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Where can I read hxh?

Heyo Nonny! 

Oh my so there’s no real easy answer to that so i’ll try to make it as easy as possible.

Note: The manga is amazing, i’ll die defending it. If you are a newcomer, welcome.
 If you watched the 2011 anime, I hereby recommand you to read the manga from the start because a few scenes had been missing from the manga.
If you really want to just jump where the anime stopped, know the 2011 anime stopped at chapter 339. 

Don’t forget to check out the bonus chapters though (chapter 340.5 and 340.6 are extremely important and can be read once you read chapter 18 imo, since it gives more insight for future arc. Believe me.)
But really you should start from the start of the manga. 

(If you come because you watched 1999, you need to read the manga from the start since 1999 is not really accurate to the events of the manga, while with 2011 it’s a question of (albeit important) missing scenes. So read from the start.)

Most translations online aren’t all that good, there’s multiple things to take into consideration, so i’ll give the best links I know of. If you find a translation odd in the versions you decide to read, I definitly recommand you to check another source to see if it would make more sense. 

tl;dr: Imo, read the manga on Managaseeonline , stop at chapter 339 on it. Read chapter 340 on another source (Maybe mangapanda). And from that point on, read everything there is on Mangastream
(and you can read chapter 340.5 and 340.6 after chapter 18 for a better experience.)

In detail:

-It’s in high quality,
-this is the official translation.
-Togashi redrew a lot of his chapters between the magazine publication and the manga publication when his health was very low, so reading the official volumes is probably for the better to have the full work. 
From about chapter 340 I think though those are the magazine chapters versions.
-It has the Hisoka’s backstory chapter written by Ishida, Tokyo Ghoul’s author. It was a gift for Togashi and it’s not canon at all, but it’s nice to know about. Most website don’t have it in the hxh page and it can be hard to find so you can read it on chapter 356.5.
-The website allows you to read the chapter page by page or show the full chapter in one page so you just have to scroll without flipping pages. 

-Some translations in the early volumes (up to volume 4 I think) had been regularly wrong. Some scenes had been “No homo”ied a little sometimes. Some major translation flaws can happen sometimes. In doubt, check other websites. If you watched the anime and find a line to be really off from the translation you ahd, try to check other sources just in case. (especially since the anime has its own mistranslations.)
-Censure. HxH’s manga is far more bloody than the anime, but that is kept in the American version. What isn’t though, is the whole genital stuff. There’s actually quite a few of those that had been censured in this version. If you’re curious and think something is phallic, you can check uncensured versions online.
-Chapter 340, 340.5 and 340.6 had been deleted and they are extremely important chapter. Try to find them on another sources before carrying on with the story. (tbh I’d even recommand reading chapters 340.5 and 340.6 before the York New Arc if you can, trust me.)

  • Mangastream. They are the official fan-translator of hxh. 

-HD versions of the scans
-Generally the most accurate translations
-They are basically the one doing the translations you see everywhere
-They correct their mistakes with translations. They sometimes do some mistakes in translations, but try to fix it right away. I bring it up because a lot of website steals the first version of the chapter and not the corrected version of the chapter. As a result you can find major mistranslation on other sources that you won’t see on Mangastream. (a huge one came out in chapter 361 and was spread around and only Mangastream corrected it, so I beg you to read the latest chapters on MS.)
-They have chapter 340.5 and 340.6 (Kurapika’s Reminiscences)
-When the manga comes out, they translate everything pretty fast.
-It’s uncensored. 

-They only keep on their website the latest chapters out. They have from chapter 341 and onward. So you’ll still need to find chapter 340.
-No “read the full chapter on one page” option
-That’s it that’s the only flaw.

Other sources to compare to if you need - most of them have the same pros and cons so i’ll lurp them together.

-They all have chapter 340 which is the one chapter neither of the two website i highly recommand have.
-On some later arcs, the translations on their websites are from Mangastream so it’s usually good translations
-The translations on the earlier arcs are usually English translations from the French translation. Which is therefore, a different translation.
-In both case: If things bothers you with the others translations, try and check on there.
-The chapters are usually uncensored. 
-Usually the chapters are either from the French Volumes (so volume redraws) or from the Magazine parution (so before Togashi redrew them)

-The Magazine parution’s drawings can be really sketchy so it can turn off some people. I know some people had a hard time reading them, I personally don’t mind. But I do think it’s maybe better to read the final versions Togashi worked on.
-The scans from the early volumes are seriously from a low quality, it is really distracting.
-I know it’s translated from the french because I remember seeing untranslated french sentences here and there. Also the French translation, while good (I own it) still has a lot of flaws, and I think translations from Japanese -> French -> English can be really confusing.
-The scans on the latest arcs are rather good, but for after chapter 341 it’s really better to check on Mangastream to not have mistranslation.

  • Also at last, check out hunterxhell’s meta if you can, since they often comes back on common mistranslation. They are full of spoilers though but really important.

I think that’s the best I can say, sorry I rambled again but I really want to help for the best experience possible.

At best really, do what i said on the tl;dr.

I hope it’ll help enough ;;;

Take care nonny!!!

La bulle québécoise [a theory about Jack Zimmermann]

Us Quebecois mostly live in our own bubble; think about it, 80% of the population’s first language is French, and around 40% of those people are bilingual in English. Having a different language than the rest of our neighbors (the rest of Canada and the US), means that we make our own stuff: we have our own music artists, our own tv shows and basically our own pop culture. We do get to know about American pop culture, we do have our magazines talking about the Kardashian’s and whatnot, but most of the time, we tend to not really give a fuck about it unless it makes the news.

I feel that this bubble explains Jack’s inability with American pop culture: he was born and raised in Québec and his first language is French. He probably watched TV in French and listened to French radio most of the time. Like I said, we have our own shows and our own music, and even if some American music makes it here, the radio stations have a Quebec artists quota, aka they need to play a certain amount of French music per day, to help promote our artists and such. Sure the popular TV shows do get eventually translated to French, but it takes time and again, we have our own original French shows.

I think Jack grew up in this bubble, and so he is very versed in Quebecois pop culture, but when it comes to American pop culture, it’s the void. Most of the things he knows about it are probably things his mom told him.

And I feel it can also explain part of his inability with social media: since we are in our bubble, we are always one or two years behind on internet trends, and sometimes they don’t pick up here at all. Most people here don’t know about Tumblr, and a lot of them are meh about Twitter and Instagram, they have a Facebook for the sake of it, but everyone got Snapchat for some reason.

So yeah, I think Jack grew up in this bubble, so he might not know what in the frying hell most of the shows on MTV are about, but he could probably tell you about Le coeur a ses raisons, 3600 secondes d'extase, Dans une galaxie prêt de chez vous, Radio Enfer and Une grenade avec ça? without any problem.