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Mean - Part 7 (end) [Harrison Osterfield imagines]

A/N it’s the last chapter of Mean!! I’m very thankful for everyone who has supported the series and being so understanding when I couldn’t post some chapters :”) I hope you guys like the last chapter. Do send me requests okays!!

Pairings: Harrison Osterfield x reader

Word Count: 2, 225

Warnings: none


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You step into the coffee shop. You were here to meet Harrison after calling him 20 minutes ago. Turns out he was at the coffee shop getting some hot chocolate, so he told you to come immediately.

You wriggled out of your scarf and draped it over your arm. You presumed that Harrison had found a seat, and bought both of you a hot chocolate. You spotted Harrison at a two seater table. Someone was sitting across him, her back facing you. Was it her? Did he bring her along? He wouldn’t… Would he? You furrowed your brows.

“Y/N.” Harrison rose from his seat. You kept your gaze on her and frowned. You could see him from you peripheral vision. His eyes darted to her, then too you.

“No… it’s not…”

She had caught on, sensing your presence She too stood up, scanned you, and scoffed, as if she was disgusted by you. You scanned her too. Louis Vuitton pea coat, Hermes scarf, Prada handbag. She looked expensive. And you looked, like an average mediocre person.

“You!” She pointed her finger at you, her manicured nails seemed to threaten you. They seemed as sharp as a knife, ready to slit your throat at any moment.

“Kat. Stop.” Harrison said sternly, tugging at her arm. She obviously didn’t want to be tamed. She rolled her eyes and freed herself from his grip.

“How dare you ruined my relationship? How dare you mess with Haz and I?” She took a step closer to you, her tall figured shadowed over yours.

“What…?” You frowned. You? Ruining her relationship? All you did was spill juice on Haz and pour pink paint on him.

“How could you? I made him so happy, and you, how dare you steal him from me?” She hissed, picking up a coffee cup. You knew this wasn’t going to end well. Before you could react, she raised the cup, and dumped it’s contents on you. You frowned, looking down at the coffee that started to seep into the coat. The brown liquid had stained your favourite grey coat. You sighed softly. It was the coat you had painstakingly saved up for. It cost a fortune for you, mainly because you were new in the working world.

“Kat. I said stop it. She did nothing.” Harrison gripped onto her skinny arm. He stared at her coldly as she struggled to break free. You thanked the stranger who handed you tissues, and gave a rather defeated smile when the stain wouldn’t come off.

“Yes she did! She ruined what we had. She ruined our love!” She insisted and stomped a foot on the ground. She was facing Harrison, inches away from him. She glowered in anger, ready to release that pent up emotions any second.

“She did nothing. It was all me.” He said firmly. She stepped back, shocked to hear the news. “I thought you loved me…” You heard her whisper as pain started to show on her face. She had realised that you weren’t at fault. She sniffled a little, before she picked up her bag and left.

“Y/N… I’m sorry… I…”

You turned away and found your way into the restroom. You peeled off the coat that turned a chestnut brown. You ran water through it, soaking it through. The coffee refused to wash off, so you sighed in defeat.

“Y/N…” Harrison knocked on the door.

The coat was past saving. You knew dry cleaning wouldn’t help. The coat had gone to waste. You cursed as you thought about the cold. There was no point in calling a cab, so you had to walk two blocks back to the apartment in the cold of the night.

You opened the restroom door, a ruined coat in hand. Harrison looked at you, he looked guilty. You brushed past him, ignoring the words he had to say.

“Y/N… I’m sorry.” He repeated. You groaned and faced him. “Sorry isn’t going to cut it Osterfield.” You snapped and exited the coffee shop, only to be welcomed by a cold breeze. You wrapped your scarf around your neck, and hugged your body.

“What happened to you? You look frostbitten.” Tom mentioned when you walked into the house. In his hand was a cup of hot chocolate, and he was wrapped in a wool blanket.

You walked up to him, and yanked the blanket off him. You took the hot chocolate from his hand, and downed the contents in seconds. You were freezing.

“What happened to your coat?” He frowned, moving over to the cupboard. He took out a few more blankets and wrapped them around you.

“Kat ruined it.”

“I thought it was just you and Haz?” He poured hot water into a hot pack, and proceeded to make a cup of hot chocolate. You hugged the hot pack, letting out a groan as warmth started to comfort you.

“Yea turns out she was there.” You heard Tom curse under his breath. Something along the lines of ‘what a dick’. You shrugged it off. There was no point in being mad at her. It was obvious that they were over, and you were rather happy at the thought of it.

“Still cold love?” He hummed, leaning over the counter. You nodded. The cold has somehow gotten to you again.

“Let’s warm you up.”

You were in the kitchen, busy cooking breakfast. You had to cook whatever Tom requested, as a thank you for warming you up last night. It was just a few hugs, but he insisted on having a ‘thank you breakfast’.

“Oh my Lord. Your scrambled eggs are divine.” Tom moaned as he shoved a spoonful into his mouth. He cleaned the plate within minutes, and requested for your famous grilled cheese sandwiches next.

“Morning Haz.” Tom said as Harrison stumbled into the kitchen, still groggy from his sleep.

“Scrambled or grilled cheese?” You said, not looking up from the pan that now seemed too interesting.

“Both.” He muttered, slipping into a seat next to Tom.

You heard whispers between the two of them, but you couldn’t make out a single word. Maybe you were too focused on cooking.

You spun around with plates of food in hand. The two of them shot up, and sat up straight, pretending as if nothing had happened.

“Uhm… I gotta go Y/N. Uh… Someone… called. Thanks for the grilled cheese though.” He picked up the sandwich with one hand, letting out a gasp at how hot it was. You shook your head and smirked at his accident.

You leaned on the counter, looking down at your plate, moving your food around. You didn’t know what to say to Harrison.

“I’m sorry.” He started. You looked up. It was the 50th time he had said it. You nodded your head, indicating that it was alright.

“She ruined your favourite coat. Let me make it up to you. Dinner tonight. Dress nice okay?” You frowned a little, and looked up at him. Dinner? With Harrison? It was a chance to actually talk to him, so why not?

“Sur… sure.” You stuttered out, stepping away from the counter to clean the dishes.

You headed back to your room after the dishes were cleaned. You pushed open the door, and saw a paper bag sitting on your bed. It was from Zara. You frowned. You didn’t buy anything, especially not from Zara. It was out of your usual budget.

A note sat by the bag.

Sorry about your coat! Hope you like this one!

You peered into the bag. You took the coat out, holding it in front of you, admiring it. A light grey pea coat. Why would Harrison trouble himself to get you another coat? You had other coats. You didn’t need this.

“I can’t accept this.” You said when he opened his door. You put the coat into his arms. He frowned.

“Why not? Your favourite coat is ruined.” He puts it back in your arms, insisting that you keep it.

“It’s too expensive. Plus I have other coats.” You said nicely, and shoved the coat back into his hands.

“Too bad. No exchange policy!” He shrugged and draped it around you. “Just take it.” He said and shut the door in your face. You groaned. It was a nice coat, but would it be too hurtful to your pride to accept it? It probably wasn’t, since he wanted to give it to you.

You stared at yourself in the mirror, the grey coat draped around your figure. You sighed. You were dressed for dinner with Harrison, but you didn’t know if your outfit was good enough. A burgundy skater dress, black leggings and a pair of black boots. You frowned. Did the colours match?

The knock on your door startled you. Tom entered, surprised at what you were doing.

“I think you look great. Burgundy and grey suit you.” Tom folded his arms, inspecting your outfit like a fashion designer. You smiled at him, signalling a 'thank you’

“I hope your date with him goes well. I fully approve of your relationship with him.” Tom rested his hands on your shoulders. You nodded dumbly, as if he were your father watching out for you on your first date.

“Thanks Holland. Don’t miss me too much.” You exited the room, to see Harrison with a bouquet of roses in his hands, and a wide smile on his face.

“You look beautiful.” He handed the roses to you. “Thank you Haz.” You smiled sweetly, and passed them to Tom so that he could get a vase for them. The two of you left for your date.

You were at a rather fancy restaurant. It was a sushi restaurant, both Harrison and your favourite food.

“I bet, your favourite sushi is Uni, because it puts you and I together.” Harrison joked as he picked up a piece of Uni. You giggled a little, and proceeded to pick up a piece of fish from the sushi.

“You’re oFISHally the worst date I’ve had.” You teased. Harrison pretended to sulk, then pout. Gosh, this man was too adorable. You smiled at his now happy self. He was doing things to you.

“You know…” He started off. You knew it wasn’t a joke this time. “I’m sorry. For everything. It was stupid of me. I was having a chat with Kat over coffee last night an-” you cut him off.

“It’s alright Haz. Don’t be too beat up about it.” You smiled, resting a hand on his. He held your hand in his, his thumb caressing your skin. It was comforting, like how he was before all this started.

You sat on the bench, looking up at the night sky. The stars twinkled, lighting up the navy blue sky. You rested your head on Harrison’s shoulder. Both of you have yet to confess your feelings, but you felt that you should go first.

“Harrison…” You looked at him. He looked down at you.

“I… think I’m in love with you.” You breathed out. “I’ve fallen so hard. Ever since that day, we were right on this bench. We almost kissed. And I think that’s when I started falling. I fell so hard. I was so hurt when I saw you with Kat. I was planning to tell you about my feelings that night, but I couldn’t bring myself to. That’s why I treated you so terribly. I was so mean, because I wanted to hold my feelings at bay. I’m sorry for that. But the thing is… I love you so so much.” You stared into his electric blue eyes. A grin now plastered on his face.

“Gosh Y/N…” He was overjoyed. His face lit up instantly, standing up and pulling you in for a hug. “I love you too. Ever since we were young. I have loved you. I was mean because Tom was after you, and I needed to stop myself from falling even harder, but I did. And I thought Kat was perfect for me, but being with her made me realise that… you… it will only be you.” He picked you up, and spun you around. Overwhelmed with joy, you let out a giggle. Finally, the weight had been lifted off your shoulders. You could be with the man you love.

He set you down back onto your feet, but his hold on you stayed. His hands rested on your hips. He stared into your eyes, pure bliss was evident in them. You wrapped your arms around his neck, smirking at the blue eyed boy.

“I hope Tom doesn’t interrupt us this time.” He said before pressing his lips against yours. Your lips moved in synchronisation as he pulled you closer. Your heart fluttered, a giggly feeling bubbled inside of you. It was phenomenal.

You pulled away from the kiss when you heard a loud ribbit. You frowned as you looked to where the sound had come from. Your shoulder. You peered over, only to be met with a slimy frog. You shrieked and fell over in shock. Harrison doubled over in laughter. It was obviously his doing. You huffed as your realised you had landed in mud, and the coat was now dirtied.

“You’re mean Osterfield.” You scoffed, throwing some mud at him.

“But you love me.”


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He’s still here

This happened to me about a year ago.  There is this old man in town and one June day I was going shopping for a wedding card and gift for my cousin.  I was walking home wearing shorts, a t-shirt, hat, and sneakers when this old man who I call “Creepy Guy” shouted a sexually explicit comment to me.  I kept going and trying to ignore him and his comments.

Every time he saw me he’d get close to me and make more comments to me.  I said the “I have a boyfriend” lie but that wouldn’t stop him.  I reported it to the police but they shrugged and said “He’s like that to all women.”

Some time later I was at the post office and he came in.  He gave me this lecherous grin and gave this sickening “Found you!” in a sing song voice.  Finally I had enough and firmly told him to leave me alone and to no longer make any sexual comments at me.

He flew off the handle.  He called me a lot of vile names with “bitch” being the least bad word he used.  He went on saying that I “deserved” and “needed to be” raped to “teach me a lesson.“  He went on to say other things saying that I needed to be sold into slavery, abused, and force fed medicine for mental illness.  Every other insult was calling me a “crazy bitch” and saying that I “deserved” to be raped.

Again the police were notified but they said they couldn’t do anything unless he threatened or assaulted me.  He would constantly refer to me as “that crazy bitch” when the police were talking to him.   When confronted he never denied his behavior or his claims that I deserved to have bad things happen to me.

Unfortunately he’s still here and free to harass women.  Now I often see more women cross the street when he’s around.

Funtastic Fun

Growing up in a very large city, you would think that I wouldn’t have much access to the cursed locations so prevalent in small towns. But my life, eh, finds a way.

Between the ages of eight and ten years old, my father and brother and I (and once a small birthday party of children) would visit such a cursed place a few times a year. I do not remember my first visit and I do not remember the last. My brother and I rarely discuss it, as discussing it feels more like talking about an episode of The Twilight Zone or a shared fever dream than a childhood memory. This was the world of Funtastic Fun.

Funtastic Fun was in one of the seedier parts of town, just outside of the main city on the far south of a street called Broadway (which you couldn’t and shouldn’t really go down or get to without a car or taxi.) It had been open in some incarnation or another since the 1980s and was a chronically failing indoor children’s amusement park and arcade. My dad liked it because it was like Chuck E. Cheese’s without the high cost; we liked it because it was never crowded.

The place was a Bosch painting of a carnival, set onto moldy carpet rather than asphalt. In one corner lived the food court and arcade, which my brother and I never visited, but everywhere else there were the rides. Set behind low vaguely threatening gates, they were the reason we came here. 

The Bounce House

Set in the furthest corner of the park, the bounce house was flanked by two giant inflatable clown heads on pikes rather than a simple doorway, and, like everything in Funtastic Fun, was coated in grime. It was overinflated, enormous, and completely unsupervised- the only rule was that you had to take your shoes off (and leave the rest of your clothes on.) 

The Ball Pit

The one place that never tempted me as a kid. I was against ball pits on principle to begin with, they’re basically holes with visible germ spheres, but the Funntastic Fun ball pit was less about ‘gross, some kid probably peed in here’ and more about ‘I think a child was murdered in here in 1994 and they never bothered to fish the body out.’ It was weirdly shallow but you could still never find the bottom. The one time I was in there I grabbed at something coming out that was either rotting food or black mold.

Miscellaneous Artifacts

The middle of the ‘park’ was a kind of no-man’s land where toddlers would usually chose to have tantrums. There was a slide, and one of those oversized barrels made for running/crawling in that was somehow both tacky and slippery (watching kids play in it was like watching feral hamsters.) The most terrifying was an enormous teddy bear that was probably infested with things still unknown to science. You could climb up into its lap and take a picture, but it was sort of like reliving the awful experience of a Mall Santa except now with an elder god. The bear smelled like a mummy. 

The Ferris Wheel

The ferris wheel was probably the only thing luring kids and their parents into this place, as you could see it peeking through the one spot of plexiglass in the institution-like building (it was unpainted concrete but hastily decorated with brightly striped banners and window paint; the kid’s version of a neon sign for a strip club.) The cars of the ferris wheel were shaped like hot air balloons, and they would travel in a lazy arc for a little over five minutes. The whole thing was surprisingly fit to safety codes, probably because it was so popular, but that didn’t exempt the inside of the cars from being coated in gum and the carved initials of the odd teenager that had wandered into the hellscape. The most striking thing was the poorly painted mural of forests and clouds behind it, making it feel like a trap that was trying to lull kids into a false sense of wonder.

The Whip

The park had all sorts of more normal rides- teacups, a miniature train, and a carousel being the most popular- but an absolute favorite was the park’s resident safety hazard. The Whip is actually a fairly common fair and park ride (albeit usually with a less threatening name that isn’t hastily scrawled on a hand-drawn sign), it’s a short track with carts on it that ‘whips’ you around in a circle. This thing was exactly that, but ‘built for kids’ with much smaller carts painted like ladybugs and race cars… plus the fact that the track and carts were perpetually rusted. This made it so that the ride would run fairly slowly to begin with but with everything shaking at incredible speed, until you were taking the corners of the circle hard enough for a neck injury. 

The Wall

Without a doubt my favorite place in this G-rated Carnival of Souls; for all the wrong reasons. If the rest of the park was a bit creepy, the wall of shadows was downright horrifying. It was kind of hidden in the back of the whole thing near some funhouse mirrors. It was very quiet, very musty, and very dark, which was a nice relief for my sensory disorder but also felt like being inside of a stranger’s closet. An entire wall of this alcove was coated in a plastic substance the color of the ‘minty’ walls of a hospital or the sick of Regan in The Exorcist. You would stand against it for a few seconds and then step back and see your shadow stuck to it. My brother and I invested far too much of our time with it, begging to visit the wall ‘for one last go’ before each visit was over. I remember my dad didn’t much care for it, and I didn’t have the words or the emotional range to tell him that I didn’t like it either, so much as I was fascinated by it. 

That moment you would unstick yourself from the wall to look at your shadow is something that is probably the strongest tactile memory of my childhood. It was cold like any plastic, but would warm up the longer you stood there, and when you peeled yourself away it was sticky like flypaper. Like all the grime of that place was trying to take you with it. Looking at your shadow was even worse, not euphoric but disquieting. It was you, but, not. I once read an article in a local magazine that mentioned that the wall looked like pictures of the aftereffects of the A-bomb, and given that thinking about the whole experience as an adult the author that comes to mind is Ray Bradbury (and That One Scene in There Will Come Soft Rains) I can’t help but to agree.

Although a related location opened the next town over that used some of the old equipment, the original Funtastic Fun shut down in 2011. I remember driving by it in high school and seeing the shell of the building, and my brother and I both exclaiming in alarm. My dad snorted at us, ‘guys, Funtastic Fun was gross. You were the ones that told me that when we stopped going.’

‘Yeah, we know.’ We both murmured, but neither of us blinked until it rounded the corner.

I Love and Appreciate All of You

Sugar Babes are strong in numbers :)

Thank you so much for the recent support over my last post. I am fine and blessed. I can tell some of you or maybe a lot of you went to this guy because he found the post, even commented 😂 Karma is a bitch dude. The Tumblr account he made is called laughablesdblacklist btw. Lol

Since then I’ve found a guy who has gone above and beyond to take care of me after I told him what happened with my last. I recently had an all day spa day. Mani, Pedi, Massage, Facial with more to come.

Good things come back around. If you fail, get up again!

Originally posted by galatarakisi

heckofabecca replied to your post “I got this weird e-mail from some guy saying he found me…”

no, that’s not how things work dude

diocletianscabbagefarm replied to your post

“I got this weird e-mail from some guy saying he found me…”

he expects a prompt response? man he can bugger off big time

Right? It’s like … yeah, doesn’t everyone go into literary criticism to teach writing to twelve-year-olds? He could have at least picked someone in composition, lol. 

madamovary replied to your post: “I got this weird e-mail from some guy saying he found me…”:

someone told him grad students/academics are all poor and will tutor cheaper than professional tutors. he probably emailed literally everyone in the english department, or everyone who looked under 40, or everyone under a certain degree cutoff. i got one of these once for like, GRE prep for some random high schooler when i was at UT Austin.

Ahh, so this is a Thing. Lovely. 

i revamped my gifs so i figured i might as well post them all up as a resource for you guys! as if there’s not enough holland roden gif icons out there yet but whatever, here have some sh*t lmao

below the cut you will find #177 100x100 roleplayable gif icons for holland roden, known for her role as lydia in teen wolf, or so i’ve been told. none of the gifs belong to me, and credit to @ddlovatosrps for the gif hunt used. like or reblog if you found this resource useful!

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Beast Gets Cut

The tale of my first surgery and what it was for…

So earlier this week I had an experience, an “adventure” unlike any other; having done such a very good job of avoiding hospitals until this point, at 32 years old the time finally came for my first surgery. 

It was quite a thing, let me tell you, from start to finish. I’ve never actually had to be treated in hospital for a single thing, and can count on one hand the number of times I’ve had to visit one. And this is the story of how it went. If you want to hear what it was for… I’ll save that to the end. You can skip ahead if you like, or read on…

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Happy Day-Late Birthday, Welcome to Hell!!!

You might have seen me reblog a few posts about it now (because you guys are more on top of things than I am, apparently), but we’ve just had our first birthday!

June 5th, 2013, I posted the most recent version of my mostly-finished senior thesis film, Welcome to Hell.  (Well, according to you guys anyway.  I can’t find the actual date becasue tumblr and vimeo just kind of round it off, but I’ll take your word for it!!)

I suppose I posted it on vimeo un-privatized around that time.  But I remember posting it here on tumblr on the 9th.

I had it queued to post at a specific time that night, and I left to go eat dinner and watch the Tony Awards.  When I sat back down at my computer an hour later,  I found that it had already been published (whoops), and had hundreds of notes!! 

The notes kept growing and I watched somewhat anxiously waiting for a terrible response, but it never came.  The views kept growing in the coming weeks, and a few people started drawing fanart… and then that caught on, and I would wake up every morning and check the tags to find new stuff… it was crazy. 

A few weeks into it, I thought, ’well, surely this will die down pretty soon’. 

And here we are.

Well okay, that’s an exaggeration.  The activity in the tags kind of ebbs and flows, there have been some droughts, but it’s a year later and I’m still reblogging fanart and reading people’s headcanons and giving novel-length answers to asks that only warranted short ones! 

People have shared their thoughts with me, with each other… people have made friends, and started Skype groups, and wiki pages…  people have told me they’ve met their partners through their shared interest in the film.  People have found love!  People have told me the ways in which they relate to the characters; why it’s important for them to view Sock as media representation for their gender identity.  People have posted the drawings from the margins of their school notebooks, graffiti on their desks, yearbooks, posted selfies of their cosplays they’re working on, made Sock-hat tutorials!!  I’ve even received some nice gifts from you guys!  I’ve seen video games, fanmixes, roleplay-blogs, animated gifs, AMVs, you name it!!  People have been brought together.  People have created stuff.

This is kind of crazy, you guys.  I don’t think a lot of graduation films have followings like this, or followings at all.  I don’t know exactly what that means yet, or if it even means anything.  And I’m not sure where it’s gonna’ go from here. 

But when I check those tags every day and I see what you guys are doing, it’s really kind of awesome.  I would even get a lot of asks from people wanting to know how they could get into animating.  I have things in my life that inspire me, and people I look up to, and characters and stories that make me wanna’ make stuff.  And feel ways about stuff.

And so, it really is the most I could hope for.  If some goofy thing I made inspired or affected people –even in just a small way– the way that I’ve been inspired…?  I don’t know, maybe that sounds ridiculous, but I think that’s the best thing I could ask for.  Keep making stuff and doing things and being good to each other.  Not just within this little fandom, but with whatever you do, let that energy carry over.  : )

So like I said, I’m not exactly sure what the future holds, but I wanted to take a second to thank you all for making this past year a lot easier on me, and for all of your support and enthusiasm. 

Stay spooky!  <3



“If I told you I’m trying to save the world, would you believe me?”
Leigh Bardugo, Shadow and Bone

{ the backgrounds aka the photos with trees are not mine. I found them some time ago and I can’t find the source.They were posted by a photographer If i am sure. If I find it, I will write the source. Hope you guys like my little edit with some of the queens of TW^^ }

the signs as shit ive done while drunk
  • aries: watched my friend puke on his own face and instead of helping, laughed hysterically and pointed.
  • taurus: fell off of a lofted bed. twice.
  • gemini: had someone hold my drink while i rolled down the side of a hill
  • cancer: cried because no one would smoke weed with me until someone did
  • leo: shouted "are you daddy" at a bunch of guys playing late-night basketball
  • virgo: drank vodka i found in the trash
  • libra: smeared chili all over my bed, the walls, and found some in the light switch
  • scorpio: drunk called an ex and told him i was gonna fuck him till he bleeds
  • sagittarius: stole a suitcase from some girl's dorm room and had no recollection of it in the morning.
  • capricorn: fell out of a bus in front of a police officer
  • aquarius: got sloppy at my grandma's post-wake dinner
  • pisces: blacked out on one college campus and woke up completely naked on another campus.

“This happened a long time ago, when I was 15, but the impression it caused on me follows me till today, I often have nightmares about it. (By the way, sorry for the bad english, I’m a brazilian girl and the reason why I’m submiting this here is because I felt really relieved when I found out about all this woman going through situations similar to the one I lived).

I was coming back from school on a saturday, from a test. I felt really well, cus the bus arrived quickly and it was almost empty, so I could get the best seat, sitting by a lady I didn’t knew. I was wearing my school uniform, a white shirt and jeans.

After some time, this guy got up and seemed like he was waiting for his stop, standing very close to me. I felt a bit unconfortable, since he was so close and the bus had lots of space for him to stand. But I’ve always been reeeeeally shy, so I didn’t even looked at his face. The bus went on and the man kept there, I tried to go as far as I could from him but he just kept really close, with (what I thought) was his shirt scraping on my arm.

When the situation got ridiculous, with the man holding his body against my arm on the chair really hard, I gathered some courage and turned my face to him: he was masturbating on my arm. IN. A. BUS. around 11 am.

As soon as I lifted my shocked face to him, he went away, as the bus had stopped. I don’t remeber how he looked. The lady beside me asked what happened and I told her. She was a bit shocked. I got home and washed my arm desperatly, couldn’t talk to my parents and called my best male friend. I wasn’t able to say it, but he got the idea and said “looking good huh?” as if I should feel flattered for some guy rubbing his dick on me on a public place.

These situations are common in my country, I once found a website where guys masturbated on buses on girls and filmed it, posting on the site, and other guys would comment and congratulate him. I was so ashamed remembering when it happened to me and so shocked to think that maybe the guy wasn’t a maniac, but a normal machist STUPID man that I couldn’t even denunciate the site.”

Anonymous submission 

“But What Was She Wearing?” is a project documenting what street harassment really looks like. Submit your own to or via tumblr.

These guys were some more great cosplayers, too! They all looked awesome, and I loved the detail around Jane’s eyes (which is really just devoured by the photo here). They also told me to post it on tumblr, so I hope this isn’t too hard to find for them!

Edit: Cosplayers found!

Eridan: thecrimsonskittle

Terezi: jinxometer

Grimbark!Jade: chippy-lightgaia

The Condesce: shayisveryhungary

Corrupt!Jane: aphlover5