some girls doing shopping

It's pronounced jhee-Von-SHEE!

I was in Barney’s earlier doing some shopping and this girl was asking her SD (or so it looked like) to buy her a Givenchy bag. But she pronounced it “GIV-en-chi”, like the way it’s spelled in English.. but it’s a French brand!

Both the SD and the salesperson gave her the funniest look! Don’t make the same mistake girls its important to know how to pronounce words like that so it seems like you know what you’re talking about. You have to keep up appearances and asking for something like a ratchet isn’t the way to do that 😂

As Juicy J says, “Say no to ratchet pussy”. The upper class tend to date within their class, and even if you’re not upper class you can at least give off the impression that you are by acting and speaking elegantly and intelligently, making it more likely that he’s not going to be embarrassed to be seen with you in public or even take you to dinners introducing you to his friends!

However if you act in a cringeworthy manner, your SD is more likely going to want to keep you in the bedroom instead of taking you shopping and to nice dinners.

Similarly, Hermes is pronounced “AIR-mez” and not “Her-mees”. Interestingly, Moët is actually pronounced the way it’s spelled! I thought it was “Mo-ay” but when I was in Paris a waiter corrected me and said it was “mo-et”. So embarrassing 🙈🙈

Hawaii and Mexico was absolutely amazing and beautiful, and it definitely made for a hell of a time, one I certainly wasn’t expecting. But being back in LA, I can’t wait to get back in the studio and maybe do some shopping. Girl can never leave her favorite stores for too long. Someone should definitely take a day trip with me to The Grove. 

Ok so last night after we had supper, us girls went to Old Navy to do some shopping. I picked up another sports bra and some running socks and saw this dress for $15 and it was so cute! I grabbed a large and a medium. Tried the large on expecting it to fit. And it did. Plus some. So I tried on the medium thinking there was no way I would get it zipped up. But I did. And it fit well! My tummy is bigger than I’d like it to be but I know it seems to be where I gain my weight. And I realized I need to work on my legs more - both in keeping them nice and lotioned and doing more leg exercises to tone. But really, with some Spanx and a leg spa day there is no reason I couldn’t wear this dress tomorrow. And it has pockets!!!!!