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1.21.17 women’s march on Austin

Austin, TX showed up today. I saw people of all identities coming together in solidarity, in ways we haven’t seen much of since this divisive election began.

I saw women of all ages. From my 16 year old sister, to babies in “future president” onesies, to elderly women telling me about the marches they walked in the sixties. I saw men supporting wives and daughters and men supporting women as a whole. I saw proud queer people chanting in the streets, I saw banners about birth control and immigration and trans rights and corruption, but most of all I saw Love.

These are some of my favorite shots from today. I only had my phone and it was hectic and there were thousands of people and signs to see, but here’s a glimpse of the support pouring through the streets of the Texas Capital. I plan to compile a vlog of the entire day because it was life-changing and inspiring and I want to share it with you all.

Keep marching, as long as it takes.

I call this...trash au ideas

we’re the only seniors in this Photo 1 class and are surrounded by freshmen oh my god please just be my model i can’t stand listening to the kid next to me talking about his “big changes” anymore

I ate 3  boxes of Cheez-its and I somehow managed to puke on your door i am so sorry i can explain while i clean this grossness up

my package from amazon arrived at your door accidentally and you thought it was yours but when you opened it is was just lube and a monster sized dildo

I’m your new room mate and just got up the courage to ask why you always laugh so hard while you are in the shower? like why are you always laughing?!?!!? You’re in the shower?!?1?!

I’m really drunk and thought your house was mine and couldn’t find the door back out so long story short you walked in on a drunk stranger playing Mario Cart on your wii

my mom took my phone and found my anime role-play blog send help

my dick neighbor wont shut up so i sent you over there to ask him to be quiet (they wont listen to me!) and we somehow ended up having a threesome

You saw my computer search history no please don’t be scared i’m a WRITER

I was short 5 dollars at the gas station but the helpful person behind me gave me money and their phone number so I could “repay them later” do I call??

You don’t know me but i sit right behind you in AP chem. and I copy every answer off you and the teacher got suspicious and called us both in for a “chat”

Oh no my new friends brother/sister is REALLY HOT now what

Marissonshipping scenes that are important to me (long post, be warned)

TSME act II:

Alain spontaneously jumping to protect Mairin from Draco Meteor and getting injured in the process (cared about her well being more than his own)

TSME act III: 

Mairin first asking about Alain’s shoulder and then trying to stop Alain from going after Kyogre and Groudon (”But I don’t want anything to happen to you”) and Alain telling her to go home so she’d be safe

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This past Tuesday I had the opportunity to shoot the band “Brand New” @brandnewrock when they came through Pittsburgh while on tour with Modest Mouse, here are some of my favorite shots, feel free to repost or follow here or on IG at