some how none of them are in sync

Unexpected Surprises: A Criminal Minds Imagine

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Rating: PG13

Warnings: none! 


You were always mildly annoyed at the way companies would ask you for your email, promising big things, and instead spam you with stupid offers and half assed coupons every week. But the worst, oh the very worst, was your birthday. 

It was like every company had worked together to send you messages in sync, it seemed like millions of them coming in at the same time, all offering up some stupid “gift” on behalf of the day you were born. 

You absentmindedly swipe through them, muttering under your breath about how ridiculous this was, you liked the idea of free frozen yoghurt, but why in the hell did you want 10% off of a pair of high heels? That 10% wouldn’t even make a dent in the stupid looking things. 

Today, in your mind at least, was like every other day in life. You had gotten up, rushed through a shower and a burnt piece of toast, before downing a large coffee in the span of time it would take to drink a small coffee, and hustling your buns into your car to get to work on time. 

Speed was a factor, but hey, you were here with five minutes to spare thanks to your lead foot. 

One foot in front of the other, you look up from your phone periodically to avoid a hallway collision and head towards your desk. It was the same desk you’d had for three years now, right across from your boyfriend, Spencer. 

You look around the weirdly empty office, and come to a halt a few feet away from your chair. Slowly lowering your bag to the floor, your brow crumples in confusion. 

There’s a big, delectable looking cupcake sitting in the very middle of your desk, a bright red wrapper on it, and one black candle sticking out from the top. It has a small tag on the end of a string that’s tied to the candle, and it piques your interest. 

You hesitate, before slowly picking the cupcake up off of your desk, and grabbing the tag with your free hand. 


Since you’re my muffin, but you’re oh so sweet, I thought I would give you this birthday treat. It’ll melt in your mouth with a sugary taste, but it’ll give you a kick with that lemon paste. So in honour of you, my beloved friend, have a cupcake on me and come visit my den (it sort of rhymes, don’t even). 

Happy Birthday! ~ Garcia” 

A smile played on your lips, warming your cheeks as you hold it just under your nose, and breathe in the amazing aroma. It was vanilla bean, with a lemon butter icing, and your mouth was practically watering already. 

It was much appreciated, especially being as how you weren’t a big believer in celebrating your birthday. Maybe when you were very little, but now, it had just become outdated. 

You dip a finger into the frosting, and place it on your tongue. The lemon is tart, but it has that perfect level of sugar to balance it out, kind of like how Morgan described you. 

It worried you, how all of a sudden they were so interested in your birthday, sweetening your morning (quite literally) with a cupcake, and a mysterious invitation to the lair. 

In your mind, your birthday shouldn’t have ever been treated as if it was a day any different than another. In your mind, your birthday was sort of ridiculous, and should have been left well alone. But today, you figured you would humour them. 

With cupcake in hand, you make the short walk to the elevator, and wait impatiently inside for it to finally open back up again. 

You were impatient because you wanted to see Pen, and thank her, but you really couldn’t be more nervous for the reasoning behind her wanting you to come down. 

The hallway seemed extra short, as you paced down and to the mouth of her humble abode, nervously biting at your lip, as you peek your head in. 

“Pen? It’s me, I got your cupcake” there’s no reply, and a nervous anticipation starts to eat away at you, as you venture deeper into her room. You call out her name a couple more times, before stopping dead in the middle of all of her screens, sighing heavily. 

You’re about to take out your phone, when you notice a shock of colour of to your left. Raising your head, you see it’s one of the computer monitors, and you stare at it, expectant. 

Garcia’s face suddenly pops up, startling you, and you take a few steps back as a video starts to play. It’s her face, shakily bobbing around as she walks and videos herself. 

“Good morning Y/N, and a very happy birthday to you. Of course it’s me, Garcia, as you can tell, but this video is going to feature a lot more than me, so listen up and pay attention. 

Every year since you’ve joined us, you’ve let your birthday slide, staying out of the way of fancy dinners or gifts, and just pretending it was a regular day. The first two years, it kind of shocked us, and we felt awful about how you thought birthdays went. 

This goes out to you, we love you, and it’s time to finally celebrate!” 

It switches over to Morgan and JJ, and you smile as they wave. 

“Hey baby girl, just us here, wishing you the happiest of birthdays, and I’m going to let JJ do the talking! 

(JJ) These three years with you have been the most amazing years at the BAU, the energy you bring, the sass and the attitude, the intelligence and the love, and your spirit! 

I’m not sure if you know this, but you joining us was one of the high points of this team. You’re like family, you ARE family, and I can’t say enough good about you, I really can’t. 

This birthday deserves to be one that we celebrate, because that’s what families do, so from us to you, happy birthday, we love you” 

They wave once more, as the screen cuts to Rossi, Hotch and Kate. 

(Rossi) “Buon compleanno my darling! To many, many more

(Hotch) I’m not one with words, as you know by now, but this is just to say that I appreciate everything you do, and I thank you so much for being a part of this team, happy birthday, let’s finally celebrate

(Kate) I haven’t been here as long as you have, but the time that I’ve spent with this team has been made brighter, simply because of you. It hurt my heart to hear that you didn’t give yourself the acknowledgement you deserve every birthday, so this year we’re doing it, happy birthday!” 

You’re openly crying by the time Spencer finally comes on, and he’s so cute, the way he shuffles his feet and looks at the ground, before finally looking up and clearing his throat. 

“Hey you, it’s me.. I wasn’t really sure what I was going to say, but now I am. I met you three years ago, on the subway, ironically enough on the way to work. I didn’t know it was your first day, or even who you were, but you took my breath away. 

We’ve been dating for two of those three years, and they’ve been the most uplifting, wild, indescribable years of my life. You make me a better me, and I truly, truly love you. 

No more mini celebrations, or lazy attempts at birthdays, this one is for you, you deserve it. Statistically.. well I don’t have a statistic right now, because I’m so flustered, but I love you, and happy birthday!”. 

When the computer screen fades to black, the lights above you shed some detail on the mess that you’ve become. Tears are streaming down your face, and the same smile that’s been there since the cupcake has grown wider than you’d thought it could. 

You turn and look over your shoulder, to the team of people standing behind you, sympathetic to your emotions. 

“You guys…” you can’t really get any words out, so you just sigh, and JJ comes forward to give you a hug. 

“We meant everything we said, you deserve this” she squeezes your shoulder and leads you to the tables that everyone has filed in to sit down at. You take a seat beside her, across from Garcia and Spence, who undoubtedly played a huge role in this all. 

“I can’t say thank you enough, I really can’t… I’m so grateful for each and every one of you, my family” you wipe at your puffy eyes, and smile at the warm and welcoming faces of the people you’ve grown to love. 

“Happy birthday, and here’s to bigger and better” Spencer stands, leaning across the table to give you a gentle kiss. 

“So shall we open some gifts?”  

Whose life is this, anyway?

Stuck moment: I don’t get it. I’ve done everything they say I’m supposed to do. Work hard, take breaks, build relationships, and so on — check, check, check. Everybody says I’m winning at life, but I’m just not really happy. Or satisfied. Or something. I don’t know what my problem is.

*   *   *

There’s living life, and then there’s living your life.

Everyone has something to say about it, don’t they? Whether it’s our mother insisting on Friday night dinners, our friends begging us to go to Vegas, advertising tempting us to buy now and save, or society pushing us to climb higher, there’s a constant buzz that can get so loud we can’t hear ourselves anymore.

That’s when we lose our way. So many demands and choices clog our brain that our internal compass goes haywire and we get disoriented in our own lives. We try to tell ourselves we’re living a good life, but deep down we’re not so sure.

Here’s what getting lost in our own life often looks like:

Chasing things we don’t care about. We work hard to meet our obligations, but it never feels like it’s enough. We have trouble saying no. We wonder what people will think. We’re achieving, but by someone else’s standards.

Settling for less than what we really want. Yes, we harbor aspirations, but life’s not so bad as is, so we put them on hold. We’d rather be comfortable with what we have than aim high and risk falling short.

Living out of focus. We aren’t separating what’s interesting from what’s important. We give some attention to all of it — and all our attention to none of it. We amble along, hoping something will grab us.

If any of these strikes a chord, it’s a great time to dig deeper. First, let’s characterize how we’re feeling about life in general. Then we’ll bring to the surface what’s important to us and where we’re out of sync. By leaning into how we’re getting stuck, we’ll gain the clarity and motivation to make a shift — even a slight one will make a difference.  

Quickly write down your answers to these two questions, spending no more than 10 seconds on each.

1. What is your first thought or feeling when you wake up in the morning? Your last thought or feeling before you go to bed at night?
2. What is your most recent memory of being happy? It could be big or small, a moment of joy, or love, or a really good laugh.

If your day begins and ends on a low note, the in-between part likely isn’t much better. And when you think of happy moments, do you feel there are enough?

Now let’s take a look at what you’re doing.

On a weekly basis, what do you spend your time doing?
1. List the 10 activities you spend the most time on, from most to least. Or draw a pie chart, sizing the slices appropriately.  
2. For each activity, ask yourself: Does this give me a sense of fulfillment? Write down “yes” or “no” for each. Tip: We feel fulfillment when we spend our time on the things that matter to us (not someone else).
3. What does your list or chart reveal? Does what matters to you align with what you’re doing at least half of the time?

Who are the people you spend most of your time with?
1. Create a list or pie chart of the 10 people you see most, ordering from most to least.
2. Going through the list or chart, ask yourself: How much do I benefit from this time? Rate each one from 1 (not at all) to 10 (tremendously).
3. Your list or chart will show if you’re keeping the kind of company that’s going to bring out the best in you.

Whether your days are wildly out of sync with what matters or need only minor adjustments, let’s keep digging into where you can make a meaningful difference in how you spend your time by answering this question:

If money and time were no object, what would I start or stop doing in my everyday life?

When you have your answer, come up with one small way you can start to make that come true. (If you want to dig even deeper, practice defining your purpose here.) And before you think of excuses for why you can’t, employ one or more of the tactics below.

Stop worrying what others think
Here’s a set of beliefs against caring too much what others think. Think of them as mini-mantras. Pick one or two that resonate most and commit them to memory. Put them on a Post-It. Maybe meditate on them.

• People spend far less time thinking about you than you do thinking about them.
• What’s right for them is not always right for you.
• People respect you for being your own person, for having a point of view and sticking to it.
• Other people’s approval means nothing if you don’t approve of yourself first.
• When you follow what others say, you’re valuing their beliefs over your own.
• You can’t control what other people think. Why try?

Don’t let fear stand in the way of passion
To focus on what excites you rather than what scares you, try this:
You know that thing you’ve wanted to learn more about, the one lingering in the back of your mind? Commandeer an hour either to daydream or to research more about it. Now that you’re stoked, how will you feel if you never pursue it?

Be the boss of you
If you put everyone in front of you, try some extreme prioritization to get yourself on the agenda. All it takes is acting like that 8-year-old kid who keeps asking, “Says who?” If the to-do isn’t based on your say-so, move it to the bottom of the list or cross it off. If it is your say-so, go for it.