some how the wrong pic posted

why the fuck woud yall be replying to hoseoks post of the skin on his feet literally breaking after practicing dance till dawn with ur fandom reaction pics expressing disgust in wat world woud it be ok for yall to continue to undercut his efforts IN HIS FACE even when hes literally showing us just a glimpse of how much he puts in to honing his skills for some fucking likes and attention

every single comment in korean was words of encouragement and care but they remained overshadowed at the very bottom of the replies by yalls nastiness wat the fuck is wrong with yall

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So someone said DK flaunts her privilege and NR doesn't......he has posted private jet pics, drives a super expensive car and rocks a Rolex. How is that any different than what she does? I'm not saying either are wrong for how they spend their money, it's just another example of the Reedus double standard. In some people's eyes he walks on water.

To some in his fandom he could do no wrong. And Diane is still breathing is others issue. Great post I totally see your logic.

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Sadly, I feel Henrik has been acting a little no homo lately. He gave that lovely interview to that fan and after that, he liked that post abt how you didn't have to be gay to support gay rights. I heard he liked some other posts alluding to the fact that he wasn't gay. We also got so many pics of him and Lea from her family, friends, him, her, etc. and it was just a bit much.

I get that feeling too, I’m just hoping I’m wrong

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Dont you find it a bit weird how ppl are rebloging pics of ernie and doris and there are people making edits and writing posts for their birthday. I dont know but they're three year olds and it just rubs me the wrong way. Like its one thing their family sharing pics of them but bunch of strangers just rebloging pics of them seems a bit yikes. And ppl constanlty give shit to people who reblog pics of freddie and how wrong that is but some of larries do the same thing with the twins :/

i think there are a lot of double standards where freddie is concered, in terms of how ppl react to people sharing pics and talking about him.

I think ultimately it’s a subjective thing, and you’ve gotta decide where your personal line is. For me, I’m okay with sharing pictures that the family share publicly, whether that’s of the twins or Freddie, or Lux, or other babies. 

Where I get uncomfortable is when people start obsessing over the kids, when there are blogs dedicated solely to the children, when people are archiving photos of the child (again whether it’s freddie or the twins or lux, and I don’t think it matters what your ~reasons for that are, i think its creepy)

Ultimately the kids parents have consented to posting pictures to public forums and are continuing to post them. I totally understand why some people don’t reblog anything to do with them though and I don’t fault anyone for that. Most of us are adults or almost adults, and so we have a responsibility to be aware and mindful of our actions where the young ones are concerned. I think a lot will depend on your opinons of celebrity culture in general as well.

mmmmm i’m debating on whether or not i want to post some progress pics of my weight loss?? bc 1) i know no one follows me for Those Types of Posts and i have a brand to maintain lmao and 2) i’m proud of how i look rn even tho it’s not where i ultimately want to be, but i’m kinda embarrassed by my starting pic?? like i just looked so gross like. not bc i was fatter there’s nothing wrong with being fat but i was SO unattractive (not that i’m all that attractive now but still. it was b a d). but? also i like. love validation and i’m so proud of myself i’m honestly torn :/

Roy Mustang picspam

I’m seeing a bunch of FMA posts on my dash, which is making me nostalgic for that great story (and nice fandom)… so I’m crossposting some pics from an older DW post:


Here’s the thing: I never quite understood how one could crush on a cartoon character. Suffice to say… I get it now. :)

here’s Roy with a little Panda on his face. Some men really can wear anything.

And here’s a panel from the manga. Normally I don’t even find shoulder holsters particularly sexy… but the look works for him.

Riza deserves her own picspam, but I couldn’t post pics of Roy and not have any Riza in it. I mean, that’d be just wrong!

In conclusion: I love these two. :)

If you don’t know Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, check it out! It has a huge ensemble of fleshed-out characters, a fantastic plot, and on top of it really nice art. Can’t rec it enough.

Alright since there is already a post about how the Royal families might be tied in with the four symbols. I’m going to explain it a bit more.

In the newest trailer of FE14 We all saw how Kamui used the dragons vein to build a bridge. When he used this, this pic appeared on the screen.

This could correlate to the Golden dragon or Yellow dragon of the four symbols of china. The yellow dragon is the fifth symbol,the center of the four beast. The Yellow Dragon represents the earth element, which explains how Kamui was able to create the bridge.  Another interesting fact about it is that Its waking, sleeping, and breathing determined day and night, seasons, and weather. It is also called the hornless dragon.

Not long after this was shown, it was soon revealed that Camilla was attuned with the vermilion bird or the Phoenix.

The Vermilion Bird represents the south and fire. This explains why Camilla was able to dry out the river. Another thing the Vermilion Bird represents is summer.  

With Camilla and Kamui attuned to the Vermilion Bird and the Yellow Dragon respectively this leaves the Azure Dragon of the east, White Tiger of the west, and the Black Turtle of the North. Each having control over a certain element.

The Azure Dragon has control over the element wood, and represent Spring. Edit:  Thanks to sakuyandere who pointed out that Leon used a wood spell in the trailer. He might be attuned to the Azure Dragon.

The White Tiger represents the West, the autumn season and the element of Metal. It was said that the white tiger would only appear when the emperor ruled with absolute virtue, or if there was peace throughout the world. Maybe Marx and Ryouma will be tied to the White Tiger.

The Black Tortoise represents the North, Winter, and the element of water.  Despite its English name, it is usually depicted as a turtle entwined together with a snake.

I want to thank Vegeta for almost killing me with laughter to the point I almost fell off the bed and woke everybody up. Thoughts:

- Just like to point out that this episode must be the best in terms of animation. There were some fails but overall it was good.

- Chi Chi should just stop nagging Goku about working seriously he doesn’t give a single fuck

Also full throttle “Goku is a bad parent/grandparent/relative” you know the drill

 Yeah because they’re invencible. Look at the thousands of saiyans THAT I’M NOT SEEING

- Krillin was the best part of the episode and I need his shirt asap

I mentioned last post of Krillin having a death wish and I wasn’t wrong


This pic just proves how much 18 loves Krillin and it’s adorable. Reminds me of the “he’s so cool” scene from fukkatsu no f :D

- Veggie’s still trying to fight the elements 

Again his forehead is consuming his face


- You know why Toei doesn’t have budget for the animation? Because they waste it in the goddamn food. I don’t blame them, it looks delicious!

- Bulma you devil *wink wink*

- Yeahhhh fuck my husband and fuck my parents

- Bitch you dead

- First, there must exist 50 bathrooms in your house. Second, was I the only one having impure thoughts during this moment?

Really, really impure?

Hell choir is calling me


Whis checking Vegeta out omg the booty shot is back. AND THEN BULMA SAYS THIS:

The other day you even ruined the dress I had just-


How can these two not be made for each other! This pic sums up vegebul perfectly ;;

Hijinks Vegeta is on bitch!

I had a headache from laughing so much over this shit omg

The eggs gag was perfect also pointing out that’s not often we see Vegeta’s hands :v


Freaking canon :v

I demand fanart of Vegeta with the little chick PLEASEEEEEE

Of course it’s ramen what else

Whis ships vegebul

- NEXT EPISODE: bitch you dead


so I literally couldn’t get Suga out of my head cuz I was listening to the new BTS Album so much XD  and I really liked Suga’s voice in it! 

Don’t get me wrong I stan Jimin and I ADORE AND LOVE his voice, but Suga’s some how kept getting stuck in my head. 

And well I wrote something before but that was stupidly stupid which wasn’t satisfying me so I wrote this one :3 

I also have some drabbles I need to post up QWQ but Suga held my head hostage till I put this out!! so I’ll post the drabbles up soon!! please don’t hate me who ever sent them in!

Pairing: Suga/Reader

Type: Smut and stuff

Word count: 2,145

GIF/Pic inspired me: So this time I made a post while ago asking my friend for help on which GIF/ Pics to use for inspiration and that is here Here

but the main one was this one… 


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Im recently seeing this

Example: Otome game

Me: *upload$ a pic of cg*


So explain me wheres the wrong posting an Art that was made for the game that is specially made for everyone and public eyes,ect. Aka Fans

The company post it on their social media FOR EVERYONE WORLD WIDE

AND SOME FAN orders you around to not post cg art (that isnt their art to add it up) and made specifically for PUBLIC EYE. Not to post it in MY blog.

(Like i understand if its fan art okay)

BUT THIS?! How dare you order some one around for a cg MADE FOR EVERYONE jusr for personal fame/popularity/promotion

Some one comes to me with that

Ooooooh dear god, just dont.Sorry just dont.


This is posted on facebook and people are upvoting it. I would engage in a discussion on facebook explaining these people that this pic is wrong on so many levels but if you see how some Laurel fanatics act there, you will understand why i won’t even bother. I mean the bias is strong and drives them into delusional levels. So lets analyse this pic here one by one:

“Boyfriend/Childhood friend died to save her” Thats correct.

“Dealing with an addiction alone” Last time i checked she has a lovely father who helped her and even arranged her AA meetings.

“Dead sister” correct

“Mother abondoned her” Hello? No, her mother didnt abandoned her,her mother divorced with her father. Huge difference. Her mother left to Central City when Laurel was a big adult girl, that’s not abandoning.

(moving on)

“Constantly kidnapped abused” Which is pretty much the same for every Arrow character, i dont understand how special she is for that.

“Mistreated by Oliver” Correct,yet she run back to him, okay…

“Survivors guilt” Pretty much everyone on Arrow,again how special she is for that?

“Alcoholic father” Correct

“Noone believed her about Blood” Noone believes anyone in this show.

“People lying to her all the time” Have you met Thea? Or you know her father,the one she was lying to for 13 episodes straight? oh right, POOR Laurel.

“Boyfriend cheated on her with sister” Yes,same boyfriend she run back to after breaking up with his best friend ,you know the one that died trying to save her. POOR LAUREL

“Lost her job after years of dedication” That was her fault,yes she was sick ,but she could handle things different if she tried instead of falling into drinking in the first place. Whatever, i mean poor Laurel.

Lets check now what they have about Felicity. Oh right,they have nothing about her. Only :

“Oliver leaves her to join the LoA to save her,his friends,his sister” What? Felicity didnt cry because Oliver went there. She cried because she thought he lost his soul. In a way, she cried because he died ,again. But yeah, when Laurel falls into alcoholism due to a broken heart,she is suffering. Felicity crying(NOT drinking her pain) after losing someone she loves twice is whining. Oh look …i smell bullshit!

(I mean how dare i say this, poor Laurel should be the one crying about Oliver leaving for LoA, right Laurel fan(natic)s?)

So lets see, is Felicity just the whiny girl some people seem to make her look like? Lets write down facts:

  • Abandonded by her father: You know really abandoned sicne from a very young age.
  • Her boyfriend committed suicide: Or at least that’s what she thought for years and felt guilty-left previous life and started a new one- because he took all the fault for their mistake. Dare i say…survival guilt?
  • Her boyfriend comes back  kidnaps her and wants to kill her and her mother: Do i need to explain this sentence or do i just go with the poor Laurel thingy?
  • Remember when poor Laurel was kidnapped: Well how many times has Felicity become a bait for the villains and how many times has she got into danger? I mean, poor Laurel…
  • Oliver died…twice: Yes, people act as if someone that you love and is romantically involved with you dying is totally fine. People said “one boyfriend died and she whines”. Hello, people on the earth, she loves him,not the ex boyfriend who used to cheat on her with her sister kind of love, but the man that trusted her opinions, showed her respect and loved her back kind of love. So yeah,losing him cost her. But yeah poor …
  • Felicity,doesnt have her lovely dad around to protect her and check on her all the time. She has a lovely mother who is far away and sees her only on very special occasions. She was raised by someone who had to work many hours to keep her family together. So she came close with her friends,because they became her family. She lost her job too. Its not only your precious Laurel that lost her job.

So , Oliver “dies” and Felicity mourns for him. Oliver’s soul disappears and she mourns for him again. But this time she does it quietly. Because she has become stronger than before. Even if she had to cry a little. But you know,she isnt poor Laurel but only a  whiny girl.

EDIT:This isn’t an anti-Laurel post,this is a poor Laurel fanatics post. Because that’s how i feel that they have to tear someone down to overhype their fave.


Call me sensitive idc

Y'all can say it’s not that serious or I’m overreacting but I think it’s totally unfair to be judgmental and make fun of Justin’s penis size like…. half of y'all on here claim to be so against body shaming when it comes to females, yet the second some pics leak of a male the first thing you want to do is judge his dick size like?????? Body shaming works both ways & I know it’s more prevalent for men to judge and body shame women but it’s just as wrong, disrespectful, and immature when girls body shame boys. To constantly make these nasty posts about it and laugh at something that naturally can’t be fixed is so uncalled for (especially taking into consideration how penises work, you don’t even know if that’s his fully erected size not that it matters). Idk I might be being way to sensitive but why is it that no one is disturbed about that fact that these pics were clearly unknowingly taken and released and that is a huge violation of privacy. Why is no one upset at that fact that the photographer who took and released these pics had no consent. Clearly Justin had no idea they were being taken, he already has trust issues, how do you think he feels? When the scandal happened where many female celebrities got their iClouds hacked into and their nude pics leaked, everyone jumped behind them and thought it was disgusting and refused to reblog the pics but the second some semi nudes leak of a male the first thing half of you do is either ask to see more or judge his body parts with little to no remorse. I’m not coming for ANYONE I swear I love and respect you all. I’m just trying to make a point. I see way to much judgement on my dash right now and I’m just supposed to join in because he’s a guy, but if the tables were turned and the pics released where of another female celebrity, the first thing y'all would feel would be anger and automatically jump behind a movement to stop the spread of the photos and attack anyone who body shamed her. Feminism is about equality of the sexes, not a pro women’s anti men movement. Stop body shaming period. Males or females.