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I'm desperately trying to write a running scene and I keep getting stumped every time I try and go at it. Would you know any sites or tips that could help?

First thing that popped up in Google (x):

Some general suggestions for building a suspenseful journey/chase:

  1. Build in suspense, tension and questions from the beginning. 
  2. Make the goal important: freedom, rescue, justice, survival.
  3. Add emotional pressure.
  4. Show the scenes where the big action occurs. Allude to everything else.
  5. Think of unexpected twists.
  6. Chase scenes should be designed to reveal, develop, or illustrate character.

In my experience, a running scene should be short or have at least one calm moment for the runner to catch their breath. Otherwise the reader gets exhausted from all the action. 

Giving your character obstacles, sharp corners, and detours adds to the enjoyment of a good running scene. If they’re running somewhere with no obstacles then emphasize how they feel while running. Are their limbs aching and feet heavy because they’re out of shape? Are they breathing hard because something emotional just happened? Are they in shape and this is all a breeze to them? Is the air they’re breathing sharp and cold, or sweltering and hot? Considering such details tends to help when shaping out a scene.


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