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final fantasy ix dialogue - 1/∞

soulventure91  asked:

SWTOR Player Asks, 20 and 23!

20. What do you most often do while playing? (ex. PVP, FPs, quests, crafting, RP, etc.)

I am a die hard quest person. I love all the stories and before the leveling got crazy fast I used to do all the missions on each planet just to see what all of them were like. I only recently started getting into the fps but I am enjoying them too.

23. Share some of your favorite quotes/dialogue with us! 

Oh boy, there is so much dialogue it’s hard to pick favorites. Hmm mostly it is the romance interests too because I tend to sit clicking on Let’s see,  I love it when Corso say’s “Anything you want Captain.” I snicker when Arcann says “We have unfinished business” I always hear it as ‘bidness’. That guy on Alderaan freaked out by Killiks when he says “Kill it! Kill it with fire.” Theron Shan’s “I do not like Tatooine but I do like to say Tatooine” Valkorion, when he says, “You are a part of me I wish to keep.”

To name a few:-)

Thank you for asking!