some has to have made this joke tho

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Have you seen keemstar's video about jack's response and if so, what are your thoughts on it? I think he actually made some valid points for once.

I saw some shit on twitter, Keem pointing out that Jack’s made jokes like that himself plenty of times. I watched Jack’s video and I do disagree with him on the most part, in terms of the feelings thing. Again, free speech absolutist. Though, I think Disney has a right to drop them tho. Throwing away all that hard work was bullshit, however.

Idubbbztv is with them I believe..? Which, tumblr NEVER pisses themselves over the cancer crew, so.

See, I fucking love Jack. But I can see he’s not on a good side in this. In my eyes. People accusing my of fuckin stanning my favorites, they’re just mad that I don’t agree with them 100% and the world does not revolve around them.

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I saw @janieGAR tweeted a link to B's complete setlist for Rabobank. 25 songs which include 4 from IIH. That's a long setlist, i was expecting B to cut down to maybe 20 to make time for 2 openers . At first look I think B has left out Nobody but me, My Eyes and Kiss my country ass (maybe a nod to the political climate atm?) this time around. Over , Baby and Goodbye time has not made a comeback. Unbelievable how many hit songs B have. I don't care for Over or My Eyes tho.

Hmm interesting. Looks like Blake likes changing up some of the songs. For instance, he put The More I Drink back in. I don’t think there was any political reasons for the songs he excluded though lol. Blake is definitely not a political guy. But at least he had to come up with a new joke to put before AGWAG.


EnterVOID is doing another death tourney and I am a sucker and whatnot. The difference is this time it has a 3 page max cap. SO I decided I’d make a transfer student anime main protag joke character to be my character. I actually like the design now that I have finished it, didn’t think I would. By the time I hit the front cover tho I was feeling pretty tired haha. Tried some new-ish things on the colouring and stuff.

So I took the joke the full way and made a fake anime cover. I got the template by googling it, I didn’t make the template - but I don’t know who did. Anyway the cameos on the back page are other entrants to the tournament, minus Dawg’s character JPOP who I am going to use as the teacher haha.

Should be fun to try and figure out ways to kill other characters with this character in 3 pages.

Anyway her name is Ai.