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Your icon is so nice. Did you make it? If yes, is there any way you could make some scott ryder icons?

Of course, here you go some space twink Scott Ryder icons. You can find all of them at my icons page!

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You are sitting on your porch and it is seen that all there is, is ‘This.’ There is no one there measuring whether this current experience is good or bad or better than some other past or future experience. In that moment, time stands still. The utter beauty and simplicity of ‘what is’ is realized. The story of self falls away. Then you go about your day and notice at some point that the peace left. The dream of self is back.

The sense of “I got it” is identification with a particular experience. It is the false belief that reality is supposed to look a certain way and that, when that certain way appears, you’ve somehow “got it.” The sense of “I lost it” is when the mind believes it has to get back to that experience once the experience is gone. This is a trap. All experiences are temporary. To continue looking for some past experience is to keep the search alive.

Enlightenment just means the recognition that whatever is appearing now is a perfect expression of awareness. The dream self can never recognize this because its only goal is to keep the time-bound story alive—to keep the search going. See that the trap of “I got it” and “I lost it” is the mind’s way of keeping that search going. That seeing allows the oscillation between “I got it” and “I lost it” to fade.

Kiloby, Scott. Reflections of the One Life: Daily Pointers to Enlightenment

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You my dear are absolutely stunning you take the cake on tumblr. Can we see more of you bent over ? In love with your ass and legs 😘

Thank you that’s very kind of you! I do hope you like some of my future posts just as much! :-)

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Hi. I enjoy your blog. I have a question about vibrations. When my vibrations are of a high intensity, my life feels great. However, I can't keep myself in this state, as I often find my battery levels can't sustain this, and my vibrations drop to zero. How can I manage things in a more sustainable way, so I don't keep going between the two extremes, whilst not losing the joy?

Hi, thank you for the message!

Set an intention.

“I intend to be, do, or have whatever I need in order to be consistently joyful in sustainable, healthy, and positive ways.”

Now that your intention is set, write it down and read it while seeing and feeling yourself in that sustainable joy that you’d like to have like it has already happened.

Instead of it being some future event, you want to see it as something that has already happened. Like you’re reflecting upon it and feeling gratitude for it.

Start there.

Then you want to do things that gradually grow you into more and more sustainable joy.

Like if you feel low or down, allow yourself to feel that way for a few days without beating yourself up, but gradually do things that lift you out of that mood.

Maybe that means you watch some funny videos or switch your focus to what you do want. Maybe that looks like you going for a walk or doing some hobby. Maybe that means you buy a punching bag and some gloves and take your frustrations out on the punching bag. You’ll have to find something positive and healthy that works for you.

The idea is to practice with what helps you lift put of the down moods so that it gets easier for you to do.

You know why you want sustainable joy, so that will help you stay positively focused on your intention. How the intention will unfold, you probably can’t see right now so don’t worry about that part.

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Could you give us any details on future fics you might be writing? I love your work, keep it up! :)

Ah, it makes my heart sing that you’re interested in knowing, honestly! Here’s summaries of all the things I’m currently hoping to write at some point in the future.

Liam/Sara main continuity (aka, ‘All In’ on AO3)
-  the night they hooked up on the couch (the one i’m working on atm!)
- the one where the crew keeps interrupting them when they’re trying to get it on but it’s kind of their own fault because no-one knows for sure that they’re together yet (you can blame @elephantsneedwater​ for this one!)
- liam reflecting on his relationship with sara during the final mission
-  post-game discussions about starting a family (playing with all the lovely themes andromeda gives us on what it means to create a life, tentatively called, priority ops: repopulating heleus, which will probably be multi-chaptered bc you know there needs to be a smutty follow-up about their attempts to have a baby?)
also just some smut about having sex up against the windows in sara’s quarters ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

‘Grounded’ continuity
- Sara talking to Liam after completing ‘Ryder Family Secrets’ and perhaps even connecting some dots 
- I haven’t started planning this one at all beyond vague thoughts but I really loved writing Liam’s parents and want to do some more character studies, so something about them fixing up the car together!

Other things:
- I love Vetra I really do but I kind of thought that Ryder (or well, my Ryder, at least) had more chemistry with Sid and I really just want to write something exploring that

cue Ryder being terrified that Vetra is going to tear her eyeballs out with her talons lmfao

- Should I ever release myself from this Andromeda hellhole, I have vague notes about writing a Ashley/Kaidan fic in a universe where Shepard dies on Virmire
- When I eventually get back to my current Dragon Age run (help), I’ve got a  looong F!Hawke/Alistair fic in the works (my DA otp basically). I really need to replay the games before I can get more work done.

So, um, yeah! I definitely have some ideas that will keep me busy for a while! But as I’ve mentioned, I tend to jump between things all the time, so if there’s anything in particular you’d like to see, drop me a line because I can always use new ideas/brainstorming buddies/etcetera! 

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Could you please analyze the relationship between a Heir of Rage and a Mage of Heart?

Heirs and Mages have only one almostcanon interaction (from Paradox Space’s Killswitch Engage), wherein Equius tries to get Sollux to fix a computer problem that’s pretty much only related to Sollux’s skill set in that it vaguely involves the word “computer.”

So Sollux hacks his robots so Equius can tear himself out of those wires. 

Implying that Heirs may not really understand the Mage’s actual capabilities/limits, which makes the Mage have to complete a task in a roundabout way. Or, they could make the Heir do the work with the Mage’s instruction. 

Mages must suffer in order to learn about their Aspects, and through that, they can effectively use it. Meulin has problems in romance, but she is an experienced and successful matchmaker.

Sollux suffers from hearing the voices of the soon-to-be dead (including himself), which is how he learns about the end of the world, SGRUB, and some of the future. Propelling the meteor also resulted in his death while allowing him to save the group. 

Heirs are initially entrenched in their Aspects, and only have to learn how to use it. As such, it is logical that an Heir might not understand the intricacies of an Aspect.  

John has the power to “do the windy thing” quite early in his journey, and even accidentally does it. Equius uses nothing bur pure strength as a weapon, although it does often backfire; he still needed to control that power. He also inherited almost nothing from his ancestor, and had to work through that.

A Mage and an Heir could generally share their knowledge/experiences with one another for purposes of knowledge, and perhaps find more efficient/effective ways to use their skills. Alternatively, they could have a difficult time getting along due to the airheadedness of Heirs and the knowledgeable personality of Mages. This is especially true as the Classes are inversions of one another; one could see weaknesses in the other that they themself feels self-conscious of, which could lead to possible negative feelings.

Heart and Rage have a complicated relationship. While Heart has a clear relationship to red romance, Rage has a relationship to black romance. 

Leijons have problems reaching red romances even if they seek them out. Dirk is unable to hold a healthy romantic relationship. Makaras are only briefly seen with interest in red relationships (Kurloz and Meulin “drifting apart” after he sews his mouth shut/reaches his Rage calling, Gamzee awkwardly flirting with both Tavros and Dave). Amporas have problems in all quadrants, though they would likely benefit most from black romance (having a good rival to keep them in check with their extreme anger). 

The two are also both Aspects that relate to emotion. Heart is about personal goals and dreams and impulsivity, while Rage is about anger, domination, and so on. While they are not two sides of the same coin in that regard, they are something like different shades on the same spectrum. 

For example, Terezi’s inversion to Heart and her extreme difficulty/inability to manage the Aspect leads to an abusive relationship with Gamzee, although unfortunately a lot of the specifics of the relationship are unclear. Her emotions culminate into fear, anger, and general confusion.

Overall, this means the two Aspects can either get along in that one makes up for some lack in the other, or they can be at odds with one another in that they are near opposites. It would likely depend heavily on the individual personalities/Classes of the players. 

An Heir of Rage and Mage of Heart could have a relationship that goes any direction. An Heir of Rage would have to go along their quest to learn how to use their Aspect, and a Mage of Heart may be able to help them reach some balance. The two could set goals together and work as a team, or the Heir might have a higher chance of getting into a healthy romance with the help of the Mage. This could be done in a direct or indirect manner, but still have the mark of the Mage upon it. The Heir might provide a good example of when those typically negative feelings might actually be useful - a person who’s too bubbly might get taken advantage of, for example, and having some amount of anger might help the Mage take care of themself. 

The two might not have a deep relationship, only helping one another out occasionally or being mild annoyances to one another. 

Alternatively, the Mage could encourage impulsiveness, which coupled with inherited Rage could become devastating to the development and learning of the Heir. Or, the Heir could use their abilities to put down the Mage and generate feelings of inadequacy, anger, etc. In any case, this would be bad for both of them as individuals, not just for their relationship. 

Although it’s possible for the two to get into a more romantic relationship, it probably would not last very long unless the two could find a way to make both their Classes and their Aspects work together. There is a capability of the two becoming a strong combination, but it would take the right personalities and willingness on both parts for this to work out. 

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I’m guessing you’re asking me if I would draw or had draw Mchanzo? I never draw them before but I want to in the future, maybe some nsfw too. But mcgenji👍 

Well, this is it.

I’m about to have dinner, then I’ll be watching The Flash as close to live as I can. Soon, we’ll find out if any of my theories are at all correct, or if I was just blowing smoke without realizing it. Is H.R. Wells really as kind and helpful as he acts, or is he secretly an accomplice of Abra Kadabra, or possibly Abra himself in disguise? Is Julian Albert Desmond really trying to make up for his time as Doctor Alchemy by helping the team and Caitlin, or is he just manipulating them and her to serve the Cult of Savitar? And what of Savitar himself? Is he just some random man we haven’t properly met, or is he one of the speedsters we already know gone evil in some terrible future? Is he Future Barry Allen?

I think we’re about to find out.

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My girlfriend and I were happy until she found out she had to leave and go back to her hometown and focus on school. It's getting to be down to the last days. We decided had to end it when she leaves because we can't handle the stress of a long distance relationship. We'll still be friends. And we both said something to the effect of if we can get back together in the future we would. Right now that hope is what's sustaining me because I love her so much. I recognize that's no guarantee.(1/2)

Continued: And that we might just have different paths. But I still want to end up with her again someday. It’s like she’ll be the one that got away if I don’t. I keep trying to read my tarot cards but that’s not telling my much. (Thanks for nothing cards!) What do you think about the situation? I’m not asking for the future just some advice. Sorry about the grammar, it’s not my strong suit. (2/2)
Maybe the cards can’t give you an answer because right now, there is no answer. Nobody can tell you if your relationship will grow stronger or fall apart. Nobody can tell you if you will get back together.

It makes sense that you still want to end up with her. Because right now you’re still in love with her. But distance has a way of changing a heart’s landscape. In some ways, it’s kinder to both of you to leave a door open than to try to force things to stay the same.

But if you’re counting on that possibility, you aren’t letting her go. That’s keeping her as your girlfriend in your heart. That’s keeping yourself lonely. Being loyal to somebody who is absent won’t serve your heart well. And friend, you have to serve your heart well.

After she leaves, you’re going to wake up the next day. And the day after. And someday you’re going to know the answer to a lot of these questions.

But for now, all you do is let go as peacefully as you can. And then don’t waste your life waiting in the wings. Nothing hurts more than waiting only to find someone isn’t coming back.

Be well, anon, and I hope you feel better. Take good care of your heart.

I hope you guys realize that the Stranger things kids are still very young and haven’t matured all the way yet and they’re probably at some point going to do some things that aren’t so great and say things that aren’t so great and when that happens I hope you guys don’t ridicule them or tear them down because they’re still learning just like we were at that age

the irl captain america