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La bulle québécoise [a theory about Jack Zimmermann]

Us Quebecois mostly live in our own bubble; think about it, 80% of the population’s first language is French, and around 40% of those people are bilingual in English. Having a different language than the rest of our neighbors (the rest of Canada and the US), means that we make our own stuff: we have our own music artists, our own tv shows and basically our own pop culture. We do get to know about American pop culture, we do have our magazines talking about the Kardashian’s and whatnot, but most of the time, we tend to not really give a fuck about it unless it makes the news.

I feel that this bubble explains Jack’s inability with American pop culture: he was born and raised in Québec and his first language is French. He probably watched TV in French and listened to French radio most of the time. Like I said, we have our own shows and our own music, and even if some American music makes it here, the radio stations have a Quebec artists quota, aka they need to play a certain amount of French music per day, to help promote our artists and such. Sure the popular TV shows do get eventually translated to French, but it takes time and again, we have our own original French shows.

I think Jack grew up in this bubble, and so he is very versed in Quebecois pop culture, but when it comes to American pop culture, it’s the void. Most of the things he knows about it are probably things his mom told him.

And I feel it can also explain part of his inability with social media: since we are in our bubble, we are always one or two years behind on internet trends, and sometimes they don’t pick up here at all. Most people here don’t know about Tumblr, and a lot of them are meh about Twitter and Instagram, they have a Facebook for the sake of it, but everyone got Snapchat for some reason.

So yeah, I think Jack grew up in this bubble, so he might not know what in the frying hell most of the shows on MTV are about, but he could probably tell you about Le coeur a ses raisons, 3600 secondes d'extase, Dans une galaxie prêt de chez vous, Radio Enfer and Une grenade avec ça? without any problem.