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I just want to make a post about @itsjustinyourwildestdreams because Cam is just one of the greatest people I’ve met online. We started talking in 2013 and we made a creative book for Taylor’s 24th birthday and sent it to her fanmail. We were so excited for her to get it - you have no idea!! After the project we were still talking on daily basis - about Taylor and also about life. She is older than me so she got trough some stuff already and that’s why I always loved her advices. Then Taylor came to tumblr and we soon got her follow. She was liking our posts a lot, she knew about our friendship and I think this was the highlight of everything! Then we got into a fight and we kind of just said it’s better for us to stop talking. But after a year I realized that was the most stupid thing so I contacted her again apologizing for my behavior and we started talking again! My blog got deleted soon after that and she was giving me so much hope. I created this blog but I wasn’t on much because it was hard to start all over again. At the beginning of the year I got through some rough times and lost myself and Cam literally gave me the best advices and told me I should focus on my happiness and not be someone else just so people around would love me. I think a lot has changed since then! At the beginning of August she motivated me to get more active on my new blog and told me I should never give up on getting my Taylor follow back. I literally did that and she refollowed me soon after that!

This was so long but I really had to say those things because I feel so blessed to have Cam in my life cause she’s literally an angel and my big sis! My heart is happy every time Taylor likes her posts. She deserves all the good things ❤️

Cam thank you so much for everything really, I LOVE YOU!


Ya’ll been hitting me with that good lesbian pidge content so i’m gonna put more out there too.

• Pidge gets sUPER flustered around girls!!
• She’s only 14 and not super experienced?? So whenever a cute girl even talks to her she gets shy and blushy
• She isn’t super ready to start dating just yet but she just likes to remind everyone “man i love girls and i’m just!! A big lesbian! Just to remind everyone here!!”
• *rips off her sweater* “LESBIANS FOR LOCHNESS”
• When pidge gets a crush its super obvious to figure it out.
• She gets clumsy around them and messes up her words and probably accidentally broke one of her devices while talking to them.
• When everyone else finds out Pidge has a crush on someone they all flip out because “oh my god!! Our little sis has a crush!!”
• Lance would try to give her some flirting tips, but knowing Pidge, she obviously rejects that
• Lance: “oh my god do you wanna hear some advice?”
• Pidge: “I’d rather take my chances”
• Also pidge: “please i’m like 100x better at flirting with you, i could get 10 girlfriends in a week without your help!” *nervous laughter*
• Hunk would tease her but also give her some cliché advice that you hear in every show/movie
• Hunk: “ooo I knew you had a girlfriend”
• Hunk: “just be yoursel-”
• Pidge: “hunk I appreciate that but i’ve already heard that from like everything. Ever.”
• Keith: “i don’t know what else to say so…” *thumbs up* “good luck”
• Pidge: “wow thanks”
• Shiro would actually probably give her solid advice
• Shiro, *jokingly*: “if you want to succeed… don’t listen to lance’s advice about anything”
• Lance: “haven’t i been the only one who actually got kissed by a cute alien girl?”
• Pidge *softly*: “fuck, you’re right”
• Pidge also lowkey is jealous of Lance’s confidence around girls
• She just wishes she could be better socially tbh like she’s getting there but also- have you seen girls???

Thanks for reading please @ voltron fandom gimme that good lesbian pidge headcanons, art and fanfics.



Nicole doesn’t speak to her parents, but they are obviously still alive. We don’t know that this is about her being gay, all we know is they aren’t in contact.

We also know that for some reason, Nicole was incredibly willing to accept that Purgatory was overrun by demons. Like, IT MADE SENSE TO HER.

As if she already knew about supernatural things existing and then when it was confirmed to be in Purgatory it just secured the idea in her mind that the town was supernatural.

If we look at Nicole in the AU episode, she knows about supernatural things there as well, even despite being with Waverly or knowing her, so she has no connection to the Earp curse.

And now I’ve just noticed Nicole crying when Bulshar is mentioned during the finale which idk how the fuck I misssd it before but omfg.

And we see Nicole with a file on Bulshar and his cult at the end of the episode. Emily has already confirmed Nicole’s storyline next season will be huge and have a lot of information about her past.

So basically I now believe the reason she and her parents don’t speak isn’t because she’s gay, but because they were fucking members of Bulshar’s cult and until I’m given contradictory evidence I refuse to think otherwise.

anonymous asked:

Hi there! I love your blog, your explanations and pretty much everything. I was curious what are your favorite Shieth moments? Maybe with some details? I'd love to compare and contrast with my own. And I also want to share with some friends. I absolutely love reading your thoughts.

oh mannn,, ok uh,,, alright, here we go (it’s top 12 cause I couldn’t cut it down to 10 ok)

12) THIS GLORIOUS SCENE–It’s such a small thing, but we see Shiro and Keith really going through a lot in this first episode. Right from their first scene together, everything is tragic and heart-wrenching. So seeing them just…being themselves and being happy, just relaxing–probably one of the first times either of them really felt at peace since Kerberos–and that’s just really heartwarming to see 

11) KEITH SAVING SHIRO FROM THE DROID–we get this scene super early on and I love it because it immediately sets up this idea that Keith is really Shiro’s knight in shining armor, and that if anything happens to Shiro, you just know who it is that’ll be rushing in to save him. Keith also takes the time to recognize when Shiro is having an attack and immediately moves to defend him. It means so much to see that a character with mental illness is never portrayed as weaker or less capable, but still receives comfort and support from loved ones  

10) SHIRO REACTING TO KEITH SIGNING ON FOR A “SUICIDE MISSION”–Again, whenever Shiro or Keith are gravely in danger, we see this pattern where they’ll always be more concerned about each other than anyone else. And the animators and writers both make sure to put those reactions as the main focus. So when Keith volunteers for a “suicide mission” and says “No one’s commanding me. I’m doing it,” you can literally see the pain in Shiro’s eyes. He grits his teeth and says Keith’s name, then has to stop and compose himself before he–very resigned and unwillingly–agrees. 

The fact that Keith mentions no one can command him is interesting, because we see Shiro has already learned this lesson about the Black lion earlier–”No one commands the Black lion!” So he understands how much respecting Keith’s decisions means, and decides to put his trust in Keith’s instincts. Just like how he had to learn to let go and trust the Black lion. And of course, both of them ended up saving the day 

9) WHEN KEITH FINDS KURON–okay so this scene was framed as if it were romantic. First off, this isn’t Team Voltron rescuing Kuron. It’s Kuron being saved by Keith. The scene is this uninterrupted, private moment between just the two of them. If “Shiro” were really like a brother to Keith, and they wanted to stay with that idea of found family, there’s no reason to separate them from the rest of the team. 

The fact that everyone else was removed implies there’s an intimacy here beyond just this idea of found family, which would extend to the rest of the team. So it’s really just Keith and Kuron’s scene, complete with longing looks across the vast expense of the universe as they gradually float into each other’s orbit–which again, to me, that final shot of the episode just reads as distinctly romantic. This scene is very personal–both characters are extremely vulnerable, and it’s really just the two of them in empty space. The scene is quiet, heavy, intimate. There’s this weighty atmosphere to it you just don’t get with bros are casual friends. It’s also interesting that Keith was the first memory of Shiro’s that surfaced, implying that he was Shiro’s most important person 

8) FORMING BLAZING SWORD–listen, I’m sorry, but it doesn’t get much more magical anime true love destiny than you and your boyfriend combining bayards to make the Ultimate Cosmic Superweapon and overthrow an intergalactic dictator together,, that’s just common sense. 

Okay, but really–Shiro lights Keith’s fire, and that’s true in more than one sense. For a long time, Shiro has been Keith’s one and only support, and when he loses Shiro, you see just how much Keith kind of relied on him just to keep going. In an interview, Steven said that “Shiro always took him under his wing. Keith always hoped that he could reach a place where Shiro was and hopefully more. I think Shiro saw that in him and tried to stoke those flames and cultivate that within him.” (source) And honestly, I think this is like the physical manifestation of that–they are on equal ground, Keith does have that fire thanks to Shiro, and they both just fall into perfect sync. Together, they can create Voltron’s greatest strength 

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The Only Exception (Part 3)

Summary: AU. Reader is given the task of running a popular love advice internet show when her coworker is fired. Her cynical attitude toward love makes her offer some harsh advice, and more than a few hearts are caught in the aftermath. Will hers be one of them?

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Word Count: 3,523

Warnings: language, fluff, wishful thinking, hot firemen, sarcasm, cynicism, bad jokes, drinking, sad story retelling (mentions of death and loss)

A/N: Moving right along…and yes, I used a Keep Reading line. Also, shout out to @redgillan for making my day brighter.

Part - 1 - 2 - 3 - 4

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‘’Just pretend to be my boyfriend’’

‘‘ Writing Prompt #20 with Bucky “Just pretend to be my date” or boyfriend to like a wedding, someone’s party, or a high school reunion???’‘ was the request by @thedemonsweshare, so I wrote it down for her and I really hope she likes it. I changed it from my date to boyfriend because that made more sense in that one-shot!

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader
None, just some cute Bucky fluff

Originally posted by theimpossibleg1rl

Olivia was the girl in school that everybody loved. She was popular and a member of the cheerleader team. But you were the complete opposite. Your group of friends was not that big, just three or four really good and also best friends. While she went out with many other guys you never heard of, you prefered to stay away from these huge events like these big parties on the weekends.

But still, you and Olivia were really good friends in high school. You helped her with her math exam while she tried to introduce you to some handsome members from the high school football team.

And that was the reason why you were now standing in front of a confused Bucky Barnes, who was looking down on you while he took a sip of his coffee “What shall I do?”

Just pretend to be my boyfriend. Please, Bucky, you have to help me“ you pleaded and already wanted to kneel in front of him before he stopped you from doing so and sat down on the couch.

’‘Can you just tell me why I should do that?“ he blinked and sat down his mug of coffee as you sank down beside him and sighed ’'You know, when I was in high school, I wasn’t really popular and I was never really good at talking to the boys I liked and so…I never had a boyfriend when I was going there and neither when I was studying…and my friend Olivia was soo popular and knew so many guys who would have liked to be her boyfriend. She always dated these dream guys and…I was alone. Sitting in my bed and watching TV”

“So you want me to come with you so you can show them that you found your own dream guy?“ he grinned widely while saying dream guy and raised his eyebrows ’'I’m really flattered that you would put me to the dream guys”

“Don’t be so full of yourself, Barnes“ you slapped him playfully and laughed before you asked him again ’'So would you be the most kindest person in the world and be my boyfriend for that evening?”

“I’ll do it but only because it’s you, doll“ Bucky winked at you before threw yourself at him and gave him a big hug ’'Thank you so much, you’re the best“

Only three days later, the big day was there.
You were just standing in the bathroom and put on some mascara when you heard someone knocking on your door. It was Bucky who didn’t bother to just come in ’'Doll, come on! We gotta go if you want to be on time.”

He looked for you and went straight to the bathroom where he found you. Bucky’s mouth fell open when he took in your appearance and blinked a few times after you turned around “You look good. I like that shirt”

You nodded to his black button up shirt which he had combined with some dark blue jeans. The sleeves were rolled up to his elbows.Just then you realized his look and your gaze went down on you
“Is the dress to much? I told Nat it would look stupid on a high school reunion” You already wanted to zip it down when Bucky began to shake his head

“No, you look fantastic! Don’t worry about the others. You look great“You smiled and kissed his cheek ’'Thank you, Buck. So let’s go. We take Tony’s car” Before Bucky could ask if you had even asked for permission, you waved with the keys and he smiled before following you to the elevators.

“You don’t have to be nervous, doll. You look fantastic and you have an amazing job. You’re saving the world with the greatest team and you’re fake dating a superhero” Bucky smiled at you and held your hand while you were still sitting in the car after he parked in the parking lot next to your old high school.

“You’re right. I shouldn’t be nervous. Do you know what you have to say when they asked you how we met?” you savely asked him again to make sure he still knew what to do. Smiling, he nodded and opened his door before leaving the car just like you “Don’t worry, [Y/N]. I know what to do. Just trust me and everything will be fine”
He took your hand and led you to the great building where all the others were already waiting.

They were all gathered in your old main class room and cheered when you came in together with Bucky who was still holding your hand.

“[Y/N]!” Olivia squeaked and came over. She gave you the most tightest hug you ever got that you almost lost your breath before she let go of you “It’s so good to see you again and your..boyfriend?”

Her gaze went to Bucky who smiled friendly and held out his hand for her to take “Hey, I’m James. But everyone calls me Bucky. And yes, boyfriend.”

“You’re doing well, [Y/N]. So, you’re dating a superhero and you’re also a superhero yourself. Wow, that’s really…unexpected” she smiled before Olivia introduced you to her boyfriend who was the trainer of the hometown footballteam.

You two chatted while Bucky always held your hand or gave you a kiss when you told something funny and he laughed about it. It made you blush when his lips kissed your cheek.Something inside you wished that it was real. That Bucky was your boyfriend and you lived in a happy relationship. But it wasn’t true what made you a little bit sad.

“Soo..Bucky, how did you meet [Y/N]? I mean, she barely leaves her room” Olivia laughed but to Bucky, there was nothing funny about it because he knew that sometimes you needed some you-time for yourself which was totally okay for him because he understood it.

“Actually I met her when I was introduced to the whole team” he began and you stopped breathing.

That was not the story he was suppose to tell her.

“Everyone was really friendly but also really careful to be nice and [Y/N] just walked in, by the way she totally forgot that Steve was already introducing me to everyone, and she just went with the words 'So when comes this weird dude with the metal arm?’ and stopped right in the door way when she noticed that I was already there. That was the first thing she said right into my face and it was so adorable because right after that she quickly apologized. I knew that I would like her really much. Then it came that we talked much about everything and nothing til the day came where I asked her out and she gladly said 'Yes’. I was really happy and still am because…she is the best and I love her”

Bucky looked you right in the eye when he said so. He was speaking the truth. You almost wanted to cry when he came closer and kissed you softly on the lips. First you were shocked which you didn’t show but then you smiled into the kiss and returned it.

After you broke the kiss, you looked into his deep blue eyes and smiled softly “I love you too”

Olivia just sat there in silence and took a quick look at her boyfriend before she gave you a fond smile “I’m really happy that you found someone who speaks with so much love about you. You can be proud that you’ve found Bucky”

“I am. I really am” you hold Bucky’s hand and felt that he gave yours a little squeeze before you turned to him again and gave him a kiss.

I hope that’s okay.

Notes – Zach Dempsey x Reader

Summary: 13 Reasons Why. On tape number 7, as we all know, is the chapter of Zach Dempsey and the “joke” that makes Hannah with the note in her bag.

I heard this song while I was writing.

Words: 2590

Reader’s point of view.

Enjoy it!

Your name: submit What is this?

What were they debating? I listened to many voices, each giving their opinions on the subject that was written on the board. It had turned out to be a suggestion from some of us, anonymously, it might even have tried one of my ideas, but I was sure I had not written anything and put it in the teacher’s bag. I went back to reading the blackboard, drugs, which is so much seen and boring. As if none of those around me knew the subject perfectly, and worse, they had put it into practice. I shrugged and continued to scribble in my notebook as I listened word after word, it was unbelievable that some defended the fact of being killed that way, and they did it in front of an authority. What a bah, at last was the life of everyone.

The bell rang, I sighed, relieved that the torture was finally over. I didn’t complain about the class, it was good as long as the subjects were of the same quality. Not any nonsense that we have been informed since we have “enough maturity” to cover those issues. It was urgent for me to be in college.

“Remember to check your bags!” Exclaimed the teacher in a jovial tone.

I smiled, it was a little exaggerated enthusiasm. I knew how many notes I would have in my bag, maybe one or two, I was safer than one. To get rid of some sermon, Skye and I made a pact, I left a note in her bag and she did the same in mine. We were friends, not intimate but whenever we took the paper we were giving a look and smile of complicity. And there it was, unfolding the piece of paper with a simple hello and an emoticon :P I laughed and put it in my pocket. I had another, I unfolded it, Sheri, and another … Zach? I frowned, he had never left me a note; instead, I thought I didn’t even know i existed for him. I looked at him out of the corner of my eye as he checked his bag, on the contrary, I knew he was on this planet and at school. For a few seconds I noticed his face of disappointment and I waited patiently to get something out of his bag, but nothing, now understood the reason of his expression. What the hell? How could someone as known as Zach Dempsey, basketball star, not have a note? In what world had we fallen? As far as I was concerned, the sportsman was the most beloved, even a Troy Bolton in person.  I buffet in my interior, how curious.

I bit my lip. I had never stopped to leave a note to the aforementioned, I thought that, with so many that would have, mine would be one more of the pile and insignificant. Because i liked him a lot, but, i wasn’t a cheerleader or someone with a notorious talent. I hated it when Mom dragged me to gym classes. And give encouragement? I barely and could give them myself before stepping into this jungle every morning.

“Another rabbit?” I heard to my left.

I turned to see Sheri and Hannah smile at the small drawing the latter held in her hands. I smiled when I saw it, how funny and tender. Hannah started to laugh. Apparently it was not the first time she received one but she seemed to love it.

“It’s beautiful,” I said. Both girls turned to see me and nodded.

I left the room even without reading the little note of Zach, I was dying of the emotion to know that said but also filled with fear. The main rule of notes on paper bags was that they should only leave positive messages, so it was more or less certain, never really known.

At lunchtime I was sitting with some friends with whom I didn’t share many classes, but we got together from the first year and they were very nice companies. In my hand I still held the paper already wrinkled by my nerves. They all knew about the class I took and also my taste for a sportsman, almost everyone encouraged me to read it at one time, others, wanted to keep an eye on it and warn me if it was worth that I knew its content or if It was just a bunch of crap. In the end, I took courage and decided it was time, however, before opening the paper I heard an angry scream on the other side of the cafeteria.

I turned. Zach Dempsey was standing in front of the person who had heard the scream, when it moved, we all realized that it was Hannah Baker. The place was silent, making that moment more uncomfortable between the two of them, and even for me. I had never seen those two together and to be honest, the reaction I got wasn’t good at all, I mean, Hannah was really beautiful, I could not compare to her. I crumpled the piece of paper again and hid it in the depths of my backpack. Whatever I said there, it would only serve to excite me.

Zach left the cafe in silence, without turning to see anyone. I also did it, but on the opposite side from where he had left.

Two days later

“Oh, fuck!” I exclaimed as I quickly stood up from the bench where I was resting with Skye. I had passed olympically from the cafeteria.

“What?” My friend seemed surprised by my reaction.

“I forgot my hearing aids in the communication class”

It was unforgivable that I would walk in this jungle without the faithful company of music. I just couldn’t believe I forgot them, they were my best friends. I said goodbye to her and I almost ran down the hall, there was a chance that I would never see them again and the money I had, I was saving for something else, if I invested in new hearing aids, I would have to practically start Of zero my savings, which wasn’t much by the way.

I dodged the people I ran into in the hallways. I looked like the devil’s soul, but I felt that with every second they were alone at my desk, more danger ran. I stopped to recover the air a few meters from the living room door. I wasn’t an athletic girl and this was too much of a stretch on my part, I needed to sit down soon.

When I looked to the front, I discovered that Hannah peered almost desperately into the classroom. I missed myself and I hit the lockers hoping to see what happened. She made several gestures, surprise, indignation but, at the end of all, sadness. But what was happening? I took a step with the intention of approaching her and investigating what she was spying … or who. Suddenly, the identity of the “stranger” was revealed. Zach came out of the classroom with a paper in his hands and the blank expression, almost guilty, seemed nervous. Had he finally received a note? So why his reaction like that?

“Why me, Zach? Why me?”

I jumped. I hadn’t realized how much the boy had advanced, but most of all, that Hannah had walked almost to my height. I felt her tear-filled eyes as she faced the boy for what to know. As in the cafeteria, we all fell silent, apparently this couple had a lot to show. I dared to look at Zach, even with the paper in his hands and his serious countenance, stopped in the middle of the hall and watched the one who had shouted at him, I couldn’t decipher the way he looked at her, but I could still feel guilty … Or maybe regret, it was hard to tell, Zach was a guy full of surprises.

Finally the tense atmosphere dissipated when he broke the bubble. He turned and left without even responding to Hannah. She turned, too.

“Hannah” I said without thinking, but she didn’t hear me and disappeared at one of the corners of the hall. I felt bad even though I didn’t know exactly what it was all about.

At the end of class, I decided that I didn’t want to go home soon and I remembered that for the moment the auditorium would be empty, the practices would not start for forty-five minutes, enough time to finish some homework or just read without the annoying murmurs Which were heard in the study area. I just wanted silence, to be with my music and the notebook in my lap. As I predicted, the place was empty, I smiled as I climbed the steps to be in the middle and proceeded with what I had planned, however, my concentration wasn’t in the equations in front of me, but rather in what had happened in the hallway does only a few hours. As I watched, Zach was a good guy, maybe something childish from time to time, but i couldn’t imagine that would bring against Hannah but above all, what will have done. I bit my pencil, he had a note in his hand when he left the classroom … What if it was not for him? What if it wasn’t from his bag? I bit the pencil harder, why did Hannah spy on him? why she? I got an idea of ​​what might have happened and maybe it would be related to what happened in the cafeteria.

My heart began to beat faster. I understood that he had some interest in her, of course. A hint of disappointment hugged me and I realized that I still hoped he would look at me, but how to do it if we have not even crossed words at any time? Or at least not to any class. I sighed.

I turned off the music on my phone, ready to leave. Being in school made me think about everything that happened here; At least at home I could be distracted by Netflix or loud music and hundreds and hundreds of homework. As he heard me around again, I heard the bounce of a ball, I looked up. Right in front of the basket I recognized Zach’s body, especially for the height. My heart raced on instinct and I hated it. So, I had two options, to leave like a ninja, that is to say, without being heard or to be seen, or to leave the shyness and cowardice and finally to speak to him. I bit my lip but cheered.

“Zach!” I exclaimed as I approached him.

He dropped the ball and turned to raise his eyebrows. Yes, I’m talking to you. I tried not to roll my eyes.

“Hey, Y/N” He greeted me as if greeting one of his friends. Well, it was a start.

“You’re good? You look kind of annoying ”

Conversation. I really needed some conversation.

“I’m fine.” He hesitated a little. “Did you read my note?”

His note? Holy sh*t! I had completely forgotten, had to remain in my backpack, crushed by my books and other nonsense. I bit my lip. My face was a poem and I knew I had given the answer to his question when he chuckled.

“I’m sorry” I whispered “It’s … it surprised me, I mean, I didn’t even think i existed for you”

“Why do you say that? You look like a great girl. I like your opinions in class, when the subject interests you”

I blushed. Zach Dempsey had watched me, and more than that, he seemed to know me at least a little of what I could have imagined after this conversation. I smiled. He was undoubtedly speechless.

“Anyway, I’ll see you later, Y/N”

He took the ball and walked to pick up his backpack and jacket. What? Had that been our whole conversation? I stood there as he left, then noticed that a piece of paper had fallen to him.

“Zach, wait!” I shouted but not hoping to be heard.

I went to where he had collected his belongings and took that forgotten paper. I know I should not read it, not even open it, but I was curious, whether it was the one Hannah had been angry about or was simply a task that was aimed at there. Anyway, I opened it and read its contents. My heart was broken as I read every word Hannah expressed there, her feelings, emotions, how she was happy to receive his drawing of rabbit every time we had communication, as a small detail illuminated her interior … and that Zach had snatched her away, so my conclusions weren’t so far-fetched. Zach Dempsey stole the bag notes from Hannah Baker!

With tears in my eyes and anger at something that didn’t belong to me, I ran to the parking lot, I knew the sportsman’s car and I was glad to find him, but above all, to him without leaving. He was throwing his backpack into the back seats when I confronted him.

“Why did you do it, Zach?”

He looked at me confused. I handed him the note and he took it, deserved to keep it as a constant reminder of his acts of immaturity. All because of a rejection? I had lived with at least three and that wasn’t stealing valuable belongings from each of them. I clenched my hands in fists, perhaps mine were simple jealousy, that his attention was on her not me, or perhaps the actions he did. I didn’t know and I didn’t stop to find out.

“You didn’t have to read this, Y/N.” He shook the note in front of my nose and tucked it in his pants pocket.

“I didn’t, but I did. Why are you so cruel? Why do that?”

“It’s just silly, I don’t know why you take it so hard” He opened the driver’s door “Besides, it’s supposed to be Hannah who should be here, you have nothing to do with this”

“Did you at least understand what that letter meant?”

I hated a lot when someone hurt someone else’s feelings, especially in such a stupid act as the sportsman had carried out.

“I’m sorry, alright? Is it what you want to hear? I won’t mess with that stupid bag ever again”

“You don’t have to apologize to me” I said seriously.

“But at least it made you happy, didn’t it? What I wanted to get when you read my note”


Zach got into his car and started off at full speed exiting the parking lot.  I was stony again, staring only at the smoke that the car had lifted when it left. Make me happy?

Hyperventilating I knelt on the floor and began to pull my things out of my backpack wanting to look for that note. When I finally found it I unfolded it, wanting to smooth it, but the pile of wrinkles indicated that that was already impossible. I felt a lump in my throat as I read what I had written.

You look pretty in that color. Maybe someday you want to go out with me, because I want to go out with you.

“Oh, fuck!” I whispered, reading those words more than once.

I looked back to where I had seen her car one last time and I felt like the dumbest person in the world. Why had not I read the note when I had the chance?

“Compared to the rest of Rockets…

She was smaller than all of us. 

Somebody who seemed odd standing there, like she didn’t belong to a place like this at first sight… but when you would come closer, her sole presence could outcast the whole place, and the only light you would recognize in the dark fog surrounding you in that moment, would be the eerie (and so attracting) glow of her eyes”

- Professor Willow (& Lt. Surge), the very first time their eyes fall upon Sabrina.

“They all said she was the most powerful Psychic, but also the most beautiful woman in Kanto.”

“Any of us have ever believed the last statement at first, we thought it was just some publicity to get people inside her Gym… … …until the moment we saw her… and our hearts fell to her feet.”

( Photos belong to Kinashen on Instagram )

Protective (Jughead x Reader)

Prompt: jughead x reader where the reader gets overprotective over Jughead when Archie tells the group that his dad is a serpent(the reader is jughead’s best friend and she knows) and intends up with an argument with Archie and a fluffy ending with Jughead confessing his feelings for her.

A/N: Back from the Beach! God I miss it already. This probably isn’t what you expected but this is what came to my mind. Anyways, I’ll be posting fics more regularly now that I’m back so feel free to send in some requests.(Also I’m about 100 away from 4k? That’s insane?) xxx


Protective (Jughead x Reader)

Being best friends with Jughead Jones, you knew more about the boy than the rest of your friends. Even Archie.

There were some secrets that Jug was just too ashamed to discuss with anyone but he also needed someone to lean on. And You happened to live down the road from him.

You saw everything when Mrs. Jones and Jellybean walked out that door. You were the one who held Jughead as he cried over his father’s mistakes.

When Jug found out about his father being in the serpents, you had been right there.

Through everything, you were right next to him. Every secret about each other was known by the other. All except one.

You loved him. More than anything else.

But you weren’t sure he loved you the same way.

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Future Slave, Future Masterpiece

I learned everything about her.

I learned her habits and knew her nearly better than she knew herself.

I was a predator, and she was my prey. I smiled inwardly during one of my surveillance runs. I could see that she had a sense that she was being watched. We, humans, are the result of a long line of instincts. Some people pay attention more than others. Apparently, she did.

Not that it would save her.

I remained invisible as I stalked her, and her instincts weren’t going to save her. I was going to have her and there was nothing she could do about it, thanks to the long practice of doing what I do.

I could also see the arousal the thought of being stalked brought her. That was more proof of what I already knew, she was a whore.

I took my time, like always and I knew when she goes to the grocery, when she goes to work, and when she goes to the gym, especially the gym.

Due to her schedule, she always ends up late, and leaving even later.

She always comes out of there so tired, and not paying any attention to her surroundings. She feels safe there.

She came out, as usual, obviously tired. She’s hopped up on endorphins and I can see she’s happy about something. She’s on the phone, telling, someone, that she hit a new target of 150 pounds.

She was a little on the meatier side but I didn’t care. She had big tits, a nice face, and there was nothing about her weight that couldn’t be fixed by training…lots of training.

The parking lot has had some lighting issues, due to a little, modifying, of the wiring, by me. Nothing that would be connectable, just some loose connections that could easily be explained by faulty installation.

I’m ready to take my prize.

Sometimes she come out late because she lose track of time

She hangs up the phone and starts to put her key in the lock when her instincts kick in, again. She has just enough time to start to turn when my arm wraps tightly around her neck, and squeezes.

Almost instantly, I know she starts to feel lightheaded, somewhere in the back her mind she realizes that whoever is grabbing her is cutting off the blood to sher brain.

She instinctively tries to grab the arm and pull it away, but already she’s losing strength. She’s so disoriented she didn’t even think about screaming, not that it would have helped with my other hand over her mouth.

Just before her vision tunnels and the blackness completely overwhelms her she hears a voice, like it’s from a far distance say, “welcome to sher new life, pet.“


Consciousness comes slowly.

I can tell she’s cold, she tries to reach for something, probably the blankets, when she realizes she can’t move her hands. They’re up close to face, but she can feel the middle around them.

She instantly snaps awake, and ties to set up, I can see it when the blinding pressure and pain from her cunt and ass rips through her as she realizes there’s something stuffed in both her ass and cunt, filling her to the breaking point and beyond.

I know it’s agony. My past slaves have told me so.

Her terror mounts as she realizes her ankles are locked apart by a metal bar. Another metal bar attached to her wrists and attached to a collar around her neck. Most horrifyingly, I’m sure, she’s enduring all of this in total darkness as I’ve wrapped her head in a discipline helmet.

She screams, or at least tries to. I’m sure even she could tell that whatever was stuffed inside her mouth muffled the scream.

She screams, cries, and squirms for hours. I get hard just watching it, knowing that I’m going to be satisfying myself on her very soon. All the while feeling like she’s being torn apart. She has no sense of time; her mind is shutting down even as it plays tricks on her.

I can see the questions running through her, as I’ve heard them and seen it all before.

Where am I? Who has me? What is going to happen?

I’ve seen it all and the terror that comes with not knowing makes it all even more intoxicating for me.

Of course, there’s no doubt, given her nudity, that some of the answers are obvious, but like all the ones in the past I’m sure she’s still shying away from those answers; too scared to consciously consider the answers.

Finally, she stills and I can tell she heard something. Suddenly my hands are on her. She of course loses control completely; screaming and struggling with renewed energy, the sounds of muffled pleading and begging coming from being the gag.

I say nothing, there’s no point. She’s in no condition, mentally, to listen. She’s like a wild animal and needs to be treated like one. A show of total power and strength is all her mind will understand right now, so, with that in mind I lock on my hands around her throat, and squeeze.

I squeeze tight enough to nearly cut off all her air. For a minute she freaks out even more, but some part of her brain tells she that the only way she’s going to survive is to calm down.

By a Herculean effort, and strength she finally starts to do just that. I release my hand and then, with no words, begin to loosen the shackles around her ankles. I’m sure she has some form of hope, but I quickly quash it as I lock cuffs around her ankles attacked by a short chain. She knows, instinctively, that even if she wasn’t otherwise cuffed and could see, she still wouldn’t be able to run away.

I pull her to her feet and it’s at that moment that she realizes that while she was unconscious, I made some additions. I’m sure she probably felt some pain but hadn’t, till the moment I snapped the lead to the shiney new piercing, that I’d pierced both her nipples and her clit.

That  fact caused her to scream again, and I yanked, hard, to get her moving, increasing the volume of her screams. She quickly started shuffling along and I could hear the sounds of her weeping as she realized how fully I controlled her body. Not only had I stripped her, stuffed dildos into her, and bound her, but I’d also pierced her. In her mind, she was starting to realize that there was nothing that I couldn’t do to her and it was limited only by and it was limited only by my desires.

She was also starting to realize that she had no idea, what limits I had, if any.

I forced her to walk for what had to have felt like an eternity, blind and terrified. Finally, I stopped, but her situation wasn’t going to get any better as I forced her up on a platform. I loosened the bondage around her arms and then shackled them behind her quickly, then I bound her ankles wide, using leather cuffs.

Once that was done I forced her arms to the same place her ankles were cuffed. The effect was force her into a back bend that was probably well beyond anything she’d ever done before. The pain for this position starts quickly and just gets worse. Of course, I’m going to give her something else to think about, other than some back pain.

I deflate the dildos in her holes and she almost sighs in relief. I smile at that, as I know her relief will be short lived.

Again, without word, I begin whipping her tits, ass, and pussy. Her body explodes into motion and she yanks, hard, against the restraints but it’s pointless. All she can do is squirm, wiggle, and try to avoid the blows but between her bondage, and the helmet her efforts are symbolic at best.

I know, from discussions with other prey, that she just wants to know what I want. She’s thinking that if she just knows that, then maybe she can stop some of the pain.

Of course, she has no way of knowing that it is exactly that mindset that I want. I want her to be ready to do anything. First to stop the pain, but that’s just the beginning.

She has no way of knowing that this is just the first step in a long road to changing her. Breaking her, destroying her spirit, her will, and soul.

She has no way of knowing that she’s going to be rebuilt.

For now, she just knows the snap of the cane, and agony.

After a while I switch to whipping her on her ass and cunt. I need her to know that no part of her is safe. No part of her can be shielded from the pain I wish to inflict. She continues to squirm and struggle but I can already sense the shift in her efforts.

Finally, I stop the beating, but again I ensure her relief is short-lived as I suddenly hoist her into the air.

Now, she’s hanging by her wrist and ankles, the arch of her back even worse. She tries to squirm to find some relief, and her screaming gets louder again, as I decide to give her something else to think about. With that, I grab her hips, and after lining myself up I shove my cock into her cunt and begin the first of what will be many sessions of raping her.

Her cunt is warm, moist, and tight, just like I like it.

She screams and struggles, at this invasion, but of course it does no good. She’s helpless. That helplessness feeds her terror, her anger, and her humiliation, even as it feeds my lust. The result of all that struggling is her cunt is actually squeezing me even tighter, milking me, as if her body was already embracing it’s destiny.

At the same time, her brain is shutting down again, and her struggles are almost robotic. She can’t process the overload of what’s been happening to her nad her brain is trying to cope the best way it knows how, by trying to shield itself. By trying to pull away. That’s why I keep changing what I’m doing, I’m determined to not let her brain do that. I need to keep her in the moment, so I can destroy her defenses that much quicker.

In doing so, she feels even mroe vulnerable, more violated, and I’m sure at this point she’s probably praying to God for relief, for rescue, for anything.

They all do.

Of course, if anyone is listening they don’t care anymore than I do.

After I’ve fucked her for a while, and shot the first of many loads into her cunt,I lowered her back down to the table, her weeping at this point probably making it harder for she to breathe.

I don’t care about that at the moment, I know the tubes I placed in her nose will keep her breathing, even if will be a little restricted. I release her wrists and then attach them to the top of the helmet, forcing them up between her shoulder blades. The idea is to make things progressively worse, that way her mind starts to believe that, no matter how bad things are, they can always get worse. I also like this position because it gives me unfettered access to either fuck or whip her, and her hands are completely out of the way.

When I’m done, I just look at her for a while. I take my time, touching her body as I pleased, examing it like the meat it is. She’s gorgeous and knowing she’s finally mine puts a smile on my face that nearly splits it in two.

It’s only a few moments of this before my cock is rock hard again and I go back to raping her, only this time, in keeping with the training regimine of not giving her any chance to adapt, I shove my juice lubricated cock into her ass.

Again, she screams, and tries to resist and I hold on tightly, letting her sphincter spasm around my cock. The sensation is intoxicating and my cock feels like it’s being held in a velvet vice. I could blow a load right now, if I didn’t have better control.

She gives up teh fight much quicker than she did before, collapsing in on herself as she weeps in misery, anguish, fear, and humiliation. I can also sense the surrender to her situation, meaning her mind is starting to accept that she has no control.

That’s good, that’s the most important lesson I need to teach her, and the sooner she starts to learn it the better. It’s why I anally rape them so soon, I’ve found ass raping a cunt is a great start to that most important lesson.

Once I finish I then go right back to whipping her cunt, she screams beautifully, even under the hood and it keeps her off blaance, it keeps her confused. It also begins teaching her another important lesson, and whether she learns it right now, or later, doesn’t matter, as long as she learns that she’s only good for fucking and hurting, and if she’s not excellent at one, then she’ll be made to excel as the other. She’s a set of holes, and she’s going to learn, accept, and even embrace that lesson to the very core of her being. This will help her to learn that lesson more quickly.

Quick is exactly what I want, because, the quicker she learns it, the quicker she breaks.

The quicker she breaks, the quicker she can be trained and then sold.

After all, that’s why she’s here.

Finally satisfied with this lesson I leave her there to weep. I want her to wallow in the pain and marinate in the cum that I’ve filled her holes with.

Combined with the bondage, the blindness, and the pain, it’s as good as an acid, eating away at the very foundation of who she is.

Finally, I untie her, and lead her back to her little cell by her clit leash. She follows much more reluctantly, having no idea what I have instore for her next. In time, she’ll trust and follow the leash as well as any trained animal, as that’s what she’ll be. For now, she’s skittish and wild.

I get her back and once again lock her arms to the bar around her collar and again lock her ankles to the spreader bar, and stuff the dildos back in her holes.

It’s at that point that I, finally, begin to remove the helmet. I’m sure at this point it’s not the relief that it would have been earlier as by now she’s learned that anything that might inspire hope, should be feared.

I endeavor to keep this thought process going as, once the helmet is removed, she tries to look up into my face but I swiftly slap her for the effort. She tries again and gets the same.

By the third slap she’s figured it out without me saying a word and keeps her head down.

I set a stool down in front of her, and without a word stuff my cock into her mouth.

This is a test. I know the cock in her mouth must taste revolting considering it was just in her cunt and ass. I know the desire to fight, or to even try to bite will run through her mind. She doesn’t see it, but I have an insurance policy, just in case. I’ve had a few cunts over the years, amazingly, that did try to bite.

I made sure they regretted that for a long time.

But I’d learned, and so, out of sight, I’m holding a remote to the dildoes in her holes. The first sign of teeth and she gets enough voltage thru her lower holes to light up the room, and more than enough to make her scream, and release my member before she can do any damage.

I have nothing to worry about with her, as is typical, the memory of what she’s already endured is still fresh in her mind and she begins to shudder as her mind, unwillingly, starts to conjure up what she would suffer if she attempted such defiance.

For now, her brain is locked on only one thing, survival. So she struggles for a few moments, even chokes aand gags a little, but due to my unrelenting pressure on the back of her head, and the fear running through her entire body like a drug, eventually, she starts sucking like she was born to it, and I close my eyes and just enjoy the sensation. The power I have over her is unlike any drug known to man, and I revel in the feeling of that power.

I allow my mind to wander to all the things she’s going to endure. All the games I’m going to play as I lead her down the road to her total subjugation. I was made for this, and she was made to be a victim. We’ve both found our perfect place in the world.

I finally decide to finish after another few moments, shooting my load down her throat and I, finally, speak for the first time, "swallow it all, or else.”

She startles slightly, at the sound of my voice but does as commanded, desperately sucking my cock dry in a desperate effort to avoid doing anything that would force me to fulfill the threat in my voice.

Once she’s done, I move away, sitting in the chair, and simply studying her.  I’ve made a good catch, and she’ll bring a fine payment once she’s ready for sale.

She squirms under the intense perusal but she remembers to keep her eyes down, catching herself before she tries to look me in the eye.

I smile at that.

After what seems like an eternity I finally speak again, “your life as you knew it, is over. Forget about it. Forget your friends, your family, your life. It is gone. The person you were is dead. I have effectively ended that person’s existence.“

She looks at me horrified and I’m ready, with another quick slap.

I then continue, “as I said that person’s existence is gone, and in it’s place is slave. A slave that will never be called, ‘she’ or ‘I’ again. This slave is no longer an "I”. It is not a human being, not a person, not an American citizen. There are no rights here, no fairness, no equality. What is before me now, is an it. A thing. A sex-slave. A pain slut. A whore. Set of three holes for me to fuck and torture, and two tits in a pile of skin to torture as well.“

She begins to cry, “I will break it completely. Everything that it thinks it is now, will be destroyed. When I am finished it will do anything I tell it to do, regardless of what that is, without thought, or hesitation. It will do so because it will have learned that the alternative is so much worse. It will be the perfect slave.”

I then come over and grab her throat, forcing her eyes to meet mine, as I finish, “When I’m done with it, I will sell it, like a piece of property, because that’s what it is and always will be.”

She tries to hold my gaze, but falters quickly and looks down and away, the tears leaking from her eyes, “I’m going to go get some rest, I suggest it does the same, and comes to grips with the fact of its new reality. Welcome to the new life it will never escape.”

with that I stood, turned, and walked out of the room. I slammed the door shut and then quickly went to look at the camera.

She sat there in stunned silence for a moment, then lowered her head and begin to weep uncontrollably as she realized that there was nothing she could do to escape.

By now, she surely had no doubts that I would do exactly as I said I would. Her only hope, was rescue.

The problem there was that she had seen my confidence. It told she I’d, probably, done this before. If I’d not been caught then, there was a good chance I wouldn’t be caught now.

I’m sure she was trying to imagine her future, the bleakness of torture, rape, violation, humiliation, and destruction of everything she was, or, or would have been.

She was at this point, coming to grips with the harsh truth of my words: She was going to be a slave, it was a certainly that left no doubt in her mind that that was true.

As I watched her slip further into the depression all my new acquisitions initially fall into, and day turned to night I wondered if she was going to one of the ones that held onto the hope that when she was finally broken, she wouldn’t remember who she was, and what she had lost.

Sadly, for her, I always made sure that they did remembered right to the day of their sale. There was no fun if they didn’t remember what they were.

True, after they were sold and endured years of whatever further training and punishments they might endure with their new masters the slaves I had trained had most likely forgotten their old lives, if for no other reason than as a matter of survival.

While they were with me, however I wanted them to remember, it was just another layer in my sadistic nature. Making sure they endured everything, while remembering what had been stolen from them, but getting to the point that they didn’t care anymore. That was a truly broken slave.

I smiled at anticipation of that moment as I watched her try to find some comfortable position to fall asleep.

I watched until exhaustion finally overtook her and she fell into an uncomfortable sleep. I turned off the monitor and went to my own comfortable bed, looking forward to the dreams of all the things she was going to endure before I finally, and completely broke her.

She was soon going to be another one of my masterpieces.

Got7′s Reaction to you gaining weight

I hope you enjoy the reaction!! :)

A/N: Honestly they will all somewhat have the same reaction because they will love you no matter what. Like they wouldn’t really care if you gained weight or you didn’t because they don’t love you just because of your appearance. 


Y/N: *while looking in the mirror* “Bam…. I think I gained some weight and it is not looking okay.” *disappointed face*

BamBam: *walks up to you and also looks in the mirror* “It’s okay… I’ve gained weight too so don’t worry about it, Jagiya.”

Y/N: “What are you talking about?!?!?! You still the same!”

BamBam: *gif*

*The two of you just end up laughing which made you forget about everything else.*


*When he sees you looking at your body, he already knew what you were thinking.*

Yugyeom: “Jagiya, you look the same so stop looking at yourself like that.”

Y/N: *still looking* “No I don’t… I definitely gained some weight.”

Yugyeom: *gif*


*He hated that you didn’t like the way you looked when he actually loved you just the way you were.*

Youngjae: *sigh* “Y/n…..Jagiya….. No matter how much weight you gain, you will still look beautiful.”

*Then he would hug you and all the ‘weight you gained’.*


*He sees you looking in the mirror and complaining that you gained weight because you looked a bit more bigger than before. He hated the way that you complained about what you looked like.*

JB: *gif* “Stop looking in the mirror because you will always look beautiful.”

*Then he just keeps dragging you away until you  stopped and just laughed at what he just did.*


*Just like all the others, he loved you no matter what you looked like so to stop you from complaining and thinking it wasn’t good that you gained weight, he would start to describe everything else he loved about you.*

Jinyoung: “Who cares if you gained weight?? You’re still beautiful.” *smirks* *gif*

*You smile and accept his high give and for the rest of the day he kept complementing everything about you.*


*When you start complaining about you gaining weight, he just looks at you and ignores you.*

Mark: *gif* *sigh* “Stop complaining…. You still look beautiful to me. So whether you gain weight or not, you will always be the same to me.”


*You start looking in the mirror and see that you gained weight so you ask Jackson if you actually did.*

Jackson: *gif* “No…. there’s just more for me to hug.” *smirks and then gives you a kiss on the cheek*

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“We’re called bulletproof for a reason”

Jimin X Reader

Genre: Angst / Fluff

Words: 2782

Song that plays on the radio: Ed Sheeran, Even My Dad Does Sometimes

Being one of BTS’s makeup artist had its pros and cons as every other job. On one hand, you got to be very close to 7 men you had adored for years, spending some days locked in a small room with heavy lightning and chairs, putting makeup on them all. On another hand; you spend some days locked in a small room alone with 7 beautiful, talented and kind idols.

Your job required you to stand face to face with Bangtan, with only a few centimetres in between you and whoever you were putting makeup on. The boys were quite fond of you. They always asked how your day had been, complementing your outfit and always saying thank you after you were done with their makeup followed by a bow. You had also grown quite close to the members, especially Jimin with the two of you being around the same age.
Jimin had been one of the first to get to know you. Even though he was either exhausted or preparing to go on stage he always talked to you. Telling you small jokes to make you giggle or telling you about an amazing restaurant nearby. He once said, it was too bad they only stayed in a certain city for one night; otherwise, he would have taken you to an amusement park he had been in when he was younger. You weren’t sure if you understood it correctly. But it sounded like a date. But, why would a perfect idol want to ask you out? Why would he want a makeup artist that didn’t even make the half that he did?

Your long train of thoughts got interrupted by a small knock on your door.
Your manager peeked inside and saw you standing ready.
“Oh great Y/N you’re already ready, the guys have just gotten into their clothes. They’ll come any minute now” he informed you. You gave him thumbs up as he closed and disappeared behind the door again.
Tonight was the night Bangtan was performing in Anaheim and everything had to be perfect. Namjoon had been training few English phrases to the rest of Bangtan so they could introduce themselves on stage.

Outside the door, you could hear footsteps getting closer and voices talking. The first voice you could recognise was a very deep voice that could only belong to Taehyung, or V, as he was known on stage.
And right to your assumptions, his face with his big boxy smile was the first to enter the door. “Y/n!” He smiled as he waved his hands.“Hi” You giggled leading him towards the first makeup chair. He looked into the mirror and began messing with his hair. “No no no, Taehyung how many times must I tell you. Don’t touch your hair” you slapped his fingers away from his hair, smiling. “I know” he sighed and leant back in his chair. Without noticing Namjoon and Hoseok had also entered the room, sitting down in two chairs waiting for their turn.
You started applying a moisturiser and a primer to Taehyung face. That’s when you noticed the discolouring under Taehyung’s eyes. And unlike usually, he didn’t close his eyes when you started touching his face. He looked at you, studying your hair and skin. That’s when you also noticed the fact his eyes were slightly redder than usual. This was all very weird.
“Taehyung, are you okay?” You asked him slowly as you began dapping on a BB cream. He looked down onto his fingers placed in his lab. “Hm-mm” he nodded not very convincing.
“Are you tired?” you asked him once again. You started focusing on his brows filling them in with dark brown to match his hair. “Yeah, I didn’t really sleep as much tonight. Nerves, I guess” He said slowly. Not wanting to interrogate the poor man any further, you dropped the topic and just focused on his eye makeup. He didn’t require much, just a simple dark grey and brown eyeshadow and he was good to go. He looked into the mirror and gave an unsure smile. “Do I look good?” He asked looking up at you. You giggled. “Yes Tae you do, now send in another one of the guys while I begin on Namjoon okay?” you answered him giving his shoulder a quick comforting squeeze as he walked out of the door. Something was defiantly up with him.
You turned around and began working on Namjoon. He was on his phone scrolling through twitter. He had already popped in his contact lenses making his eyes light blue as the sky.
Judging by Namjoon’s silence, there was also something up with him. “You nervous as well?” You asked breaking the silence. You started with a concealer on Namjoon to make his skin as flawless as possible.
“Yeah” He began, thinking over his next words. “I don’t know, it’s the whole Jimin thing you know?”

You knew what he was talking about. Some random girl on twitter had been lashing out on Jimin, giving him death threats. And tonight was the night. You would be lying if you said you hadn’t been reading her tweets over and over, again and again. They kept on haunting you, you started dreaming about what would happen. If he did get shot, perhaps fatally, he would never know how you felt about him. How everything you saw reminded you somehow about him. You knew he would never feel the same about you, that’s why you’d been keeping your feelings secret.

“I just feel like as a leader I should be saying something, as his friend I should be saying something. But PD has told us to keep shut. But I just–, aish” He couldn’t finish his sentence. You tinted his lips while nodding slightly. “I know what you mean” You wanted to comfort Namjoon, but you could barely comfort yourself. How were you supposed to comfort another?
You finished his makeup quickly. He stood up and looked at you. Seconds passed where you both just stared at each other. “Be careful out there alright?” you said. “Security is tightened I know, but still…”
Namjoon gave you a reassuring smile. “We are called bulletproof for a reason y/n, don’t worry you’ll get to take my makeup off tonight and put on new tomorrow” and with that comment, he walked out of the room calling in Yoongi.
You switched on working on Hoseok, Yoongi, Jin and Jungkook and before you knew it you only needed to do Jimin’s makeup.

“Jin can you please find Jimin and send him in for me?” you asked Jin. He left you alone in the room as you started cleaning brushes. Your heart was in your throat, should you tell Jimin how you felt? What if something happens? What colour of flowers should you buy? Would you even be invited to the funeral? Your mind was filled with bad thoughts and almost didn’t hear when the door opened and closed behind you. You turned around with your eyes stinging from holding back tears. There he was. Park Jimin. He was wearing tight black jeans with holes in the knees. Black t-shirt with a blue and white striped shirt over. He looked effortlessly beautiful. He stared directly at you and you prayed he wouldn’t notice your reddening eyes. You patted the chair he should sit in, and without saying a word he sat down and looked into the mirror.
It felt like time was on double speed. No matter how slow you tried to put on his makeup, there wasn’t enough time. Someone was stealing him away from you, and you could barely hold yourself together. He followed you with his dark brown eyes. Your cheeks were a bit flushed, so was the tip of your nose. You concentrated on applying his face makeup, you didn’t even notice his staring. Did you even know how crazy he was about you? How many times he had tried asking you out, but you haven’t gotten the hint.
Not being able to stay in silence with him you turned on the radio. It was a quiet song that started to play. A soft voice was singing, a guitar and piano harmonising. You patted with your fingertips concealer under his eyes. Carefully you lined his waterlines, applied a pinkish lip tint to his bottom lip. He looked so stunning.

You swallowed and took a step back looking at him. “I think I’m done”
He looked into the mirror and chuckled. “You’ve done it again y/n, thank you so much” he stood up from the chair and gave you a bow. “It’s my job…” you sighed. You turned away from him and found yourself cleaning brushes again, not being able to look him in the eyes. His beautiful dark brown eyes. Jimin appeared behind you and you gasped as you made eye contact in the mirror. He stood silently behind you, looking at your every move. He followed your eyes when they landed on him. “Wait, aish I’m sorry y/n I forgot to put my contacts in!” He exclaimed suddenly making you jump.
“Arh Jimin! They’re so hard getting in without messing up the makeup. Be careful, do you have the lenses with you?” You asked turning around facing him. He stood quite close to you, so close you could feel his breath tickling your face.
Jimin took up a small box from the back of his pants. You moved out of the way so he was closer to the mirror. He started slowly pulling his under eye down, making you bite your lip. There wasn’t enough time to re-do his eye makeup before the stage opened. Jimin held his breath as he brought the lens closer and closer to his eye. For a moment you thought he was going to get it in, but his reflexes got the better of him and he blinked last minute making the lens falling out and smudging the lower waterline. He tried again. His finger got closer and closer to his eye, but once again last minute he blinked.

He sighed hopelessly and looked down, positioning the lens again on the tip of his finger. “I’m usually better at this… I just can’t make myself relax” he mumbled quietly.
“Here,” You said pushing his chest down so he would sit in the makeup chair. “Let me try” you suggested as you placed the lens on top of your own finger. Jimin nodded and felt electricity run through him when your fingers touched. His heart beating a bit faster and looked at you with big eyes.
You held your breath as you pulled down his eye to make room for the contact lens. You felt Jimin doing the same.
Getting your finger closer and closer to his eye you thought for a moment you were gonna make it, but last minute the lens jumped off your finger and landed on his cheeks.
You both giggled as you swept the lens away. “I just have to get the right angle” you smiled. “Try standing on my other side” Jimin suggested. Standing on his right side was even harder and this time the lens didn’t even come close to his eye.
Jimin had to get his green contacts in, he had to.
“Oh well, third time is luck’s time,” Jimin said encouraging as you stood in front of him. You bend slightly down on your knees trying to get at eye level with him. This time the lens touched his eye but as soon as he blinked it came out again.

“This is going to sound awkward but what if you sat on me? I mean, only for a short time, and just so you could get the lens in. I didn’t mean anything by it just–”

“No let’s try it, you have to wear them” You interrupted his awkward rambling chuckling at his cuteness. He looked surprised for a moment, having his eyebrows raising. But nonetheless, he spread his thighs making room for you to sit on. Hesitating, you put a hand on his shoulder and placed yourself on his lap. Jimin’s hands moved up to your thighs slowly to make sure you kept your balance. You had never been this close to him before. Not while you were alone together. He looked into your eyes for a moment. Neither of you did anything but looking deeply into each other eyes. Your heart was beating faster. Still having a hand on his shoulder you moved it to open his eye. Then you brought the green lens closer, and closer until it touched his eyes and it sank into his iris changing his eye colour an instant. You both smiled relieved. “Finally” Jimin laughed looking at you. “One to go” You smiled back. You gripped the container on the desk behind you and took out the other lens. You took a deep breath and placed it on your finger. You leant closer to him. His hands that had been placed on the top of your thighs, moved up to your waist. You stopped breathing. Was he aware of where he was keeping his hands? or was it a coincidence?
Keeping your focus, you moved the lens closer to his eye and like the last one, it fitted into his iris perfectly.

You leant back slightly looking into his green eyes. Beautifull.
Jimin kept his hands at your waist, not wanting to let you go. He wanted nothing more than to have you on his lap with his arms around you for the rest of his days. You didn’t try move away either, just enjoying the movement.

Silence filled the room again, as you looked down on your hands nervously.
“Yeah?” you looked at him again. His body was warm against yours. He smelled cleaned, of new laundry and his perfume.
His light pink hair fitted him so perfect, his outfit was perfect and his voice was warming something deeply inside of you. That’s when you felt it. Something cold running slowly down your cheek. A tear. No. Many tears.
“Y/n, y/n hey - what’s wrong why are you crying? hey - come here” Jimin said worryingly as he pulled you into his chest. You sobbed into his chest uncontrollably. He held one hand around your waist, the other on at you shoulder holding you close.
“Jimin, why aren’t you nervous? How can you go on stage tonight?” You cried into him, shaking.

“Y/n, nothing is going to happen. You know this deeply inside. People write a lot on the internet - okay? Why do you worry about me?” He asked as he pulled you away slightly so he could look into your eyes. He wasn’t worth crying over, it could defiantly not be him you were crying over. “Because, I, I like you Jimin. And - I’m so scared something is going to happen to you” You sniffled trying to pull yourself together, failing miserably. Jimin couldn’t believe his own ears. Were you confessing to him?
“You like me?”
“YES! Jimin! I love you, and I know you will never love me. I would never forgive myself if I never confessed to you and you died”

Jimin placed quickly his hands on either side of your face and pulled your lips against his own. He kissed you with so much passion you stopped crying immediately. You kissed him back.

“I. love. you. too.” Jimin said in between kissing you. “I love you so much, you have no idea how much I love you,” He said resting his forehead against yours. He ran his hands up and down your thighs.
“Y/n, I promise you nothing is going to happen. I promise” He whispered. You nodded slightly. “I have to go, they’re starting up. I love you. Let me prove how much after the concert. Okay?” He said giving you a kiss. Once again you nodded as you stood up from his lap. He walked towards the door and opened it. But before he stepped out he kissed you on the lips, longer than the kiss before. And then he stepped out of the door, closing it behind him.

               This concert was gonna be 2 hours of living hell for you. 

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#let’s talk about this scene for a sec #because people told me edmund isn’t loyal #yeah he did the whole betrayal thing and it was wrong #hella wrong #but here you have edmund literally going into a physical fight against at least 3 boys #and i bet it already happened before #look how he just runs into it #like he probably heard the screams and he knew what was happening #lucy screams his name because he already did that once or twice #and susan is so done #peter struggles with his new status as a teenager #so edmund runs into the fight without even thinking #maybe he’s mad at peter because he doesn’t want to fight #he doesn’t brag about it #he’s not proud of it #he’s also dealing about being a teenager again #and he doesn’t go into fight with other guys #but this is peter #so he just goes in there and kicks some ass #tell me again edmund isn’t loyal

Lance Prompt Thingy Idk

Ok- so this is just an idea not a fic aight? Aight
So let’s say lance and his family are farmers- like that’s their business- lance was in charge of teaching the younger siblings and cousins how to plant and such and it made lance feel very happy to have a set place in the business

Lance loved farming but he also loved space- so he was like “imma try for the Garrison but if I don’t make it in then oh well, I’ll farm, I like it”
And WAHBAM he makes it in the garrison yadah yadah later on lance knows he’s failing so he was going to go to continue the business but then cue space


The group already knew lance liked farming, but they sorta thought it was just a hobby and lance never really spoke much about it- so they left it be
The group also already knew lance had some self issues (due to the mice telling the group stuff idk) but they never really sat the kid down and had a deep convo with him since he never looked sad?? And when they DID ask him he just brushes it off and hey- the group are teens who all have issues- not magical mind readers- so they let it go and if anything got out of hand they would step in
So- the team goes to a planet for some allies and stuff ya know- and when they get there the planet is FULL of plants and is very nature like
Allura is like “aight y'all go have fun- be on look out- while I talk to the leader”
(Ofc she takes coran btw)

Pidge and Hunk go to see if there’s any tech in the planet

Keith and shiro go to see what the defense system is like

And lance is left feelin a bit 7th wheelie (we’ve all been there)

So lance goes to explore and walks into a farm area
The people explain to lance what the plants are and how to farm and lance explains that the stuff is similar to earth stuff so he sorta already knows what to do
The aliens catch him up on the new stuff but then are called to go somewhere else- urgently- but they were supposed to teach the kids how to farm a bit later on
They ask lance to fill in and he happily agrees

Yadah yadah he teaches the kids, they like lance and want to learn more, the adults love lance bc a) he taught the kids b) lance is very nice and c) lances presence makes them forget about the galra, and the elders are impressed since usually the kids never listen and complain that the lesson is boring and the ppl like him so much
So they offer him a stay on the planet during dinner

Ofc the team is like “lance wtf say no”
But lance hesitates and before the team could go “BRUUUH”
The leader goes “if you hesitate about your team, should you really stay with them? I’ll tell u what, sleep on it. We offer you all a nights stay, and young paladin you will give an answer in the morning”
And the team is shown the rooms
Everyone is quiet bc lance?? ? Why DID u hesitate
But then pidge actually asks and lance just goes
(Along the lines) “I feel like maybe I’m not meant to BE a paladin ya know. I never really had a place on this team anyways, but here- I’m needed. And this time I’m actually good at what they want me to do, teach kids farming, after all- that was what I did in my family business. Plus, you guys wouldn’t really mind if I left. You all group off without me anyways” and he just goes into his room

The team is SHOOK af bc they didn’t know he felt that way
And idk after that

My friend said what if the team leaves lance but a few days later comes back and kidnaps him bc they’re a mess without him and he wouldn’t go back peacefully,,, In the end causing a fight between voltron and the planet
Idk but that’s all- if y'all wanna add on to this or make this a fic go ahead
Jus give credit lol thanks for reading my rambles

Girl Code || Part 5

(part one) 

(part two) 

(part three) 

(part four) 


y/n likes harry. so does y/f/n. so who’s going to be the first one to break the girl code? 


Shook, as the kids would say, couldn’t even begin to cover exactly how you were feeling in this moment. It was almost as if your brain had short-circuited, and the only thing you were capable of doing was to gawk at Harry and Y/F/N. 

“I would ask you to take a picture so it’ll last longer, but I’m not sure I’m very comfortable knowing that you would have pictures of my boyfriend on your phone.” Y/F/N raised an eyebrow, turning back to mutter something to Harry before she was trotting her merry way back over to you. (If it was helpful, you were still frozen in your ‘What sin am I witnessing with my own two eyes?’ state.) 

“I… How… What…?” After about ten more seconds of your malfunctioning, you turned to Y/F/N for some kind of explanation. Y/F/N was busy wiping down the countertops, humming to herself as she spritzed the cleaning solution onto the counter. 

“You know, you should be thanking me. Wiping down the countertops is your job, according to the chore chart that I came up with.” (Most of the chores on Y/F/N’s little chore chart had your name written underneath it. You never really understood why she was in a higher position than you.) “How about we go to the break room and read the chart? I’ll teach you how to read it so you can actually be on top of everything and not lose your job.” The next thing you knew, Y/F/N was dragging you to the back, greeting a couple people as you two weaved through the weight-lifting area. 

When did this happen? How did this happen? And most importantly, why did this happen? Harry and Y/F/N were not a good pair. Harry was charming, sweet, funny… And to put it as nicely as possible, Y/F/N was a mess. This wasn’t fair! Out of all the people in the world, why did Harry have to choose her? Sure, you sounded like the pettiest person alive right now, but… It just didn’t add up! Harry never seemed to like her before, so what the hell changed?? 

“All you have to do is find your name. I’m pretty sure you’re capable of reading, but if you’re not, we can go over the alphabet-” 

“I’m going to fucking fight you, you bitch.” Considering how calm you were with delivering that graceful threat, Y/F/N had to admit she was a little concerned. 

“I’m not sure I know what you’re talking about.” 

“What else could I be talking about?!” You snapped, feeling the rage begin to build up inside of you. “I’m sick of this friendship, I’m sick of you! Our relationship has been like this for as long as I can remember. It’s always been so one-sided, where you take and take, and I give and give, and there’s never anything left for me! When I want something you always brush it under the rug! If I need advice from you, you tell me to suck it up and keep moving! You call it ‘tough love’, but the truth is, it’s not! It’s just you being a proper bitch!” You exclaimed, Y/F/N clearly taken aback by your outburst. “You never do anything for me! When something good happens to me, you’re never happy! You just become petty and conjure something up that’ll bring attention to you!” 

“You already knew I liked Harry. I told you to back off.” Y/F/N seethed, poking at your chest and yelping when you smacked it away harshly. 

“You also knew I liked Harry. So we could have sat down and had a proper, adult conversation about the problem instead of turning this into a whole high-school drama situation!” 

“I didn’t turn this into a high school drama situation, you’re the one who’s freaking out about everything.” Y/F/N shrugged, turning to write something on the whiteboard. “And because of this, you’ll be expecting some negative comments on your monthly progress report.” She hummed, scribbling your name under more chores. You didn’t even bother responding - All you could think about was how you could stand this demon spawn for so long. 

“I just don’t understand how it happened.” You breathed out, reaching up to rub at your temples. Christ, she was giving you a killer migraine. 

“You don’t seem to understand a lot of things, so I’m not surprised.” Okay, that was it. That was the last straw. 

“Fine. I guess I’ll just have to ask Harry myself. I’m sure he can come up with a more logical explanation as to why he’s dating the living embodiment of Satan.” The sound of your hand smacking against the table echoed in the room before you got up, taking note of the sudden panic that took over the once smug expression on Y/F/N’s face. 

“Our relationship is none of your business.” Y/F/N cleared her throat, clicking the cap back on the marker. 

“Oh, it isn’t? But I’d love to get to know the person who’s dating my dearest friend in the entire world. You know how much I love listening to first date stories. Unless… There’s something you’re not telling me? You’re starting to look as red as the whiteboard marker.” You began edging towards the door, Y/F/N doing the same thing. “Because I couldn’t help but notice the way Harry grimaced when you leaned in for a kiss earlier. It’s pretty funny that- Oh, hey Harry!” You looked over Y/F/N’s shoulder with a friendly smile, Y/F/N whipping around to see- Nothing. Wait, what? Harry wasn’t- She turned back around, about to ask you what the hell you were talking about when she realized - You were nowhere in sight, and the door was now closed. And then she heard your voice. 

Harry! Why don’t we have a little chat?


i think we all know i’m not the greatest at posting consistently so doN’T COME FOR ME 

Reveling in Richonne

#48: The Walkie Talkies (7x7)

Ok so part of the fun and occasional frustration with this show is that it’s super subtle sometimes. One way that it’s fun and special tho is through the little Richonne Easter eggs and subtle moments that are planted in some episodes. 

So in 7x7 we were given a sweet Richonne moment without R&M even needing to be in the same scene or verbally acknowledge each other. There was still a Richonne connection all because of…those walkie talkies! (Those walkie talkies just keep on blessing us lol)

Now before canon, this might have been a moment I missed, but especially since the Richonne scene in 7x5 put me fully in the dumpster, I caught this Richonne Easter egg immediately lol. And I’d eventually see, once I found others who also revel in Richonne, that plenty of you caught the significance of the walkie talkies as well. That’s how I knew you were my people. 😋 

And let me tell you, you were not being over dramatic to make the connection between the walkie talkies and Richonne.

One thing I know from my screenwriting studies is that you do not linger on something in a scene unless it’s significant. If you give attention to something in the frame of a scene then it’s because you want the audience to notice and draw a conclusion. So this walkie talkie moment was very much intentional.  

But first, it’s really interesting that the scene starts with Michonne walking towards those burned mattresses.

And then she turns and looks back from where she came from, with a sad expression. As I thought about this, it made me reflect on when Michonne told Rick that she’d try in 7x4. 

Like initially I think she really did mean “I’m going to try and accept this new oppressive life we’re being forced to live.” but I feel like after seeing those burned mattresses the words “I’m gonna try” still rang true, they just have a different meaning now.

Now, Michonne is gonna try to get answers and find a way that they can fight back and win. She’s still gonna try, just in a different way than when it was first said. I think she looks back towards home because she’s feeling that pull of being both independent Michonne and family member Michonne. But for now, she still believes that perhaps the only option is for her to independently try and save their family, so she continues off on her own. 

And as Michonne walks through the forest, she looks like an effortless boss and queen, honey! Like mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the fiercest of them all? She is. lol.

I adore the parallel callback to OG Michonne as the two walkers stumble out and follow behind her. Like this whole moment was just slayage all day every day. I remember when I heard Homegirl whistling, I was like…

Originally posted by jolifoutoir

Lol I was turning up. Cuz first; Yes, Queen! You better draw out those walkers and just strut like you know full well you’re the baddest chick in the game! Go ahead, girl! And second; Saviors, you’re not the only ones who can whistle, lol😁. 

Saviors are also not the only ones who can block a road. 😂 I love that Michonne blocked that road all on her own when you know those Saviors needed whole squads just to do their blockades. It’s interesting that both Michonne and Rick can absorb some of the aspects of their enemies and then use it to their advantage. 👏🏽👏 

So Michonne slays these walkers with ease and then the camera focuses on the walkie talkie as she puts her katana down and goes to drag one of the walkers like the boss she is. 

When they cut to this shot, it’s kind of like the katana represents independent Michonne and the walkie talkie represents wife Michonne, and she has both. It’s her two sides finding a balance. Yes, she’s out here on her own taking care of business but she’s also got this device to keep her connected to her family and ready to come back home if need be. Balance. 🙌🏾

And then, as she drags this walker, the camera zooms in on the walkie talkie Rick gave her. 

This is not for not. Number one; it conveys that, even though Michonne is going her own way to figure things out, she still wants to be connected with Rick. Like it tells us she isn’t abandoning Rick by going out. Cuz she still has this walkie talkie so that, the minute she hears his voice, she can adjust whatever she’s doing to make a plan with him

And secondly this zoom in on Michonne’s walkie talkie was done to connect to the very next scene. This really becomes a Richonne moment when the scene immediately following this one is Rick startling awake and then grabbing his own walkie talkie. 

He holds this walkie talkie for 12 seconds, y'all. Like legit 12 seconds. To linger on a shot this long means there’s a statement they were trying to make. And there’s a lot of ways you can interpret this scene, but every way has to do with Michonne. 

(Side note: It’s super sweet that Rick has this walkie talkie within reaching distance while he sleeps cuz you know he’s constantly hoping to hear Michonne’s voice come through at any time)

Something I missed that others, much more astute than I, noticed is that Rick says the time is around 5:30am which is apparently the same time that was on the clock in R&M’s scene in East. (Y'all are the real MVPs for catching that 🙉)

And the parallel time is not a coincidence. It’s Rick being so used to waking up with Michonne that he’s now wired to wake up at this time. The director wants you to be thinking about Michonne in this scene. Why? Cuz Rick is thinking about Michonne in this scene, (and all the time lol)

I feel like maybe the possible purpose of this Rick moment is that first; we’re supposed to see Rick, who still feels very weighed down and stressed about their situation, startle awake (looking shooketh 😉 ) because he feels super unsettled about a whole lot right now. (And he doesn’t even know his wildn’ son is up in Negan’s crib yet 🙉

And then we get the reveal that it’s “Just past 5:30″ because the writers knew some Richonner would do the Lord’s work and connect that time to R&M’s scene in East for the rest of us who missed it. 😋

And so once you catch the significance of the time (of which I def did not initially lol) then you’re already thinking of Michonne and you can also tell Rick too realizes the significance of this time. Like when he realizes it’s around 5:30 that’s when he grabs the walkie talkie. So now whether you caught the time significance or not, when he grabs the walkie talkie it makes it very clear; Rick is thinking about Michonne.

The walkie talkie serves as the symbol of him wanting to be connected to her in this moment. Like it feels like his whole reaction is conveying that he just doesn’t feel right being away from her, so when he wakes up, at the time they usually wake up, he grabs the walkie talkie hoping to be close to her in some way shape or form cuz she’s on his mind and they’re just magnets like that. 😉  It’s like, in this unsettling time, Rick turns to the thing that represents the woman who centers him. 

That’s my theory but, honestly, y’all probably have even better theories than mine tho. 😋 All I know is whatever reason it was done this way, was a Richonne reason. Rick grabbing that walkie talkie the way he did and at the time he did is the director and cinematographer letting us know that both R&M have the other on their mind in some way rn. But what’s new? 😉 

Plus, last time we saw R&M was in 7x5 and the walkie talkie was one of the focal points of that scene. So I think not only do they want us to make the connection between R&M, but they want us to be thinking about that kiss of life scene (ugh what a burden to have to do that lol 😋 ) and linking it with where they’re at in 7x7 so that you feel like, as much as R&M are doing separate things rn, they are still bound by that love we saw in 7x5.

This is the only Richonne connection we get in this episode but when you’re trash it’s more than enough lol. Like we know that Rick and Michonne always have each other on their mind but what the walkie talkies so subtly told us is that, especially after the kiss of life (A.T.K.O.L?), they are thinking about each other more than ever and understandably so. 

Both Rick and Michonne are outside these walls rn trying to fight for each other in their own way. And the walkie talkies let us know that not only are they still very much connected even when physically far apart, but also that they actively want to be connected as well. 

I love that this moment links them and gives us some Richonne goodness without even having them together in the same scene. It was such a seemingly small moment and yet I’m over here analyzing it like the show is called “The Walking Talkies” 😂 No shame lol.

And can we also take a moment to just talk about the Michonne gold that we get in this 7x7 episode? Like it’s so good! Rick’s got himself the baddest wife on the planet, y’all. 🏽🙌

First, I adore that when that Red Head Savior tries to try her by asking, “What next? You want my shoes?”,Michonne actually looks down at the chick’s shoes to throw some low key…

Originally posted by thefivebyfive

I live! And when she tells Red Head to take her to Negan (which, no lie, I was like “Homegirl, what? Take you to who? Your son, Carl, is already wildn out with Negan rn, we can’t have both of you up in the Sanctuary” lol but at the same time I was like she’s wise and a boss so she’ll be fine 👸) and Michonne is waiting for the chick to start driving and the way Michonne says, “Start it up. Let’s go”. *lives even more* 😂

And then, y’all, Red Head wants to try it one more again and stop the car and attempt (emphasis on attempt) to take the gun from the queen but Michonne shuts that down with a quickness, while looking at Red like “Did no one tell you? You’re dealing with Michonne to the Grimes, boo.” *lives forever* Lol. 😂 

It was all so good. Her few scenes in 7x7, just let you know, once again, Michonne is the baddest chick in the game and the whole time I was snapping saying “That’s that queen!”. 👸🏾👏🏽🙌🏾  Like her scenes were sprinkled with Black Girl Magic and this was me as I watched Sis slaying every moment…

Originally posted by powerpuffjo

I was too here for it 🙌 . I appreciated this episode cuz we got some Rick, we got some Michonne, and we got some wildn Carl realizing that he needs to seriously stop wild’n out cuz it’ll only result in things like Negan sitting on your porch holding your baby sister. 🙉

All and all, 7x7 was actually a really good episode to me, and this walkie talkie connection was one of the major reasons why. 😋

Podcasts & Structure

Every time I get around to sitting down and actually writing these articles, I have to seriously consider what I’m going to talk about. It seems the conversation of audio drama is becoming more widespread lately, oozing its way into mainstream media faster than I can keep track of. 

And so many are being made at such a rapid pace, catching up with it all can be its own challenge. A lot of people are starting to see the power and potential of audio plays and it’s a slow burn revolution I am a hundred percent behind. 

When I achieve my dreams of becoming a licensed journalist under that sweet, sweet trademark PodCake©, know that I’ll be somewhere in the front lines, keeping everyone up to the date and in the zone until I’m old and gray and still very, very pink.

So with this exciting idea in mind, I find it appropriate to do a somewhat different type of “Podcasts&”. This is still very much an article dabbling into my specific interests and experiences though also a guide of sorts to those who may be wrapped up in the creative hype. Allow me to pull you starry-eyed artists aside for some well-meaning advice. May you follow in the footsteps of your idols, though know you are above any of their common mistakes.

I had a few options in store to pick from when it came to another topic covering audio drama critique, though I felt that I wanted to address this first. This is another dabbling into the more specific structures of my podcast journalism and the consumption and creation of audio drama in general. 

In a similar vain to my latest article, “Podcasts & Critique”, I’ll be talking about something that perhaps not many are willing to discuss out in the open but is certainly touched upon enough that I feel the merits to bring it up in more depth. What we will be discussing today is the element of effective story structure.

Get comfortable, this is gonna be a long one. 

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Welcome To My World - Finn Balor

Originally posted by finnfuckingbalor

Requested by @nickysmum1909

Prompt: Can I please request a story about Finn. He’s super nervous cause he wants to introduce his girl to his friends and family. He already thinks she’s the one but when he sees how she is with everyone, he’s sure that he has to “seal the deal” and propose to her

I’m sorry if this is kind of short. I’m gonna start working on making these things longer, hopefully!

Tags: @ihtscuddlesbeeetchx3 @wrestlingnoob@alexahood21 @imnobodiesbitch @logandemico @glamlover87 @baleesi @shieldgirl95 @na-nou83 @morgancorbin @lilmisscrisis @rollinsdar @damnbuvky @blondekel77 @imaginingwwesuperstars @mandi512

I don’t know how I got so lucky in life. I have a job that I love, a family who support me in whatever I do and an amazing girlfriend in Y/N. Plus, we were going to Ireland so I could, finally, introduce her to my family.

The flight consisted of her leaning her head on my shoulder as we watched Disney movies and shared kisses. An older couple who were sitting in the seats across the aisle from us smiled at us every so often, the woman waiting before Y/N had fallen asleep to lean over and speak to me.

‘Sorry if this is out of the blue but I have to say that you and your wife are so adorable.’ I chuckled slightly, patting my jacket pocket with the hand that wasn’t being held.

‘Thanks. She’s not my wife yet,’ I whispered to her, not wanting to risk my surprise being spoiled, ‘Taking her to meet my family and maybe, hopefully, propose if I can work up the courage. But she’s pretty adorable, yeah.’

‘Well, my boy,’ Her husband spoke up in a fairly quiet tone, also being careful not to wake her, ‘I’ve seen the way you look at each other. Love like that doesn’t come around easily so I’d make sure that you keep it, hold it tight and never let go.’

‘I don’t plan on it, sir.’

‘Fergal! Over here!’ I could hear a female voice calling as we exited the gate. With a grin on my face, I gripped Y/N’s hand tightly and began to run towards my sister. The hug that I wrapped her up in meant that I had to briefly let go but she didn’t seem to mind, knowing how happy seeing my family made me.

‘Y/N, I’d like you to meet my sister, Anne-Marie.’ My girlfriend’s previous nerves seemed to leave as she was also pulled into a hug. Finally seeing them meet was a moment I had been waiting for because I just knew that they’d get along. Anne-Marie let us know that everyone was at the house waiting for us so we quickly collected our suitcases and began our journey to Bray. The pair were already getting along better than I had hoped, singing along to cheesy pop music on the radio and giggling about things I had done, some that even I couldn’t help but join in for. When we pulled up at my parents’ house, my hands started to get clammy, worried thoughts rushing through my mind.

‘Ferg, are you okay?’ Y/N asked, grabbing one of my hands when I got out of the car. God, she was so beautiful and kind. What the hell did I do to deserve her?

‘Yeah, love. Just a little bit nervous, that’s all.’ Her laugh echoed in my head and it was the most wonderful sound imaginable.

‘If anything, I should be the nervous one. Come on, darling. I’ll be fine and so will you. I love you.’ She held my cheek in her other hand, pressing a kiss there.

‘I love you too.’

We definitely should have done this a long time ago. She was getting along with everyone amazingly, going so far as to help mum with dinner. Whilst the pair were in the kitchen, my dad began to interrogate me.

‘Son, she’s a wonderful girl. Why’d ya take so long to introduce us to her? Your mum adores her already and will probably start begging you to propose when she gets you on your own.’ I laughed, as did Anne-Marie, knowing that it was true.

‘I wasn’t sure if I was ready for marriage, dad. Bringing her here, seeing how comfortable she’s been in just a few hours… It’s all I could’ve hoped for,’ I reached into my jacket pocket, pulling out the small box that sat there, ‘She doesn’t like flashy jewellery so I thought this should do the trick if I could bring myself to ask. I don’t know if I can though, what should I do?’

Before my dad could respond, Y/N popped her head into the room, grinning widely.

‘Mr Devitt? Is everyone ready to sit down for dinner?’

‘I believe so, love. And please, call me Fintan.’ She nodded, disappearing once again, ‘I think that you should do what you think is best. We’d all love for her to join the family but if you’re not ready, then that’s okay. And if you are, go for it. You clearly love each other more than anything in the world so even if you didn’t get married, you’ve got a strong enough bond to last forever.’

We had been together for three years. Now, we were both on RAW and could be together every day but she’d had me hooked since the day I had met her.

She had signed with NXT not long after me and I met her on her first day. This adorable woman had been scuttling about backstage, nervous energy pouring off of her. At first, I thought that I had only been watching her because she had been wearing a Bullet Club shirt but the moment she saw me and smiled, I knew; I was hers to control.

Without even saying a word to me, all I wanted to do was spend every moment of my life trying to keep that smile on her face.

It took me less than two weeks to ask her out on a date. We had dinner and ended up going back to my place to play video games. Ever since then, we’d been inseparable.

‘Ladies, that was incredible,’ One of my younger brothers spoke up, ‘How come you can’t cook like that, dad?’ Everyone around the table broke out in laughter.

Now or never.

‘Y/N?’ She turned her head to me as I got out of my chair and down on one knee. My hands were shaking, she gasped and slowly brought her hands to her mouth. My sister had pulled her phone out and started to record.


‘Wasn’t sure if I was going to do this tonight…But seeing you with my family? I knew that I was ready to spend the rest of my life making you smile. You are truly the most beautiful, kind and loving woman I could have ever wished to have as mine. You’ve always said that we’re the perfect pairing but I think, honestly, that we are so much more than that. So, if you’ll have me, Y/N Y/L/N…Will you marry me?’ There were at least three people crying in that room, one of them being me. Those few moments of silence were an eternity in my mind. What if she said no?

‘Yes, of course I will!’ Thank God for that. The ring looked right at home on her hand and my mum was already beside us, wrapping us both in the biggest hug. Right at that moment, I had never felt so content and happy with my life.

How did I get so lucky?

Broken String

It’s hard enough to find your soulmate when there’s a red string that literally connects you, how is Arthur supposed to find his match with no such string? Usuk. //

Arthur was fourteen when he woke up to something softly squeezing his finger. He sat up, blinking to find a red string tied around his pinky. It extended past his bed and towards the door before dissolving into a soft, gold light. He shot up, sitting perfectly straight as he looked at his hand. It seemed so fragile, glittering in the light as he held up his hand. He beamed. He was almost ready to meet his soulmate. 

His heard his mother call him for breakfast, and he leapt out of bed, skidding down the hall and grabbing the stair banister to stop himself. “Mother!” He yelled, almost out of breath after taking the stairs down two at a time. He held his hand up, and though his mother couldn’t see it, she knew what he was so excited about. 

He gave her a tight hug, sniffling and wiping his eyes. Arthur had been so worried about being alone, especially with him being somewhat infamous for his sarcasm and snarky demeanor. He smiled as he looked at his hand, taking a deep, slow breath.  All he needed to do now was wait until he could feel tugging from the other end, and then he’d be ready to find whoever he was meant for. Arthur’s mother had given him an extra pancake to celebrate, but he was far too excited to eat a thing. 


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Finn Balor x Reader Oneshot

inspired by the song ‘Poison’ by Alice Cooper

wordcount: 1752

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He never thought this could happen to him. Anybody but not him, Finn Balor the Demon King. He was married to his wrestling carrier, no commitment to anything or anybody else!

And still he stood there, head over heels in love with her. It was just so different with Y/N. He had an instant connection when he first met her at NXT. They laughed over the stupidest things togheter and shared their deep passion for wrestling. Often times she was his voice of reason regarding expenses like certain lego sets or other, more “adult” investments.

He wasn’t sure what to do. One the one hand he had sworn to himself to concentrate on his career, no distractions. But one the other hand, Y/N was just perfect. He knew he would never find someone else who was like her. Like a seeked puzzle piece, a soulmate she completed him. Finn was torn apart.. does he even have time for a relationship?

“It’s just, everytime I see her I’m thrilled. I can’t think straight.” he confessed to his best friend.

“I don’t see your problem Finn.” Sami shook his head. “You two are perfect for eachother! Just go and tell her”

“It’s not that simple.. you know I don’t need any distractions.” ‘And it’s not like she would be interested’ he thought to himself. Y/N, too, was very focused on her carrier. She only made it to the main roster 3months ago and was involved in a big storyline and he was supposed to comeback to Raw in a few weeks.

“Oh.. wow” Sami chuckled “Now I know what your problem is. Have you ever tried, like, not to see a relationship like a distraction and more like an enrichment? I mean, especially with Y/N! Has your friendship with her ever restricted you in any way?”

“No, bu-” Finn wanted to interrupt, but Sami didn’t stop rambling.

“See! You two always gosh about lego or wrestling and since you two train togheter you would also have time togheter. I mean you already spend most of your time with her. So this wouldn’t even be that much of a change. Heck, just grow some balls Finn! Where’s your confidence? Not so demon anymore more I guess.”

Finn scoffed but he knew Sami was kinda right. But new doubt raised. Finn wasn’t ready for a relationship at least that’s what he told himself. And even if he would have the guts to tell Y/N the risk of rejection and therefore loosing her was too high. With no voice of reason to his side he had decided to back up from Y/N for almost a month now, to leave his thoughts time to rearrange but mainly he hoped to reduce all those feelings for Y/N. 

“Well, we never know” he murmured to himself.

“Please don’t tell me you already screwed it up!” Sami questioned him.

Finn didn’t answer. Instead his gaze was fixed on something behind Sami. As Sami turned around he saw Y/N making her way down the corridor. She smiled at the two men and waved. Sami smiled widely, waved back and turned around to look at Finn again. But he was already gone. Sami saw him stomping down the opposite hallway.

“What was that about?” Y/N asked as she reached Sami.

“I don’t know.” Sami shook his head.

“He’s so distant at the moment. I think I might have upset him with something but I don’t know what I did.. do you know anything?” Sami saw how hurt Y/N was.

“He…I-I…,” he let out a long breath “You know what, I think it’s better if you ask him that yourself.” he gave Y/N a quick side hug, pushing her to the hallway Finn walked away.


“Finn!” a way too familiar voice called after him. Her words ferrling like needles and pins

“Finn! Come on, stop walking.” But Finn refused the request, not willing to stop in his tracks and face the cause of his misery. Y/N began to grow more and more frustrated.

A cold little hand grasped Finns wrist, turning him around with a sweep. His wrists enflaming under her touch.

“Finn! What the heck is wrong with you??” Y/N huffed breathlessly because she had to hurry to reach Finn with her little steps. “What have I done to upset you so badly?” she questioned him. She looked deeply concerned and hurt. Finn hated himself that he made her feel that way. And he hated himself even more for what he was about to do… or what he wouldn’t do. He just looked at her, an unamazed expression.

“So you’re not going to answer me then, are you?” she was dissapointed. Dissapointed in him for beeing so stubborn and in herself because she just couldn’t figure out what she had done to him. And to her she obviously had done something terrible since Finn refused any kind of interaction.

“Please Finn, just tell me what I did! If I offended you, please, trust me, it wasn’t on purpose…” she silently sniffed, tears brimming in her eyes.

‘Why is she so pure.. Why does she care so much??’ Finn thought to himself. 'Can’t she just make it easier and leave me be? She makes it so hard for me..’ He began to shift nervously.

“Was it because of the conversation last month at the diner? Since then you’re weird… all I said was that I personally think that legos gets too expensive these days.. I mean that’s not even a lie, it’s a fact. But I also said that buying them is a justified expense that I’m-” before she could end her rambling two strong arms pulled her against Finns chest. He hugged her tightly, afraid that what he was about to do would make him loose her. So he wanted to hold just one more time, knowing that when he let go of her, he would loose her forever.

Silence fell over them. Finn enjoying the closeness which he had missed for almost a month. Y/N too surprised by the sudden embrace but hugged back.

“Erm…,” she began after some time “I’m still not entirely sure whats going on” mumbling against his hard chest.


“I mean, don’t get me wrong, I like this… but can you just tell me what’s going on in your mind right now?” Y/N said slowly pulling away from Finn to look him in the eyes.

“I can’t do this anymore.” Y/N pulled away entirely, visibly shocked by Finns declaration.

“W-what? What do you mean, Finn?” her eyes getting bigger and bigger.

“Exactly what I said Y/N. I can’t do this, us anymore.”

“Why not? What have I done wrong?” she breathed out.

“Why not?” he laughed sarcastically “ Why not? Because you’re like poison.”

“Aha, poison?” she huffed. A total change in her manner “Care to explain?”

“Y/N, I don’t think-”

“Try.” crossing her arms over her chest she gave him a death glare.

“This!” He pointed at her gesture. She looked rather confused so he tried to explain more “You know exactly what I think about distr-.. about things besides wrestling.” She nodded.


“And, well.. doesn’t it explaines by itself?” Finn was anxious. He didn’t want to spell it out. But Y/N still didn’t seem to get his point. He could see that she began to grow more and impatient, frustrated and confused. It would be the best to just be blunt. She would be gone after this conversation anyway, so what did it even matter?

“I never felt anything more than friendship to anyone. Or at least that’s what I told myself. Everytime we’re togheter you make me so happy, you just know me. You always show that you care and then you get even more perfect and we share the same intensive passion for wrestling, music and so much more. And it scares me. I never felt that way for somebody.

I’m helpless, it’s like I’m caught in your web. I wanna hold you but my senses tell me to stop, I wanna kiss you and I want it too much. I don’t know how but you got under my skin. It physicly hurts me to see you, to hear you, to feel you. I want you so badly. But… but I can’t have you. I can’t have you because sooner or later I’ll hurt you and then I’ll loose you anyway. And I’m not willing to do that because.. because I love you. It would kill me.” Finns gaze went to the floor, not willing to met Y/Ns. The whole time she had just listen creasing her eybrow, watching how every word spilled over Finns lips. An unreadable expression on her face.

“And you never thought of telling me that?” she asked after what felt like centuries for him. Finns gaze went slowly to her face. Tears brimming in her eyes. He knew it, now she would hate him, hate him for not controlling his emotions and ruining their friendship. But then there was a smile too… a timid little smile. Wasn’t she mad?

“You can be really stupid sometimes, you know that?” she hit his chest. “And all this time I thought I offended you. You could’ve just come to me and we could’ve talked about it like friends do! And the last time I’ve checked we’ve been best friends…” now Finn was the clueless one. 'Shouldn’t she be more upset?’

“But you’re right, I guess we aren’t friends anymore” 'There it is..’ “Because there’s more between us!” And without a warning she raised herself on her tiptoes, gripping Finns shirt and leaning in. On half way she stopped allowing Finn to pull away if he felt uncomfotable with her action. But instead he closed the remaining space, lips crashing togheter. His hands rested on her hips pressing her flush against im. 'She feels so good'  he thought.

When they pulled away breathlessly Finn placed his forhead on Y/Ns. He slowly opened his eyes to see Y/N with a wide grin.

“What was that?” he whispered looking directly into her eyes.

“Exactly what I did.” she smirked. Finn let out a chuckle.

“But what about wrestling?”

“I don’t see a problem with that. We already proved that we don’t distract eachother. It’s unlikely to become a distraction.”

“You’re right, let’s take this as an enrichment.” Finn said remembering Samis words earlier. 

“That’s a nice way of putting this” she smilled happily. He pulled her into another hug smiling to himself. 

He was happy, knowing that she finally was his and that if he would let go of her, she wouldn’t be gone.