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chapped lips

A/N: it definitely has not been 84 years since i last posted something other than a snippet… idk what time vortex you have been sucked into, but nope, it’s definitely only been a few hours since i last posted something. enjoy! the word count is 463 words so this is more of a drabble… 

 summary: you love watching peter take pictures, but it’s really cold outside.

 pairing: peter parker x reader

You were sitting on the bench, bored as could be. It was cold and damp outside and you were snuggled up in multiple layers, even wearing Peter’s beanie since you’d forgotten yours and your ears were turning red.

You watched him silently, still bored, as he took pictures of the scenery around the two of you. He was mostly focused on the people immersed in their activities and the river. You usually loved to watch him take pictures on his camera, but today you were tired and cranky and cold.

And your lips were getting dry.

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jenmarve  asked:

Could you please do a bts reaction to their S/O cooking for them?

Seokjin: He had a long day, having to get up too early for his liking to go to work. He had been rehearsing and doing shoots all day so when he had finally gotten off, he went straight home and plopped down on the sofa. Jin wouldn’t have realized he had fallen asleep if he hadn’t woken up to the smell of something wonderful. Sitting up almost instantly, he walked into the kitchen to find you sprinkling various different spices into a pan. A small, appreciative but tired smile would find it’s way on his face as he watched you for a moment before making his way over to you, wrapping his arms around your waist as he hugged you from behind.

“It looks delicious.~”

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Hoseok: He would be so flattered that you took the time out of your day to do something just for him. He had told you that he would be coming home a little early from work and that he wanted to hear all about your day once he got home. However, he wasn’t expecting the heady aroma as he walked through the front door. Hoseok would stand there for a moment and just let the smell take over his senses before he makes his way into the kitchen. Looking at you going back and forth between cooking on the stove to reading what he assumed was a recipe on your phone, he would smile brightly and exclaim in happiness, causing you to jump slightly.

“Ah, you spoil me too much, Jagi!”

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Taehyung: The sound of dishes clinking together and the smell of bacon would make the boy stir awake in the morning. He wouldn’t get up immediately, he would lay there and try to get more awake. Once he was able to be awake enough for his brain to process things properly, he would force himself out of the bed and see just what you were up to this early. Walking into the kitchen, he rubbed his groggy eyes with his hands as he mumbled a good morning to you. Blinking a few times, Tae walked over and placed a kiss on your forehead before popping a piece on bacon in his mouth. You would have to constantly tell him to leave the food alone as you weren’t done and if he kept eating it you would have to keep making more, causing him to laugh.

“I can’t help it, Jagiya, it tastes so good!”

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Jeongguk: It was around lunch time, the two of you sitting around and watching some television when he brought up wanting something to eat. You had gotten up from your spot on the sofa and left the room, Jeongguk not paying attention to which direction you went as he was looking through his phone. He figured the two of you would just order some take out, but deciding on just what that was would be a small struggle. Most of the time you both wanted different things but would compromise on something you both liked just as much. Before he could even ask you what you were in the mood for, you had returned with two plates full of food, the balmy scent making his stomach growl. Jeongguk would playfully tease you about your cooking skills, but once he started eating he wouldn’t be able to stop.

“You made this all by yourself? I’m a little scared to try it.” “It tastes amazing! Have you always been this good of a cook?”

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Jimin: He would walk through the door after a long day, calling out your name and letting you know that he was home. Hearing you in the kitchen, he would make his way to you only to find that you were setting food on the table. This baby boy would be such a puddle of mush when he saw that you made dinner for him. He would walk over to you as you explained that you wanted to do something nice for him after you heard about his day. He would be such a flustered mess, fidgeting with the rings on his fingers.

“You did all of this for me? ..You’re too kind to me, Jagiya.”

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Namjoon: He would have been sitting in the kitchen and watching you cook the entire time. You had insisted on cooking dinner tonight as you had gotten a hold of one of your family recipes- He had no complaints to this as he wasn’t the best cook in the world. Besides, he thought it was cute to see you so excited about this one little thing. Resting his chin in his hand, he looked at his phone, peering over at you every now and then only to find you in your own little world. The sight would make him smile warmly and even snap a few sneaky videos and pictures of you and your art. When you were finally done and put his bowl in front of him, he would smile appreciatively and place a soft kiss on your cheek.

It looks good, baby. You’ve really outdone yourself this time.”

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Yoongi: He had been in the shower when you decided to make him breakfast before he had to go to work. It was a last minute decision so the sound of you clinking a few pans together caused Yoongi to rush in the shower, curious and ever so slightly worried to all of the sudden noise. As he walked out of the bedroom, a savory aroma filled his senses which helped him put two and two together. Making his way into the kitchen, he leaned in the doorway and watched you cook away. Shaking his head slightly, a small smile appeared on his lips as you turned around, startled by his sudden appearance. 

You didn’t have to do this, baby.” “Thank you, I appreciate it though.”

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thank you so much for requesting! I hope you enjoy!

Scott McCall AU (part 4)

Plot: Any permanent mark your soulmate gets, you get. Along with a distinct, unique tattoo that appears after an important moment in your soulmate’s life, however, you have no idea how you get away clean

A/N: Sorry this took a while, I’m thinking this will end soon…but remember, I have 2 other soulmate AUs planned as well. Please enjoy and send me feedback please! I’d really like to know what you guys think about this series since it’s so new to me, also thank you for 5.7k I love you all so much!


You and Scott hadn’t stopped texting since you met in the dimly lit store. You had told your parents and your mom immediately dragged you to go shopping for your date.

“I don’t really want to wear a dress.” You sighed.

“Honey, you brought only jeans and shorts, at least dress up a little bit. It’s not everyday you get to go on a first date with your soulmate.” She reasoned.

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Would you want to try a headcanon about the lords, when the MC is visiting her family without him and the lord is left behind in his castle? What would the lords do without the MC? My favorite lords would be Lord Nobunaga, Lord Yukimura and Lord Ieyasu.

Ok nonnie I have no idea what I’ve written so… xD

No seriously, umm… I THANK LADY ODA @singokumaiden AND LADY TOKUGAWA @cottonballwithmustache FOR THEIR HELP WITH NOBU AND YASU BECAUSE IT WOUld have been OOC without their help and well, I HOPE YOU LIKE IT SWEET NONNIE :3

Lord Oda Nobunaga

  • After MC leaves the castle gates he’ll be back to his chambers working to UNIFY THE CLANS, acting nonchalant as his insides burn to run after her and tell her to either stay or let him go with her.
  • He’ll be waiting for MC to bring his dessert for him as she usually does, and will start to lose patience when she’s not there with it. “Where is that foolish girl…” He’d mumble as he stands to look for her.
  • It wouldn’t take him long to remember that MC left to visit her family, and he’ll stride up to the kitchen to ask for his dessert.
  • After he’s done with that he’ll move back to his chamber taking in some of the Konpeitō MC made him before she left.
  • He’ll savor the sweetness of each piece till he catches Hideyoshi and Inuchiyo bickering as they always do. 
  • He hides the Konpeitō and walks toward them while calling for Hideyoshi, “Monkey, entertain me.”
  • Hide and Inu will have to find a way to entertain their lord, and that would go on till nobu gets tired and walks away to his room.
  • He’ll have his dessert and mumble that it doesn’t taste as good as MC’s as he finishes it all up. “No one makes them as good as her.”
  • When night comes, he lays in bed thinking about MC till it hits him, if he misses her then he should go and see her.
  • He leaves his chambers and is on his way to visit MC and no one would stop him. AND I MEAN NO ONE. Not even Mitsuhide

Lord Sanada Yukimura

  • How did MC even manage to leave.
  • He’d stay with her as soon as he hears that she wants to visit her family.
  • He suggests going with her but she refuses because of his many responsibilities. 
  • “I’ll be back in a couple days.” She says to convince him.
  • Yukimura refuses to stay away from her even as the time for her to leave comes.
  • “Can’t I go with you? It’s dangerous for you to go alone.” He would tell her, trying to search for any reason to go with her.
  • He’ll wait at the castle gates even after MC leaves. Saizo has to drag him back inside.
  • He’d spend the rest of the day training to distract himself from thinking of MC.
  • “Looks like our little lord can’t stay away from his lady.” He’d hear Saizo mumble and would try to prove him wrong.
  • He fAILS in the matter of a few seconds.
  • He misses MC when he’s training, he misses her small laugh as she walks towards him with his snacks.
  • He trains HARDER. because thats what he always do
  • He is then dragged away by the retainers to go for some drinks.
  • He is pouty till the sake gets in contact with his lips.
  • He drinks more than he ever did before, smiling and grinning as the other retainers praise him.
  • Yukimura is drunk and Saizo carries him back to his room while sighing and shaking his head. I smh too
  • He falls asleep as soon as his body hits the bedding, but his hands remain wandering the bed as they search for MC all night long.

Lord Tokugawa Ieyasu

  • His eyes widen slightly when he hears that MC wants to leave, but then he flashes her his innocent smile as he tells her to do what she pleases.
  • He’d be happy to see that MC hasn’t left yet without saying goodbye to him.
  • “I see that you have not left yet?” The words leave his lips as she walks towards him.
  • “Don’t tell me that you changed your mind, kitchen wench?” She has to leave soon but that’s his own way of saying goodbye.
  • He wraps his arms around her as he whispers with a pout, pulling her close so she wouldn’t see his face. “Don’t trip and kill yourself on the way.”
  • MC would smile and nod as the time for her to leave comes.
  • He pretends not to look at the gates as she leaves, but his eyes betray him as they keeps on glancing back.
  • After she leaves he tries to go back to work but he can’t help but get distracted by the thoughts of her.
  • “That kitchen wench…” He’d sigh and whisper under his breath.
  • He stands up and leaves his chambers walking towards his men.
  • They are all training hard in the garden as he calls for Tadatsugu.
  • Tadatsugu keeps on mumbling about how quiet and long the days are without MC.
  • Ieyasu gives him his innocent smile, “I wonder how you’ll look without any hair left on your hair, old man.”
  • Tadatsugu tries to run away… that didn’t go so well… let’s say that Tadatsugu has a few hairs left on his head.
  • Tadakatsu whimpers and whines in pleasure as he watches Ieyasu plucking poor old Tadatsugu’s hair.
  • He gets bored and returns to his room.
  • “….” Time is passing slowly and he was growing bored with each passing second.
  • Night has finally come and this day felt like a year.
  • “A couple days… she’ll be gone just for a few days.” He thought.
  • He falls asleep thinking of how he’s gonna pass through those upcoming days.
Prickly Pear Cactus Candy - $10 a bag

What is it? Well it’s just what it says. Candy made from Prickly Pears of the Nopal Cactus from the Mojave Desert. I made a bunch of candy last fall and now I’m using up the last of my juice. 

I’ll give you a brief explanation of what I do. I go find patches of cactus when they have pears and I pick them then burn the spines off them, chop them up and boil them in just enough water to cover then for about an hour. This reduces the water by half and extracts all the juice possible. Infact many of them turn green because all the juice and color is gone. Then I strain that to get bits of fruit and seeds out so I am left with pure juice. Next I take that and add a cup of it to sugar and corn syrup, boil it until it hits hard candy temp then pour it into molds and let it sit. Lastly I pop out of the mold, trim up a little bit and dust with powdered sugar to prevent sticking together as they are transported. 

What does it taste like? I think it’s very much like Strawberry with a bit of Kiwi. Others have said it’s more like Strawberry Daiquiri with a slight Tequila taste. Either way it’s amazingly good and delicious. 

I have bags of it now available for sale. Each bag contains ten pieces of candy that are roughly the size of a large thumb. I have two versions, Skulls and Brains since those were my Halloween candy molds. They’ll ship in a plastic bag wrapped up and in an envelope. 

Some of them came out a little lighter and others came out a little darker but they all taste exactly the same. Delicious. 

If you’d like a bag message me and I’ll give you my payment information, Also state if you have a paypal or if you don’t because I can do payments either way. And tell me if you’d like Skulls, Brains or I may even be able to do a combination. All bags have ten pieces. 

I sold over 100 bags of candy last fall with no complaints and everyone loved it. This by weight is slightly more than what I was selling the old stuff for so you not only get more candy, you get shapes. 

Getting High (Joji)

Anon Request: plsplspls i wanna read a getting high with joji imagine, however pls don’t make Y/N a complete idiot about weed, this is 2017

Hope you enjoy it!

I sat against Joji’s door with my knees to my chest, picking the gunk out from under my nails as I waited for him to arrive. I already picked off all of the chipped paint from the frame of the door and was left to my own tactics, trying to make my butt comfortable against the hard tiled floors and try not to bore myself to sleep. I had texted Joji about five times already asking if he had forgotten about our ‘hangout’ sesh, to which he answered that he was running late. Something about a small hiccup with traffic. Before I knew it, he was strutting towards me from down the hall with a plastic black bag in his hand, smiling at the sight of me. I stood up and he shoved the key into the keyhole and unlocked the door, swinging it open.

“What took you so long, bud?” I asked jokingly as I made myself at home raiding his fridge for some beer.

“Traffic was awful and my dealer wanted to chat about some stuff on the news over some Starbucks.” he mumbled as he sat on the couch and removed the contents out of his bag.

“Are they a sixty-five? Who the hell even watches the new anymore? And who’s that passionate to sit and talk about it over Starbucks?” I giggled as I poured us both some orange juice with vodka instead.

“Losers.” he commented as he laughed, “I just wanted some weed, not a conversation.”

I accompanied him on the couch and observed him as he began to grind the weed up skillfully. After a stressful week, I tried everything to unwind: long baths, scented candles and incense sticks, even hours of sleep but nothing seemed to work. Normally, Joji and I would talk about smoking together but we never came to the point where we would actually do it since he was always busy and I was always busy due to coursework, but since the semester finally ended, I was all his for occasional smoke sessions. I wasn’t uneducated about smoking, I knew the ins and outs, I wouldn’t necessarily call myself a ‘pro’, but I had my fair share of experiences with getting high. Normally, I would smoke with a close friend of mine who would use bowls so I was clueless when it came to rolling a joint. Joji rolled out the rolling paper flat on the table and emptied out the contents in the grinder onto the paper. The scent wasn’t like your typical pungent weed/skunk scent, it had a bit of a hint of cheese, sort of. Which was odd but trying new things when it came to smoking was a must.

“Did I have you waiting for too long?” he asked me as he sipped his concoction, making a face as the taste hit his tongue, his actions telling me that the drink was strong.

“No, I was there for about twenty minutes. I was picking the chipped paint off the walls.” I told him as he smiled at me and started to roll the blunt slowly, wanting make sure the weed was all evenly distributed throughout.

After finishing the rolling process, he handed it to me. I placed the blunt in between my lips, letting him lift the lighter to then end of it. The fire flickered orange and red tones appeared before my eyes as he maneuvered it slightly, letting the end catch on fire. Removing his thumb from the spark wheel, I huffed in to make sure it was lighted correctly and not in need of a second spark. I inhaled slowly, letting my lungs fill with smoke as I took a long huff, I tilted my head back and lightly exhaled. I shut my eyes, beginning to feel a buzz. Joji talked about his dealer having ‘great shit’, but never did I think it would have been this good nor this strong. Opening my eyes after a while, I looked at him as I handed the blunt to him, his eyebrows were raised in shock.

“Shit. That was longest hit I’ve ever seen anyone take.” he chuckled, “I didn’t know you had lungs of steel. You ever had strong shit like this before?”

“Nope. Normally I would have like the easy shit, but damn, this is really potent.” I said as I observed him take a long drag, “It’s really good though…I need to do this with you more often.”

He nodded in agreement and handed the blunt back to me as he stood up. He mumbled ‘munchies’ and disappeared into the kitchen. I heard him as he rummaged through the kitchen in search for something to eat and made an ‘aha!’ sound when he found something. Bolting into the living room, he flashed a pamphlet for pizza as he smiled happily.I took out my phone to dial as I held the joint in between my lips.

“Um,” I questioned as I looked at the pamphlet confused, “What language even is this? What number is this supposed to be?” I pointed at a strange looking one.

Joji sat on the edge of the couch as he took the joint and laughed, “It’s upside down, Y/N.”

I was so high it felt like the couch I was on was massaging my butt and I didn’t even know how to hold a damn pamplet. Once I called the number and put in an order, I got a little paranoid, it would happen depending on how strong the substance was. Normally, I was the one who be the most chill, but when you smoke strong stuff like this, there’s no telling who you’d turn out to be like.

“Yo, the pizza dude sounded like Oprah.” I said calmly, “What if she knows we’re smoking? And she’s like… disappointed? I love Oprah, bro…I don’t want her disappointed in me.” I mumbled, “She gives out free shit and maybe we’d get our pizza for free if we act like we’re not doing anything.”

“What?” he laughed at me, not being able to contain himself, which made me laugh along with him.

Joji and I finished the blunt we were both sharing and we were beyond hungry, so he thought it would be a good idea to let me have my own blunt while he smoked his own. I didn’t mind the idea being that I haven’t been this calm in ages. I was relaxed to the point where I was falling asleep. I woke with a jolt when I felt Joji tap my leg, I thought I had been asleep for hours but I was only out for seven minutes. The pizza box sat in front of us on the coffee table. The smell made my stomach rumble and my mouth water, and that said a lot since my mouth was dryer than the sahara desert.

“Did you give Oprah her tip?” I asked him as I rubbed my eyes.

“It wasn’t Oprah…just some teen who could use a haircut and some soap. One of those ‘hippie skater’ dudes.” he corrected me as I got up to get some water, still smoking.

Coming back to the table, the cup in one hand while the joint was in the other as I took turns hydrating myself and smoking, Joji lifted the lid of the box and we just sat there.

“Dude…” I whispered.

He was at a loss for words. Joji was angry, confused, and didn’t know if he should laugh or yell in anger. I let out a giggle which turned into loud hurts of laughter. He rolled his eyes at me and poked at the ‘pizza’.

“I’m about to call them. Like, is this some kind of joke?! Who the fuck delivers bread in a box?” he ranted as he searched for his phone while it was in his hand.

I poke around a little more, “Hey, it can’t be that bad…can it? I’m hungry and this crust is calling my name.” I mumbled.

As he was on the phone with the pizza company trying his best to put into words what was going on, I stared at the round crispy bread looking circle of crust that had been delivered to us. No sauce, no cheese, no pepperoni…just crust. I noticed some grease stains adjacent to the crust below it, as I lifted it up a bit, I saw the cheese and the sauce along with a piece of a pepperoni. I gasped loudly, getting his attention.

“You opened it upside down, you idiot.” I told him as I closed the box and flipped it.

“Never mind, the box was upside down…that’s the last time we’re smoking OG Head Cheese.” he said into the other line with a nervous laugh before hanging up

“Head Cheese? That’s why my mouth tastes like cheese? You need to keep me in touch with your dealer because this is some good stuff, Joj.” I said with wide eyes already chewing on a slice pizza.

“Wanna come over tomorrow? I have enough and I like it when you’re high. You’re eventful.” he asked me as he sat down next to me and pick up a slice.

“Hell, yeah.” I answered, smiling at him as he ate his slice crust first, “Just don’t open anything upside down.”

“Shut up.” he chuckled.

Merry Christmas

Jensen sighed as he plopped down on the bench in the mall. He had been here for hours, fighting through crowds, searching and scanning for anything and everything that would make a great Christmas gift for you.
You two had only been dating for 8 months, which was really nothing, but he loved you. He loved being with you and spending time with you, learning about you. You always intrigued him.

Biting his lip, he pulled out his phone and scrolled through his contacts before finally landing on the one he was searching for. Jared’s. He had never wanted to call your brother, but he was sure he had no other choice.
“Hey brother what’s up?” Jared asked, laughing, he could Gen in the background telling Jared to stop ramming their cart into everything.
“I need help, bro..” Jensen sighed, running his hand over his face.
“Meet me at Target in 20” and then hung up, leaving Jensen in a weird and confused state.

Target wasn’t tiffany’s or Prada. You couldn’t get boots made of pure alligator skin at Target. You bough groceries at Target; but nevertheless, Jensen was at Target in 15 minutes and calling Jared.
“I’m here, man”
“Alright, we are in isle 15, better hurry before Gen moves us again” Jensen chuckled at this, knowing how impatient she could be at times.

“What the hell is this?” Jensen asked, staring into the buggy that Jared had picked out.
“This, dude, is a shopping cart filled with things your girlfriend, my sister, would love!” Jared exclaimed.
“It’s all… cheap” Jensen stared, bewildered, making Jared sigh.
“Jay, dude, come on. My sister is a pretty cheap date.”
“Yeah, I get that.. but this is.. not Christmas.” Jensen groaned, sitting across from Gen at the Starbucks.
He watched as Jared sighed and sat next to his wife.
“Dude, I know this is hard for you but..”
“Y/N isn’t like Danneel..” Gen finished, making Jared nod.
“Dannie and I are friends, and I love her still, but she is nothing like Y/N. They are on two completely different sides of the spectrum. Dannie has expensive tastes, she was born that way and she will live that way.. Y/N has never been like that.” Gen sighed, taking Jays hands in hers.
“What if she doesn’t like it? I’m terrified of losing her to some dumb Christmas present that wasn’t good enough.” Jensen admitted, his shoulders slouching.
“My sister would appreciate a waded up paper ball that has a piece of gum in it if it came from you,” Jared laughed.
“You really think she will like this stuff?” He asked, arching his eyebrow.
“I know she will, dude.”

Jensen wrapped each present nervously, scared that if he didn’t wrap it perfectly that it would cause a fight between you two. Deep down, he knew that you weren’t like that, that you couldn’t careless about how he wrapped a present, he was just conditioned to think that way over his last relationship.

Then he waited, he had seen you so many times before Christmas, the closer it got the more nervous he got. There had been several times that he almost blabbed about what he got you, but he wanted it to be a genuine surprise.
“So, Babe, do you want to open our presents here alone or would you rather take them to Jared’s and open them with everyone else?” You asked, munching on a carrot stick as Jensen cooked dinner.
He looked back at you and smiled, “uh let’s do it here, before hand”
“Mkay” you smiled, wrapping your arms around his abdomen as you laid your head on his back.
Jensen relaxed into your embrace, still not completely used to this kind of PDA in a relationship; this was something Danneel would never do.

That morning, Jensen woke up in your arms. His head was on your stomach, and his arms around your torso; one of this favorite positions. He felt your delicate fingers gently brushing through his hair, sending a shiver down his spine.
“What are you thinking about?” He asked, smiling as he looked up at you. He watched as a small smile broke from your lips, but your eyes never lost contact with the ceiling.
“Every Christmas morning, I like to kinda lay and think about things that I’m grateful for that I wasn’t last year,”
He had never expected that to come from you, but those were the words that pushed him over the edge, and made him completely and madly in love with you.
Reaching over, he cupped you face on his hand and placed a gentle kiss on your lips.
“I’m most grateful for you” you whispered, just as the kiss ended.
“I love you” he whispered, looking into your eyes.
“I love you too, Jay” nuzzling your head in his neck for a few minutes, relishing in the warmth he provided.
“You ready?” He asked, caressing your arm with his fingertips.

Jensen laughed as you handed him a giant rectangular box, poorly wrapped in newspapers.
“I thought it’d be funnier than using actual wrapping paper” you admitted, making his fears of his terrible wrapping skills diminish.
He tore open the paper and ripped the tape off the box, and laughed out loud.
“Holy shit” he laughed, gently pulling it out of the box.
“No way!”
“Do you like it?” You asked, sitting next to him.
“I love it, baby” he smiled, pulling you closer and kissing you on the head.
“How’d you know I always wanted one of these?” He asked, looking at you wit complete adoration in his eyes.
“On our first date, we stayed here and watched movies and ate really bad popcorn. During the Christmas Story, I remember you telling me that you had always wanted the leg lamp since you had first seen the movie” you admitted, pressing a kiss to his cheek.
“Well now I feel bad about what I got you” he said, sheepishly.
“Jay, I’m sure it’s wonderful” you smiled, looking up at him.
“It’s not nearly as thoughtful as the leg lamp from the Christmas story!” He laughed, but you could tell he was nervous as he handed you one of your presents.
Smiling wildly, you pulled the wrapping paper off and squealed so loud he thought his ear drum burst.
“Oh my god, Jay I love it!” You smiled, tearing the cardboard piece off it it and wrapping it around you. It was a giant, pink and white cow print fuzzy blanket.
“Do you really?” He asked, amusement written all over his face.
“I really do” you smiled wrapping it around him as you sat in his lap.
“It really is soft” he smiled, kissing you.

After you had opened all of your presents, Jensen felt stupid for worrying that you wouldn’t like them. He laughed as you put on the shark onesie pajamas with the fuzzy reindeer socks and slid across the wooden floor and danced to Bob Seger’s “Old Time Rock & Roll.”

Jensen had loved everything you had gotten him, A membership to the Nature trail, promising him that you would hike with him for real, new boots because he had kept forgetting to buy his own and an Ugly Christmas sweater that had Rudolph on it to which you had the matching one with Clarice on it.

After you two had come back with armfuls of gifts from your friends and relatives, you collapsed on the bed next to each other.
“I almost forgot” Jensen smiled, reaching over into his bedside drawer and pulled out a small black box.
“What’s this?” You asked, smiling.
“Open it”
You gasped and looked up at him.
“Jay, they’re beautiful”
“Jared helped me with the stuff you got downstairs, I wanted to get you something that I picked.” he smiled. They were tiny blue earrings with little specs of green and white in them.
“They look like snow globes” you smiled, putting them in your ears.
“I got something else for you too” you smiled, getting up and reaching into your purse, you pulled out a small red box. Taking it from you, he pulled off the top and smiled.
“A key?” He asked, and you nodded.
“I want you to move in with me” you smiled.

In that moment you had never looked more beautiful to Jensen. Nodded slightly, he leaned over the bed and pressed a kiss to your lips.
“Of corse I’ll move in with you.”

A/N: No hate to Danneel at all! I think she is beautiful and her and Jensen are great together! I just had this on my mind and wanted to make a story of it :)

Prickly Pear Cactus Candy - $10 a bag

What is it? Well it’s just what it says. Candy made from Prickly Pears of the Nopal Cactus from the Mojave Desert. I made a bunch of candy last fall and now I’m using up the last of my juice.

I’ll give you a brief explanation of what I do. I go find patches of cactus when they have pears and I pick them then burn the spines off them, chop them up and boil them in just enough water to cover then for about an hour. This reduces the water by half and extracts all the juice possible. In fact many of them turn green because all the juice and color is gone. Then I strain that to get bits of fruit and seeds out so I am left with pure juice. Next I take that and add a cup of it to sugar and corn syrup, boil it until it hits hard candy temp then pour it into molds and let it sit. Lastly I pop out of the mold, trim up a little bit and dust with powdered sugar to prevent sticking together as they are transported. 

What does it taste like? I think it’s very much like Strawberry with a bit of Kiwi. Others have said it’s more like Strawberry Daiquiri with a slight Tequila taste. Either way it’s amazingly good and delicious. 

I have bags of it now available for sale. Each bag contains ten pieces of candy that are roughly the size of a large thumb. I have two versions, Skulls and Brains since those were my Halloween candy molds. They’ll ship in a plastic bag wrapped up and in an envelope. Some of them came out a little lighter and others came out a little darker but they all taste exactly the same. Delicious. 

If you’d like a bag message me and I’ll give you my payment information, Also state if you have a paypal or if you don’t because I can do payments either way. And tell me if you’d like Skulls, Brains or I may even be able to do a combination. All bags have ten pieces.

My breakfast from this morning! I whipped up some granola (baked oats, berries and a whole heap of different nuts with a bit of maple syrup) and served it with banana and mango nice cream, strawberries, mango, soy milk, coconut, strawberries and this a piece of Whittaker’s vegan dark chocolate (it’s ginger and mandarin it tastes so good!) Hope everyone’s having a wonderful 2017! 

-Zoe xx

✨ instagram✨ @veganzoejessica 

Tastes Better

Warning: oral, male and female, cursing.

“Hey, Sammy,” You said, walking into the kitchen. “What are you up to?”

“Making lasagna without the pasta.” Sam replied.

“How do you do that?” You inquired.

“Leeks.” Sam muttered, gesturing to the drying pieces of vegetable.

“Oh. Yuck.” You murmured, coming to stand next to him.

“Hey! It tastes good.” Sam replied, turning to face you, his lower lip pushed out slightly.

“Hmm. I can think of some others things that taste good,” You smirked, your gaze traveling down to where his zipper was. Sam gulped, and you moved closer to him, your fingers going to the button of his jeans.

“Can I have a taste?” You inquired, looking up at him through your eyelashes.
Sam nodded, and you undid his jeans, sliding them and his boxers down his legs. You got down in front of him, wrapping one hand around the base of his dick. You swiped your tongue across the tip, smiling when Sam sucked in a breath. Opening your mouth, you moved forward, sliding his hardening dick into it. Sam groaned, his hands fisting in his hair.

“My hair, Sam, not yours.” You murmured, before going back to sucking on him. Sam’s hands reached down, fisting in your hair. Your tongue traced the underside of his dick, and he groaned. Pulling your lips back slightly, you gently scraped your teeth along his sensitive flesh.

“Fuck, (Y/N). You’re so fucking good at this,” Sam groaned. “You’re such a good girl. I’m going to repay you for this, baby.”
You looked up at Sam through your eyelashes, and he bit his lower lip, hard, groaning at the sight of you with his dick in your mouth.

“I’m going to cum.” Sam warned, prompting you to renew your actions with vigor.

“(Y/N), fuck, this feels so good,” Sam moaned. “Fuck, (Y/N).”

He came then, his dick twitching slightly. You swallowed, and stood.

“You okay, sweetheart?” Sam inquired.

“Perfect.” You replied. Sam gently pressed his lips against yours, smoothing your hair behind your ear.

“Time to get back to cooking?” You asked, gesturing towards the food.

“Not yet. Now it’s my turn to make you feel good.” Sam said, wrapping his arms around your waist and picking you. Your legs wrapped around his hips, and he carried you to the bedroom, gently putting you on the bed. You moved closer to the pillows, and watched as Sam lay down between your legs. He fiddled with your pants for a moment, before drawing them down and tossing them to the side. Sam pressed soft kisses to your thighs, biting gently every so often. He moved closer to the part of you that was still covered by underwear, until his mouth was hovering over you. Leaning down, he pressed his lips against you. Whimpering slightly from the friction, you bit your lower lip and watched him.

“You okay?” Sam inquired.

“More than okay.” You replied, smiling at him. Sam smirked, his fingers playing with the edge of your underwear. He drew them down, and they followed the same destination as your pants. Sam slid one finger into you, smirking as you let out a gasp.

“Oh, God, Sam.” You moaned. Every nerve in your body felt like it was on fire, the build up from watching Sam’s reaction to the blow job you gave him, and how sexy his was with his head between your legs contributing to your feelings.
Sam removed his finger and you whimpered at the loss. He moved closer to you, his tongue darting out and touching your clit.

“Fuck,” You gasped. His tongue moved lower, slipping inside you, while his finger came up and massaged your clit. “Fuck, Sam, oh my God.”

The feeling of Sam touching you, his tongue moving in and out of you, sometimes touching your clit was electrifying. His fingers replacing his mouth, holding you open, sliding in and out of you, made you want to clench your legs together.

“You’re so beautiful like this, so turned on and wet.” Sam murmured, before putting his tongue back on your clit. One of his hands moved towards your breast, his fingers rolling your nipple, gently squeezing and tugging.

“Fuck, Sam,” you gasped, your hands fisting in his hair. He moved his other hand to your clit, gently rubbing it. You gasped, feeling a pressure in your lower abdomen.

“Cum for me.” Sam murmured, and you did, your back arching, gasping and moaning his name.

“Fuck, Sam, Sammy.” You moaned.
He gripped your thigh in his hand, his fingers still moving inside you, until you collapsed against the bed.

“You okay, love?” Sam inquired, lying next to you.

“I’m okay. That was….wow. Round 2?” You murmured, your fingers tracing his bare chest.

“After our nap.” Sam quietly said, pulling you close to him, and the two of you drifted off to sleep.

starsandspires  asked:

present headcanons for the rampion crew?? who gives who what?

  • Cinder’s not really good at giving gifts. When it comes to gift exchanges for the servants or ambassadors, Iko does all the shopping and Cinder’s just as surprised when said recipient opens their gift. Most of the time it’s a good surprise.
    • For the crew though, she likes to be practical, giving out handmade coupons for things like Free Portscreen System Analysis, One Rampion Oil Change, etc. Mostly it’s an excuse to get her hands dirty.
  • Kai’s all about the sentimental gifts, remembering the most minute details of a conversation one of the gang has with him 10 months prior. They’re always very thoughtful and beautifully crafted.
  • Scarlet is the complete opposite and opts for the handmade gift. Most of the time it’s baked goods or a jar of honey from the farm, or a basket of soaps from the old lady who makes them from two farms down.
  • Wolf is also a handmade gift kind of guy, but his tend to be a little more crafted, like whittled figurines or eventually, handsome pieces of furniture. Every now and then, he’ll throw in one of his homemade jars of jam. They’re prize-winning after all.
  • Thorne’s gift-giving philosophy is to get people what he’d like to receive because he obviously has impeccable taste. Funny enough, these gifts are some times spot on. Of course, his success rate is about 50%, but the gang is unable to exchange their gift because Thorne got it somewhere halfway around the world. 
  • Cress’s gifting style is somewhat of a mix between Kai’s and Thorne’s. She’s good at remembering sentimental details and picks up interesting gifts during her travels. Her gifts tend to be small, (like her): jewelry, a book, a fascinating charm with an interesting story.
  • Winter is also one of the handmade gang. She’s always gifting beautiful quilts or delicate handkerchiefs embroidered with delicate flowers or life-like animals. 
  • Jacin’s gifts include something simple and practical. A can of oil because the last time he visited, the door was squeaky, or wool socks because no one can have enough pairs of wool socks. These gifts leave the recipient a little puzzled, until he says something nice to them and then he is being hugged against his will. 
  • Iko is one of those freaky gift-givers who always gets you something you’ve never knew you wanted, but now that you have in your life, you couldn’t imagine how you could have lived so long without one. She says it’s her superpower. 

Merry Christmas to everyone who celebrates it and a happy holiday to all!

I did some drinking last night, and by some I mean a lot, and I don’t normally drink at all, but I found out they are moving me to a new location at work and I’m trying not to stress about it until it actually happens and I just wanted to have some coconut rum and watch HTGAWM and yell at my friends, so I did.

I also apparently ate every piece of the garlic bread in my house (??), and made ranch dip out of all of my sour cream (???), and made a salad for my lunch today ( ?? drunk me is apparently nicer to future me than sober me is). I think I may also have cried about an avocado tasting really good?? but I didn’t recall that until I opened the avocado at work today. I somehow diapered Beep and got all of the outside birds locked up okay, and found a pea egg (?? how did I not drop it ?? i do not know, but it was sitting on my counter intact this morning, and it’s not Beep’s). I seem to vaguely recall giving the cat a mouse that Beep didn’t want to eat. I really hope she actually ate it.

ANYway, thank you to those of you who kept me company last night and are somehow still here this evening.

LoZ: The Wind Waker - Deku Nut Cake

I know I kind of fell off the wagon these past few weeks, but I’m not here to give excuses, I’m here to give RESULTS!

If you look for it, you can find the Hylian language throughout many of the Legend of Zelda games on signs, gravestones, and sometimes even bottles. What you may not have been aware of however, is that, more often than not, the symbols are merely a cipher for Japanese or English writing systems and can therefore be easily translated! One curious example of this writing can be found inside the cafe on Windfall Island in The Wind Waker.



Lon Lon Milk -> 150
Deku Nut Cake -> 300
Zora Coffee -> 250

And so, dear readers, I have endeavored to create this Duku Nut Cake without any actual in game iteration or description. This is probably as far removed from canonical game food as I’m willing to get so let’s get to it for my final Zelda Month recipe!

Wait it’s December what now!?

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Jungle Man - Ch. 2

Originally posted by kylolicious

Summary: After meeting the mystery man during her small escape in the jungle, (Y/N) decides to quickly offer her hospitality to Ben.As her father returns to camp however, (Y/N) has to send Ben away, possibly never having the chance to see him again.

A/N: I am such a damn sucker for this AU, haha. I’m always up to writing more, so if you want more, maybe even have some wonderful ideas for me, send them away! This chapter isn’t very long, just seemed to flow better this way. Enjoy! 

Walking to the opening of the small trail, you peered from side to side once again. Though your father was making no obvious signs of his presence, you couldn’t afford to assume. Looking from one empty tent to the next, with no signs of his presence, rather his recent departure with a smothered cigarette, you sighed with relief. Turning around you gestured to Ben.

“Come on, this way.”

Moving forward with his fists moving across the soil, Ben followed close behind you as his eyes darted from left to right. Though the camp wasn’t much compared to some of the explorers out there, the set up you had greatly impressed Ben. There were so many things he had never seen before, things he couldn’t begin to identify or understand. The colors were some not found in nature, the shapes odd and fascinating. 

Finding himself distracted he ended up moving over towards the table of lab equipment your father had set-up on the side. Slowly he squatted, balancing his weight on the back of his feet as he observed the array of different tools. There were beakers of all heights, shapes and markings neatly lined up behind the open space on the wood table top where a few stray pens laid out. Ben curiously placed his finger on one as he rolled it back and forth across the wood.

Not even realizing what he was doing, you rummaged through the one stash of food supply you managed to keep at the camp. Despite it being almost all carbs and random items that were known to have a long shelf life, you were perfectly content with it, considering the produce you could always find not too far away to accompany the foods. Pushing past some of the breads you attempted to find a good chunk of bread for Ben.

“I’m not sure that you’ve ever tasted something like it, but hopefully you’ll like it. I rather enjoy it with my meals.”

Finally seeing a good ‘butt’ piece you smiled with satisfaction.

“Ah ha!”

Gripping it in your palm you turned to face Ben once again, only to find nothing behind you. Arching your brow you scanned the perimeter of the camp, wondering if he had decided to run off. Finally your eyes landed upon him, swishing around some blue liquid your father had mixed up in vial. Seeing him go to open it you rushed over in a frenzy.

“No, no, no, no!! Put that down!!”

Halting in his motion Ben looked up to you with a perplexed expression, unsure of what you were so worried about. Sighing you shook your head at him, assuring you were clearly pronouncing your words.

“Not food. This is food.”

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anonymous asked:

Sugardaddy!yoongi being domestic and making you breakfast after doing the do last night ;)

A/N: I honestly feel like this could pass as something directly after the ending of SYP, but it’s really not! I swear!!

Had anyone ever told you that you’d be waking up to the smell of breakfast in another man’s condo after a night of relentless fucking, you would’ve laughed. That was ultimately before you found yourself a Sugar Daddy after months of struggling to pay your rent, along with the endless amount of college fees piling on top of your overflowing debt, and somehow after that, things like that changed your viewpoint on life, deciding maybe – just maybe – stepping out of your comfort zone for once was a great thing.

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His little doll and his little bird

Pairing: Bucky x reader x Clint

Request: Hello I have a request if I may..I’d love nothing more than to see a Clint and Bucky poly relationship.I have a soft spot for Clint and I’d love to see more of him he makes me feel like home and with Bucky oh my goodness.😳it’d just make me so happy.

A/n the writers block is OVER ! ! !

Waking up in the embrace of the men you loved is the best feeling in the world. Especially when one of them was gone for two months because their field partner didn’t know what he was doing. Bucky looked horrible when he stumbled into your apartment at a quarter past midnight. You and Clint did your best to clean up Bucky’s injuries before you guys got him ready for bed.

“Doll?” you heard Bucky’s voice as you woke up.

“Yeah baby?” you answered as you touched his cheek while Clint held onto you tight.

“Do you think you can make me waffles?” you kissed his nose at his request.

“You can have anything you want” you replied before placed your hand over Clint’s. “Clint sweetie, do you think you can let go of me so I can make breakfast?”

“Can I get some waffles too?”

“Of course you can” you moved so now you were facing Clint. “What kind of girlfriend would I be if I made waffles for one of you and not the other.”

“Thank you little bird” you kissed his nose as well before he let you go and you got out of bed.

“We’ll be out in a little bit.” you heard Bucky yelling once you got to the kitchen. Smiling to yourself you started making the waffles.

The guys joined you a few minutes later and started getting the table set. “Clint can you make the coffee?”

“I’m on it” he kissed your cheek before we went towards the coffee maker. After a few more minutes you carrying the plate full of waffles towards the table. “Alright hot coffee coming your way”

Bucky helped Clint with the mugs and placed them on the table near each plate. “They smell delicious y/n. You have no idea how happy I am that I’m having a home cook meal and not junk off the street.”

“I’ll bet. Now let’s dig in” you guys started eating as Bucky was telling us about the mission that kept him away from you. He said that he was going to request that he will never do a mission with that agent he was paired with again.

“Enough about me, what do you have planned for today” Bucky asked as you guys were enjoying your breakfast.

“Paperwork and lunch with nat. Why?” You asked as you were cutting up a waffle.

“While you were making breakfast we were talking about how we wanted to do something special for you.” Clint began.

“We know how worried you get when we are out on missions.” Bucky finished.

“You guys really don’t have to. I know you guys love me and appreciate me. You guys show me how much any chance you get” you reached out and held both of their hands.

“We know that but we still want to do something special” Clint kissed you hand.

“Alright if you guys want do something special how about a nice home cooked meal. You know how much I love your cooking Clint.” you responded “and maybe we can have some "alone time” with no interruption. That means ALL of our phones will be off.“

"Done and done” Bucky kissed your other hand before both men let go of your hands. All you could do was smile at the loves of your lives as you continue eating your breakfast.

*time skip*

The rest of the morning was pretty much boring. It was nothing but paper work and phone calls for you. Although you were able to hear Bucky yelling at someone because he was telling them about what happened on the mission. Fury actually called you and Clint over so you guys could calm Bucky down. You guys actually stayed with him until lunch time.

“You should go. You’re going to be late to lunch with nat.” Clint told you as you sat on Bucky’s lap in your office.

“Are you sure?”

“Yeah I’m sure. I have Clint.” he kissed your shoulder

“Ok. I love you guys” you kissed both of the men before you left to meet Natasha at the restaurant.

Once you got there you told her what happened and she started laughing because she already knew. You guys then started talking about your personal lives and she started asking about your relationship with the guys.

“I still can’t believe you’re dating both of them. Do they ever get jealous of one another?” Natasha asked as she took a bit of her food.

“No they don’t. We love each other so much that there is no room for jealousy.” you answered honestly.

“Do you get jealous the woman that approach them? Some of those woman are shameless as hell.”

“No I don’t get jealous” you laughed “both of them are super quick to shut down anyone that tries to flirt with them. I actually remember vividly a time when some girl was flirting hardcore with Clint. Clint told her that I was his girlfriend and the girl said she didn’t care. That she has no problem breaking up a couple”

“What a bitch” Natasha angrily commented.

“It was hilarious. Clint told her that instead trying to get into a relationship with a taken man that she should go to church and get into a relationship with Jesus. Bucky then asked her what man broke her heart so bad that she turned out so heartless.” you laughed. It really was funny because the girl looked like she was about to cry when the guys said that to her.

“I knew Clint was a sassy bitch but damn” she started laughing “do they get jealous if a guy hits on you.”

“So fucking jealous.” you smiled at yourself. “Do you remember that guy that was checking me out at Tony’s party last week. The creepy one with the green suit.”


“Well when I came out of the bathroom I caught both of them pinning the guy against the wall. They threatened him saying that if you caught him staring at me that they were cut his throat.” You honestly love your boys.

“So that’s why we didn’t see him for the rest of the night.”

“Yup. My boys took care of him.” you swirled your straw in your cup. “So let’s get back to you’re love life. How are things with Steve.” You gave her a smug look.

“How did you-” she looked nervous

“I’m your best friend nat, I know when you like someone. By the way he likes you too” you smiled at your best friend.

“He does !”

“Yeah. Bucky told me right before he left for the mission. I was meaning to tell you but I guess it slipped my mind.”

“How do you think I should let him know I’m interested in him” you were shocked at her question. You’ve known Natasha for a couple of years but you’ve never seen her like this. You guys spent the rest of lunch planning how Natasha was going to tell Steve that she’s interested in him.

*time skip*

“Oh my gosh it smells amazing in here.” you shouted as you took in the delicious smell. Placing your bag on the sofa you made your way into the kitchen were you watched your men cooking you dinner.

“Taste this.” Clint walked towards you with a spoon full of sauce. After blowing on it you tasted the sauce and you felt like you died and went to heaven.

“That tastes amazing Clint.” you gave him a peck. “I’m going to go shower ok?”

“Make it quick, the foods almost ready” Bucky said as he was pouring noodles into a pot. You quickly went over to him and gave him a kiss before you went to your bathroom to take a shower.

After a quick shower and blow drying your hair you changed into dress Bucky bought you a while ago. It was an a-line dress that cut off on the knee.

“How do I look?” you asked as you entered the dinning room. You were in awe. The table was set up beautifully and the food was placed on the table.

“Like my perfect little doll” Bucky smiled as he placed the last wine glass on the table before he walked towards me. “You look stunning”

“Thank you buck” you kissed him as he placed his hands on your waist.

“You always look stunning though little bird.” Clint came up behind you and placed a kiss on your neck.

Moaning against Bucky’s lips you pulled away “let’s save this for later” you managed to squeeze out and took your place at the table.

Dinner was amazing. You guys spent the time laughing as Bucky told more stories about his mission. He reminded you guys that although he had a shitty time on the mission he still managed to mess with his dick of a partner.

After dinner you guys were sitting in your living room planning out your vacation you guys were going on. Clint talked to fury after lunch about you guys having a two weeks off so you guys could spend quality time together. Surprisingly fury agreed immediately and even suggested us take the month off.

You guys decide to spend a month in Hawaii. You wanted to spend your days in the sun and the guys wanted to see you in a bikini the entire trip.

“I’ll be right back. I forgot I baked something for you.” Bucky got up and walked back into the kitchen.

“While he’s gone” Clint took this opportunity to scoop you up and placed you on his lap. “Let’s have a little fun” you guys began to kiss. Clint’s hands were groping your thigh as you slipped your tongue in his mouth.

“Mmm” you moaned

“Having fun without me?” you guys broke you kiss and noticed Bucky was carrying a slice of chocolate cake.

“I’m sorry buck. But now that your here come and join us.” you got Bucky’s hand and tugged it so he would know to sit down next to Clint again. Once he was seated you moved so you were able to rest your legs on top of Bucky’s thighs.

“Open up” opening your mouth Bucky fed you a piece of the cake.

“This is so good” you moaned as your taste buds went wild. “Try some” you got the fork and cut a piece before feeding it to Bucky.

“So delicious.” he replied as swallows the piece of cake. “Give some to Clint.” you cut a piece for Clint before you fed him.

“It is delicious. Good job on the cake buck.” he pecked your lips before before he swallowed the cake.

“Thanks Clint” he leaned forward and kissed Clint and causing you to moan in delight. You always loved when they made out in front of you.

“Wait let me put the cake on the table.” you got up and place the cake on the coffee table. “Ok continue.” both men turned towards you and started kissing your neck.

“Bedroom?” Bucky bit your ear as he squeezed your inner thigh.

“Please ! ! ! I need you guys now ! ! !” both men got up and grabbed your hands before you guys made your way towards your bedroom.

Once inside you guys started to take each other’s clothes off. “Go lay down for us little bird.” Clint smacked your butt before you climbed on the bed and spread your legs for your guys.

“Oh god I missed you and this little minx” Bucky grabbed the back of Clint’s neck and pulled him into a kiss. “Let’s go give her hell.”

“Ruin me.” you smirked at them before they joined you. Both of them laid down near your legs and the took turns licking your pussy. “I want one of you on my clit and I want the others fingers inside me.”

Bucky looked at you surprised. “When did you start calling the shots?”

“Last month” Clint laughed before he inserted his fingers. “Go for her clit.” Bucky began sucking on your clit at Clint’s order.

“Oh god” you closed your eyes and gripped their hair as Clint pumped his fingers inside you. “I missed the both of you treating me like queen.”.

“You are our queen.” you heard Clint before his pumped his fingers inside you faster. “Let me play with her clit.”

“Ok” Bucky pulled away and began fucking you with his metal fingers.

“SHITTT ! ! ! I love it when you use your metal fingers buck.” you gripped the sheets as Clint nibbled on your clit. “Oh just like that Clint.”

Bucky removed his fingers before him and Clint ran their tongues over your over your folds. “You want to cum, don’t you?”


“Then cum”

“AHHHH ! ! !” you screamed as you came. Bucky and Clint were eager to lick you clean. Once you were they sat up.

“Can I go first? I want to be inside her so bad” Bucky asked Clint.

“Of course you can” Clint flipped you over so you were laying on your stomach. “She’s all yours.”

“I hope you’re ready doll.” Bucky lifted you up by your waist and made you get on all fours.

“Oh god yes ! ! !” you moaned as Bucky pushed himself inside your. “Clint baby come over here. Let me take care of you” Clint got on the bed and knelt down in front of you so you could get a hold of his cock.

“Oh fuck”

“Come here” you heard Bucky before you felt clint lean into Bucky and watched as they began to kiss.

“Mmmmm” you moaned around Clint as Bucky started to pick up his pace.

“Switch?” you heard Bucky tell Clint before they both pulled away from you.

You let out a loud moan as Clint slammed himself inside you.“I’m so close y/n I’m not going to hold back.”

“CLINT ! ! !” you shouted as he didn’t hold back and started to spank you. Bucky took the opportunity that your mouth was opened and slipped his cock in your mouth.

“Oh that’s it” Bucky held onto your held as he started to fuck your mouth. “Suck.”

Loud moans filled your tiny living room as your men had their way with you.

“Ahhh shit.” Clint dug his nails into your waist as he nearing his end.

You moaned around Bucky’s cock as you felt him twitching in your mouth. “Do you want me to cum in your mouth?”

All you could do was nod yes as you looked up at him. He let out a dry laugh and with one final thrust you felt his cum sliding down your throat.

“That’s it, swallow it.” Bucky gripped your hair tighter. “How close are you?”

“So close” Clint grunted as he continued to slap your ass. “So fucking close.”

You were so focused on swallowing all of Bucky’s cum you didn’t realize Clint was going to cum.

“Oh shit.” you felt Clint’s cum shooting inside you.

“Ahhhhh” you moaned loudly once Bucky pulled away, some of his cum was sliding from the side of your mouth. “I’m cumming”. You came for the second time.

“You look so beautiful cumming my little doll.” Bucky ran his finger through your hair as Clint slowed down his pace until he eventually pulled out.

“Come here little bird” Bucky helped you up and turned you around so you were facing Clint. “I love you my y/n”.

“I love you too Clint.” you gave Clint a tender kiss before you turn towards Bucky. “I love you Bucky.”.

“I love you too my little doll.” he gave you a kiss before you guys got under the cover and drifted off to sleep.

Donald Trump: what a loser.

Omega: oh no…

Donald Trump: seriously, Obama! what a loser! he’s ruined this great nation!

Omega: *gets up* 

Donald Trump: I’ll tell ya though. I’m gonna make it great ag- hey where are you going? I’m talkin! 

Omega: just going to the kitchen. be right back. 

Donald Trump: uh huh. you can’t handle the truth can you? that’s why you’re walking away! 

Omega: *sighs* 

Donald Trump: *follows him* I bet you’re an illegal 

Omega: no 

Donald Trump: yes you are! your accent says so! 

Omega: I’m from Sweden… 

Donald Trump: HA. knew it. Sweden huh? how’s that free healthcare crap workin’ out for you? 

Omega: pretty great actually

Donald Trump: oh baloney! you and Bernie Sanders. ridiculous! you know it’s not actually free? 

Omega: well….nothing is “free" but- 

Donald Trump: SEE. WHAT DID I TELL YA. 

Omega: you didn’t even let me finish- 

Donald Trump: nononononono you don’t get to talk. you’re not even a citizen! 

Omega: jesus fucking christ…*grabs candy bar from the cabinet* 

Donald Trump: HEY. do not use the Lord’s name in vain! that is disrespect!  and by the way- aren’t you a part of some Satanic cult band? no wonder you don’t care! you Swedes and your bullshit I swear I’m gonna deport all of ya an- 

Omega: Papa… 

Donald Trump: WHAT.

 Omega: *hands him candy bar* have a Snickers. 

Donald Trump: why?! 

Omega: because you’re not you when you’re hungry. 

Donald Trump: well…..I’ll accept it. but I bet it tastes like shit. probably some cheap Mexican candy that’s fooled innocent hard working Americans into thinking it’s a Snickers. it’s disgraceful! 

Omega: just take a bite… 

Donald Trump: *bites off a piece* 

Omega: better? 

Papa: better….. 

Omega: *sighs heavily* good. 

Papa: that was a close one…holy shit… 

Alpha: *playing Bloodborne in the living room from a distance* WILL YOU TWO SHUT UP ALREADY?

After IT (bay!Raphael x reader) NSFW MATURE CONTENT

“Now, get off of me” I pushed Raphael up to sitting position, his member still inside me.

“I thought you’d want to cuddle?” He smirked but eventually got off of me and sat at the edge of the bed.

“Yeah, usually.” I said and wider my mouth to my arm. “when I don’t have cum in my mouth!”

Raph laughed, the whole bed wobbling while he did. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to, but you’re just getting so good I couldn’t hold it.”

“Hahahah.” I mocked, I really was not on the mood right now.

“So, did I taste good?” Now he was just teasing me… 

I gave him a really bad glare, but it only humored him more.

“I take it as a no." 

"Well, cum never tastes good, idiot.” I mumbled, pulling my panties back on after cleaning myself with a piece of paper.

“Well you didn’t throw up this time!” He was trying to find at least one tiny bit of me confessing that it wasn’t all awful. 

“Guess I’ve gotten used to it.” I shrugged, now putting some socks on. The awful taste in my mouth just kept haunting me, making me gag. 

“You tasted actually better than the other times…” Raph whispered and kissed my neck. I rolled my eyes.

“I know, you keep saying that every time. But I seriously need something better tasting in my mouth right now!” Raph took a hold of my face with his hands, keeping me looking at him.

“How about me?” He grinned. I slammed my hand over his face and pushed, getting up from the bed with my shaky legs.

“I meant food!” I lifted my hands up but they shake too. I hadn’t covered from our fun just yet, but I felt so hungry, and greedy for another taste, to kill the other in my mouth.

“Okay, I’ll help you to the kitchen.” Raph knew he wouldn’t get a second round.

“So, we have fish sticks, and mayonnaise?” Raph lifted his eyebrows playfully at me.

“I want nothing of those. No water animals or sauce that is white and almost liquid.” I really had no energy for his games now.

“You’re no fun…” He muttered and went through the fridge again.

It ended up me eating just bread while Raph sat at the other side of the table. 

“I really liked the view I got.” Raph smiled.

I gave him a questioning look, my mouth still full of bread I didn’t want to even try to talk.

“When I came to your mouth.”

Cough cough cough

“What?!” I snapped when all the bread was out of my mouth.

“I meant what I said.”

“I KNOW!! But why did you have to mention it when I was still eating!!” I yelled, still not forgetting the taste in my mouth.

“Well sorry for being so horny all the time!" 

My eyes stared at him, frozen, surprised and… Understandingly? 

"You’re just so damn hot! I can’t help it, but your attitude makes it look like your just teasing me all the time.” He kept his eye sight at mine, not even blinking while he talked, reasoned his actions.

“It’s not that I don’t want you Raph.” I looked away. “You make me think the same things. You’re like, really manly and sexy, but… You’re so big." 

When I dared to look back at him, he was blushing. Bad. 

"It’s pretty exhausting to do it. And it’s just that I need little pauses at the moments. To get the energy back, okay.”

He was silent for a while, then the oh so familiar smirk returned to his face.

“So, what about the second round?" 

I sighed. 

"I’ll just finish my juice.” I said, looked after Raphael when he headed back to the bedroom to wait for me.

Summon | Dirk/Demon!Jake

You spend hours looking through the tomes Rose lends you. Sifting through pages on familiars, summons, lesser demons, greater demons, witch alliances, the works.

You don’t know why you’re looking towards such unearthly, hellish methods of obtaining a boyfriend. If you knew you were going to stoop this low you would have just created an account on three months ago.

Regardless of your methods, though, it’s a universal truth that you’re getting desperate.

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