some great cosplays at that panel


SDCC wrap up post now that I’m finally getting a day off!

I had so much fun this year! It was the first year that I actually had a badge and a hotel room so I was able to do the whole con. Even though I was working for a lot of the con I still managed to have a total blast. The critter meet up was great, and the cosplayers were top notch! I saw a ton of old friends, made some new ones and went to some truly excellent parties, and laughed myself silly at the Talks panel and the MBMBaM live show.

I didn’t take nearly enough photos as usual but please enjoy these!


It’s time for the (almost) MIDNIGHT DRAWPARTY!

  • What?: A casual panfandom (multi-fandom) drawparty! If you’ve not been to one, it’s a time to hang out and relax, share drawings and fun stuff!
  • When?: SATURDAY NIGHT at 11pm!
  • Where?: The Big 5 Lobby, downstairs at the Kalahari.

What do you do at a Draw Party?
You draw! It’s a bit more relaxed than the typical scheduled meets, which are geared more toward photoshoots. Sit, socialize, draw, trade, share, it’s up to you! Usually it’s best to just sit and relax!

What do I wear?
Whatever you like! Cosplay is not required. Hell, come in your jammies if you like! Some people treat the Drawparties like big pajama parties. Some come in full costume, whatever you like!

What should I bring?
Things to draw with! Pencils, sketchbooks. Some artists offer prints for trade, too.

Why (almost) Midnight?
It’s after most panels and plans, and a great way to unwind at the end of the day.

This drawparty is panfandom, I.E. any fandom is welcome! Everyone is welcome! C: Also, if you’re in cosplay, don’t be shy, we all have multifandoms here!

Because of our size, we have to have at least some rules in place!

  • BE RESPECTFUL: No ship bashing, hateful speech, grumbling, shaming, otherwise being assholes. Just don’t be rude.
  • NO OPEN ALCOHOL! Safety concern. (Does not mean that alcohol can’t be IN your body, however~~ Which I am pretty sure because this is Colossal that’s gonna happen)
  • NO FOOD! Again, a safety concern, also, don’t make a mess.
  • DON’T MAKE A MESS. See above. We don’t want to leave a mess for others to clean, and especially a bad taste in peoples’ mouth while dealing with Homestucks.
  • KEEP THE VOLUME DOWN! It WILL be after midnight, and we don’t want to disturb the rest of the convention, and possibly get kicked out!
  • NO RUNNING! As people will be hanging out on the floor with their legs out and we don’t want Mituna-style topplings everywhere. Don’t be that guy.



Okay but I had a goddamn blast as Daryl today at sdcc ‼️ sadly didn’t get to make it to the panel but met some other great TWD cosplayers and found these zombies at the TWD + FTWD area ‼️got lots of compliments and photos taken and just felt good I love Daryl lots lol SADLY there were no Jesus cosplayers I saw 😭😭😭

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Priority #3 (thanks for answering by the way! sorry to hear there was something going on! i hope it's alright now!) I'm super confused on how to do Tracer's leggings? I'm kind of thinking about dying the tights? But I'm still nervous about going about it rip. Do you have any suggestions?

Hi @wikianswers,

I’ve gradient dyed leggings similar to Tracer’s before. I’d look into some cotton leggings or stirrup pants for the base.

There are 2 methods for gradient dyeing that I like: slow immersion and separate dye baths.

There are lots of tutorials  online regarding how to to dye like this, I’ll try to break it down as best as I can. With slow immersion you start with the leggings in the lightest color you want them. In your case bright yellow. You make sure the the area that you don’t want dyed is carefully covered. I like to seal off that area with a plastic bag and tape. The you slowly dip the  the leggings into the dye bath. Dunk the area that needs to be lightly orange in a few times and the keep the area that needs to be bright orange submerged the longest.

Or you could set up different dye baths with varying amounts of orange dye in it and submerge the leggings up to a certain point with. Example: pot one has only a few drops of orange dye in it. You would submerge the legging up to mid-thigh, pot 2 has a few more drops of dye and you would submerge up to the knee etc.

With how bright tracers leggings are I’d recommend looking into Acid dye.  You can get this from Dharma Trading company.

You will need to a complementary brown stretch fabric (I recommend 4 way stretch) for the panel on the side. I might try looking at (fair warning, they aren’t the cheapest but if you need weird stretch fabrics they are a great resource) for fabrics that might work. You might be able to find another pair of leggings in brown too for cheap to use as parts. Save the yellow and orange fabric you cut away for the brown panel for the loops  to create the lacing. Perhaps try elastic cording for the laces?

I hope some of that helps!

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Any new 'Friends to lovers' trope fics you'd recommend? I read all the good oldies but if there's any new stuff i missed, that would be great to know. enemies to lovers would be a resonable substitute, great and mighty stuckylibrary gods.

friends to lovers tag

(It’s Been) A Long, Long Time by rainbow_nerds

Bucky bought his weekend pass to SHIELDcon expecting a weekend of fun and fandom, where he could meet friends he had spoken to online, and potentially make some new ones. He might even get a chance to speak to his favourite comic artist, for creating a character who seemed just like him. He had planned every detail, from his incredibly detailed Cosplay (Thanks, Tony!), to the panels he would attend every day. What he had not planned, was for that same comic artist to be not just incredibly attractive, but also, strikingly familiar.

The One with the Waggly Tail by emphasisonem

In which the boys visit an animal shelter.

If You Let Me by lillupon

Steve always thought it was silly how easily girls fell for Bucky, even though they must have known he would only break their hearts. Told himself that he would require more than a few sweet words and a cocky grin. But thinking that while watching Bucky charm his way into a girl’s bed for the night is completely different from being on the receiving end of it.

Bucky teaches Steve how to flirt.


Here’s day two of AMKE! I went as The Jon: a little curly-haired golden robot from the pantomime band Steam Powered Giraffe, and went with my bro @cutpursetwistedfate, who went as The Spine (he was beautiful). I also went with my little sister, and my best friend @loveloveydoveystuff. My little sis went as her fanbot, Pepper! This was my sister’s first con, and we went to some great panels, so she had a really good time!

I SAW SO MANY BEAUTIFUL COSPLAYERS. I know for a fact that the Rose Quartz is @maphix, but I wasn’t sure about the other cosplayers…? If you see yourself please shoot me a message and I’ll tag you!

I also met two wonderful people: @simons-saying and @meap27. Go check them out they’re really nice!!

(To my pals from my RP blog who wanted pics, I love you~ @lucylovesbeasts @miss-aurora-redfern, @ask-a-newt-scamander, @timidly-credence, @jeanmarcoanddestielareotls)

Kandreil Goes to the Con, Part 1

[This is very self-indulgent continuation of a drabble I wrote back in November 2016 about an exy anime . Basically I really love the idea of Kevin being a closet otaku! I’ve been to 12 anime cons to date so what follows is largely based on my own con experiences.]

It’s all Kevin’s fault. He has been bugging Andrew and Neil about the anime con for months, determined to finally go now that he doesn’t have to worry about the Moriyamas coming after him. The campaign started when Kevin told them that there was an anime about exy that was slotted to premiere during the summer and in preparation for its release Kevin had been introducing them to other sports anime. Neil likes watching and he likes arguing with Kevin about it, but he doesn’t consider himself a part of the fandom. Andrew feigns disinterest but he’s actually more than a little invested in some of the characters.

Now they have an entire weekend to themselves and Neil just wants to unwind at the Columbia house but Kevin pulls a coup and announces that he has already bought weekend passes for the three of them and booked a room at the con hotel. Neil is furious, mostly because Kevin went behind their backs. Andrew isn’t keen on the crowds of hyper teenagers but there’s no way he’s letting Kevin go off on his own. In the end they all go.

The con is madness. There are cosplayers EVERYWHERE. Kevin is losing his shit, asking every other person to pose with him in a photo. Andrew ends up holding all of his bags while Neil takes the pictures. It is so loud, so lively, and they are only in the hotel lobby. Groups of regular hotel guests weave their way through the con attendees, baffled and amused looks on their faces.

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Hey guys! I went to AX 2017 day 1 and I had a blast!!! I went to the “meet the creators of Yuri! On ice panel” where I got to see kubo and sayo there in person and they were great !!!!
I would have put it in sooner but I forgot ha! (;;°v°)>
I also meet some really cool people there !! Shout out to @nygmob that I met in line for the Yuri on ice panel and got super cool buttons (follow their art blog it’s really cool !!>v@sepelcre)
Part 1/ 3

Also I did a drawing at the uchida booth and on the picture had my boys on top and the middle had mob on the left ,Yuri in the middle and izuku on the right and on the bottom it had AX 2017 WITH my username on tumblr in the corner!

✨Center of the Galaxy Fest Day 2 ✨

• chillin’ with my mother Padmé (aka my sister @ninquelote-and-culurien )

• panels by Colin Cantwell (creative genius, designer of the Millennium Falcon, Death Star, X-Wing, TIE Fighter, Star Destroyer, opening sequence of ANH, trench run, etc. without whom Star Wars as we know it wouldn’t exist), Richard Oldfield (Hobbie) who had some great stories from the set, Mike Quinn (Nien Nunb, has worked for the Muppets since beginning training under Jim Henson at 16) and Keith Dewinter (Goss Toowers from TFA) who brought the house down with their antics and action figures, and (not pictured) Kendra Wall Dahl and Debbie Carrington, two of the Ewoks in ROTJ who also had some great stories to share. Not only were their panels all fantastic, but I also got to have enjoyable conversations with nearly all of them at their tables. There may be another post soon with some cool things I learned

• Artoo needed another hug

• face-off with Darth Maul

• ready to kick butt and take names (…or go to a concert; see previous picture of me and the hubby in our matching “I love you” “I know” shirts)

• the Galactic Empire band concert was incredible


Day Two of SDCC 2017 is done!

Wore a dress I made specifically for the con, debuting my novice sewing skills.

Bought a Star Wars themed mystery box, for some swag from the Game of Thrones panel, and found some great Pops! Including original Princess Leia, and alternate Jyn, and Manolo from The Book of Life! Also great little art works from independent artists.

Sadly have developed a cold out of nowhere, so I’m loading up on medicine and heading to bed early because tomorrow is cosplay day! Time for Asian Jyn Erso!


An excessive amount of plugsuit hoodie pictures feat some great socks

I just finished my Kaworu Nagisa plugsuit hoodie (from Evangelion) ! ! ! I’m pretty proud of it considering it’s my first time making a hoodie like this- also there are black triangle things on the front panel but they are don’t show up well ^^’ aaa I love this series and this kid so I really hope I can pull him off at the con (taking this to Liverpool MCM btw!) 

Hoodie made from scratch by me


Yesterday was an absolute blast at Metrocon! Went to some hilarious panels and found some incredible art for my walls. And of course Immet a lot of great people and took some pretty ok photos! I went as Star Butterfly and my best friend went as Monster-armed Marco. If by chance you see yourself in any of these photos just let me know! 


I’m back from anime expo. If you saw someone coughing On everything it was probably me I was terribly sick

1 Got a signed picture from Nicki Rapp from the picture you can see all she voiced for. I know her from Phyconauts all the way back for the Xbox. Loved that game. I even got a pic with her. (Not shown)

2 buttons

3. Tech demo for Lab Zeros new game. 2 hour panel that was super cool.

6. Got to see the Tit mouse crew. They even showed off a failed deadpool cartoon pilot not released to the public. I was also really cool really nice people to.

Some pics of great cosplay and all that.
Around great year this year I only went day 2 and 4 cuz I mooches off a friends 4 day pass but never the less I had a blast.
I even got to meet Saane another artist I love in person. I wish I could have got a pic but I didn’t want to cough on anyone.

//Alright guys. I’m back and recharged. I can tell you one story or two from con that was random and delightful. (since I’ve received several anons about some of my stories and my time there.) I’ll also put under a cut because both of them are long. The whole Luffy experience was great! There was a lot of great cosplays as well. So many dabs, though.

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How was RTX?


Jay and I had a blast running around hitting as many panels as we could- especially the small ones about animation and writing for animation.

But the most fun was had hanging with some awesome people. We had friends that were ones we knew from Twitch and Tumblr that we met up with and had fun- and we made new ones!

We had a wonderful time eating and laughing and kidding around Austin together, watching panels and laughing at ScotchGerman’s crazy and fun cosplays. (If you see a Pongo, a male Neon Katt in a virgin killer or a male Neon Katt from RTX, it was him.)

So yeah- we fell in love with Austin almost instantly, and the people that fill it. :)

To answer your question, tl;dr: IT. WAS. GREAT!!


wow i’m posting these sort of late

so i went to the steven universe panel at wondercon friday morning and i got to meet both rebecca sugar and zach callison! they both said they liked my costume and later when we were walking around steven sugar stopped and asked if he could take a picture of me and basically the whole day was great okay i got to meet some of my favorite people in the whole world :))