some hot guy in the back!

if i were writing andromeda

what’s the one major thing missing from all sci fi games these days, guys? gay full penetration. we’re gonna show gay full penetration and we’re gonna show a lot of it. i mean we’re talking graphic scenes of gil brodie really going to town on this hot young pathfinder. from behind, 69, anal, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, all the hits all the big ones all the good ones. then he senses engine trouble he’s out making repairs. then he’s back for some more full penetration. repairs, back to full penetration. repairs, penetration, repairs, full penetration, repairs, penetration. and that goes on and on and back and forth for 80 hours or so until the game just sort of, ends.

Catfish Klance AU

You guys, I just had a great Catfish idea for a Klance fic!

  • Keith and Lance are both being Catfished by the same guy, idk Rolo or Lotor or someone 
  • The thing is, the Catfisher is using each of the boys’ pictures, texts, info to trick the other one. So, Lance thinks he’s talking to Keith, and vice versa and they both kind of really are talking to each other because the Catfisher is just using their own words and selfies and stuff to fuel the conversations. He’s just like this intermediary between the two.
  • Maybe Background Story: Catfisher always had a crush on Lance in high school, but Lance never really paid attention to him because he was kind of a loner. He wants to get back at him and starts talking to him online as another profile. Lance doesn’t really seem interested so he searches out another profile to Catfish Lance, aka Keith, some hot guy that he finds on a dating website (Shiro, Keith’s brother signed him up for it)
  • Chaos and Hilarity and Love ensue
    • They’ve been talking for like  couple months and Lance is slowly falling head over heels for this beautiful, violet eyed emo he met online. Keith is hesitant about the whole situation because some things just don’t seem right, but he really likes Lance and can’t understand why!
    • They have a lot of sweet conversations and Keith opens up sometimes about himself which he can’t really ever do. 
    • Catfisher fucks with certain details they text like where they live and stuff so they can’t meet up.
  • If we really want to do this right: Bring in our Nev and Max, aka Hunk and Pidge, who are actually Lance’s friends and run a youtube channel that debunks Catfishers and other internet hijinks. When they find out about Lance’s online crush they obviously do some research. 
  • Initiate, the hunt down! Pidge is a mastermind at hacking, it’s really not that hard for them to figure it out. They get in touch with Shiro somehow and plan a meet up and take down of the Catfisher
  • Lance and Keith finally meet up with Catfisher and all their friends and when they find out it’s actually kind of been them talking the whole time, they decide to try it out. 
  • Happily Ever After, the End. 

I am an endless well of AU ideas that i’ll never be able to write so if someone ever wants to write one, please let me know and go for it! :)

Believing in him

Sam x Reader  -Reader see herself differently because she is in a wheelchair . So when Sam is trying to flirt with her she pushes him away . But she finds out quickly that  Sam doesn’t give up so easily.

   You weren’t a hunter   you couldn’t fight hell you couldn’t even walk . You had been stuck in your chair since you were a teenager  the results of a drunk driver.    
   You had been with Sam and Dean for a while now  meeting them though bobby     you did most of the research for cases for them and did a lot of the cooking for them. It was the least  you could do  for them. Since it was all you could do for them.  

   So here you were currently suffering the internet for anything that could resemble a case for the guys to look into  . It had been a week since the last hunt and you knew they were both anxious to back on the road.  

 "Someone looks like they can use some hot chocolate “ you looked up as Sam walked up with a cup in hand.  You smiled as he  sat the cup down in front of you .  "thanks that does sound really good right now” you replied  

   You glanced back down at the computer screen with a sigh.. “ still looking for another case ” he asked as he settled down in the chair next to you   “ yeah but I am having no luck   it very quiet right now  ” you said leaning back and picking  up you cup  

 "That a good thing “ Sam said  you nodded throwing a glance at him over your cup . He was staring at you and you try to figure out from his expression what he was thinking . What he saw when he looked at you  

 You had known for a while how you felt about Sam . He was the most loyal and gentlest man you had ever met. He never made you feel like you were less because you were in a wheelchair .  

The way he look at you sometime just like now .. Cause  butterflies to bloom in your stomach and your heart to start to race. You tried to push the feelings aside  

” I thought you were anxious to get back on the road “ you said  he shrugged  "Dean is  but I am liking the down time ” he replied   “So why don’t you put down the computer and come watch a movie  with me instead just relax ” he asked  

 As he was saying this he was reaching over and shutting your laptop closed  but instead pulling his hand away it found it way to yours  .Fingers brushing up against yours  .  

   You wanted what you saw in his eyes  but something was holding you back  something lodged in the pit of your stomach that you couldn’t describe.  

   So you turned gaze away  from his and said “ Maybe another time  I am going to go rest in my room” you said quietly.. You heard him sigh and his hand was pulled back  

“Alright another time ” he said  and he stood up and you watched his disappear from the room . It was for the best  you though  you learned it the hard way that he maybe looking at you like  now but it wouldn’t last forever. It never did .  


   " hey “ You looked up from your book . Sam was leaning  against your doorway   arms folded  his chest . Your heart skip a couple beats  in your chest at the sight of him.  

” yeah what up  ? “ you asked  sitting up and closing your book "Dean wants to know if we want to go out tonight ” he said . “ Do you want to go ?” you asked  he just shrugged  

 " I guess it sounds fun and if you or Dean ended up going home with anyone you don’t have to worry about me  " you said scooting over to the edge of the bed  and pulling your chair over to it so you can slid onto it.  

 "  I am not going out tonight looking for someone" he said  You looked up meeting his gaze. You knew he wanted to say more but you spoke up before he could.  

“ well  I just wanted to put out there you don’t have to feel like you’re stuck with me all evening  in case  ” you said as you rolled yourself out of your bedroom.  


   The bar was loud with music and people.  Because it was hard for you  maneuver  though cowards   with your chair once you got the bar  the guys help  get  you to a spot at a table off to the side  

 Sam settled into the chair next to you  while Dean when to the bar to get drinks. He settled back into his chair  throwing an arm around your chair . You could feel  his hand brushing up against your shoulders.  

   It was hard to concentrated with him so close  when all you wanted to do is lean into him to his warmth that he was offering  . But you couldn’t do that  not now or ever.  

   Dean came back from the bar with drinks  " you going to mingle some tonight Sam ?“ Dean asked  you noticed  he slid a glance at you as he said this.   ” you go ahead I am good right here “Sam replied  

 Dean nodded but you though for a second you saw a little smile on his face before he turned and walked off from the table.  You turned and looked at Sam  

"Why don’t you go and mingle ?’ go talk to people ? It has to be a lot more exciting than sitting with me all evening.  ” you told him.   “ that just a matter of who you are asking ” he replied with a grin.  

   You sigh and took a sip of beer  but didn’t say anything.   You watch everyone on the dance floor . There were plenty of times that you wish that you could get  up and dance like  everyone else.

   "Dancing overrated “ Sam said and you looked at him and again he was looking at you instead of the people on the floor.  You couldn’t help the smile that made it way to your face  

 "Why do you say that ?’ you asked  he grinned and leaned forward so he be even closer to you . ” there are much better ways to get to know someone “ he said softly

   Your heart took off in your chest as your eyes met his everything around you seem to disappear and it was only just you and him.  

 It took everything in you to pull away from those eyes .. You heard him sigh.. Sadness mixed with frustration .. ” why don’t you talk to me ?“ he asked..    

 You lifted your gaze meeting his .. But before you  could say anything a young blond came strolling up to the table . She was all smile in her  tight blue  jeans and  even tighter blue tank top showing off  plenty of cleavage .

   Her green eyes were now locked in on Sam  ” How about a dance handsome ?“ she asked . You frown .. But you were fully expecting Sam to agree and slip out onto the dance floor  and pull the pretty girl  into his arms  

 But he didn’t  instead  a warm hand slip over your resting on the table  before he replied ” can’t my dance card is already full tonight  sorry “ he said with a easy smile on his face.  

 The girl looked at you and back at Sam but didn’t say anything just turned and disappeared.  You looked down at Sam hand on yours and then back up at him. He was looking you ..  

 "Why didn’t you go dance with her .. ?”  you asked  " she was pretty  " and she can dance with you “ you said .  Sam shook his head ” I told you dancing is overrated “ he said lacing his fingers  through yours .  

You didn’t pull away you enjoyed the warmth his hand provided. You sigh  .. ” this is not a good idea “ you told him. ” Why not ?“  he asked  

” Because  I am scared that you’re going to get tried of me ?“  you said and he frown at this  "Why ?” he asked “ because of everyone gets tired of me  ” you replied  

 "At some point  people just disappear from my life because I can’t keep up or whatever  reason . People just leave .. “ but I don’t  want that to happen with you ”  you told him honestly  

   " I don’t see that happening “ he said as he lifted your hand up to his lips to press a small kiss to it.   ” You say that now  " you replied but the air soon leaves your lungs as the small kiss to your hand is another and another  moving slowly up your arm  

    Your heart racing in your throat as the kisses brought  his head closer to yours despite  being  in a crowded bar   you felt like in this moment it was just you and him.  
   As he lifted his head and met your gaze  all the doubts you were having seem just disappear.  Then his mouth was on yours light and sweet. You wanted more and that surprised you how ok you were with that.  

 You open your eyes and  looked at Sam he was smiling softly .  " want to go back  home ?“ He asked ..  You grinned  ” you going to show me why Dancing overrated ?“ You asked  

 He laughed and pulled you into a more deeper kiss  ” let’s go “ he said  

Bear’s Story (part 4)

A couple weeks later, realizing that snapped wands were too powerful of a weapon, our DM concocted a method for Bear’s return. He took her player into a side room at the beginning of the session and nothing seemed to come of it for some time. The player just drew pictures while we hunted and fought a Remorhaz in the snowy mountain caves.
DM: Alright, and with that barrage of psionic arrows from Nomad, the Remorhaz is almost dead. (waits) Ahem, I said, ‘the Remorhaz is almost dead.’
Bear: Oh, right. Bear rips off the Remorhaz’s jaw from inside while growling fiercely as blood and brains rain down upon her. She then reaches back casually into its throat to grab her battle axe.
Cleric: “What, the? By the Light of Pelor, where have you been?”
Bear: “Bear no know. Bear got hot. Then scary guy make promise with Bear to return to her sorcerer.”
Sorcerer (while actually crying a little): He’s stunned, dumbstruck, jaw open and staring. “I never thought I’d see you again.”
Bear: I hug and lift the sorcerer. “You are my sorcerer. Bear always protect her sorcerer.”
And she did all the way until the end of the campaign a couple months later.

Stiles and Derek both getting stuck in Chicago waiting for their connecting flight to San Fransisco. 

They were on the same flight from JFK to O’Hare, Stiles noticed the hot bearded guy two rows up and Derek noticed the guy who looked familiar for some reason he couldn’t put his finger on. 

They end up sitting next to each other because there’s an outlet and Derek’s phone died somewhere around hour 3 of waiting for the flight and Stiles’ figured he’d get some work done while he was stuck in hell. 

Eventually they start talking, mostly because Stiles’ went to the bathroom and when he came back hot bearded guy who kindly offered to watch his bag was cornered by a woman in yoga pants and Uggs who looked like she wanted to eat him and the guy looked terrified. 

Stiles, being the hero that he is, slides next to hot bearded guy and wraps the arm not holding a cup of coffee around his waist, “Hey babe, sorry I took so long, the line at the coffee shop was crazy.”

“It’s okay, I was just telling this nice woman that our flight got delayed but we’re still hoping to make it home for Christmas,” the guy says and Stiles nods, giving the woman a cool smile. 

She takes the hint and walks away dejectedly.

“I’m Stiles,” Stiles says, removing his arm for the guys waist. 


They end up talking for hours. It turns out the reason Derek thought Stiles’ was familiar was because he was. Stiles had hung out with his younger sister when he was in high school. Stiles quietly admits that he had a crush on Derek his freshman year and Derek just smiled at him because he might have a crush on Stiles now.

By the time they get on their flight three hours later they had exchanged phone numbers and managed to get the man who was suppose to sit next to Stiles to swap so that they could keep talking. They don’t run out of things to talk about, in fact they’re both sad to part when they get off the flight. 

So they get coffee while in Beacon Hills. And then again when they’re both back in New York, though they don’t see each other as often as they’d like because Stiles lives in Queens and Derek lives in Chelsea. When they move in together 18 months later they get a little place in Brooklyn because it’s a compromise. 

And when their flight home for their wedding gets delayed at O’Hare, well it just seems fitting. 

I hope that Dennis comes back, expecting a warm welcome, and gets upset that everyone has moved on.

Charlie is panicking because the Waitress is stalking him. Dee is happy without Dennis, and she’s his goddamn sister. Frank is Frank, so there’s not much difference. Mac is dating a hot guy, and hell, maybe he’s part of the Gang now. They’re doing schemes; succeeding.

He’s been expecting some kind of admission of them missing him, and instead they’ve just moved on. They haven’t called, texted, emailed, wrote, or contacted him in any way since he left, and they don’t even seem to care now that he’s back.

He flips his shit on them, and decides to stay!

(Also, let’s be real here; do you really, honestly think he’s going to be able handle life with a normal woman and a child? What happens when he freaks out on their neighbour?)


(A/N): I also really like fics like this…

Request: If requests aren’t closed yet a Steve x reader where you’re a sarcastic badass rebellious hero with the power of spellcasting and you just joined the team and you and Steve are always clashing because you never follow his orders and you’re reckless after a bad mission you and him are arguing and in the middle of it you kiss him leading to a hot make out sessions afterwards things are awkward between the two of you so you guys avoid each other leaving the team to try and figure out what happened

Warnings: some swearing, a bit of angst

Originally posted by yalica

    “Oh my god (Y/N),” Steve sighs, pinching the bridge of his nose as he does so. “You directly and blatantly disregarded the entire plan-”

    “Steve!” You yell back, your nerves only urging you to scream at him rather than take a step back and realize that he was indeed correct. You had endangered the entire mission and Steve’s life, you used your power to cast a form of spell on the agents but it backfired, hitting Steve as well. Thank god you had noticed on time otherwise Steve would be dead, his organs melted just like those of the agents. “There was no plan! You told us to go in there and get the Intel, whatever it took-” 

    “I didn’t think killing me was going to be thrown into the mix!” Steve interrupts, glaring at you with harsh eyes. 

    “I didn’t mean to Steve! God, you’re so fucking dense-” 

   “No (Y/N),” Steve mutters through gritted teeth. “You are. I’m trying to tell you just how damn reckless you are and here you are turning the entire fucking thing back on me!” His voice is loud, his tone harsh, his eyes full of such intense anger it nearly shook (Y/N)’s sarcastic ego.

     You huff slightly, no words to say to this man, but no, you weren’t done, they were still mad and you were going to prove that you were. 

    “What? Now you just have nothing to say? What the hell is wrong with you (Y/N)-” Steve suddenly stops short when you lunge forward, grabbing the man and kissing him roughly. It was highly unexpected and you were most definitely waiting for him to shove you back and tell you to get the hell away from him but instead with an angry growl he kisses back, his lips gliding against yours, his teeth occasionally nibbling down on your lip. His hand glide down to your ass, giving it a good squeeze. 

   You knew this was wrong, this was your goddamn team captain for fuck’s sake and here you were, moaning into his mouth as he rubbed your ass, your lips sealed against his in a searing kiss. It felt wrong but god it felt so right too. 

    “Fucking reckless,” He growls against your lips, the sound making you feel all sorts of hot and bothered. “Endangering my life, the mission-”

    “Fuck Steve,” You whine against his lips, the soft growl that accompanied his words nearly making you weak in the knees. Steve takes the opportunity to slip his tongue into your mouth, making you moan even louder. 

   Somehow that, that stupid moan is what pulled you from your momentary haze of pleasure. You pull back immediately, panting softly as you stare up at Steve, who looks rather displeased at the fact you pulled away. But suddenly, it seems, it remembers too for his face lights up with what seems to be regret, shame, and embarrassment all rolled in one. 

    “Oh my god,” You breathe out, raking a hand through your messy hair. “Oh my god Steve, I-I’m so sorry-” You bite your lip, feeling completely and utterly awful about what you just did. 

    “Oh shit,” he breathes out, trailing a finger along his lips, as though he can still feel yours against his. “Did we just-” 

    “No,” You shake your head, vehemently wanting it to not be true. “No, It can’t. You’re my superior and we just- oh god,” Steve seems to get his bearings about him, standing up in his captainly, motherish way. 

    “We don’t have to freak out, no one else was here so no one else needs to know, we’ll keep this between us, think that sounds doable?” You nod your head, sighing shakily as you do so. “Good,” Steve nods, letting his gaze drop to the floor, a bit to embarrassed to truly face you. 

   You both stand in an awkward silence for what felt like ages before you both moved, Steve pointing to the front of the Aven-jet muttering something along the lines of ‘Gotta get us home’ while you gesture to the bathroom, muttering your own little excuse. 

    Without a moment to waste you both rush to your places, Steve locking himself in the pilot’s seat while you lock yourself in the small bathroom, your heart pounding against your chest. 

   You really had just kissed your team captain, the man you looked up to. You didn’t even know what came over you, it had just happened. Perhaps it was the adrenaline left over from battle maybe it was the way he had looked so amazing when he looked mad- No! You couldn’t think like this. Groaning softly you smack your head against your wall. This was no way to think about someone superior than you, way superior. He was the leader of the Avengers, an America hero and you had just gone in and kissed his lips as though it were nothing. Your heart sinks to your chest and you feel as though you may be sick at the realization of what you just did. 

    “Oh god,” You whisper, clutching your stomach as waves of sickness wash over you. “Oh my god-” 

    “(Y/N),” There came a gentle knock at your door, the voice belonging to none other than Steve himself. “We land in half an hour…you okay?” He asks warily, his voice a bit quieter than the first part of his sentence. 

   “Y-Yeah,” You stutter, staring down at the floor below you. “Just some after mission nerves,” You lie, hoping he wouldn’t see through you. Thankfully for you, he either believed your lie or he didn’t care enough to truly question you. There are no sound of footsteps for a moment, as though Steve is lingering by the door, and then you can hear the soft sound of his boots on the flooring of the jet, briskly walking away from the door. You stomach your nerves the best you could, breathing in deeply before pushing open the door, casting Steve a small smile as you took your seat in the co-pilot chair. 

    The two of you refuse to make any eye contact, Steve keeping his gaze glued to the sky ahead of him and you to your hands in your lap. You could already tell that this was going to be one long and painful journey back home. 

    It had been weeks since the kissing incident and things hadn’t gotten any better, despite the way you had wanted them to. The two of you were so painfully awkward that every team member had picked up on it. The two of you could barely make eye contact let alone converse with each other which often led to problems. The two of you could no longer communicate your issues, Steve was unable to tell you about missions, and you were unable to be your usual snarky self.

     Everything felt so wrong and so fucked up that it almost physically pained you. If it hadn’t been for you and your stupid behavior you wouldn’t even be in this damn situation. Really, all of this was your fault; it was your fault Steve couldn’t give you any direction, it was your fault there was this underlying contention with the team, it was your fault that the Avengers were literally falling apart at the seams. 

    It seemed there were a few ways to fix this; talk to Steve, try to let it work out on it’s own, or take matters into your own hands and given that you were the cause of all this you only found it appropriate to go with the last option. 

    “You’re quitting the team?” Steve asks, half in disbelief the other half what you almost thought to be sad. You nod solemnly, hanging your head in shame. 

    “I’m sorry Steve,” You whisper, “I  can’t do this anymore, with all this tension and awkwardness-” 

    “We can fix it,” Steve whispers, his voice in an almost pleading tone. “Please, this team can’t lose you-” 

    “I’m sorry Steve but I think it’s for the best. I was the one who caused this and I’m the one who needs to fix it and if that means leaving the team,” You sigh, hesitantly placing down your infamous weapon, a small ring bestowed upon you by Doctor Strange, one to help you harness your power, the one that had made you a star Avenger. “Then so be it,” 

anonymous asked:

H and y/n go out to a club and he sees some random guy cornering you he goes out to defend you, you're thankful but super turned on about seeing him being so manly and protective. You drag him into the bathroom and have hot ROUGH messy sex.

Rating: R
Warnings: I’m back with some smut
Category: Smut, Jealous/protective Harry smut.
Word Count: 2,888 (requests aren’t normally this long, sorry!)
Request:  I’M BACKKK!!!

Note: I’m in the biggest fluff mood, and I really wanted to get in the smut mood so. Let’s do this. It’s crappy, i’m sorry. But i wanted to get back to filling requests so here’s one that caught my eye from the list.

16. Mine? Yours.

History. You and Harry had history. It was the not so typical “could have dated, but didn’t, even though you wanted to” story. In other words Harry was there for you when you needed an extra hand to scratch that itch you called sexual frustration, and you were there for him. Friends, that should have dated, but instead hopped the whole relationship thing and went straight into the pleasure. Although by now it was something normal and being completely honest, you looked like a couple all the time, your small fights and cute conversations. It was a relationship without the labels, and sometimes you didn’t know if that’s what you wanted.

You had talked about that with Harry. How there was nothing actually going on between you two and that maybe, the “help” you gave each other should stop. You should both allow yourselves to find something, someone else, that could last. That felt real. You and Harry had been friends for a long time and though this meant that he had to stop himself from calling you about his boner in the middle of the night, he understood. It was just turning a bit suffocating. There was something missing, and you weren’t his, and he wasn’t yours, and there was nothing to do about it. It was just sexual attachment. You were both drowning in that weird no relationship thing, and you were only getting older. And he, too, thought it was maybe time to really search for something.

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You know what I really want? I want a curvy girl to get the hot guy in a movie, and it not be some kind of joke. Seems like no matter what, the love interest of the curvy girl is either really dorky, or he likes her “in spite of her body”. I want him to fall in love with her and think shes hot as shit, and it not be some kind of fetish, or whatever. I want him to like her for her looks AND her personality. Can that be a thing? I need that to be a thing.

I’m not an unreasonable person. All I want is a College Percabeth AU in which Piper and Thalia convince Annabeth to go to a party and she ends up pretty drunk and eventually finds her way back to her dorm. But the next morning she wakes up so some guy screaming, and she nearly pisses herself because this isn’t her bed and why is this really hot guy screaming, but then she starts screaming because she was in bed with some stranger. Next thing she knows this blonde kid falls out of the top bunk and starts screaming, then some hispanic kid from next door bursts in, followed by a guy with curly brown hair loaded down with coffee and everyone is still screaming and next thing you know Piper shows up from the floor bellow them telling them to shut up because she can hear them from downstairs and sees Annabeth in bed with the one guy she recognizes from the swim team and goes “Niceeeeee”. Once everyone calms down Annabeth finds out that she was technically in the right room just the wrong floor and had been spooning with the captain of the swim team all night. Thats all I want guys.

Guys I can’t stop looking at this one… what is my problem?

I mean just LOOOOK…

(gif by @hypernovadust)

There is some beautiful, so sweet, so heartbreaking and even a bit hot about it i’m honest. Maybe its just the way the are wrapped around each other rather at that moment.   Her hand on the back of his neck, tangled in h is hair and that face dive he does into her shoulder. 

They definitely do not want to let go and  he definitely dosen’t want to leave. Must’ve taken a hell of an effort  to walk away is all i’m saying. 

I mean if this not ‘hugging the shit out of someone you love more than life itself and have to leave even though you don’t want to’ kind of thing I don’t know what what is. 

Yeah i’m gonna keep looking at this one for awhile cause…daym…

My mom reacts to the men of MK X


Mom: Wow….I don’t know he’s kind of sexy but…weird looking. I love his eyes though!


Mom: Looks like a woman with a beard…dude needs to man up.


Mom: There’s an actual black man is this? Wow I hope he’s not dead. He’s pretty good lookin, I’m lovin the beard and the metal arms too.


Mom: Eh…he’s hot…but he’s not. If that makes sense.


Mom: Oh look it’s Daredevil!


Mom: This man is in dire need of some lotion…and some food.

Kano (Revolution)


Regular Kano

Mom: Okay…what the hell happened?

Klassic Kano


Erron Black

Mom: HA! Maybe it’s Mabelline!


Mom: Aww he looks like a sad little schoolgirl. Who punched his nuts?

Kotal Kahn 

Mom: Why is he blue and naked? 

Kotal Kahn (Alternate costume)

Mom: That is NOT the same guy! That man is pasty as hell! 

Quan Chi

Mom: ….Victoria what the hell is that?


Mom: What the fuck is that!? Some of these men look really strange…


“The procession started outside the church, on Church Row. The lorry was pointed downhill and we were on the back of the lorry. I can still feel the lurch as the driver let the handbrake off on the way down, because you’re standing on the back of a lorry and it’s quite precarious!

“When we were going down King’s Drive, some of the other guys were playing - I don’t know why I wasn’t playing. We didn’t notice him [Rod’s Dad, James Davis] take the photograph. There’s one photograph where John is singing with his eyes closed. I’m standing, leaning against the back of the cab, and it must have been a hot, sticky day because my glasses have slipped down my nose. I’m pushing my glasses back up my nose and the banjo’s at my feet, in the case. Then we noticed it was my dad so there’s a second photograph where we’ve all turned around to look at him, but John unfortunately is obscured by Len. That particular photograph had been undiscovered from 1957 until 2009.

“Paul McCartney arrived on his bicycle and saw us playing. I met Paul in 2005, bumped into him on the seafront in Brighton. He said, “Oh, you must have been there on the day I first met John at St. Peter’s?”

“I said, “Yeah, in the famous photograph, I’m standing behind John’s right shoulder.” So he remembers it, I don’t remember him!

“Apparently at some stage during the day - and there are various contradictory versions of what happened - John and Paul were introduced by Ivan Vaughn (there doesn’t seem to be any doubt about that bit). No one invited Paul to join that night. Lennon is on record in an interview saying, “I immediately saw how fantastic he was and I asked him to join there and then!” Well, no, that didn’t happen. Pete and John were walking home because they both lived very close to each other, and John said to Pete (this is from Pete’s own mouth), “What did you think to Ivan’s friend then? Should we have him in the group?” and Pete said, “Yeah, I think he’s good. We should have him in the group.” So if Pete hadn’t said that, if Pete had said, “No, I think he’s an idiot,” then he wouldn’t have been in!

“I remember going to Aunt Mimi’s and there was somebody else there. I said to John, “Who’s that? Who’s this?” and he said, “Oh this is Paul. He’s come to listen to us practice,” so obviously by that time, he’d been invited to join the group.”

[Rod Davis, Banjo player in The Quarraymen, via The Liverpool Echo, 2017]

Photos - James Davis, taken on 6th July, 1957, the day John met Paul. (John with his eyes closed in the centre of the first photo)

Fake Service Dogs

I’m BEYOND pissed
This is what happened at REI tonight with a fake service dog (REI’s near me only allow service animals). I went in with Kasida to get her some boots for the hot pavement. I was putting one on her to make sure it fit after I measured her paw. My back was facing the main aisle and I hear Kasida start to whine. I heard a commotion behind me and stood up. There was a dog lunging at Kasida and if I hadn’t have stood up I would have gotten attacked. Kasida freaked out and backed up and got caught on a basket. It took me 15 minutes to get her unhooked from it. My mom yelled at the guy and asked if it was a service dog and he smirked and nodded his head. I AM ABSOLUTELY FURIOUS. First your pet was going to attack my dog. Second of all its illegal to fake a service dog. Third of all Kasida is a seizure alert dog. My seizures tend to be violent and can become life threatening. Your stupid dog could have made her miss an alert, and if she had and I had a seizure, I’d potentialy be in the hospital or worse. DO NOT FAKE SERVICE ANIMALS. DO NOT HARRASS SERVICE ANIMALS. DO NOT INTERACT WITH THEM.
Sorry for the rant

What I’ve learned of Prince Lotor

SO this guy is mentioned at the end of season two of voltron, and this is what I’ve figured out based on Tumblr:

-He’s from the original show from the 80′s

-He is Zarkon’s son

-He has the hots for Allura(or he did at some point)



-Everyone is shipping him with Lance and I’m kind of okay with this 

-the ship name is Lancelot 

-everyone is either really scared that he’s coming back or really excited

-he’s bi as fuck

-apparently pretty sassy

-isn’t happy about how connected he is to his father

That’s all I’ve got if anyone can confirm anything for me please do I’m all for it educate me

Asagao shane and some asagao flowers! Because I mean, why not, right? 

I posted the rough sketch of this Asagao Shane drawing quite a while back, intending to finish it with traditional media. I DID finish it, but I didn’t like how some of the colors looked in the finished product, so I reworked parts of it digitally anyways.

It’s still something of a hot mess, but I like it nonetheless.

…And, I hope some of you guys like it too! <3