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Imagine prince!Woozi asking you to sing for him after finding out that you often sing to yourself while working.

A closer look at Veronica Lodge’s Instagram account:

  • I feel like Veronica would have a monochrome/bright white Instagram theme (very Meghan Reinks inspired/some pics from her insta)
  • A lot of her photos would be or would look professional
  • Pictures of her friends posted every once in a while but she likes to stay with her theme and that’s hard with a group of people
  • Her Instagram would definitely have a feminist vibe to it

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Hey guys i know i havent done an original post in a while so just bear with me.

today’s will be on… B U L L E T  J O U R N A L I N G

     ~ How to get started

            So first you’re going to need a journal. You can use any notebook or journal you want (i like to keep mine smaller so i can carry it around) i currently am using a really cheap one from target but ill be getting a new one soon.                     You also will need some writing supplies. I use normal colored ballpoint pens, and also some cheap watercolor brush pens from michaels. If you want to splurge and get high quality stationary supplies, thats fine, but i find mine to work just as well

     ~ Bullet journals

            Keep in mind that there is no set way to use a bullet journal. You can get some inspiration from studyblrs like @sirius-studying and @architstudy, or studygrams like boho berry. 

Thank you for reading!! Love you all

On this week’s episode of “Stupid Crap In The Rebels Tag”:

1. Kallus isn’t allowed to have a redemption arc because he’s a member of a fascist government with some allegorical inspiration from the Nazis.

2. “The show isn’t treating their female characters right!”  *conveniently ignores that Sabine had her own character arc this season and more named female characters than ever had important roles in the plot (Pryce, Brunsen, Ursa, Mon Mothma)*

3. “The show doesn’t treat their POC characters right!” *conveniently forgets that Kanan, Ezra, and Sabine aren’t white*

4. We are still whining about Ahsoka.  Even though with the lead time they have on this show there was no possible way they could have squeezed her into Season Three along with everything else.

Honestly, ever since becoming a fanfic writer myself I’ve become like 500% more understanding and patient about other authors’ update schedules. An author takes 6+ months to post their next chapter? Yeah, totally get that real life can get in the way. An author abandons a fic? Disappointing, but it happens- sometimes inspiration for a story just dies. An author apologizes about taking so long to post a 10k word chapter? Dude, that’s like 18-20 pages on Word single-spaced. It takes me at least a week to write an essay for school a quarter the length of that, and that’s with a deadline. 

It’s probably the most important thing writing fanfic has taught me, tbh. How to fully appreciate the hard work someone else has put into their story. How important the role of the audience is to an author. And that no matter what, you are never entitled to demand more of a story that you are getting for free. 

“I’ll protect you… no matter what” 

Winter gals!


AN: There’s definitely some cheesy usage of the lyrics in Ruin. lol hope you guys enjoy it !

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“He’s not good for you, Y/N. You know that, so why do you keep going back to him?” There was so much pain in Shawn’s eyes. He was the last person you expected to show up at your doorstep on a Saturday night.

“Shawn..why are you here? It’s late and I’m too tired to even comprehend what you’re saying.” You rub your temples, squinting against the light illuminating your front porch.

“Then think harder, Y/N. Please, because all I’m trying to do is help you.” Confusion has filled your mind, and you’re wondering where this is all coming from. Shawn had never shown signs of interest in dating you, or ever seemed to pay such close attention to your current relationship.

“I’m kind of taken aback right now. What made you think of this?” He walks closer, coming up the stairs. His hands deep in his pockets.

“I don’t like your boyfriend.”

“I’m getting that, but why?” He bounces back and forth on his heels and you can tell he’s trying to decide what to say next.

“Be honest,” you say, wanting nothing less.

“Do you think about me?” ‘Do I what?’

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