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Who The Fuck Is Negan? [Part Three]

Alison studied his face, taking in every detail, as she thought about how much of an age difference there was between them. She wasn’t sure how big the gap was, but she was willing to bet it was over fifteen years.

She didn’t speak to him again until The Sanctuary was coming to view, wanting to express her concern while she knew she still had a chance. Who knew where she would be taken once they arrived.

“Would you force me to do something I don’t want to?” Her voice was hushed and she wondered if she needed to ask a little louder, until he laughed.

In a cheeky tone Negan made a comment about how he had just kidnapped her, and in turn she laughed at him.

“Negan, if I really didn’t want to go with you, I wouldn’t be here.”

She saw the confusion on his face, and then pure amusement when he glanced over and notice she had taken her gun out at some point and was pointing it right at him.

“Shit sunshine. I might a little scared if your gun wasn’t fucking pink.”

She went to kick him, only grazing his jacket. Damn her short legs. And of course her failed attempt just made him smirk and laugh yet again.

“Do you even know how to use that?” He pointed to the gun still pointed at him. “Sure you’re even old enough for it?”

“Fuck you. I’m older than you would think.” She cocked the gun, finger on the trigger. “And so what if it’s pink?” A smirk crossed her face now. “It could kill you the same as any other pistol.”

“I don’t think you have the fucking guts to do it.” He was parking the truck, her window for questioning was about to end, possibly.

“I don’t want to Negan.” Alison ignored as he seemed to shiver when she said his name.

“Answer my original question. And I’ll put my gun away.”

He turned to face her, frowning just slightly. He put a hand over his heart.

“I won’t force you to do anything you don’t want to, if you tell me your name sunshine.”

“It’s Alison you dick.” She slide her gun back into her pocket and opened the door, getting out before he could say anything else.

When someone tried to take her things away, she broke their nose, and instead of getting in trouble, Negan only smiled and told everyone to leave her alone.

Before she knew it, Alison was in Negan’s room and he was giving her a very deadly smirk.

She’d just been pushed against the wall, her hands were in his hair, his on her hips, trying to hold her as close as he could, their kisses quick and sloppy. Someone knocked on the door.

“Fucking fuck.” He groaned against her lips. He leaned his head back but didn’t let go of her, knowing she could run from him at any moment.

“What the fuck do you want?”

“I’m so sorry!” The man on the other side of the door rushed to apologize. “Your wives have been asking for you all night…”

As soon as she heard the word “wives” Alison was shoving Negan away, causing him to loose his balance and fall flat on his ass.

He looked at her and held up her hands. “Ali, please…” he legit looks scared.

“Wives! You have wives and you were trying to get with me? And don’t fucking call me Ali you dickhead. You don’t even know me.” She didn’t even notice she was crying, but Negan sure did and he was so confused.

“It’s just fucking sex Alison.” He went to touch her arm and she just jerked away and turned her back to him. “It’s not like it’s your first time. Chill the fuck out.”

She froze, saying nothing. He didn’t need to see the horrified look on her face to realize that it would have actually been her first time.

She waited for him to laugh and make fun of her, but the room was dead quite. When she felt his arms wrap around her waist, she wanted to fight but didn’t see a point it. Despite knowing better, she’d let herself be trapped behind enemy lines.

For awhile he just held her, and she leaned back into him.

“The room next door is empty, take it. Someone should be making rounds down the hall all night if you need anything.” He let her go and disappeared into a door, shutting it without even saying goodbye.

What the hell just happen?

For the first time in a year, Alison had troubling sleeping. She didn’t know Jacob watching over her every night had been such a comfort. Hopefully Alexandria was being good to him…

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Please enjoy this gif I made to send to my sister just because. Hi.

The last two days have been kind of great. I’ve gotten out of my head about somethings. I’ve watched a bunch of Christmas movies, went to see The Night Before (it’s Christmas Carol meets The Hangover with JGL - how could I go wrong?!), lifted some weights, done some crossword puzzles, read, and mostly just enjoyed the quiet. In short, I practiced some self care and it feels pretty damn good.

Plus, a really great chat with a really great friend is enough to make you stop worrying about how anyone else feels about you.

So, Happy Sunday folks. December is going to be great. I can just feel it.