some guy found this and told me to post it

If you have read my last post about the guy I liked in high school , and some how I ended up finding his dad on SA. Actually his dad messaged me back in August, and yes I did reply to his father’s message with in the last week. He told me that he hasn’t found a connection with anyone and is happy that I replied to him. Lol. Moral of the story is this fuckboy named Steven(not his real name) keeps on posting racist things in my time line, how he is happy about trump winning, and how black women are gross. I’m gonna need to pause right here because I liked this fuckboy, but hes just a obnoxious white boy. Last time I checked your father has to spend money just to be near this beautiful black girl. Your father is also dissatisfied with this cookie cutter life, probably wanted to be with a black girl his whole life. And yes I will finesse the hell out of your dad.

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i revamped my gifs so i figured i might as well post them all up as a resource for you guys! as if there’s not enough holland roden gif icons out there yet but whatever, here have some sh*t lmao

below the cut you will find #177 100x100 roleplayable gif icons for holland roden, known for her role as lydia in teen wolf, or so i’ve been told. none of the gifs belong to me, and credit to @ddlovatosrps for the gif hunt used. like or reblog if you found this resource useful!

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IN ADDITION TO THE WILD NOT-ROOMMATE SHENANIGANS - someone (probably drunk) took my bike for a joyride last night and left it in front of a frat house on the other side of campus, which i only found out because, in a panic upon discovering my bike to be missing, i posted in the dorm facebook group and some guy told me where to look - because they’d taken his too.

the signs as shit ive done while drunk
  • aries: watched my friend puke on his own face and instead of helping, laughed hysterically and pointed.
  • taurus: fell off of a lofted bed. twice.
  • gemini: had someone hold my drink while i rolled down the side of a hill
  • cancer: cried because no one would smoke weed with me until someone did
  • leo: shouted "are you daddy" at a bunch of guys playing late-night basketball
  • virgo: drank vodka i found in the trash
  • libra: smeared chili all over my bed, the walls, and found some in the light switch
  • scorpio: drunk called an ex and told him i was gonna fuck him till he bleeds
  • sagittarius: stole a suitcase from some girl's dorm room and had no recollection of it in the morning.
  • capricorn: fell out of a bus in front of a police officer
  • aquarius: got sloppy at my grandma's post-wake dinner
  • pisces: blacked out on one college campus and woke up completely naked on another campus.