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Date Night , A Moral Dilemma

So , I was going to keep this to myself … I have a date tonight , its not a real one - A work colleague is calling over to help me with a project that is starting Monday am, but we have been flirting hard all week .  I might be reading too much into it , but I hope I am not (Its been so long).

If he makes even half a move , he is going to get very lucky…
He seems nice , a bit nerdy and quiet , and I don’t see it as anything longterm,

It has also raised a number of questions for me,

My friend has suggested that I ‘get myself ready’ - I presume she means shave my legs and armpits , and trim my pubic hair .. Is this necessary , should he not accept me as I am , or would it frighten a man off ?

I am still on the pill , should I still insist he wears a condom ? (This will be a first for me) .

Also , I have seen some amazing pictures from other Amateur Blogs I follow , would it be unusual to ask him to take a picture … and how do you casually say “Take a pic of me while I am sucking your c***” to a new lover .  Also would it be morally wrong to post such intimate pictures (presuming I am brave enough to ask) …….

I also want to say that I can always tell when a fangirl is fifteen herself and advocates a relationship involving a fifteen year old and a twenty year old

It’s the same mentality that promoted someone sending me death threats to say “you’re calling me sixteen like it’s a bad thing!! you’re nineteen, that’s just three years older!”


The difference between a sixteen year old and a nineteen year old is so much fucking more than a thirty five year old and a thirty eight year old and you won’t understand until you’re nineteen.

I’m a junior in college, and she’s a fucking sophomore in high school.

The difference in what we have experienced is more than I can put into words, she’s learning how to school while I’m supposedly learning how to adult.

She’s worrying about AP exams and is excited about prom and pep rallies and still learning about what she likes and dislikes.

I’m suffering and worrying about everything, slowly being crushed by the inevitable wasting away of societal structure, and the fact that my face itches probably means I have a new form of leprosy.

I’m also hit with the crushing fear of the unknown while she stills thinks her future is entirely in her own hands.

She doesn’t know that fear, is my point, and even if she does, she hasn’t lived with it long enough, she’s still fresh out of middle school.

But my point is.

That I would never date a high schooler for this damn reason.

I had a friend who was a sophomore in high school.

She was nineteen.

She dated a junior in high school.

She got bored of him, tried to be as nice as possible, and let him down gently.

He said he was totally fine with it.

Next thing you know he’s spamming Facebook with whining and angsting teenage boy crap about how women are so flighty and shallow and never tell a man what he’s doing wrong.

And she was furious cuz he started posting pics of her that she told him not to, and she was like what kind of CHILD-

And I was like bitch stop right there.

And with boys who are older, it’s so much worse.

Girls are emotional alright, high school is an odd period where they want to stand out but not too much, be pretty and attractive to all, in some form or other whether that’s Intellectual or physical or musical or whatever.

They spend their time trying new things with their hair or trying new hobbies or developing existing hobbies, trying out new personalities and seeing what they like.

I don’t care how mature you think you are.

Or how smart.

You’re a NEW PERSON.

You haven’t figured yourself out yet and that’s ok.

But here’s this guy, who’s essentially developed, essentially balanced, who’s interested in you…before you even know who you are.

And he either knows that and is trying to take advantage of your inexperience, trying to figure out what his bitch ass can get away with that a grown woman would instantly recognize as BULLSHIT, or he’s a dumbass who doesn’t realize you need the time to develop yourself.

I mean Christ.

I blame Hollywood and YA novels for telling you you’re going to meet the love of your life at 15.

Boys don’t know who they are, you don’t know who you are, high school is a confusing mess of chemistry, physiological changes, and psychological damage.

Why you thought you should bring in an outside party, someone who’s been through all four years of that experience and more, in to be your boyfriend is beyond me.

You’re at an inherent disadvantage there.

Stop believing Hollywood.

Grown men aren’t romantic or sexy or special, they’re just the high school boys you know, just a little better at gaslighting.

They’ve perfected their technique and are a little better at hiding their physical and mental ugliness.

Take caution.

I heard it was lesbian day of visibility so here’s my gay face. 

I’m in kind of a weird place because I’m not out to a lot of irl people yet. Some of my friends know, and obviously any of you reading this post know, but I haven’t told anybody in my family yet. It’s kind of scary because I think they’re pretty tolerant but there’s that one part of me that’s always like “but what if you’re wrong”. 

But I like how it turned out. I look kind of mad and it’s blurry but still. 

I would absolutely love it if you guys liked or commented on this pic but I’d prefer if you DIDN’T reblog it. 

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what was leaked?

Apparently someone went on tour at Studio Mir (correct me if I’m wrong??? Bc I honestly don’t know how they got the pics) and was told not to post anything on social media. (I would think they told them not to take pictures either but MEH IDK)

From what I’ve seen it’s some shots of Keith and one of Lotor. You won’t see me reblogging them bc I literally just went to a blog who still had them to message them to take them down,,, but they’re being stubborn :|…..

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You're gonna have to post some pictures of his thighs now I'm intrigued like your top 10 if you can even narrow it down

10) ok so decent coverage of both thighs, with his hands clearly enjoying them as much as we do. the positioning means we get a good shot of under thigh and the tops of his thighs so you can’t really go wrong here.

9) then we get dorky thighs. I don’t know how you get dorky thighs but look at this pic and tell me they ain’t dorky.

8) excellent shot of under thigh with those flimsy hands and long arms yes yes very nice.

7) I love the LENGTH of his thigh here like jUST LOOK AT IT AND APPRECIATE IT. MMMMM. YES. WELL DONE RYAN.


5) now THIS. it’s impossible to see this pic and not want to straddle him. JUST LOOK AT HOW WELL HIS JEANS SHOW OFF THOSE PLUMP THIGHS LIKE OMG??? never been so proud of someone for manspreading honestly.

4) this has to be the best shot of under thigh we’ve had. and his hands just so casually resting there like asdfghdjs. bonus points for the ankles.

3) NOW FIRST OF ALL, TAKE AWAY THE CONTEXT. TAKE IT AWAY. ok so does this need anymore explanation. just. omfg. honestly. INCREDIBLE.

2) THEN WE GET A VIEW FROM ABOVE. THEY LOOK EVEN THICKER THAN THEY NORMALLY DO. who took this photo cos I wanna kiss them. and kiss those thighs.

1) AND THEN, THIS. his thighs have never looked so THICK. his trousers are so tight, AND LOOK AT HIS BULGE. JUST. idk. look at that and tell me it’s not perfect. they look particularity plump and just perfectly formed ya know? you’re welcome.

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Assalamu alaikum wa rahamatullah wa barakatu I wanted to ask about the Islamic stance of niqab/jilbab pictures that sisters are posting on social media. They say that this is dawah, there is no sin because the face is hidden, their page is private so men don't see and if it's public they say their posting modest pictures so it's ok? How can I as a sister convince them that this is wrong?

Wa Alayki Assalaam

I see no good in posting pics of oneself covered or not. I don’t understand this mindset. You can give just as much dawah(if this is the excuse) by posting articles, and fatawa on hijab without posting pics of yourself.

What is strange to me are those who cover and then pose?! What benefit is gained by this? You still intend by some stretch to draw attention to yourself which goes against the very nature of hijaab that is binding upon the believers in general(I.e. General shyness, humility, not seeking the ‘limelight’ or attention).

I advice staying away from this trend.

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In 2011,2012 jelena was just as open as abelena it's now and Selena clearly wasn't open in 2013,2014 bc they weren't stable enough for her to claim him in public how could she post a pic or attend some event with him if like a week later he would post pics with randoms girls and be spotted leaving a club with them randoms too, if with she keeping things to herself people called her stupid imagine if she was open ??

First, stop comparing jelena and abelena. seriously this is annoying as fuck. Second, what’s wrong with it if Justin went to club when he’s with Selena? Because currently Abel is with Selena now but he’s going club with random people too. And Justin never didn’t post with another woman when he’s with Selena. They were NOT together probably. They were broken af but if they were together even that girls were Justin’s friends. This is the what you try to don’t understand. Chantel, Ashley, Yovanna, Jayde they were his friends, not his girlfriends, it’s 2017 and he’s still keep touching with them even Yovanna, Jayde etc. have boyfriends, even Jayde has a baby but she’s still supporting Justin. He only tried something with Hailey and Sofia and he was friend with Hailey at the beginning. Then they couldn’t work romance things and they don’t talk anymore. Y'all trying to blame Justin everytime for everything but you need to understand Justin isn’t only person who you should blame. Selena did mistakes too. Justin and Selena, both. They both did mistakes. This is the why they’re not together right now. Because that mistakes hurted them so much and they’re still trying to heal. Jelena was realest couple in the hollywood, they met 2009,it’s 2017 and they’re still unforgettable. They’re each other’s first love. They’ll always remember each other. Abel and Selena won’t last and they will probably over end of the summer. But even if jelena doesn’t come back again, they’ll always remember each other and Selena’s tattoo will always stay on Justin’s arm. This is the why I stan this couple. Also, remind yourself that here’s a Jelena blog, if you wanna talk about abelena go to a abelena blog because i really don’t wanna answer stuffs like this one. When you’re coming here and blaming Justin for what he did in the past or defending abelena to me and saying they’re not pr etc. don’t make no sense to me. I don’t care when you blame Justin. So stop it. If you wanna talk about jelena, ask me anything you want about them bad or good. But don’t mix abelena shit to this. Anyways

Why I like BaekYeol/ChanBaek (3)

Parts: 1 // 2

Warning: This is a post made by a delusional fujoshi (me). So if you don’t like posts like these, then don’t read it. This is just common sense but it seems like some ppl are lacking that so I’m just reminding u guys again ^^

So without further ado~

Their Relationship

In this rant, I am gonna try and prove that there is more than platonic feelings between Bh and Cy (in ways that some ppl may see as delusional). Plus I’m gonna disregard what u think abt Bh and Cy’s relationship bc this ask was directed towards why I like BaekYeol/ChanBaek so I hope ur fine with that. Now if you are fine with the things I stated above, I hope you’ll keep reading ^^

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why the fuck woud yall be replying to hoseoks post of the skin on his feet literally breaking after practicing dance till dawn with ur fandom reaction pics expressing disgust in wat world woud it be ok for yall to continue to undercut his efforts IN HIS FACE even when hes literally showing us just a glimpse of how much he puts in to honing his skills for some fucking likes and attention

every single comment in korean was words of encouragement and care but they remained overshadowed at the very bottom of the replies by yalls nastiness wat the fuck is wrong with yall

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Also to prove the music app is giving true info the pic of lana has never been seen b4,and i get a feeling this might be an acoustic song wbg?

Exactly! People are saying it’s as official as Apple Music or Spotify, and they brought up how the pic has never been seen before, and some have said it’s never posted wrong info so it’s definitely legit.

I hope it’s not acoustic! I want more upbeat songs tbh. Something fun and nostalgic. I can’t wait!

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Hi Rose, How are you?

Hey Leo im doing pretty good this weekend went to Kansas City Planet Comicon got to meet Kevin Eastman (co-creator of tmnt) Freaddie Williams II (did batman tmnt crossover and is local) buster moody (did a comic for the tmnt comic based on the 2012 show) and more. saterday was hard cuz everything that could go wrong did but sunday was way better. I had fun and hope to post some stuff.

((if i could add pics on mobile id show you my nephew dressed up like you and i dressed up as Mikey))

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I know you mostly hang on twitter, but could you tell me your opinion on whether if that "public declaration" of Steve's on FB was the sign he has FINALLY made a decision, it's just not what most would like? There was talk that maybe he chickened out of going for it with EBR and this is his unhappy decision- Knotted Yarn on Tumblr had some good theories posted. EBR did seem happy in Miami so maybe she's moved on? Where does it go from here? Thanks!

About this “happy family pictures” issue… I’m just gonna say it once and I hope we won’t come back to this theme any time soon.

The fact that I don’t believe this shit doesn’t mean that you can’t believe it. If you think that’s love - fine by me. I don’t believe this because I have my reasons which btw have nothing to do with stemily. 

If you believe in something then believe in it, if you don’t I’m not gonna try to make you, because it’s pointless and I honestly don’t care if you think I’m wrong, all people are different. Some leave comments like “relationship goals” under these pics. For me it’s not.

My opinion: if love means not supporting your partner in anything, promoting yourself through him, constantly complaining about doing nothing and making public scenes then please, shoot me.

I’m so freaking tired of ppl in this fandom who do this:

every time he posts a vid or a pic with Emily they yell: “omg they’re in love that’s so obvious!” 10 secs later he posts smth with his wife and they yell: “Stephen, son of a bitch, how dare you, stemily is over, our ship has sunk!” then he posts smth with Emily again and they’re back on the horse. 

This is idiotic in so many ways.You either get it or you don’t. Stop dramatizing everything, ppl. 

“Finally made this unhappy decision”? First he didn’t make any decision, second - it’s LIFE! what is “final” in life? Today is today, tomorrow is tomorrow.

“He chickened out”? Stephen is the last person I’d call a chicken. I mean, he practically walks with a sign that says how incredible Emily is and how he was enchanted to meet her. I’d call this “weird”.

“Emily finally moved on”? From what, I’m just curious lmao. I’m laughing at the person who came up with the story that Stephen is a coward who doesn’t do anything for him and Emily to be together and torturing her and 90% of the trash fandom happily agreed. I mean, what is this - a soap opera?

My problem is: because I’m making vids I notice stuff like looks, touches, tones of voices and etc. plus I’m a sucker for zooming (which btw is a curse bc you see things u can’t unsee like stunt doubles and lots of mistakes in tv shows). 

So we have only two vids with them together and excuse me if I don’t want my future husband to look like this when I appear on his vids:

I just don’t understand how is that new “happy” family picture different from the old ones? Because of what he wrote under it? I tripped on “fearless parent” and started imagining her breaking her nail and crying during the diaper changing and complaining that her kid is running around disneyland and etc. Are you even for real?

Do I believe that he’s happy? No. Do I think that’s how a perfect couple looks like? No. Do they have reasons to fake it? They do. But that’s my opinion and MINE ONLY. 

「 Statue 」

Title → 「 Statue 」

Genre →fluff. ANGST.

Member →Mingyu

Description:You and Mingyu like each other.However his friends don’t like the idea of that.

Originally posted by kdramafeed


Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock

As the hooking ticks and tocks filled your eardrums, you frequently switched between peering at Mingyu, the mind-numbing clock, and your dreary teacher. Your class was a plodding jail cell, nobody wanted to be here. Including the stringent  teacher that was leading you all.

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Call me sensitive idc

Y'all can say it’s not that serious or I’m overreacting but I think it’s totally unfair to be judgmental and make fun of Justin’s penis size like…. half of y'all on here claim to be so against body shaming when it comes to females, yet the second some pics leak of a male the first thing you want to do is judge his dick size like?????? Body shaming works both ways & I know it’s more prevalent for men to judge and body shame women but it’s just as wrong, disrespectful, and immature when girls body shame boys. To constantly make these nasty posts about it and laugh at something that naturally can’t be fixed is so uncalled for (especially taking into consideration how penises work, you don’t even know if that’s his fully erected size not that it matters). Idk I might be being way to sensitive but why is it that no one is disturbed about that fact that these pics were clearly unknowingly taken and released and that is a huge violation of privacy. Why is no one upset at that fact that the photographer who took and released these pics had no consent. Clearly Justin had no idea they were being taken, he already has trust issues, how do you think he feels? When the scandal happened where many female celebrities got their iClouds hacked into and their nude pics leaked, everyone jumped behind them and thought it was disgusting and refused to reblog the pics but the second some semi nudes leak of a male the first thing half of you do is either ask to see more or judge his body parts with little to no remorse. I’m not coming for ANYONE I swear I love and respect you all. I’m just trying to make a point. I see way to much judgement on my dash right now and I’m just supposed to join in because he’s a guy, but if the tables were turned and the pics released where of another female celebrity, the first thing y'all would feel would be anger and automatically jump behind a movement to stop the spread of the photos and attack anyone who body shamed her. Feminism is about equality of the sexes, not a pro women’s anti men movement. Stop body shaming period. Males or females.

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Hi, can I ask you a question? Do you support lesbianslovelouis and if so, why? I’m sending this to quite a lot of blogs because I would like to hear your individual opinions. I’m asking this because right now, whether people want it or not, Amy represents the Larrie side of the fandom. I know not all Larries are as extreme her, but people are staying silent about her actions, which makes them just as guilty. So if you don’t agree with her, I hereby give you the chance to speak out about it.

Anon you haven’t listed anything that would give me a topic other than ‘supporting Amy for being Amy’.

You didn’t go into specifics, so I’m trying to build my answer from the indirected bits and pieces you left here.

If you mean EXTREME as being a key organiser in charity drives then you’re right, not all larries are key organisers and all my respect is hers!!

If you mean EXTREME as spending her money on things that make her happy (be that Sailor) then I think we can agree we all are ‘extreme’ because I also like to spend my money on things that make me happy. Maybe you’re not?

Her actions? What do you mean by that? Buying urls? That’s legal and anyone can do it. She didn’t harm anyone and she sure isn’t making money off a baby unlike the Jungwirths. 

 If you’re asking if I support her outrage in Brett’s dangerous brainless act of giving out her personal data then she damn fucking has my support. I was a victim of having my personal pic posted by the fucking antis and I was ready to call as many people until I would find a person to help me get my minor kid out of an antis website therefore I can completely imagine how she must’ve felt when she was told what Brett did. She’s the victim here regardless of anything you might be referring to. 

Which again, you weren’t specific and I’m sensing some indirect vibes here and if that’s the case you came to the wrong blog because I’ll never stone anyone for doing what they like and living their lives how they chose to. 

Even if it happens to the biggest anti it’s not okay to get their personal data revealed. I think this side of the fandom made it plenty clear that we don’t support breaking the law, stalkers, violating privacy, abuse, bullying and all kinds of levels of harassment. She didn’t do any of that, in fact it was done AGAINST her and you’re here asking if I support her. Are we having an opposite day?

Amy didn’t do a single thing that would make me question her genuineness. 

Unlike you, anon. 

Lastly, now that you provided me the chance to “speak up” let me grab this opportunity and thank Amy for her money, time and efforts put into the charity drives and for making this fandom a better place.

Thank you Amy! @lesbianslovelouis

I want to thank Vegeta for almost killing me with laughter to the point I almost fell off the bed and woke everybody up. Thoughts:

- Just like to point out that this episode must be the best in terms of animation. There were some fails but overall it was good.

- Chi Chi should just stop nagging Goku about working seriously he doesn’t give a single fuck

Also full throttle “Goku is a bad parent/grandparent/relative” you know the drill

 Yeah because they’re invencible. Look at the thousands of saiyans THAT I’M NOT SEEING

- Krillin was the best part of the episode and I need his shirt asap

I mentioned last post of Krillin having a death wish and I wasn’t wrong


This pic just proves how much 18 loves Krillin and it’s adorable. Reminds me of the “he’s so cool” scene from fukkatsu no f :D

- Veggie’s still trying to fight the elements 

Again his forehead is consuming his face


- You know why Toei doesn’t have budget for the animation? Because they waste it in the goddamn food. I don’t blame them, it looks delicious!

- Bulma you devil *wink wink*

- Yeahhhh fuck my husband and fuck my parents

- Bitch you dead

- First, there must exist 50 bathrooms in your house. Second, was I the only one having impure thoughts during this moment?

Really, really impure?

Hell choir is calling me


Whis checking Vegeta out omg the booty shot is back. AND THEN BULMA SAYS THIS:

The other day you even ruined the dress I had just-


How can these two not be made for each other! This pic sums up vegebul perfectly ;;

Hijinks Vegeta is on bitch!

I had a headache from laughing so much over this shit omg

The eggs gag was perfect also pointing out that’s not often we see Vegeta’s hands :v


Freaking canon :v

I demand fanart of Vegeta with the little chick PLEASEEEEEE

Of course it’s ramen what else

Whis ships vegebul

- NEXT EPISODE: bitch you dead

My Normero prediction for episode 9

After reading some post by some of the cast and others. I feel like in episode 9 Norma begs bob to leave her and her family a lone and not to tell anyone her secrets but he tells her its to late. Unless she can give back the flash drive to him. 

She no longer has the flash drive so she go to Romero at the police station asking for it back. He tells her it’s to late. And that he’s not going to give it back to her and thats his is done with her and her lies. Then walks away from her. 

She freaks out, decides to try and get it back herself. Which leads her to breaking into Romero’s house. Romero returns home and finds the door cracked open pulls out his gun and is surprised to find Norma trashing his place looking for the drive. She totally freaking/panicked. 

They exchange words, start fighting. Things are very heated, emotional, and from what nestor says from a Facebook post, physical. Maybe starts hitting Romero because she is so upset. Kind of like how she was when she went to his house the first time, in episode 5. 

Something may or may not happen. But some how I believe Norma ends up in Romero shirt the next morning. The pics below are the reasons I’ve come to these thoughts, with the help of others.

Goes to the station asking for the drive back.

He’s at his front door with a gun! Someone is in his house!! Norma?

This pic nestor posted of behind the scenes ep. 9. They’re in Alex’s house!

And for the shirt. This could be completely wrong but Vera is in full make-up and hair wearing a shirt that looks like it would come from Romero’s closet. This is a behind the scenes pic vera posted around the time that they would have filmed ep.9. 

Notice the top left corner. Looks like a leather chair. Alex has a leather chair in his home.

Again a behind the scenes photo in the shirt. Notice the bottom right corner? that could be the rug in Alex’s house that is in the room with the fireplace or it could be the stone off the fireplace.

Now i could be completely over thinking this but I just wanted to share what i thought was going to happen. If you agree or have some other ideas please share.