it isn’t. Subversion to prove a point is good. Subversion for it’s own sake is stupid. Anybody can do the opposite of what a TV Tropes page says.

- Stories need some sort of central conflict. Nobody cares about a story with no stakes, with no plot. Even the dumbest, lightest comedies have some sort of problem at the core of each of their little stories. Nobody cares about story about three friends where everything is perfect forever and everything always works out. That’s boring.

- You probably aren’t a world class writer (at least not yet, stay positive.). That means you probably shouldn’t radically deviate from typical story and character arc structure. Yes a lot of creators do, but infinitely more produce bad when they do that than good. Writing is an art but just cause something is an art doesn’t mean there isn’t also a degree of science to it. Some things just work, and until you’ve mastered that you shouldn’t be deviating off into other stuff. People get hung up on ‘doing something different’ but you can’t do that right off the bat. You gotta learn to walk before you can run

- Similar to subversion, twists also don’t instantly make a story good. Twists should be foreshadowed, and ultimately serve the overall narrative. If your story wouldn’t be interesting with a normal ending, it probably wouldn’t be interesting with a twist, either.

if you very specific questions I can give those a shot, if I don’t have a good answer I won’t answer them though so don’t get worked up if I don’t

it really bothers me a lot that the dark souls series is like, some of the worst examples of Gaming Culture™

like. the dark souls series is such a damn good series overall and it’s full of so many things i love about video games - fascinating lore that is left up to the player to seek out with you being rewarded for going out of your way to find it, some super interesting and complex characters (like just gwyn alone along with my girl gwyndolin are some of the most interesting characters ive seen in a game before), big open areas for you to explore, fantastic music that perfectly set the scene for every boss, memorable and challenging but fair bosses, and solid as hell gameplay

not only that but the entire series has this theme of like, overcoming adversity in even the most trying of times, where the games constantly feel oppressive and enemies constantly feel too big, too strong for you to actually defeat, but it has this theme where you keep going and despite the odds you eventually overcome whatever you were stuck on, and that theme of carrying on despite how bad everything is is directly highlighted in the story and characters

they’re such genuinely interesting & rewarding games that despite their darker nature have a lot of heart to them and there’s a lot of good messages to take from them and i just. i HATE how shitty gaming culture has taken such fascinating games and turned it into “haha these games are so HARD casuals get out these games are only for REAL gamers kek” because they make the games seem so unwelcoming and unapproachable and discourages people from playing a series that i really love

also i realize maybe a lot of this isn’t really That Deep but i have a deep emotional connection with this series and so many of my issues with gaming culture as a whole can be directly traced to this series

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Why isn't anyone talking about the fact that toxic morty said that he just wanted to die? I found that really saddening when I watched it :(

dude same, poor Morty. If I get off my lazy bum I’ll make a full post about this, but basically, I find it really interesting that, for Morty, the aspects of himself he finds to be “toxic” are aspects of himself that, well, make up his conscience. When he’s a stockbroker, he straight-up says he became a stockbroker because he lacked a conscience. That means that he shedded himself of his conscience, which was in Toxic Morty. By accompanying Rick on all of his adventures (and at least early on, idolizing Rick) he learned, from his perspective, that his conceived notion of doing “what’s right” is usually wrong. Look at Fart, the Vindicators, etc etc- he says to Summer in another episode something along the lines of when you’re with Rick, everything you think is right is wrong and you learn that you know nothing and he know’s everything! 

Morty sees his own conscience as his weakness. 

Ok, now Rick.

When Toxic Rick says “grandpa’s here,” I died. The fact that a part of Rick would say that and Rick hates that part of himself makes my heart hurt. It’s also really interesting to see that the parts of himself that he views as “toxic” are basically emotions overall; it seemed to me that Healthy Rick was pretty monochrome. Even though Toxic Rick was the “shitty” part of Rick, he was the part of Rick that harbored deep emotions, I think. I mean, the first thing that Toxic Rick does when he wakes up is scream for Morty. That’s some good foreshadowing for how much Toxic Rick cares for Morty, imo. 

This episode was great. It showed us the parts of Rick and Morty that they hate about themselves, but proved that what we may hate about ourselves is what makes us who we are, too, and we should embrace it. 

Writing Subplots

The post was suggested by @i-artemissed​.

Note: This post is mostly meant for longer fiction because depending on how short a short story is they usually have very few or even no subplots. 

Subplots are part of the story can be crucial to the development of character arcs and creating tension. The best way to explain how subplots work and why they are important is to think of them like a TV series. Every series has one long running Main Plot, the idea that first comes to mind when someone asks what the show is about. However, every episode is it’s own self contained plot with a conflict and some sort of resolution, while also advancing the overall Main Plot. In the same way, subplots are smaller, underlying stories complete with a conflict, obstacles to overcome and an eventual resolution that usually follow is some way with the overall Main Plot. 

I’m going to use the story of Ricardo the knight for the rest of this post to help illustrate. 

Originally posted by whoaitsjoe

So let’s say Ricardo’s Main Plot is that he must find a way to protect his kingdom from an evil sorceress hell-bent on turning the people into brainwashed servants. While that can carry you through the whole story, Ricardo’s life is complicated and so he has other things going on while this mess unfolds. These are subplots, and they’re going to make Ricardo’s story more interesting by using them to…

  • Expand your character. Subplots are good way to branch out and explore other parts of your character(s), to show that they have a full life. Nobody ever just has one problem to solve in life, there are multiple conflicts and stories that intertwine with each other. Ricardo is a knight, sure, but he’s also a father. In between trying to find a way to stop the evil sorceress he has to try to keep the blacksmith from firing his son from his apprenticeship (that kid is always late) and a local nobleman has his eyes on his daughter. He could also have conflicts with other knights, the King, or…
  • Create internal conflicts. This is also part of expanding the character arc but instead of looking at what other external conflicts they have in their life, look inward to see what personal demons the character needs to combat. Maybe Ricardo is struggling with accepting what he must do in order to protect the kingdom, or he is being tempted by the sorceress to join the other side. These are subplots that could go along with the Main Plot or something much more personal that either is impacted or impacts the Main Plot. 
  • Expand the world of the story. Subplots are a good way to bring in more details from the world of the story, like if the territory poses some specific challenges to the goal or you can use it to add more depth to secondary and other supporting characters. Ricardo’s kingdom could have some deep mythology that prevents him from carrying out an attack on a sorceress, which could invoke the elders of the kingdom to find a solution. Now the reader knows more about the world of the story and you have filled this world with more life!
  • Up the stakes. As horrible as Ricardo’s kingdom being turned into slaves sounds, if you want the reader to really stay invested, you need to continually up the stakes. Why do we care about the people of this particular kingdom? Giving Ricardo a family with a wife and children who are developed and have problems of their own help readers grow ties with these “people” and understand how high the stakes would be if the MC fails. The subplots can also add more obstacles to resolving the overall conflict, like Ricardo’s aforementioned crisis of ethics.

The important thing to remember with subplots is that they need to be well developed just like the Main Plot and they should serve some purpose, not just be thrown in for the sake of cheap entertainment or lengthening the story. Remember when I said that subplots is mostly for longer fiction? That’s because short short stories don’t have enough room to really investigate and develop many plots so you need to be careful there and not bite off more than you can chew. Ricardo’s life is complicated, but he can’t handle twenty different problems at once. Most importantly, neither can your readers.

Writing Workshops: An Introduction

If you want to study creative writing–whether in high school, college, or outside of a typical school setting–you’ll undoubtably find yourself in a workshop. 

Writing workshops can vary wildly, but the basic premise is this: one writer shares their work and silently listens as a room full of other writers judge it. 

Depending on the instructions the people in that room are given, their experiences with workshopping, and their own writing know-how, workshops can either be be scary, unhelpful, humiliating, and downright depressing, or amazing experiences that fundamentally improve your ability to write. 

I’ve been workshopping for ten years– in high school, undergraduate, and graduate classes, and in informal workshops among friends.

Today, I want to share what I’ve learned over those ten years, because I believe that there’s no reason for a workshop to ever be a bad experience.

This is a bit long, so under the Read More you’ll find:

  • How to Workshop Someone Else’s Story
    • Reading a piece for workshop
    • Discussing a piece in workshop
  • How to Deal with Other People Workshopping Your Writing
  • An Example of a Not-So-Helpful Critique
  • An Example of a Helpful Critique
  • What to Do If You Find Yourself in a Hostile Workshopping Environment

Keep reading

  • Anomalisa: Gorgeous and mature movie. Will change you. Has shocking scenes but they aren't too bad and make sense for the story. Seriously. This one will change you. The animation is also gorgeous and very fluid
  • Felidae: It's about a cat solving a murder mystery, with cats. It looks very friendly at first but the minute you see the first dead cat you know it's all down hill. There is a lot of shock scenes in this one, including some gory dead cats and a small sex scene.
  • When The Wind Blows: This movie messed up my goddamn emotions. Also looks innocent, till you hear David Bowie. Yes, there is a David Bowie song in this movie. It makes it so much better. Very sad and will probably ruin your mood.
  • 9: it's not adult but it's pg-13 so it like counts I guess yay. it's not the best thing but the animation is really good and the overall plot is interesting and engaging
  • The Hunchback of Notre Dame: not an adult movie but j e su s christ it should be one. Beautiful, stunning, and talks about subjects like sexual desires and religion
  • Watership Down/Plague Dogs: Do you like animals??? WELL DON'T WATCH THIS MOVIE CAUSE THEY WILL FUCK YOU UP and make you want to donate to every single animal organization. They are very gorgeous though.

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Mitjo prompt: jo teaching Mitch to skate, Mitch failing. Alternatively (or additionally) Mitch teaching Jonas to smoke.

I don’t know too much about smoking, seeings as how I’ve never done it myself, but I’ve at least tried my hand at skateboarding before :D Saying that, I really don’t know that much about skateboarding so please forgive any inaccuracies. Also, when I first read this I immediately thought you meant ice-skating, I’ve obviously been too into Yuri on Ice recently. Also, I’m so sorry this took so long, I wanted it to be good but I was struggling.

AO3 Link


“Shit shit shit s-hit sHIT SHIT SHI-”

“Oh come on you big baby, you’re doing fine,” Jonas laughed, tightening his grip on Mitch’s shoulders as his stance became uneasy.

They’d found a flat part of the street, far enough from both of their houses that they didn’t have to worry about being seen or potentially embarrassed. Mitch had asked Jonas to teach him how to skate, partially because he’d wanted to spend more time with Joey but also because he wanted to hear Joey talk about something he was interested in.

Mitch had decided that, in getting together with Joey three months ago, he wanted every chance to know more about him, and Jonas took no issue with that, rather, he was basking in the attention and in the ability to just talk and know for sure he was being listened to.

Overall, Mitch was a good student. He paid attention to everything Joey said, though at times he had to ask Joey to repeat himself because he ‘got distracted by your cute-ass fuckin’ freckles’ or some other ridiculous sentiment. He didn’t object when things got harder, though Joey suspected that was because if he objected the lesson would stop, and that was the opposite of what he was trying to achieve. He did, however, have a habit of yelling and swearing every few minutes. Not that Jonas minded, the whole thing was quite cute. He did complain a little, but it was all good natured; in the interest of making Jonas laugh.

“Humans ain’t meant t’ move like this, Joey. It’s an affront to nature… or something,” Mitch griped.

“Humans also weren’t supposed to wear clothes and go into space and develop a deeply flawed hierarchy of government but here we are.”

“Higher- what?”

“Down with the man, Mitch,” Joey chuckled.

“Damn straight,” Mitch agreed, proudly.

“This is off topic, come on. You need to trust that you can put more weight on your left leg, the board isn’t gonna just throw you off or anything.”

At this, Mitch puffed out a breath of air, straightened his shoulders, and pushed off on his right foot. Not to say that Joey didn’t have every faith in Mitch but he really was expecting that to go worse than it did. Instead, Mitch was steady and seemed to glide across the road. There were a few minor stumbles here and there, but otherwise he seemed to have gotten the hang of it.

“Joey! Look at this! What the fuck man I’m skatin’!” Mitch yelled back, twisting to look at Jonas, grinning wider than could have been natural.

It was unfortunate that at that exact point, he swerved right into a lamppost.

“Mitch!” Joey yelled, running over to meet him. Mitch might as well have had cartoon birds flying around him with the way his head was rolling and the longer he didn’t say anything, the more concerned Joey became.

After a few seconds, however, Mitch chuckled up at Joey. “Damn, Spots. You look all adorable and shit when you’re scared.”

Joey’s look of worry morphed easily into astonishment as he punched his moron of a boyfriend in the arm; not hard enough to hurt but with enough force to get his point across. “Shut up, you.”

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That ls felt a little off. Phil was on great form and was funny and interesting but dan didnt seem to be in such a good place. For example him choosing to read out things where people were calling him ugly then the whole 'how would you feel if phil died' thing, some parts were just very uncomfortable. Plus 'wholesome phil' thing seemed a little forced and dan didnt really play along so it was kind of a flop. But dint get me wrong, some parts like the flowers and the haircut were so good

i’m with you actually!!!!! i know a lot of people really liked this live show and i think i did too overall because like,, it’s just so clear that dnp are at extreme levels of comfort with each other and they’re so set in this domestic life they have together and 93 percent of this ls was them bickering and arguing mixed in w little stories and jokes. objectively, that’s lovely, but in my current mood it didn’t really feel very nice to watch at some points, especially because i thought dan was particularly bent on dragging phil left right and center, not just through sarcastic remarks and mocking voices and disagreement but even in his body language and facial expressions (like he was constantly frowning in confusion or rolling his eyes and whatnot). usually when dan does this phil is pretty good about being able to respond with his own witty and sarcastic comebacks but i think the reason this ls felt a bit off was bc phil’s bants were lacking and so the sarcasm was a bit unbalanced in favor of dan coming at phil constantly (a great example was at the start when dan leaned off frame and phil was trying to explain the live show and said “it’s like a little podcast” and dan starts mocking him in a high-pitched voice. the only way phil responded was by going “it is like a podcast!” before pulling him back into the frame. another example was when dan was sort of dragging phil’s content decisions when phil suggested they make a video of him curling his fringe, and dan sort of made it sound like his ~artistic process~ of contemplating philosophical themes or whatever the fuck was superior in some way,,,, though he was quick to shut himself down for that as well by reminding everyone that he still thinks the end product is shit i guess.) 

all of dan’s teasing was definitely so clearly steeped in fondness and affection, like obviously dan respects phil x a million and phil can handle himself blah blah blah, but that doesn’t mean it’s always fun to watch from an outsiders’ perspective and esp if you’re feeling particularly sensitive to harshness/sarcastic jokes yourself! i felt like this live show was a great example of how that whole feeling of third wheeling them when they’re at their most couple-y can actually be a bit uncomfortable bc this is reality for people in long term relationships ,,, it’s not mushy softness and affection, it’s just jokes and teasing and sarcasm born out of this extensive knowledge of each other and comfort around each other and the fact that they share every bit of their lives with each other. so for me this viewing experience was very much like ‘ok i wouldn’t like it if someone was talking to me like this but remember this is how they are and who they are and dan isn’t just any random stranger teasing phil, he’s dan, and phil probs thinks it’s funnier than anything and that’s all great and isn’t it lovely how settled they are in this life ahhh.’ in short, i totally understand why this live show felt a little bit weird to you and i really agree with how you felt, but i hope this helps you sort of contextualize some of that negativity. 

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It seems like you know a lot about spies, so what do you suggest for us who want to learn more?

Hot dang.  I’m a little wine-buzzed, so it’s very possible that the answer to this question is going to be a much more ambitious one than you wanted, but let me tell you how I learned all my spy stuff and how you can learn a whole bunch of spy stuff, too.  Here we go:

Sarah’s List of (Not Really) Secret Spy Stuff

OKAY.  Let’s start with a few key texts:

  • Ultimate Spy - H. Keith Melton This is a really great place to start because it gives you a beginner’s guide to a lot of terminology and also a really basic overview of espionage history on the grand scheme.  Plus, Melton owns so many espionage artifacts. Like, so many.  And he’s a nerd who took a bunch of pictures of it all and put it in a book, for your reading convenience.
  • The Official CIA Manual of Deception and Trickery - H. Keith Melton and Bob Wallace is also a really good starting point if you’re interested in, like, the overall cleverness of human beings.  This one talks about how, in the early days of recent espionage, magicians were recruited in order to design the art of spycraft which is ACTUALLY THE COOLEST THING EVER.  You might have to google some stuff as you read, but it’s pretty simple overall.  Very well written.  Amazing subject matter.  Plus!  Melton and Wallace list all their sources in this one, which makes it a really good launching point for further learning.  If there’s something in this book that interests you, there’s a really good chance that there’s another book you can find on the matter, listed right in the bibliography.
  • OSS Special Weapons and Equipment: Spy Devices of WWII - H. Keith Melton I have not actually been able to get my hands on this one yet, so I can’t speak to how easy it is to understand as a layman, but!  This was the first text to come out that really divulged the secrets of espionage technology to the general public.  It is on my to-read list, and it should probably be on yours, too.
  • Perhaps you’ve spotted a theme.
  • Basically, anything with the name Melton on the cover is going to be excellent.  He’s kind of a Big Deal™️ in the world of espionage history.
  • The Master of Disguise - Tony Mendez is also a very good read, if you’re looking for a non-Melton book.  The great thing about Tony Mendez is that he’s an insider.  He served with the CIA for decades—and he’s kind of the guy when it comes to the Office of Technical Services.  Sometimes he gets a little artsy and the writing gets, like, a little cheesy, but it’s Tony freakin’ Mendez, he can write however he wants and I’d still be totally enraptured.  You’ve seen Argo?  This is the crazy son of a gun who actually did the real Argo mission. He could write his books in Latin and I’d still find a way to read them.
  • The Codebreakers - David Kahn  This one is… hard.  I’ll give it to you straight, this one is not an easy read.  It’s about three inches thick, and the font is tiny, and the language is really hard to digest if you’re not already well down the espionage rabbit hole.  Imagine reading Order of the Pheonix, except you didn’t read the first four Harry Potter books first.  That’s what this book feels like. I still have a pretty hard time with this one.  HOWEVER.  If you get to the point where you’re really getting into it, and you think you’re willing to devote a good couple of weeks to this single book, then The Codebreakers is widely considered to be the foremost book on all things cryptography.  And it is really fascinating, if you can actually get yourself to read it.

Let’s say, though, that you can’t afford any of these books and/or find them at your local library (ask your local library to order them—they usually have money put aside for patron requests.  Yay, libraries!).  There’s a whole lot of online resources to learn about spies, too!

This list will likely continue to grow.  There is always more to learn about espionage, and I wish you all the luck on your espionage adventures!


And last but certainly not least is the final member of the maknae line, the second half of the Busan line, the golden maknae who has such a goofy side to him I love that he knows when to be serious but he can still have tons of fun, Jeon Jungkook aka kookie

  • This AU takes place in the college AU, college!kook is here, it’s the photographer!kook post, it isn’t necessary to read it, it’s really just to set the mood and give some feel of a scene for the post
  •  Visuals are up first bc I love this part so much
  • There are so many good looks to choose from, his hair is so nice and it looks so soft 1000/10 tbh
  • But I gotta go with the War of Hormone hair, black hair on Jungkook just looks so amazing idk what it is about it that is so nice but whatever it is, I’m here for it
  • WoH!kook has a special place in my heart though bc the parting of his hair was like oh wow but tbh Fire!kook is also one of my favorite looks he’s ever done so I’ll say he changes his hair style
  • He goes blonde for a bit, he does the pink, he does the red and he looks super cute with all of them
  • I love kook’s style, it’s so laid back and comfy, he wears tons of baggy t-shirts, I found it so cute how in Bon Voyage (I think it was BV at least) joon told kook not to pack any white shirts bc they could get dirty or something like that and kook is standing there in a white t-shirt, in front of like 20 white t-shirts and you just see the “well fuck” go through his head
  • There are so many good outfits to pick for player!kook I can’t choose just one bc there’s this one look where he’s in all black and he’s got black boots, a leather jacket AND a black beanie and he looks so boyfriend it’s ridiculous but there’s also a look where he’s in a white button up shirt with black pants and a black beanie and that’s also really nice
  • So those two will be his casual looks but his date night look is also really cute, I can’t tell what era it is bc he has black hair and he’s had black hair in a few different eras but he’s got this greenish gray coat on and this dark gray sweater underneath it and then blue ripped jeans and black boots and seeing it makes me want to scream both externally and internally
  • Forever in beanies, just gonna point that out, he’s always got one in his bag just in case
  • He’s more of a dater
  • He’s young, he’s doing photography, he’s dancing on the side, he’s got a job on top of being in school so he’s not really ready for a relationship
  • He always uses the term “friends” and he makes sure they know it’s nothing serious bc he doesn’t wanna hurt them by letting them think it’s something more than what it is
  • He’s not doing it to be a fuckboy or toy with anyone but he just takes a more casual approach to dating
  • He does go a couple weeks with one person though and he only dates one person at a time bc even if it is casual, it still feels weird to have a date one night and then go out with someone else the next
  • “Breaking up” is something he tends to try to avoid but when he does do it, he tries to make it as gentle as possible bc kook’s got a soft heart he’s a sensitive kid
  • Dates are always fun with him, he takes a second to get comfortable but once he is, he’s making them laugh nonstop and being extra
  • He loves a good dinner date, he likes going to the arcade or maybe seeing a movie bc it helps break the ice a lot faster bc then you have the movie choices and you can talk about which one to see and why it sounds good, get to know each other a bit and also he can do that whole fake yawn bit so it’s a win win
  • Flirting is a hit or a miss, depending on who approaches who
  • If he approaches them, he has time to prepare himself, he has time to come up with witty things to say, he knows how he’s gonna start, he has plenty of time to just figure everything out so he’s gonna be a lot more confident 
  • He’s gonna do the thing where he leans on the wall as he’s talking to them and he’s so tall and broad and he has a smirk on his face the entire time and he walks away every time with a date planned for that night
  • But if they approach him, he has z e r o time and he gets a bit flustered and is kinda in shock the entire time bc wait what’s happening
  • Similar to Yoongi, he can have that bad boy vibe to him sometimes, especially when he’s in the all black with the boots and like I said in that post, a lot of people are into that sort of thing so they’ll approach him
  • And then they see that he has such a cute, interesting personality and they’re hooked bc he’s got a goofy personality and he’s humble and sweet and just overall wonderful and then to top all of that off, he’s a good looking man, he’s the entire package
  • You two meet at a camera store
  • You’re there to help your friend pick out some supplies and kook works there, he’s a cashier but he also does some organizing and helps with prints when he has extra time
  • Your friend points him out bc the both of you recognize him from campus and you both know all about his reputation but it’s weird to even think of him as a player when he’s sitting there helping a little girl pick out her first camera
  • He’s being so patient with her and answers all of her questions and he even gives her advice and shows her how to use it and your heart is just melting bc he’s supposed to be t h e fuckboy of the campus who breaks hearts without remorse but he’s being so sweet and making her giggle a lot
  • When he’s done helping her out, you decide to ask him a few random questions just to talk to him bc you wanna see if he’s actually that nice or if he was just a softie around kids
  • But he’s actually really sweet?? you can totally see why everyone who’s dated him doesn’t hate him, he’s got such a cute smile and he’s a bit shy and it’s not at all what you were expecting
  • “You’re not a fuckboy at all”
  • “What??”
  • In your head, all you hear is oh shi T bc you didn’t mean to actually say that and now he knows you know who he is or at least know about his reputation
  • He tells you that his shift is over in ten minutes so you agree to meet up in the cafe next door when he’s done so he can actually talk without getting in trouble for not working even though he’s the golden employee
  • The more you talk to him, the more you like him bc he’s funny and witty and even just his voice is really nice and you end up asking him out to dinner the next day
  • You two start up a lil summer romance from there and both of you are having so much fun together and he shows you all of his cameras and his photo albums and he gets really personal with you 
  • He even shows you his singing voice, which is something he’s never done with any of his dates
  • Time goes by too quickly and you’re preparing yourself for the breakup when the new term starts bc you assume that’s how it’s gonna go but instead you two only get closer and start spending more time together bc you end up in the same class
  • “Maybe we should give this whole relationship thing an actual shot”
  • “Thought you couldn’t be tied down, Jeon”
  • “So did I but I was a kid then”
  • “It was four months ago”
  • “How time flies”

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There's gonna be a yuri on ice movie what do u think!!?

Yep I’ve heard, one of my acquaintances was at the event ^ ^;

Tbh, I’m not surprised, and I’m sure it’ll have much nicer overall animation. My four thoughts are

1) I hope they take their time with it and make it quality and don’t rush to try to retain waning fandom interest (if it’s really good, people will come back even if they’ve left),

2) I hope they tell a meaningful story rather than just using it to appease fans,

3) the sad thing about a movie instead of another season is that they’re more likely to focus on the main characters rather than the side charas, but I hope we still get to see some of the non-main trio anyway (Phichit sobs), and

4) I hope there is a considerable amount of skating in it.

To the Bone ~thoughts~

Sooooo overall it was alright. Here’s some things that went through my head during the movie.

• The whole love interest was just really unnecessary and I thought it quite literally romanticized some things.

• In the beginning when her sister quizzed her on calories—–weird af.

• I wish the movie wasn’t so heavily focused on emaciated bodies. There are average-sized patients but overall the main character portrays the stereotypical ~stick thin anorexic~ which isn’t always the case.

• For people in recovery, I think it could be very harmful. There is a trigger warning in the beginning (kudos), but this movie needs to be approached with caution.

• I think it could do a good job of educating people outside of the ED community, giving some (not a lot) realistic depictions of treatment and living with an eating disorder.

• The treatment center Eli was in was strange. I’ve never been in a resi type treatment, but I’m pretty sure they don’t let you exercise in the house or eat completely unsupervised.

• I liked the reconnection sort of thing with her mom.

• The ending…hm. It was a little disappointing, just because it sort of made it seem like choosing recovery was an overnight decision and then everything got better from there. But I’m glad it didn’t go as far as “oh I’m recovered fully and my life is so great now that I gained weight.”

Anyways, I guess it’s a good thing that there’s more representation of mental illness in media.

the girl upstairs.

words: 5.4k
chapters: ½
characters: betty x jughead
summary: betty cooper, the girl upstairs and jughead jones, the boy downstairs do not like each other. it’s as simple as that. right?

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Jughead Jones lived in apartment 723A. It wasn’t the most beautiful apartment. There were cups that would linger around for days, sometimes the dishes would pile up in the sink and everything was dusty. Jughead and his long time best friend and roommate Archie didn’t really care too much until one day Archie started seeing a raven haired princess in the apartment unit above theirs and suddenly everything got a little tidier. That was fine. But Jughead had to constantly remind himself to put things into the small dishwasher instead of the sink. He was partial to his room anyway, so what did it matter? The only thing that annoyed Jughead was when the other girl upstairs played her loud music while she was clean. Between the smell of Pine-sol and Selena Gomez oozing through the floorboards, Jughead was going slowly insane.

The truth was he didn’t know her, he didn’t know a single thing about the blonde girl upstairs that for some reason always wore a ponytail. He didn’t know her interests, her lifestyle, what kind of pizza she liked. Did she like movies? He wasn’t sure and honestly, he didn’t care. The few times she had come around with Veronica to hang out with Archie, he dismissed it. Either he stayed in his room or went out for some peace and quiet. The problem with Jughead was that he wasn’t really good at making friends. He was awkward, sarcastic and overall too weird for most people. Even so, people usually got screwed over in friendships so what was the point? Jughead had Archie and really that’s all that mattered.

Betty Cooper lived in apartment 823A. It was a very organized and structured apartment. Everything had its place including the cups, the pillows on the sofa being fluffed just right and not a spot of dust in sight. Betty and the raven haired princess, Veronica Lodge, had been living together for two years now after meeting through a mutual friend and hit it off. Veronica had started seeing a red headed boy that lived below them which Betty endorsed completely. Archie seemed sweet and it didn’t mind that he wasn’t too bad on the eyes either. But Jughead Jones, Archie’s roommate, she couldn’t stand. How could one person be so rude and arrogant? Every time she had been around him, it didn’t seem like he had the time of day for anyone, especially her. But he was a lost cause and she had given up on trying to connect with him. A useless boy.

However, Betty didn’t know him, not down to the nitty gritty. She knew he wore this strange crown shaped hat, didn’t talk much to others, and that he didn’t like her. That was fine, she didn’t care… but she did, maybe a little. She grew up being a people pleaser because her mother molded her into this perfect girl next door from a young age. She got straight A’s, was valedictorian, got into college easily with a scholarship. Betty could be friends with everyone, well, almost everyone. She had tried to get to know Jughead but was quickly shut down just by a facial expression. It was almost impressive how he looked at her a certain way and that was it. Nothing more, not even an hello in the elevator if they crossed paths.

It was a Tuesday, Betty remembered, when she had caught up to Jughead as they were both walking home. She asked him if he had seen Veronica but he simply replied with a no.

“Okay, well, if she’s with Archie can you tell her to text me? I’ve been trying to get a hold of her all day.” Betty told him.

Jughead glanced at the blonde girl. “Veronica’s a big girl, I’m sure she’s fine.” He mumbled under his breath as he pulled out his keys. The two of them walked into the apartment building, Betty nearly getting smacked in the face with the door since he didn’t hold it open enough. She was stunned when he didn’t even notice and she tried not to bark a rude comment at him.

The elevator door had opened to the main floor and Jughead walked in after a mother and son had gotten out. “Don’t worry; I’m going to take the stairs.” Betty called out to him.

“No one was asking.” Jughead retorted, the elevator door slowly shutting a moment later.

The nerve this boy had. 

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what are some good blogs to follow for autism? also i just started an autism blog, any tips?

First of all, I am genuinely flattered that you asked me for advice on running an autism blog. 😊

Here are some blog recs. This is just a small list of the blogs that I try to keep up with and find helpful. In no way is this a complete list or even the best list.


If anyone has any other recommendations, please feel free to add them!

As for tips…these are just suggestions and things that I’ve found helpful. I hope these help!

1. Try and stay relatively active. Try and queue up some posts. It’s super helpful.

2. Original posts!! Post about your own experiences! It can help others who share that experience feel not as alone.

3. There are a couple of different approaches. You can post about a variety of autism-related topics or pick a specialization. For example, I post about whatever I find interesting that is circulating in the autistic Tumblr community, but autismproblems posts, obviously, problems that autistic people face.

4. Keep an organized tagging system! This helps with trigger warnings and overall being able to find things. Some followers want to view specific content and not anything else. Try to accommodate that and any common triggers, like knives. You don’t have to worry about every little trigger though. If someone needs something tagged, they will let you know!

5. Just overall try and be involved in the community :)

Good luck! Also, if you send another ask with your blog handle, I can do a promo!


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Wrong Ingredients - Mon-El

- Y/n = Your Name

- Y/L/N = Your Last Name

Prompt- Thanks Dearie! My request is a Mon-el x reader. The reader works for the DEO but she also owns her own bakery, it’s kind of like an escape from all the stuff she deals with at the DEO. Mon-el has a crush on the reader and is unsure how to woo her, I guess would be the right word. He ends up being really sweet and he tries to help out but just ends up messing things up, but in the end he just comes out and says that he likes the reader and the reader likes him too. Something cute and fluffy! Thanks Dearie!!!-anon // “ i don’t have a prompt or anything but pls write anything about mon el 🙏🏼-anon


Word count - 1,684


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frozen the musical review !! part 1

:: hi everyone! I live in Denver, and got a chance to see the frozen musical! it was super amazing and I wanted to share my experience with you all, if you want! I’ll just be giving my take on it, and going through the parts of the play I really liked!!!… which was all of it….. in as close to chronological order as I can….

please know there will probably be spoilers, and I’m sorry about that i really am but there was just so much that I really enjoyed to leave any of it out! #warned!!!! 

please ask me questions so i can better organize my thoughts for part two!

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S7 finale thoughts/Storytelling

So it took me quite a while to formulate my first thoughts about the finale. I haven’t even had a chance to watch a second time yet because life has been pretty hectic but I do have a lot of thoughts from just the first viewing. Most of them revolve more around the beauty of the overall story arc and those implications for the story at large and less around the greatness of one single episode because what I am beginning to see about Gimple’s story telling is that you can’t take each individual episode and rate it on its overall quality. Gimple’s story telling is a much more complex thing that weaves together multiple story lines over many seasons and the overall story itself is satisfying as a whole even if individual episodes along the way are less than gratifying. I also think this has some really interesting implications for Daryl’s story which to me is the most unresolved story arc so far.

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Hum so since there is always the concern with young aces, or teens identifying as ace, I wanted to share a story with some ace blogs.

When I was 12, we had a sex ed sessions. Not going to enter the details, but it was overall horrible, and I honestly didn’t have any interest in it and it was pretty obvious. I don’t know how it happened, but my lack of interest was reported to my head teacher who called me in his office. The first thing he told to a 12 yo who wasn’t interested in sex was “were you abused?”

In hindsight, it came from a good sentiment, but it’s pretty telling if it’s abnormal not to be interested in sex at 12. Adults, teachers, saw me as broken, because I wasn’t interested in sex. It was obviously not normal! And “abuse” the only possible explanation.

I didn’t have the words back then - whether asexual or even sex-repulsed - so I couldn’t explain myself. In a class of rougly 30 12/13 years old kids, I was the only one with such a lack of interest.

So, when I see people asking “I’m 14, can I be ace or am I too young?” I remember the insistance this teacher had that I had to be interested, when I was only 12. While, yes, at 14 you could be a late-bloomer, you could also be ace and stay that way. I only discovered the word half through college, but I was definitely already ace back in middle school. So, from my point of view, it’s great you already found the word! Things’ll be less confusing for you, especially in high school.

Hope it can help. Sorry for the weird English!