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Star Trek Character Ages

Over the past few days my sister and I have been doing very important research; we looked up the ages of all of the Star Trek characters. Quite possibly one of the most nerdy things I have spent my time doing, but, the results are quite interesting in some cases. So here you go tumblr.

*note: all of these ages were calculated using either birth years found on memory alpha or memory beta, so they may not be 100% correct, but I tried to be as accurate as possible.*

——At the start of their time on the series—–


Data-26 (based on activation date)
Beverley Crusher-40
Wesley Crusher-16

Dax (symbiont)- 351(born in 2018!!! Guys that is pretty soon)
Odo- 32 (based on date he was first found)
Quark- unknown (no recorded DOB)

The Doctor-0 (Activation date)
7 of 9-21 (however she spent time in a Borg maturation chamber)

Porthos-Unknown, but at least 2 years old

Go forth with the newfound knowledge you have gained! 


I might keep you


Memeber:Namjoon, Ravi


A/n: Daddy Namjoon is a religion. Don’t get me started on this one.


Breath. Three deep breaths. Y/N you can do it. It is only a work placement. You look like a child. You are a child. You became legal two freakin weeks ago. Fuck it. Honestly. I’m nervous. Okay. This elevator is going fast. Too fast. I have to go through my notes once again. What can they ask me? What is my degree? If I had been on other placements? What languages do I know?  God…they can even ask me which number are the correct ones for the lottery and I should know.

Who are you? You are Y/N. You are a candidate for work placement in one of the biggest corporations in the world. The CEO is a man called Kim Namjoon. The third heir of the company. Not many people have seen him,but those who have say he is beyond handsome and beyond scary. They tell stories on the newspaper how he doesn’t speak much but when he does he has the voice of the devil,with hints of desire and sparkles of want. All female full time employees are always wearing short pencil skirts and heels in order to try to attract the young heir. But he doesn’t buy it. God, is he a virgin? One of those romantic guys that keeps himself for the girl of his dreams? Or maybe he is one of the Dom’s? One of those that will secretly touch his girl under the table during a conference. Or maybe he likes being submissive,but can’t let it show because he is an important figure? You decide.

Okay enough Y/N. Too much thinking. Back to the important questions. Take a sip from the Green Tea your mother made you this morning in order to feel fresh and ready to be the best part-time employee.

You can’t say that I feel very fresh. Last night I had to sleep and be a blooming flower in the morning,but no! I decided to read smut fictions about my hoped future boss on Tumblr. This is exactly what you shouldn’t do the night before an intreview. It’s a stupid decision.

But I found out interesting things. He has fan clubs. You can say he is as popular as any other star. Every item he has touched and left behind goes on for sale and the prices people pay are ridicules. Each and every fan club speculates how Namjoon really looks. When you read that some fanclubs even think he is the Lord Commander of the Vampires you should know it’s time to sleep.

“Floor 114" This is it. Keep yourself collected. You can do this Y/N. You only have to survive through an interview. Nothing special.

The moment I stepped out of the elevator my eyes were greeted by many women in guess what…pencil skirts and heels. All of them had long straighten hair as if they were freakin clones. Almost all of them. One girl,not much older than me, looked not in her place. Like me. But she was stunning. A beautiful girl of color. If I was a man you can bet she was everything I look for in a woman. Unlike the blond clones with straighten hair,she had a flawless afro. It made her stand out in a good way. She had no heels ,just like me, she was with white Vans. They probably were really white once,but like all shoes they weren’t so white anymore. But so were mine red Converse. And just like me she was looking around as if she was in the wrong place. I knew I had to have her in my life. This was destiny. Walking towards her and I sat nervously next to her. When she noticed me a look of relief spread across her features. “We don’t look like we belong here.” she amiled at me “I was about to say it. I’m Y/N. Nice to meet you.” I said bringing out my most cheerful voice. “I’m Corin. It’s also really nice to meet you.” her natural plump lips became one even warmer smile.“You have an amazing hair. I have always wanted to do an afro,but it’s not appropriate. I don’t want to anger anyone or someone to think that I’m disrespectful towards their tradions.” “This is really nice of yours. I really like your hair too. Its so straight and it’s obvious unlike theirs that is natural.” we both blushed and giggled because compliments and talking about the other candidates isn’t something you do on a work placement interview. I think. “Can I see your resume?” we both said at the same time. And that evolved in more giggles. “Of course. Here.” we said together again this time laughing loud. Some clones turned to look at us but found out we had absolute no interest in them whatsoever and continued doing whatever they were doing.

Let me tell you,she had an amaizng resume. So good that I almost felt miserable about mine. We talked more and I really liked her and I think she liked me. We changed numbers and even made plans for a nice brunch next week where we can talk more. Suddenly we started talking about Kim Namjoon. She told me that he has a brother. An older brother. “If I ever want to meet someone is probably him. They say he is just as badass as his younger brother. The Kim brothers are partners in crime. The black sheeps of the Kim family. But for whatever reason their grandfather left everything, the whole empire to them. No one,even their own parents weren’t happy with that decision. But no one could do anything about it because the will stated that the heirs of Kim corp. are the Kim brothers. They are both cold and scary,because of their past and the people they lost.” All night I read about the Kims but I haven’t read this. It was in no tabloid or forum. Nowhere. “Corin,how do you know that?” she only smiled sad “My mother. She had been working for the Kims for a long time. Truth is I’m here because my mother asked Mrs.Kim  to let me on the final list. Mrs.Kim and my mother have a very good relationship and Mrs.Kim had always taken care of me.” “So that means you have seen the brothers.” “No. I haven’t. They don’t live with their parents and everytime they did come to the house Mrs. Kim has told me to go in my room because things down there may get ugly. And most of the time they did. Every time one of the brothers was in the house a fight was inevitable. So I never saw them. But I know their voices like I know this” and she showed me her right hand" is my right hand. From all the shouting in the house I know whose voice is who’s. The raspy low one is Wonsik,the older brother. The low rich load one is Namjoon,the younger one.“

The doors of the elevator opened and a handsome man not older than twenty six stepped into the room. "He is…unusual.” I said looking at my new friend. “Maybe he is a designer or something.” I would’ve guessed so too. The man had a strong red bleached hair with small golden rings attached to it. He was wearing a light blue suit with absolutely nothing underneath. On his chest,fingers and ankles tattoos were coloring his skin. The whole situation was finished with floral Gucci sneakers and that was it. He had only a unreadable look in his eyes and nothing else was there on his handsome features. “Bad weather. Bad morning.” “Was this supposed tob be Good morning because in human language we say…” I whispered in Corins ear “Kim Wonsik."she said scared"Kim Wonsik…wait,what?” my head snapped. “Y/N. This is Kim Wonsik. The older Kim.”

If a minute ago I looked him like he was some psycho,now he looked scary. He was indeed scary now. A hand grabbed mine and I saw Corin shaking trying to hold onto something. I squeezed her hand trying to smile. “Corin,it’s okay. He…”“You don’t know him. I have heard him. Although Wonsik is less scarier than Namjoon,he isn’t weaker than him. Between the two Wonsik is the body and action. Namjoon is the brain. Wonsik is more reckless.”“I have the names of 50 girls in this list. You are fighting as you know for 5 work placements in total. The 5 choosen will be assigned in different departments by us the CEOs ourself. Since I want to finish faster…” and he stopped dead in his sentence. Following where he was looking I ended up looking where I hoped he wasn’t looking - at Corin. He was looking at her like she was some ghost,like a child that after years of searching found his toy. She stopped shaking and was just looking scared. Wonsik smirked and looked away. “Corin what happend?” “I don’t know and I don’t want to. Y/N I’m afraid.” “So am I. Don’t worry. I won’t leave you. I’m here.”

“Line in five rows of ten. I have no time for joking around.“ Wonsik voice spread across the almost quite room. This was a command,no a "if you may do it”. With Corin’s hand in mine I stood us both up and holding her tightly we stood next to each other.“Someone from my team will start calling you in…Namjoon,what a pleasant surprise,little brother.” Everyone looked at the elevator where a breathtaking man was standing. Tall and scary. Dirty blond hair was slicked back so that black mesmerizing eyes could kill. A beautiful red choker decorated his neck. The muscular body was attempted to be hidden behind a black suit matched with fitted suit pants that outlined his perfect thighs. Under the suit jacket there was a black shirt with exactly three unbuttoned buttons. People are probably afraid to walk when he walks because dust may fall on his…five thousand three hundred and sixty four dollar Alexander McQueen shoes,don’t ask how I know this. Without saying anything he stepped in the room and like robots the rows split in the middle making an aisle for the intimidating man to walk on with his minions. He gave off the vibe of fear and sexual tension,while women made the air thick with arousal. He stood next to his brother and and know the picture was just plain the death of me. Two pairs of unreadable eyes. Everyones eyes in the room were glued to the ground from fear. Where ever the brothers looked the tension hanging on each of our shoulders became even heavier. 

“Tell me you are kidding.” everyone were right. If the devil had a voice this was going to be it. It was a low yet loud voice just as Corin said. If he wanted me to sin only a sentence should roll on his sinful lips and it was going to be enough to make me do whatever he wanted.“I tought we agreed that for the work placement we want good looking women not…people like her."his head only nodded in the direction of Corin or at that time I thought so. The blond clones giggled all together trying to appeal to Kim Namjoon. Corin was looking at the ground refusing to look up. She was holding my hand tightly and tears started to roll from her eyes. This was a grave mistake Kim Namjoon. I’m killing you and your freakin placement because you hurt a girl that was so nice and the only thing she wants is to call her mother and to tell her efforts finally gave fruit. I was someone who hated to see others hurt and she was visibly hurt. Oh I don’t care who you are Kim Namjoon. You just angered the goddess of Human rights. Angry,my head snapped up full of confidence. My eyes could kill if they could.

"And what exactly is wrong with her Mr. Mighty CEO?!” I snapped and the giggles abruptly stopped. As if no one was there. Mr. Kims head slowly turned in my direction looking me straight in the eyes. In any other moment I would’ve peed myself from fear but not now. Not right now. Right now I was stronger than him.“You will excuse me,but she is stunning. Unlike the bleached blonde clones at least she is different. So am I as I see. Should we all wear pencil skirts and heels to please you your mighty Highnesses? My hair is also brown. Oh no. Should I bleach it blonde? If you can’t see the potential of people with amazing resumes like hers you are not worth my or even less hers time,brain or effort. So excuse me while I turn my red Converse and get out of here. With "Her”. An actual intelligent human being. Goodbye.“ Without saying anything and still holding our hands we walked through the blond tall clones.</p> <p>When I turned my head around just before we leave so I could see his reaction before I leave this freakin place forever.A smirk is everything I saw. A freakin smirk. He was looking at me like I am an interesting species that he haven’t seen or heard about. His thumb slowly rubbed his plump lips as if he was thinking what to say. I was holding Corin and was ready to storm out,but this look. This look was lurking me back. It was telling me to stay still and to wait. Like a good girl."What’s your name?” is what he asked me. From everything you could’ve said. You say…What’s your name. "Y/N. My name is Y/N. Does it matter?“I said not looking away from his eyes. I just couldn’t."Yes it does. Wonsik,there are four places open from this moment on. She comes with me. Ms. Y/N lead the way. And bu the way I wasn’t talking about Corin. Corin,say hi to mother.” What? “No Namjoon. You do it yourself.” After all they know each other. Turning my back to Kim Namjoon I looked at Corin. “You told me you haven’t seen them. Why did you lie?” “There are things family can’t share Y/N so lie is the answer then. I’m sorry. But things are too complicated for someone who I met today.” Warm breath warmed my neck. Namjoon was so close to me the heat coming from him was warming my back. A low “You can let go of her now.” is what I heard and soon a big hand catched mine swiftly and I let go of Corin’s hand. “Let’s go. Big brother,I believe you will take care of things here.” A loud “You bet I will.” was heard before Namjoon dragged me in the elevator and pulled out a golden card ehich he swipped on the logo of the company and the elevator started moving.

No talking. Just breathing and the sound of my fast beating heart. I was scared. Where ever we were going I couldn’t escape. Whatever he wanted to say I should listen. “Now you are quiet.” the statement died in the silence. “Why are you not saying anything?” you shouldn’t answer Y/N. Don’t lurk yourself in this trap. He wants you to speak. The hell,I came here to become part-time employee. What did I get myself into? “Mr.Kim you arrived your destination. Destination-your main office.” The fuck were you?! Where did this voice came from. The robo voice from the elevator doesn’t sound like this. “An unauthorized face in the office sir.” he lowly chuckled. “She is with me Gidian. Thank you for the warning. Come on little one. My office is better than the elevator.” Ah right. Y/N get out of the elevator. Slowly,don’t look too rushed. Don’t be intimidated by him although he walks so confident and he is so tall and his back look like a work of God even behind the suit. You horny bitch. Stay in the line of being scared,not horny. Scared. Remember,afraid. Not horny.

His office did really look nice. He had a fireplace with a big couch with few big old books wrapped in leather lying next to the sofa on a small black wooden table on the left. On the right he had a big monitor on a pitch black wall. And in the front he had a really big black mahogany desk with a leather I will say throne more than a chair. Maybe the Vampire theory isn’t so crazy now that I see his office. “Come. Where do you want to talk? On the couch or the desk? Gidian,clean my schedule for the next hour.” he was a prince. A dark prince. “Desk. Couch is too…intimate.” I answered,trying to put the fear down my throat,to sound proud and confident.“He laughed. A real laugh. Not faked smile or a smirk. And all of a sudden the laugh died and a smirk took its place. "What are you? You throw a fit in the middle of an employee recruitment. Then you confront me. You don’t flinch unlike others. And red Converse,seriously?” his tone was a satin drenched with sex. Why? Why the stupid smuts damn it? My head is full with all the things he could do to me right now and no one will know about it. All the places he can take me on and no one will find about it. Damn you hormones. I have had sex once in my life and strangely it didn’t hurt as much as I was worried. But with all the smuts I have read, I am a sex encyclopedia.

I found my voice after looking at him for what felt like an eternity. “I really like my Converse. They’re a present from my mother. Do they bother you,sir?” Something in him snapped for a second. He looked like a bewildered animal. For the first time he looked away from me. Lowly,almost deadly I heard his voice. “Work for me. Not as a part-timer. As a full time employee. Work for me. Only for me.”

He wanted me to work? After all I did? After I confront him infront of his minions and everyone else. After acting like a fool? “Why?” “I do things differently. You are different and I like that.” Namjoon circled his desk and walked to me. Although I wanted to run away,somewhere far away, I didn’t. Soon he was too close.“You are not scared. But I have the desire to make you.” one of his hands chained itself behind my back pulling me even closer. To wear a tennis skirt wasn’t the best decision now. So was coming here too. But Kim Namjoon smelled of a nice full of flavors parfume. Up close his smirk wasn’t scary. It was sexy. “You see little one,I love being the winner,the master. And you try to confront me. It’s fun. I want to have fun. I will keep you. Close to me.” his lips were moving and on my mind was just how they stop talking and put themselves to use to heal mine.“So that when I finally break you I will claim you as mine. But for now…” “Kim Namjoon,kiss me."dead in his sentence I watched as the scariest and mysterious man on Earth snapped and his eyes became grave black and his voice was the sin of every man. "Earn it. Work for me. Step by step I will satisfy whatever need you have for me. This is a one time deal,little one. Take it or leave from where you came."My mind. It stopped working rationally at the age of five. Why think wisely now? "I’ll do it. I’ll work for you. Now kiss me.” if it was possible his grip became even tighter. Our breaths were meddling in one. I looked away from Namjoon and stared at his chest waiting for him to say whatever. “Patience little one. I’ll give you everything you want and need. But patience.” my voice was a low whisper against his strong body.“Patience is also earned Kim Namjoon. Right now,I have none. I don’t know why am I so brave today,bu appreciate it and kiss me.” There he was,the bewildered animal,the final straw of self-control he had. His other hand roughly pulled my face towards his making our lips one whole. We were Legos. Perfect pieces put together. His lips moved slowly but surely. Aware that no matter how much I talked,he was the commander of my turned legal two weeks ago self. The moment finished fast and soon there wasn’t fluffy lips on mine anymore.

“I have three rules that I expect you to follow. Three. No more than three. One, no heels,pencil skirts or bright lipstick. I hate those things” this was easy. I never liked them anyway.“Two,never call me sir.”“Why?”“Just because. And three and the most important one of them. For you to be always be free for me. Whenever I call or send you a message. I’ll expect you to answer in that exact moment. Whenever I want to see you for you to be able to see me.

 "Welcome in my wolrd,little one”

The problem of “Elizabeth”.

Ok folks, there’s something really weird that I want to point.

Before 4th season aired, we noticed that Magnussen called Lady Smallwood as Elizabeth in front of Sherlock, even if in the first scene of HLV he called her Alicia (also in his memory database she’s called Alicia and also on the note she gives to Mycroft in TLD): her name is surely Alicia, so why Magnussen calls her Elizabeth only once?

The interesting fact about the name Elizabeth is that it appears other two meaningful times:

•In the final titles of TST and TLD Sian Brooke is associated with the name Elizabeth. Why Elizabeth? Obviously they couldn’t write Eurus because we didn’t discover yet who Eurus was, but why didn’t they just write E.? We don’t know if she told John what E meant, they never show more than the E as her signature, on the note she gives to John. We discover what E really means just in TFP.

•It is Mary’s middle name: we know that from TSoT and this is the most odd thing. Sherlock actually says:“Today begins the adventure of Mary Elizabeth Watson and John Hamish Watson”.

There are so many names on this fucking earth and they choose Elizabeth for Mary’s middle name?

Moreover, in my opinion they developed an interesting mirror under our nose in what Sherlock says immediately after he understood the relation between the mayfly man and the wedding. He actually says: “What did you say? You said John Hamish Watson. You said that, you said Hamish” -> he points the attention on the middle name. Do we have more clues for this mirror? Yes. Pay attention to what happens immediately after:

“SHERLOCK-They lied. Assumed false identities.

MYCROFT-Which suggests…

SHERLOCK-Criminal intent

MYCROFT-Also suggests?

SHERLOCK-Intelligence, planning”

Mind you anything? Yes: Mary’s facade, and also Eurus’ desguises.

Moreover, I found on instagram an interesting tumblr post (I post here the screenshots because I couldn’t find the original one) that points out a VERY INTERESTING thing Amanda said in an interview.


Why she possibly did say it? Maybe because there’s a correlation between Mary and Lady Smallwood? Is it possible that Magnussen knew this connection and called her Elizabeth in front of Sherlock for a specific reason? Are Lady Smallwood, Eurus and Mary connected in some mysterious way?

The only thing I know is that my brain is blown up.


Thanks to @s-mess9717 that told me about Mary’s middle name. Lovya.

Starlight Questionnaire Results!

Hey everyone! I’m finally ready to release the results of the Starlight Questionnaire and I’m really excited to do that but first I want to give a brief explanation of how you should interpret the results.

I closed the questionnaire at 240 entries because the data was starting to get a bit unmanageable and I figured that it would make a decent sample size. But of course, this was a sample of convenience (aka survey) and is certainly a better representation of Starlights on tumblr than on any other social media site. 99% of all the numbers were calculated with excel and I would be happy to share that data with anyone who is interested. (Although to be honest it’s pretty messy looking.) Most important thing is to take all these calculations with a sizeable grain of salt–I found patterns because I was intentionally looking for them. It’s very possible that these patterns disappear with a larger sample size. Even so, I think there are some interesting patterns here and I hope you’ll enjoy them!

Warning: this is going to be text heavy under the cut!

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Hi 🌸
My name’s Giuliana, I’m Italian and I’m 17.
I’m feminist, my interests include reading, tv shows, movies and listening to music (my favourite band is My Chemical Romance). I love all kinds of art, and I’m currently starting to get interested in musicals (tbh at the moment I only know like two of them, Hamilton and Les Mis, but I found out I really like them so I have a to watch list).
I’d like to find some good friends, someone to talk about everything that comes to mind, from the most stupid thing of our day to our interests and more serious things!
I don’t care about your age/gender/sexuality/nationality, but if you are sexist, homophobic, racist and close-minded in general, please don’t talk to me, we would not get along.
My tumblr is breakingathenahale :3

Oh man, it has been a while since I’ve updated this blog, but I’m excited to announce that The Depression has decided to ease up, and I’ve found some motivation.

I’ve got a few little things planned out before the new baby gets here in June, including reviews of several yarns, as well as a knit along, if anyone is interested. I’ve also been working on a pattern for a shawl that I’m debating publishing on ravelry, so I might want a few people to test knit that for me.

What have you all been making lately?

anonymous asked:

So I've been out of the fandom in an online-sense for quite some time. I find tumblr extremely difficult to search in terms of new fanfiction. Can you recommend blogs to follow or sites to visit with new fic? I'm particularly interested in the dynamic Mary brings to the show and would love to read any fic in which she realizes Wincest is a thing, or just her reflection on what life for her boys was like. Thank you!

Hello there friend, to be quite honest you are right, tumblr is very unfriendly to search for new fics, and I desisted the idea of search on the character tag a long time ago because I found everything except new information or fics about said character. I hope if my readers post what you are looking for, the reblog this or leave you their links so you can check them out. About your question, these are the fics I’ve read featuring Mary so far, hope helps, also I sigest you to follow the ‘Mary Wichester’ tag on AO3. Hope this helps!

Mary Winchester fic recs

Hold me as I’m falling apart…by  TheUsagi1995

Following the end of episode 3 of season 12 “The foundry”

Mary shuts the door behind her, leaving Dean and Sam stunned and alone. While Sam is hurting, he can understand his mother’s decesion. Dean on the other hand can not, and so he shuts himself away from his brother. Sam however, wants to help him, and tries to talk to him… That however, leads to Dean’s explosion of anger, and an ugly fight between the brothers. During that fight, Dean says hard words, and then, breaks down…

Good thing that Sam is always there to help him…

And nothing else matters  by  waywardelle

Dean inexplicably pushes Sam away when their mother returns to their lives. After she leaves, Dean stays away anyway. Sam wants to kill Dean for ignoring the fact that they’re fuckin’ mated, but the omega in him tells him to be patient. So, he waits. And he misses his Alpha like crazy. (Coda to 12x04, “American Nightmare.” Sequel to The Claiming, but it can stand alone. You do not need to have read The Claiming to follow along with this fic!)

“He still hasn’t told Dean about it, about how far she truly went. Not that, you know, he’s really had the chance. Deep down, he knows at least part of it is not wanting Dean’s reaction of jealousy or possessiveness to be the reason he comes back to Sam. Doesn’t want it to be the reason Dean wants him again, just because he feels the need to claim what’s his. He doesn’t want to trick Dean into it, either. He just. He just wants him.”

Closer  by   bccalling

She’s wrong because Dean has everything to feel guilty about. Mostly because he doesn’t feel guilty about this. Because Dean is in this bed, fucking his little brother because of a goddamn hunt gone awry, and he’s never felt more right or whole or loved.

Stone  by  bccalling

When they bring Sam home, Mary begins to realize just how close her boys really are.

To breathe again… by  ShamaelPandora

When Mary leaves, Dean collapses, Sam helps him.

Heaven, is but a corner on Earth  by  TheUsagi1995

Taking place after Season 12 episode 2: Mama Mia

Sam, Dean and Mary are now at home, but Sam still thinks that all that has happened is in his head. Thinks that this is either Toni, who has cast him, yet another spell, or Lucifer, to whose Cage Sam has returned since Toni has killed him.

Dean sees what is going on, and tries to convince Sam, much like he did five years ago, that he is not in the Cage anymore, and that he is not hallucinating.

Sam seems to be convinced at first. He shares a warm hug with his mother and goes to his room. But there, in the darkness, lingers fear and doubt…

Can Dean help his brother once more? Can his love, his care and his tenderness drive the shadows away?

It’s Him  by  plaidagladalecki

12x03 inspired this. AU where Sam tells Mary about his first crush. This is just the beginning so there might be more if you guys like this idea!

Am I So Unlovable? by bccalling

Sam knows Dean’s hurting and all he wants is to take away his brother’s pain.

The Last Temptation  by  bccalling

When Sam tells Mary about all the things he and Dean get up to in the dark, Mary wants in, and Sam sees his opportunity to make Dean’s every fantasy come true.

I Still Got You  by  seraphyde

Dean, Sam and Mary are sitting down for dinner as a family for the first time since her return. Dean’s mind is elsewhere.

Noise Complaint  by   formalizing

“So close to gettin’ caught with your legs spread in big brother’s bed. S’just like old times.”

Destination  by   gothpandaotaku

Mary’s back from the dead, Sam’s missing (and apparently pregnant), and Dean’s head is spinning.

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OMG, so have you heard of this thing called the Myers Briggs 16 personality test? Well I done mine (you should do it too, it's interesting af) and I wondered what 5H's would be. Turns out Camila and Lauren have already done theirs! (C is a isfp, L a enfj) - I was curious what their compatibility is. Bruh.... THEY'RE FUCKING PERFECT ROMANTIC PARTNERS. Like seriously! Their compatibility beats the rest 14 personality types.... just thought this was interesting info 👀

i’m a little confused some are saying Camila is INFP. I tried searching her Tumblr if she’s answered anything about it and I found none 👀  

!!! its so nice to finally be here. i’m yoobin’s mun, frani! it’s my first time applying for rookies and i’m incredibly excited to get things rolling with everyone!! also, thank you for all the warm welcome messages <3  aaaahh i’ll get to them veeery soon after i finish following everyone in the masterlist c: links regarding yoobin are under the cut!

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This is why your spells will never work.

I’ve been fascinated with magic for as long as I can remember. I started practicing witchcraft and healing schoolmates in elementary school, and a lot of what I learned has stayed with me over the years. I made a lifelong friend through my interests in magic and energy manipulation, and I’ve made some damn-near miraculous things happen in my life.

Now, over a decade later and knocking on the door to my thirties, I’ve found myself on Tumblr, following a lot of folks who practice witchcraft and aim to share their journey with kindred spirits online. But instead of seeing a flourishing community that truly understands the power that they hold and how to wield for the benefit of themselves and others, I see a bunch of whiny little girls. And frankly, it both pisses me off and makes me sad. 

I love essential oils and herbs. I like looking at crystals, and I’ve been able to make a career out of tarot. And there are so many of us twenty-somethings that feel the same way. And as a weird, witchy twenty-something woman, I want nothing more than to see our community rise and take our places in the world. I want nothing more than to see us thrive and create the lives that we want to live, to put our mark on the world and show all the rest of them just how fucking awesome we are.

But the problem that I see with twenty-something women is that they don’t see where their true power lies. And while many of them have turned to spirituality, and particularly witchcraft, in an attempt to find and strengthen their power, they try to use witchcraft to make the changes they want to see in the world. They light candles and burn incense and throw around the names of deities, thinking that this will bring them money or love or vengeance. They idly “cast” curses, and get pissed off when someone mentions karma. 

You say that you’re using your power, when really you’re just hiding behind a literal smoke screen, playing dress-up and tattling to someone else, hoping they’ll do what you won’t.

All the things that you cast spells for are things that you could be doing yourself. All the changes and miracles that you ask for are things that you can make happen. And you don’t need a specific plant or rock to do it. 

You know what it reminds me of? Christianity. And how can you say that it’s any different?

You all look to some kind of deity or higher power to make things happen in your life. You all follow somebody’s version of a book that tells you how things should be done. You all chant, talk to, and make offerings to a deity. You all get in each other’s faces when someone doesn’t agree with your way of doing things – or you try to use the “turn the other cheek” approach and say, “Oh, it’s okay, because we’re all loved by [Insert name of God here], and you can choose how you get to honor them.” You have your altars, and statues, and ceremonial dresses. You ask for shit the shit that you think you want (like a boyfriend, or for Suzy Slutstein to fall in a well), then wonder why you don’t get it.

Most of all, you all relinquish the power that you were born with – the power that your deity of choice gave you when you were brought into this world – and bitch and moan when things don’t go your way.

What power, you ask? Your will and your thoughts.

Both Christians and witches and every other religious or spiritual group has the same saying, even if the words are a bit different: Believe that it’s yours, and it is. 

It’s that fucking simple. 

It has nothing to do with mixing herbs or picking flowers. It has nothing to do with praying, if you really think about it. Prayer is really about showing gratitude, not begging for shit that you could do and get yourself. Making offerings to deities isn’t about bribing them to do shit for you. It’s about showing appreciation for their role in co-creation.

And that’s the key part: Co-creation. Because your deity isn’t just going to do all the work on their own. But the sad part is, you’re not doing any of the work yourself.

Because you refuse to use your own fucking power.

Whether you’re Christian, Wiccan, Lokean, or a follower of some obscure goddess from New Zealand, you have within you the power to make shit happen. And it has nothing to do with any of the tools that you use. Just like it has nothing to do with the god or goddess that you choose to worship. 

Those herbs and crystals and athames are superfluous when you are using your true power. And when you’re not, they don’t mean shit. They’re just pretty things to smell and look at while you burn stuff and speak in rhymes. 

And yes, words have power. Yes, everything has its own vibrational frequency. Everything on this planet is made of energy. And you may think that by doing your spells and having your rituals, you’re using the energy of the earth to manifest your desires. But you all don’t seem to realize that there’s an energy source that almost infinitely larger and capable of so much more. You.

Not only are you at least a hundred times larger and more powerful than a plant, but you have an advantage that they will never have: Free fucking will. And where does that will come from? Your thoughts.

With only the power of your thoughts and your energy, you could be changing the world. You could kings and queens. You could be legen-fucking-dary. But you’re not. Because you’re chickenshit.

“But, hey!! No, I’m not,” you say. But you are. Because you’re too afraid to use your own power.  Because in order to really tap into that energy within you, in order to pull from the well of fantabulous power that you were born with, you’d have to do the one thing that you don’t want to do.

You’d have to look at yourself. And you’re scared shitless that you won’t like what you see.

Because if you’d look at yourself, you’re going to see things that you don’t necessarily like. You’re going to see things that other people don’t like. You’re going to see places that need work, and things that you’ve ignored but could really use more of in your life. You’re going to see shadows and fears and resentments. You’re going to see things that make you cry like a baby and make you want to hide behind a deity’s skirts. 

And while you avoid looking at yourself in order to keep all those things out of sight, you’re missing all the good things. All the awesome things. All the things that make you shine and strengthen all that power within you. You’re going to try to push all the bad stuff into a box, thinking that if you only let the good things out, you’ll be okay. 

So instead of confronting the terrors in the recesses of yourself, you run around shouting spells and making “friends” with people who are doing the exact same things. You’re creating covens of crippled girls who are so blind to themselves and their true power that that really feel just as ineffectual and small as you do. And you guys all bond over the deity that you’ve chosen to run to, in hopes that this almighty being will save the day.

But what you’re really doing is making things worse for yourself and those around you. You’re creating a cesspool of blindness and negativity, and wallowing in it in your prettiest bathing suits. You go on and on about the things that you don’t like about your lives, and exchange spells on how to fix things that you can’t control, and make lists of herbs that could only give a mere fraction of the power that you have within you, if only you would wield it.

No amount of rose petals will bring you a lover when you don’t love yourself completely. No amount of pine needles or mint leaves or oakmoss will bring you more money if you’re contrastly focused on how broke you are. No amount of black anything will get back at that person for doing that thing that you didn’t like if you’re not willing to actually see that person get hurt. No amount of feathers will make you fly if you’re constantly loading yourself down with extra baggage.

In a way, we are all capable of making magical things happen. But they’re not magic. They are manifestations. And each and every one of us have the power to manifest our desires. But first, we have to look within ourselves and know who we are, and what we truly want.

But it seems like so many twenty-somethings just won’t do the work that it takes to get to that point. And the Universe is constantly trying to push them to that point. Which is why we suffer and go through hardships and fall on hard times. It’s the Universe – your deity, if you want to see it that way – saying, “Hey, woman! Open your fucking eyes!! I made you in my image for a reason." 

That reason wasn’t so that you’d go whining to them every time you want something, or every time someone hurt your feelings. We are divine beings, capable of drawing anything that we want into our lives, because we come from a source of infinite abundance. 

Another problem is that so many of us are focusing on bullshit. We’re asking for cars and money and people to fuck when we’re feeling lonely. We’re asking for good grades and a better job. We’re asking for what we think we need to make us feel good about ourselves and our lives, instead of asking to feel good about ourselves and our lives. 

Case in point: Money spells. People always say that when you do a money spell, you shouldn’t expect or ask for huge amounts. The money has to come from somewhere, and things can’t happen all at once, blah blah blah. So you do a money spell, and the next day you find five dollars. 

Be honest. When you’re doing a money spell, it’s usually because you think you need a good amount of money for something. So if $5 will going to cut it? Does that really count as a ‘win’ in your book? Or are you just going to sit back and wait until you find another $5?

But have you ever wondered why money spells really don’t work? It’s because you’re not asking for what you really, really want. You may be asking for money, and using all the right herbs and colors and smelly things. And since you asked for it, the Universe will give you some money. Go you. But what you’re really after is something totally different. The solution that you think money will provide. The feeling that you think you’ll feel once you have that solution.

But that’s not what you’re asking for. And if you’re not really asking for it, you can’t put your energy behind it – energy that will have a 2,000% better chance of making it happen then what you’ll ever get from a leaf or crystal. And since you’re not putting your energy behind it, the Universe is just like, "Meh. Guess she doesn’t really want it. On to the next." 

And you’re sitting there a week later, looking to the ground for your next $5, when what you’re really after could be seen if you were looking up.

If I could do anything in this world, it would be to help twenty-something women be weird, wealthy and wise. I want to see us thrive and live out loud. I want to see us make shit happen and be confident in our ability to do it again. I want to see us love harder and play longer and work miracles with ease and grace. And I want to see us honor ourselves and the roles we play in our own lives. I want to see us respect and use the power that we have to manifest our desires. 

You are fucking awesome. You have flaws and shadows within, and that’s okay. In fact, that’s fucking great. Because if you have shadows, then you have light. And the world needs to see that light. 

But before that happens, you’ll have to see it for yourself.

I miss the 9 fandom.

So chances are if you’re reading this post you miss the 9 fandom too. I’m 14 years old, meaning I would have been roughly 6 or 7 when 9 came out. Me and my friends where obsessed with it. And like most children do with Disney Princesses, we adored these characters, we wanted to be just like them. We would play silly little games and pretend to be the characters and it was fun! I was always either 7 (since she was the only girl and I was also the only girl of my friend group) or one of the twins while my other friends would generally be 9 or 5 or join me as one of the twins. To be honest with you me and one of my good friends almost convinced ourselves that we where twins, and, as creepy as it sounds, at lunch and break we would stay completely silent and just blink at each other every once in a while. It was really fun while it lasted. Then we grew and became interested in other things that kids our age liked, minecraft, youtube, stuff like that. It’d been roughly 4-5 years since I’d had anything to do with the film except for maybe re-watching it but I found the DVD and my curiosity got the best of me, so I stuck it in the DVD player and watched it through once, then again with my sister. Having made a tumblr on my 13th birthday I decided to search for some content on tumblr, and it was great! I found some funny blogs and scrolled through the tag, reblogged a few posts and left it for a while after discovering how deserted the fandom had become. I’ve come back this week to see that it continues on as a small force, with a few people still surviving in the fandom. I miss this fandom so bad! We need a sequel or something to get it back up and running because at the moment there’s not much going on. This movie was such a big part of my childhood and honestly probably shaped who I am today, if only a little. So PLEASE if you read this just maybe reply or even simply like it, or better, help spread the word! I can’t be the only one that wants the fandom back, so if you agree with me or you’re in the 9 fandom show some love for your favourite character or maybe post that silly idea or headcanon you’ve been thinking about. I doubt anyone’s made it this far but if you have the thank you!! For reading this!! Please help me revive the 9 fandom with similar posts or anything!! Thanks!!

So, I wanted to ask this long time ago but the thing is I just didn’t want to be bashed on or attacked cuz some might get me wrong or feel that I want to start a war or an argument or something, but imma ask anyway cuz tumblr is the best place to get direct answers did ereri happen? How did it start? Like what is that thing made u guys head over heels for this ship? Some even consider it canon, I read the manga from chapter one to the end three times maybe n found nothing interesting(at least to me), so is there some kind of theory or a fact I dunno about started all this or something? :/

Thank you very much! I tend to try approaching things slightly differently in every drawing. Since you reblogged the Link (I’m not a stalker ok =m=), I’ll assume you’re mainly asking about that one. If this is not the answer you’re looking for, please let me know. 

Step 1: Rough “skeleton” sketch. My skeletons rarely turn out to be much like the final thing, so I don’t really take this part seriously. Maybe I should…

Step 2: The real sketch on another layer on top of the skeleton. Since I was using much thinner lines than usual, I thought it was more important to do things in longer strokes. I forgot to do that for about half the strokes though, lol.

Step 3: Color skin and hair on a new layer. I used the first Oil brush in Clip Studio Paint. I believe the blending settings are on default, but I had messed with the size setting so that it makes sharp tapered points (basically it works like a pen brush). IMO it’s a lot more challenging to color like that so I wanted the practice, and I also wanted to see if I could potentially make an interesting style out of it. At the end I used a strong golden color on the tips with a soft airbrush. These colors are on one layer BTW.

Step 4: I made a layer on top to add red, green, and blue to the hair. I had trouble picking a good green. Oh well, maybe next time.

I made a layer underneath the hair/skin layer for the clothes. I used two shades of green, a very dark teal for the shadows, and yellow for the highlights. For the strap I used a dark red-brown for the shadow. As a last step I airbrushed a yellow on top of the hat and sides of the shirt, and a bright blue under the hat and on the top and bottom of the shirt. It’s my first time doing that, and I think I can make it work better next time. These are all also on one layer.

Step 5: I did the eyes and made a layer on top of everything else. I added some white with the pen brush. Pure white is okay for watercolor-y styles because it looks like the white of the paper, but I found white doesn’t work so well for other styles.

Step 6: One more layer of highlights. I used purple on an Add layer. I like diamonds because they make things look crystal-like, maybe. Some of the edges looked too sharp, so I blended them out.

Step 7: Color adjustments, disable the first sketch layer, crop, and done! :)

If you were/are interested in anything else or have questions, feel free to ask. :) I’m not sure if what I answered was what you’re looking for. orz

Sorry, I really should have put this via submissions.  I’m the left tumblr anon part 1 person, but I think I’d like this to be remain private.

I’ve been feeling like crap for the past months with my original character. As I played her here on tumblr, I feel my character was not interesting in comparison to others. I keep saying I will come back, but I just don’t feel like it. I’ve been here roleplaying for four years and the frustrations I’ve had with tumblr roleplay has made me snap. At the same time, it’s the only platform I’m ever getting rp from.

I left with a negative message on my tumblr bordering on the line of vague-blogging but it was mostly generalized. And I also mentioned that some of the things I found wrong in the fandom were things I was also guilty for. Someone apologized to me. I replied that I was sorry too, and that it was my fault as well. I felt really horrible and wanted to take back my farewell post, but it was too late.

Hours later I started regretting my decision to leave. If I came back so soon people will think I was an attention-seeker, and well, they probably already have that perception of me. Not just that, but another friend who was having problems with their own character, a canon in the fandom that I paired with my OC (but I never got around to asking them to ship because of the mixed feelings I got from them). They had just spoke of their hiatus a couple of days before I put my farewell letter up. I overthink things due to anxiety and depression, so I thought that they thought I was leaving because of their absence, when it is so small due to my insecurities about my OC. That friend hasn’t been speaking to me much of late, which concerns me. (Their other characters are still following me and they still have me on their skype and discord.)

If I returned, I wonder if they thought I returned because I was hellbent on shipping my character with theirs. (I wanted to, but I’m not sure about asking them upright or anymore. I had asked them how they shipped their characters and they said with no planning and just by themselves, when for me there is some planning.)

I’m sorry it’s a huge mess, but all I am trying to ask is should I even bother to return? When (estimate)? (In addition, to letting a person know I don’t want to ship with them if I am not sure about they truly feel about my characters?)

PS. If I returned, I’d probably make my character more for another fandom while making simply an AU for the fandom I had been?

here’s the thing that people sometimes don’t wanna acknowledge and it’s not mean to be mean or anything, but to be honest. for starters, your original character isn’t always going to appeal to everyone and you have to look for those people who do appreciate the work you’ve put into your character. creating a character from scratch is difficult as it is, and getting people to enjoy said character is even more difficult. when people don’t give us the attention we think we deserve, it ends up making us feel like we aren’t good enough.

anyway, enough of that.

it’s your decision. i don’t think you should give up, i don’t think anyone should ever give up and you’ve gotta look for the light at the end of the tunnel. people tend to focus on the negative instead of focusing on how they feel about their character. what matters is how you feel about your oc, not what anyone else does. not everyone is going to understand your character anyway because they aren’t you. you’re the only person who knows your character best.

but as i said, your return is your decision. i can’t make that decision for you, only lead you down the right path to what you feel is right for you. sometimes taking time off helps a person out and lets them think about everything. so maybe a few weeks or even a month will help you out. maybe branching your muse outside of your fandom may help too.

there are a million different ways to go about this but giving up is not an option. 

as for letting someone know you don’t wanna ship with them, you just have to say no. people end up thinking too much about letting another person down. just say no if you don’t see it happening.

- mod liv


The internet has a lot of things to offer to you and one of these things that I’ve found and learned recently is editing photos with double effect. This might not be new to you, but hey, as the busiest person in the world (probably, bc college) I found this thing really interesting and it took me some time to edit these photos and achieve my satisfaction. LOL

And I’ve been very obsessed with it for the first time I tried it so, here are the artworks! Obviously, it’s my first time to edit photos like these because as you can see, the edges are like sharp or pointy and….dirty. Idk whatever you call it. It’s not that perfect but I just wanted to share these to you guys!
So which one is your favorite?

anonymous asked:

So I found this post somewhere on some tumblr that I can't find anymore that pointed out the "Williams" this season--Susan Williams, William (Billy) Malone. I thought this was just the coolest thing and totally hadn't noticed, but seeing as the whole William as Oliver's son thing is what tore them apart and then you have all the Williams keeping them apart this season...I know, not really an ask, but thought you might find it interesting if you hadn't noticed it. Thoughts?


That is the coolest thing!!! Susan and Billy are simply symptoms of the larger “William” problem. Holy crap I love it.

How i met sixpenceee

I was researching about Christine Chubbuck which caught my attention after watching her story being referred on a random youtube video. I went on to read newspaper clippings, friend’s and family’s testimonials, etc, which i could get my hands on, since the incident happened way back in 1974. In one of those resources i was going through, i found the following story by a young woman (i don’t remember the exact words, but it conveyed):

“I had a weird dream where some woman who was reading the day’s news broadcast and then interrupted herself to say ‘you want more blood and gore? Here’s more blood and gore’ , took out a revolver and shot herself in the temple while she was on air. This being a very unusual dream, i looked it up on the internet and turns out a news reporter named Christine Chubbuck’s last moments was what was described in my dream. I never knew or even heard this person’s name before. Such creepy things are of interest to @sixpenceee or something right”

Later it came to my knowledge that the above post that i had read was none other that a tumblr post which i found on another website. To learn that, i had turned over every stone to find this sixpenceee (didn’t span across many social media websites back in 2014). I searched blogging sites, facebook and found nothing. Finally i found someone who had tagged sixpenceee in their post, taken the screenshot of timblr and posted it on some unknown microblogging website. This led me to this godforsaken website. i searched sixpenceee, found it and then created an account for myself. Like all lost travellers of the web, i came here with a purpose and now find myself reblogging satan’s passtimes.  

✨💛✨ new studyblr

hello everyone!! i’m alexandra, 17 years old and finishing highschool this year (yikes!!), applying to med school when i finish (living in europe)

 i used to have a personal tumblr but lost interest and never used it again. i’d been following some ytb channels with study/note/etc videos and i really enjoyed those. 

recently i found out about studyblrs and medblrs and all of that, and i kinda fell in love ((lame)) and decided to make my own !! 

 i’m still trying to figure this whole thing out.. but currently my favourite thing about studyblrs are the neat notes, so satisfying!! 

right now my studyblr is a source of inspiration, motivation and positivity for me, and thats why i created it.

 i hope it continues to be such source and i also hope to meet new people over here 😋😋

 some tumblrs i’ve discovered and enjoy are: @aliaastudies @acadehmic @studyign @studywithinspo @studywithcarina @my-little-studyblr @shhhstudying @lea-studies @miennstudies @dutchstudyblr @mystudyvibes@studyingroses @emmastudies @elkstudies @izzystudies @academla @studiouswoman @scholarl-y @study-corner @studyrelief @focusign @studyblrer @cielstudies @acciodemic @leoisstudying @pre-stressing @mystudyvibes @emxstudy @tbhstudying .. (ahh so many!)

 i’m still looking for new blogs to follow 😋 so, like this post, leave me a msg, reblog (idk haha) so we can maybe be mutuals ((and friends!!))

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Hello! I just wondered if you know anything about dice divination? It's a really interesting form of divination to me but judging from my searches and asking others here on tumblr so far, there seems to be so little information on it :/

I was aware that it was a THING but had not really read about it much. After some very quick internet research, I found the following:

Dice divination is a form of reading that pre-dates tarot cards and even astrology. It was originally used with knuckle bones which were numbered on each side. 

You can use 1-3 dice for divination purposes, three is commonly used. Basic meanings are as follows:

ONE Family difficulties are coming.
TWO Look closely at situations, things may not be quite what they seem.
THREE Expect pleasant surprises in the very near future. Your circumstances will change without warning and very soon.
FOUR A setback or some unpleasantness will disappoint you. Expect arguments or a disagreement. An unpleasant surprise.
FIVE A stranger or a surprise brings you happiness. Plans come to fruition. Unexpected information or assistance. A new friendship.
SIX Misfortune and loss. A friend may ask a favour of you.
SEVEN You become the victim of gossip or scandal. Possible difficulties in business or money trouble. You will be presented with a difficult matter to solve. A new romance.
EIGHT Take it slow. Do not act in haste or you may regret it. Recklessness may lead to difficulty or distress. A gift of clothing will be received.
NINE Success in love and reconciliations. A marriage or union with implications for you. A gambling win.
TEN This is a time of birth and new beginnings. Success is about to come your way in career and money matters. A legal action will involve you.
ELEVEN Short-term illness gives you some grief. A parting causes you sorrow. A trip for entertainment. A death may concern you.
TWELVE A message of importance will soon arrive, but seek advice if you are dealing with legal documents. A large sum of money to be received.
THIRTEEN A period of unhappiness. Disappointment or misery if you pursue current situation. Do not give in to self-pity or it will cause more problems.
FOURTEEN New friends bring excitement into your life. You will receive unexpected assistance from someone close. A new love or admirer.
FIFTEEN Follow your intuition about false friends. Do not be drawn into trouble by others. Begin no new projects for a few days.
SIXTEEN A short trip turns out to be both fun and profitable.
SEVENTEEN A change in plans may soon be necessary. Other people may have good advice to give, even strangers. Dealings with a person or persons from afar. Dealings with or on water.
EIGHTEEN Success, a wish will be obtained. You can expect happiness, financial success and a rise in status.

Sources and more info:

x x x

Critical Role - Why Percy & Vex are so Compelling

I was slow to start watching Critical Role, but once I was four videos in, I was completely hooked. By the time I finished the Kraghammer/Vasselheim story arc, I had followed the entire crew on Twitter. By the end of the Briarwood arc, I had started a tumblr account just to see all the cool fan art, gifs, and fan theories. Critical Role art is the background of my iPad, the theme song is the ring tone on my phone. I watch episodes a second, third, fourth time because I find the story so interesting.

You could say I am hooked.

I jumped on the Percy/Vex ship some time after what happened in the Raven Queen’s temple. I didn’t know it was a thing until then. And when I found out it was, well, I was on board. I looked at @criticalrolesource and @critrolestats to find the Percy/Vex moments. I found @cassiederolo by the posts in #perchalia. I was sold. I have read some fan fic, looked at the art, thought over the theories.

But why? I have been asking myself why I find Percy and Vex so interesting. What makes me (and others) so interested in the thought that these two characters may or may not be flirting with one another.

I don’t know if I have a complete answer, but I do have some thoughts.

The entire cast plays their characters very well. I see Laura, Liam, Taliesin, Travis, Sam, Ashley, Marisha, and Matt there on the screen in front of me, but I am imagining the characters and their actions. I see Vex, Keyleth, and Scanlan in the beautiful landscape that Matt has created. They are characters that come to life in your imagination, like Harry and Hermione, Cameron and Raistlin, Arya and Jon Snow. If Critical Role were a book it would be a page turner, it couldn’t be put down. Fans would be desperate for the next book, the next excerpt, another clue. Matt saying “is it Thursday yet?” leaves the fans salivating for more.

And yet I ask why Vex and Percy? Why not root for Pike and Scanlan’s antics? Why not wait with bated breath for Vax to stop walking away from Keyleth? Why Vex and Percy?

Because we want something good to happen to the broken one. We want to see his redemption. We want Percy to be whole. Vex is mostly good, she is caring, she is as much the sister to everyone in the group as she is to Vax. We want her good to rub off on Percy. We want her to fix him.

But is that what the characters are doing? Are they slowly circling each other to come to the point where they are together? Do the characters know that’s what they want? Do Vex and Percy know it’s a possibility? Do Taliesin and Laura even know?

We find it so interesting because we don’t know what could happen. We don’t know if there is something growing there or not. We can imagine. Just like we read each book in Harry Potter, turning each page in the hope that he ends up with Hermione, we wait to see what happens with Percy and Vex.

Perhaps it’s not that we even want to see them together in the end. Maybe we just want to see how they deal with one another. If the broken one gets fixed or if he breaks another in the process.

We keep watching for it, because the tension is good. It is fun to watch. Each present, each kiss on the cheek, every whispered word of help. It makes for a good story, it keeps you coming back.

In the end, what I think it might be, is that Taliesin and Laura are such good actors that you want to believe something is there between their characters just to see them act off one another. The rest of the group is so wonderful, you want to see their reactions to what may or may not be there. “Keep your eyes open,” Vax says to Vex as he suspects something is going on with her and Percy. Vex replies she doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

And maybe she doesn’t. Maybe it is all honest concern for both her and Percy. You want to believe something is there because you have become so involved with the story. And /that/ is what makes it so interesting. Because you want to watch the next scene, you want to see what happens…

You want to turn the page.

Thank you Taliesin and Laura for your wonderful acting and your wonderful characters. There may not be anything between Vex and Percy, but I will watch and happily wonder because the two of you make it so enjoyable to do so.

~Random Thoughts