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Thess vs Roadblocks

I have a pondering.

Look, I know that Scent of a Warden has been on hiatus forever. I get that. It is a thing that I actively regret. I think it’s about time I at least tried to explain it, talk it through, and maybe come to some conclusion about how to work through those issues and start it up again, on some scale.

That’s the thing; it’s a question of scale. I tried to do something too large for one person to manage reasonably. I succeeded for awhile, but I burned myself out to not a whole lot of purpose, because I am starting to realise that I was significantly undervaluing my time. I mean, it made me happy to provide a service, but … it’s just like fan art, really; I put time and materials into this and I should probably be compensated accordingly. It’s not like I skimp out on materials and blend by machine. I don’t know why I see it as so much work when I think of anyone else hand-blending a perfume drop by drop but think it’s okay to undervalue it when that ‘anyone’ is me.

(Okay, yes I do, but it’s not healthy.)

Anyway, there were more logistical problems as well. The bigger the post drop, the more likely it was that something would get lost in it. I’d either have to replace things (in some cases multiple times) or have some poor individual thinking they’d given me money in bad faith. Possibly sometimes both.

I had a lot of ideas. I still do. I just went about it entirely the wrong way and I had to re-evaluate. So I went on hiatus.

Then, of course, my work hours changed and that threw a spanner into just about everything. I wasn’t going to get up early to do perfumery, and by the time I got home of an evening, all I wanted to do was shower, supper, slump. Not that those hours didn’t have advantages. Just perfumery wasn’t one of them.

So I stayed on hiatus. And that’s where we are today.

Thing is … I miss it. I don’t miss all of it - I don’t miss insanely complicated orders. I don’t miss insanely large orders. I don’t miss the requests of, “I know you say you don’t do X but I thought you’d make an exception”. I don’t miss the post office eating things. I don’t miss knowing I can’t even send things registered mail without nearly doubling the price and then still not making anything off it because of the price of international registered mail. But I miss the making of the things, and the sending of the things, and coming up with new scent blends, and the squee as people get things they love, that were custom-made for them. The money doesn’t hurt either, little as there is of it.

Also, my hours are changing again. I’m not entirely pleased with this, because it throws off my schedule, but it does leave me daytime hours for perfumery again, if I want to use them.

So … yes, I am considering taking Scent of a Warden off hiatus … on a limited scale. I’m just not 100% sure how to go about it. There are a few things I considered as a way to make this easier on myself and hopefully mean I don’t go on hiatus for years at a time again.

Purchase Limits: Basically, make sure that I don’t have a thing where I have to fill out massive orders anymore. I kind of already did that, but I may restrict them a little further. On top of that, I would go back to what I did at the beginning and offer commission slots at specific times, only opening new ones when the old ones were completed and I was ready to take on something new.

Price Increases: …I might actually up the price a little. Not much - I really don’t want to make them unaffordable. Just I do need to invest in supplies and there’s stuff I want to try in terms of new merchandise options. That’s sort of a last-resort option, though, and will wait until I’ve seen if the other things work to make SOAW manageable again.

This is all maybes. I guess I’m writing about it for two reasons. One, to sort of hash it out with myself before I commit to anything. Two, to see if there’s still any remote interest in this; no point in gearing myself up for it if there’s not a wider interest. If there isn’t, no big deal - I can just do occasional sales and art swaps with friends or something. But it’d be good to know one way or another. I mean, hell, I blended a Vax’ildan scent and am nearly done with Pike and Keyleth. I’ve got my Cupcake Coterie guys more or less sewn up in my head, scent-wise, and I had this idea about solid perfume lockets. Seems a shame to let it all go to waste.


Here is one of my new favorite characters in all his asexual glory, Jughead from the Archie comics. I am not great at working in a graphic style usually I work more painterly so I will probably go back and work on this some more but my wrist started hurting and I wanted to post it, so here it is. I have been animating so I haven’t been posting because nothing is really finished yet. Also my first fan art in a while so I at least had fun with it. Also included the sketch since I like it better than the colored (but I had to color it to show the ace flag colors on the shirt)

6 Books on Art and Food
A Shelfie from Alexandria Sivak, Senior Communications Specialist at the Getty Trust

Hi! My name is Alexandria Sivak, and I’m a senior communications specialist at the Getty. In addition to art history, my greatest passion is cooking, and I am always looking for ways in which the two intersect. Here are some of my favorite books that do just that.

1. The Edible Monument: The Art of Food for Festivals edited by Marcia Reed. (Getty Publications, 2015).

This book shows how food was used to created elaborate, edible works of art throughout history. I’m a huge fan of the Great British Bake-Off, and I think the challenges on that show reflect how we still strive to make food beautiful for celebrations.

 2. Bitters : A Spirited History of a Classic Cure-All, with Cocktails, Recipes, and Formulas by Brad Thomas Parsons (Ten Speed Press, 2011).

I am always looking for books on the history of food, and the history of bitters is particularly fascinating. They were once believed to have medicinal properties, and are now seeing a resurgence in fancy cocktails. I just recently began drinking Fernet, which is a cousin of bitters, and equally um…bitter.

3. The Medieval Cookbook by Maggie Black (Getty Publications, 2012). 

One of my first assignments when I began working at the Getty was to write a post for the Getty Iris about a Gothic desserts cooking class. I remember thinking that medieval cooking was anything but ‘dark’—if you were wealthy, you were using exotic Silk Road ingredients in your sweets—like rosewater and saffron.  

4. The Modern Art Cookbook by Mary Ann Caws (Reaktion Books, 2013).

I find myself wondering what artists are munching on when they work—like, what was Picasso eating while painting Guernica? What sustained Rivera while he worked on those murals? This book answers some of those questions and has a ton of great recipes too!

5. Pizza: Seasonal Recipes from Rome’s Legendary Pizzarium by Gabriele Bonci (Rizzoli, 2013). 

When I recently visit the Vatican, I stopped by nearby Bonci, one of most well-known pizzarias in Italy. There’s something fantastic about walking through St. Peter’s with a belly full of pizza. I picked up this book while I was there—it gives away some of Bonci’s best recipes!

6. The Food of a Younger Land: A Portrait of American Food from the Lost WPA Files by Mark Kurlansky (Riverhead Books, 2010).

During the Great Depression, the Works Progress Administration (WPA) tried to keep writers active by hiring them to write guidebooks for all 50 states. The “America Eats” project was an offshoot of that—it attempted to compile regional recipes from across the U.S. The project was abandoned, but Kurlansky has compiled all the unedited essays in this book, along with some rare photographs.

I mean like in those old movies were the husband kisses s wife goodbye before heading out to work.

I didn’t know this ship was everything I needed.

As some of you may know, I am a fairly newer fan of pokespe, so I haven’t been around for too long. But what I do know is that people like @ilovecrt and everyone over at @jb2448 put in a lot of work so that pokespe is accessible to everyone. (If I forgot to mention you, that does not mean I do not appreciate your hard work! As I said I’m new and I don’t know all of you that contribute yet! ;v;/) But it is because of people like them that I was able to catch up on and read all of pokespe and become a fan myself! So with the recent completion of translating the X and Y arc, I wanted to take this (late, I know, sorry I was busy this weeked ;A; ) opportunity to thank all of the lovely people who take the time to translate this awesome manga series. Thank you all very very much!!

I know this may sound silly but never have I ever been this proud of any drawing or creation I’ve ever done. I know that this may not be “Top Notch” work to some but either way I am overwhelmed and excited to release this piece of fan art. I will possibly post the gradual process it took to create this. However, I am such a total noob at digital art and I am in awe with the results of this piece due to the fact that this is was my literal FIRST attempt at digital art. Working and digitally drawing the details all on a celluar device wasn’t the easiest but it was so worth it and taught me patience. Whats most important is that this piece was done with love and dedication. I think I want to get more in depth with the digital arts and expand my horizons. Art is my life and passion and I wouldn’t be anything without it.

Nonetheless, here it is my little tribute of Stefan Karl’s character Robbie Rotten (Glanni Glæpur). I admire him with all my heart and am so grateful for his existence. I love you Plant Dad ❤

I also want to thank those who have followed me I can’t believe this blog has made it to 300+ followers/meme friends. When I first made this blog I thought that it would never be discovered by anyone. So this fan art is for you all as well! I appreciate you all so much and am still in awe of the fact that we share the same amount of love for our similar interests. I am so grateful to be a part of this fandom!

Again thank you all so so much! ❤

Originally posted by doafhat

Well, that was a shock to say the least…

But seriously, thank you guys so much for supporting me while making this weird ride of a blog. I created this blog around 3 years ago; since that time I experienced many ups and downs from starting up Vaseshipping Week to switching up main fandoms a couple times to dealing with fandom drama bs (which thankfully is something I hardly hear about since I do a good job of avoiding that shit) and more. You guys have been there for me through it all.

I am planning to do a lot more cool stuff in the future to making some more Kallura fics, writing more fics in general, working on my own original works, drawing more fan art and posting up more YouTube videos. So thanks, you guys.  

I know I said I’d post more on here during the March break- well now its already the end and I did like.. nothing. x_x so sorry guys! I got side tracked by the zootopia AU, and I was in the mood for practicing drawing people, along with other plans. 

Have some cute Terumob to make up for that, and I am working on other asks today. c: 

livealifetotheend  asked:

I wanted to ask you why did you stop posting your art om tumbler. I understand that these other sites have given you the opportunity to celebrate your art and all but some people are not able to pay to view your work that they love. I'm not saying that you should stop posting on i am asking you to have understanding for us that we can not afford it. Thanks for the reply I hope you understand Big fan

yes, I understood that I’ve payed too much time for Patreon. I will fix this and, hopefully, the other artists will fix it either. Sorry, that I was gone and forgot about my tumblr watchers. Q_Q


So, with the kickstarter not doing so great and me not feeling an overly large amount of motivation right now, I thought I might do a write up on my last image, the why and the process. Before finishing up some tilesets and deciding in what direction I need to start moving for future work etc.

So why?

Well for starters its fan art, so part of that is obvious. I am a fan of Warhammer 40k and I like to make original works rather then sticking to the slavish paint by numbers that miniatures can sometimes be.

As for the specific subject matter, that of Women Astarties in this case. For me its my small way of contributing socio-politically. I’m a reasonably politicly active person, I’ve marched in marches, I am a card carrying member of a political party and vote for progressive inclusive politics. But sometimes, especially between elections, you can feel a little politically ineffectual and art like this helps me bridge that gap.

To make the product and change that I an many others want to see. To add my contribution to the works created by people who want to see a more balanced representation and who are not happy with nerd hobbies idea of female inclusion being limited to that of the titillating pin-up.
In short its my way of saying, although tabletop hobbies space can be filled with some horrible people, there are those of us who actively want diversity, who do not think being inclusive robs us of anything, but instead enriches us. And we are willing to put our money and time where out mouth is.

Now that’s out of the way, on to the process.


Usually my first step would be to make a collection of thumbnail images, to whittle down the ideas to something that ‘works’ In this case I did not go that path as the image was to be a re-creation of a specific iconic image. The Ultra marine From THQ 'space marine’ game.

Ultra rough

With that as the effective thunbnail, I then made a quick and rough sketch, blocking out the space and rough positions of the elements.


Next using the ultra rough as a guide, I put together the pencil sketch. I also used reference for the womans face from my own library of photos that  I have the rights to.

Its important to never become to precious about your image, if something is starting to look wrong - change it. It was with this in mind that I realised the helmet angle was super clunky, so I got rid of it and drew it over to the one you see here, fixing a lot of the issues with it in the process. I had also decided I did not like the servitor arms in the original and decided to go with a different mechanical device to hold and place the helmet.

There was no need to make the pencils polished on this image as none of them would be visible in the final, so they remained as is.


At this point, behind the pencils, I threw in some basic flat colours, and some rough indicators of where the light and shadows would go. At this stage, were everything is very rough, it’s the best place to block out and try new and sometimes dramatic things with the lighting before soft locking it in. I say soft lock, because again you always need to be willing to change it.

Colour pass the first.

Still under the pencils I started a more detailed pass. Fleshing out a lot of the minor details, multi light sources, rim lights etc. Just a good, solid pass.

Fish eye warp.

At this point the image was not working for me as well as I would of liked. Nothing major wrong really, just all sitting a little flat and lacking focus. So I started making some 'gross’ changes. Warping the image, fish eyeing it, little skew tweaks ect. Just a 'rough house’ altering of the image as a whole, till I was happy that it would read a bit better in the end.

The big colour pass

Or rather passes. It was now that I started drawing above the pencils, really going to town on the detail, fleshing it all out, making some changes on the fly, but generally just really working the image. This was the most time consuming part.  It was also here that I decided I did not like a bland colour wash backdrop, but instead wanted something mechanical. I isolated the background area and did a quick black and white speed paint, just blocking out mechanical shapes and the like, when I was happy with it I coloured it up and added lighting.  

Final touches.

I flipped the image and let it rest overnight.

Coming back to it the next day I decided to make further light and saturation changes to draw more central focus. Basically a darkness and desaturation vignetting. I also separated the background out by blurring it to add a fine depth of field effect, and separated it even further with a subtle smoke layer. I added sparks played with a few values and fixed up anything that wasn’t quite working for me. Flipped it back and called it done.

All in all it took somewhere between 12 - 16 hours work, I wasn’t really tracking it and slacked off in spots.

And that’s the process for this image. Hope it has been of help / interest to some people.

Koopaling Fans, be Weary of an Art Thief!

  So as i have been browsing through my wall, i noticed a piece of art that seemed very well done, but when i traced it back to the original blog, i could tell that it was stolen along with a few more pieces that were not credited or mentioned in their post. The blog in which i am referring to is named Brittany8895, as they have a few works in their blog that they have uploaded that i am sure does not belong. With the help of some of my friends i can prove their theft.

Below is the stolen pictures on their profile:





and here is the original art pieces that were stolen from with no credit to the original artist:


2) (sadly we cannot find their picture but from our sources this is the original artist of the second picture)


4) ( @ask-iggylutz )

Once again if you see this blog re-blogging art that isn’t theirs and you know the artist or original source please tell them and spread the word out! It’s really sad to see very nice art not get the credit it deserves, and just for someone to take the art and upload it as their own with no permission is disgraceful. Please reblog and spread the word of the art thief!

So I decided that I am going to do a whole series of fan art for some of my favorite fics to show my love and appreciation for all the amazing effort and time that the writers of this amazing fandom put into their work. This week the goal is to get all the rough draft sketches done and then I will polish them up as I go along. 

First draft is from to you, I thee wed by megamegaturtle


This fic is just absolutely adorable and lovely, I just can’t say enough good things about it. If you want romance that just makes you tear up a little bit in the good way this is what you are looking for. 

(Gonna tell you right now I am so not looking forward to the final version of Mari’s dress for this picture… lace… shudders…hopefully I will be able to do it justice) 

Okayyy!!! So i know this piece is floating around somewhere…the unfinished version…but here is the final (?) piece! I boosted the contrast and attempted doing the….water…so hard. Not sure what to call it but I drew it based off this Sailor Moon mermaid AU I have in my head (still waiting for the day a fanfic writer will write a badass one with Mamo/Usa) :). Overall, I am generally proud of this because I haven’t worked on fan art this hard in a long time. Please dont repost without giving credit. As long as credit is posted, I don’t mind. Also would love some thoughts! 

My human version of Prince Sidon for what its worth. I still have so many other things I need to work on, but this forced its way onto paper this morning. I splashed some really rough color on it in PS, but might go back and make it a vector illustration instead.