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have any of you played the mario and luigi games? if so, are you guys hyped for the remake of superstar saga?


I am a big fan of all of the Mario RPGs (Super Mario RPG being my favorite) and the remake looks promising. I do miss the original art. It was some great pixel art work that I actually learned a bit from. But I am glad some people will get to play who might not have before because it’s a fun game. 

Though still salty about no real paper mario 3…. 


Hey y’all, Amanda here! I know that I don’t post my work often, but I’m a big fan of making custom controllers and usually do it for friends as gifts however I am in need of some money so I’ve decided to open up controller commissions! Above you can see some of my most recent work (I also do other, older controllers so please ask if you have any questions). 

For prices it will depend on what you want done, but it will likely range from $80-$120+ again depending on what you want and the materials I’ll need for the job. You can private message me on Tumblr or reach me at with inquiries.

Reblogs and references are so so appreciated!! Thanks for taking the time to read!


Here is one of my new favorite characters in all his asexual glory, Jughead from the Archie comics. I am not great at working in a graphic style usually I work more painterly so I will probably go back and work on this some more but my wrist started hurting and I wanted to post it, so here it is. I have been animating so I haven’t been posting because nothing is really finished yet. Also my first fan art in a while so I at least had fun with it. Also included the sketch since I like it better than the colored (but I had to color it to show the ace flag colors on the shirt)


I am currently accepting commissions. I have to get my utilities turned back on before the end of this week or I’ll be evicted. Please reblog this or share with anyone who you think might be interested! I’m really in need right now, and this would be seriously appreciated!

You can message me on here, DM me on twitter @ savvy__savannah or DM on instagram @ babydeadies

Here are my prices:

And some examples of my work:

Killing Stalking: Portraying Abuse is not Glorifying Abuse

NOTE: If you don’t like Killing Stalking, that is absolutely fine. This post is not to tell people that they are wrong, or that their opinions are wrong. I am simply throwing my own thoughts into the ring as I’ve been mulling it over for a while. Don’t like the manga? You are well within your right to do so and I respect your opinion.

Anti Claim: Killing Stalking glorifies abuse.

I’m going to go all King Onion on your asses and pull up the definition of glorify.

Let’s ignore the first definition here as that does not really apply to what we’re talking about here. Let’s examine the second one: describe or present as admirable, especially unjustifiably.

Killing Stalking is very fresh in my mind, having binge read it all this week, and nowhere-and I mean nowhere-do I recall ever reading Sangwoo’s abuse or Yoon Bum’s stalking ever being glorified by anyone or anything.

Not even Yoon Bum, who was infatuated with Sangwoo to the point of breaking into his house and stalking him, ever sat down and went, “Isn’t it amazing how Sangwoo beats me around the house like a dog? Isn’t he awesome? I just love it so much! He’s such a great guy, everyone should totally look up to him and follow by his example!” 

No. Most of the time he’s terrified. He tries to poison Sangwoo; he attempts to escape multiple times; he is constantly afraid of the possibility of what could be done to him next; he is mortified by Sangwoo’s body count; he outright REJECTS Sangwoo’s advances in chapter 27; he spends most of the manga scared shitless.

Nor does any other character in the manga look at Yoon Bum and think, “God, isn’t it admirable how persistent he is in chasing that Sangwoo fellow? You know what they say, determination equals success! So what if he broke into the house, how else is he supposed to get what he wants?”

No. Nearly every character who encounters Yoon Bum finds him strange. He makes them uncomfortable because of how he acts. The girl who befriended him in school, for example, didn’t think he was cute or endearing for how he treated her, she ignored him and eventually lashed out at him. 

But wait! Yoon Bum constantly seeks out intimacy with Sangwoo, doesn’t that mean he doesn’t care about the abuse?

One of the major themes in Killing Stalking is Stockholm Syndrome. Yoon Bum already has a great deal of unhinged emotions for Sangwoo before he is even captured and a lot of his behaviour could be linked to that. I do not believe for a second that Yoon Bum is of sound mind and I do believe that a lot of his actions are related to that and his ever growing case of Stockholm Syndrome, coupled with the twisted obsession he already had before his capture. But, despite this, he still does not glorify the abuse either.

For example, in chapter eight, he uses sexuality as a means of hopefully distracting Sangwoo from the question of whether to torture him with a knife or a fish hook. It is a tactic. A means of trying to persevere himself because sex is definitely a lesser evil in comparison to torture with a sharp object. Of course, it doesn’t work, and Yoon Bum ends up hanging from the ceiling in a noose while Sangwoo gets sexual gratification from hearing him gasp his name. This situation is not portrayed as enjoyable for the victim, nor is it viewed as such in Yoon Bum’s eyes. Yoon Bum is terrified to the point of begging his captor for help; to let him down; to just stop because he’s in pain and he’s scared and he’s suffocating. Despite having an unhinged obsession with Sangwoo, never does it cloud Yoon Bum’s judgement on the abuse he is receiving. 

His view on Sangwoo, I believe, is a question for another day as that opens up the conversation on Stockholm syndrome and this post is already getting long enough without that.

Portraying abuse is not glorifying abuse!

Killing Stalking is very detailed in the abuse that it portrays, yes. Does that mean it’s glorifying it? No. It is a psychological horror with gory elements throughout. It is advertised as a psychological horror with gory elements throughout. And yet people are still shocked when they read the manga and *le gasp!* the story contains psychological horror with gory elements throughout.

Do all horror narratives glorify abuse now? Do horror movies rated R glorify murder and rape and abuse? No, it is simply part of the story they are telling. (Mind I’m referring to decent horror movies, not torture porn stories and budget B movies).

But wait! The antis might cry! We’ve caught you out then! Is Killing Stalking not torture porn, then?

Uhhhhh, no. On the surface, Killing Stalking is a story about an unhinged serial killer who holds his equally unhinged stalker captive in his home. 

But it is more than that. 

Beyond the unavoidable torture Sangwoo places upon Bum-yes, I say unavoidable, he’s a serial killer for Christ’s sake they weren’t going to be playing Patty Cake this whole time-the complex psychological elements run deep. Bum’s torture, which is growing lesser and lesser as the chapters progress (NOT that that excuses anything that Sangwoo has done up until now, it must be noted) has always been a side plot to the much more intriguing and complex themes of mental illness, morale; and dependency. Especially as the story has moved forward, it is becoming less about Sangwoo throwing Bum about the house and more about what is going on inside their heads.

I think I know what the antis are upset about and they don’t even realise it, and it’s most definitely not Killing Stalking as a piece of media. It is a lot of fans’ reaction to Killing Stalking. People ship Sangwoo and Bum together; make art; and probably write smutty fics for them despite the abuse Bum is put through at Sangwoo’s hands. Some-please note that I am saying SOME here, not all, in fact not even the majority do this-bypass the complex themes and just read it for the torture. Which they are well within their rights to do. But these fans don’t write Killing Stalking, Koogi does. And Koogi has worked as hard as she can to make sure that the abuse is not glorified or justified by any character in the work. She even places trigger warnings on her sensitive chapters. Would someone who wants to make abuse look great do that?

But I have never even seen any of the people who want to read it for the torture say, “Isn’t abuse awesome? Isn’t Sangwoo’s treatment of Bum just swell? Isn’t Bum’s stalking so endearing?” Nor has such thoughts ever been expressed in the manga. Most, if not all, of the Killing Stalking fandom know full well that the character’s behaviour is fucked up. A lot of us aren’t even here for that. We’re here for the psychological elements that make us think and spark debates and posts just like this one.

Koogi’s work, from her art style, to her story, to her determination to continue working for her fans even when she’s in poor health, is what’s admiring. Koogi has produced a thought provoking manga and it is not her that is glorifying the abuse in Killing Stalking. I will not deny the existence of KS fans who probably have glorified the abuse, but Koogi’s work should not be judged due to the reaction of some fans. We are of our own minds, and cannot control the actions of others. 

Killing Stalking is an amazing psychological horror and I can’t wait to see where it goes. It in no way glorifies abuse. At least as far as I can see. Koogi is a genius and I’m really looking forward to seeing more of her work.

I’m up for debating anyone on this, as long as you’re respectful and decent about it. Opening dialogue between both sides of the argument, I think, is really important, and is the only true way of getting different thoughts; opinions; and ideas out there. So please feel free to PM me! ^_^

Okay, I’m done now xP

was watching some animatics on youtube from the musical HAMILTON!“ I am hamilton trash xD 

szin made an awesome animatic to Aaron Burr, Sir - YOU can watch it here and you should. I thought her Lafayette looks pretty hot. (*///*) soooo… Drew him in her animatics version. (The t-shirt is from one of her older posts on her tumblr) Hope you like it @juuria Love your work plz keep it up! <3

Cowplant WIP

Finally started painting! :) Which means I am nearing the end of this project. I already started on something else a while ago so that is what I will be working on next. But for now I will be busy painting. After I have painted the plant I will make fake dirt to fill the rest of the terra cotta pot with. I put some paper towel around the pot so it wouldn’t get paint on it while I am painting. 

“Finding the Force”

…or whatever ::salutes toward Daisy Ridley::

So, I’ve been teaching myself how to draw on a tablet for about a month or so. Still learning, and currently working on more realistic, polished pieces aside from what I’ve got posted so far, but I was happy with how this came out. In particular, I liked the color scheme and lighting I was able to accomplish, as well as some of the more symbolic aspects.

Still very nervous about sharing my work, but the anonymity of being online certainly helps lol. Thanks if you share or support me, I am still nervous, but so far have gained some confidence since sharing my work. Glad I have a community to share my works!


(images used with permission of  @squirrellygirlart)

This is a little late and I originally hadn’t planned on participating in the blackout at all. I had a few big Ladynoir July prompts I wanted to get to and was probably gonna get another SBIB Chapter up since I’m now past the worst of this writer’s block but in light of recent events I’m putting all my ML Fics on hold for a while. Maybe until July 15, maybe longer. 

Maybe I’ll just can the rest of SBIB and spin it into a novel; make a few bucks off the ideas I have for a change because god knows fancreators don’t get paid a nickel for their stuff. We do what we do because we love the material, we like interacting with fans, and we like sharing our creations with others. Key word; sharing. But some people tend to think that anything put on the internet is up for grabs and when that happens, talented creators just up and leave because they don’t want to spends hours if not days if not weeks if not months working on something only for some jackoff to clip the watermark off and slap it on their Youtube channel without asking. 

I am so unbelievably over this entitlement that seems to seep into the Ml fandom like some kind of sludge. As much support as I’ve gotten for my works, this idea that you can copypaste someone else’s hard work and use it to spin internet fame for yourself has gotten to the point where I can no longer stand it. I am unbelievably pissed off right now because this attitude is what kills fandoms. It’s what drives creators away until the tags dry up, the fics stop coming in, and regular art gets fewer and farther between. And fandom, as a whole, dies. This hiatus has been carried by fan creators who keep finding new and interesting stories to tell, new looks at season 1 with AMV’s and Gif Sets, and new works of art that capture what drew us to this fandom in the first place.

Explain to me why we should stick around, keep making content, only to have it taken away from us and used without our consent. Explain why we should devote time and energy to something that someone is just going to pass off as their own anyway? We work for free, we ask only for respect, and when we’re not even afforded that, why should we stick around? 

Thank you to all my readers who have supported me throughout this and who will continue to support me whatever the future holds. 


Hello everyone!!

Starting today I am taking art commissions! I am hoping to save up money and try to move out. As of right now I have zero source of income and it would be a huge help to have people commission me.

The rules are as following;

  • I will draw nsfw content, please understand there are certain subjects I am unwilling to draw (noncon, underage characters, anything to do with bodily waste). I don’t have any of my nsfw art posted, as I am shy, but I’ll still draw some for ya.
  • I’ll draw furries. Throw ‘em at me man I don’t judge.
  • I’ll draw but original characters, fan art, fan characters. It’s all good.
  • I’m not very good at drawing mechanical or technical things. this includes vehicles, mecha, robots, buildings, complex perspective and the like. 

If you would rather get something like a page header or an icon, send me an email about it and we can definitely work something out!!

Here’s a link to my art blog if you are unfamiliar with my work!

So yeah! Please consider me next time you want some art drawn! I’d greatly appreciate it!! Even if you can’t, reblogging this post and spreading the word would help out a tonnn.

Thank you!! <3

6 Books on Art and Food
A Shelfie from Alexandria Sivak, Senior Communications Specialist at the Getty Trust

Hi! My name is Alexandria Sivak, and I’m a senior communications specialist at the Getty. In addition to art history, my greatest passion is cooking, and I am always looking for ways in which the two intersect. Here are some of my favorite books that do just that.

1. The Edible Monument: The Art of Food for Festivals edited by Marcia Reed. (Getty Publications, 2015).

This book shows how food was used to created elaborate, edible works of art throughout history. I’m a huge fan of the Great British Bake-Off, and I think the challenges on that show reflect how we still strive to make food beautiful for celebrations.

 2. Bitters : A Spirited History of a Classic Cure-All, with Cocktails, Recipes, and Formulas by Brad Thomas Parsons (Ten Speed Press, 2011).

I am always looking for books on the history of food, and the history of bitters is particularly fascinating. They were once believed to have medicinal properties, and are now seeing a resurgence in fancy cocktails. I just recently began drinking Fernet, which is a cousin of bitters, and equally um…bitter.

3. The Medieval Cookbook by Maggie Black (Getty Publications, 2012). 

One of my first assignments when I began working at the Getty was to write a post for the Getty Iris about a Gothic desserts cooking class. I remember thinking that medieval cooking was anything but ‘dark’—if you were wealthy, you were using exotic Silk Road ingredients in your sweets—like rosewater and saffron.  

4. The Modern Art Cookbook by Mary Ann Caws (Reaktion Books, 2013).

I find myself wondering what artists are munching on when they work—like, what was Picasso eating while painting Guernica? What sustained Rivera while he worked on those murals? This book answers some of those questions and has a ton of great recipes too!

5. Pizza: Seasonal Recipes from Rome’s Legendary Pizzarium by Gabriele Bonci (Rizzoli, 2013). 

When I recently visit the Vatican, I stopped by nearby Bonci, one of most well-known pizzarias in Italy. There’s something fantastic about walking through St. Peter’s with a belly full of pizza. I picked up this book while I was there—it gives away some of Bonci’s best recipes!

6. The Food of a Younger Land: A Portrait of American Food from the Lost WPA Files by Mark Kurlansky (Riverhead Books, 2010).

During the Great Depression, the Works Progress Administration (WPA) tried to keep writers active by hiring them to write guidebooks for all 50 states. The “America Eats” project was an offshoot of that—it attempted to compile regional recipes from across the U.S. The project was abandoned, but Kurlansky has compiled all the unedited essays in this book, along with some rare photographs.

Cowplant WIP

I haven’t quit Tumblr, I promise. I started working on my little cowplant again. I finally added more leaves. It took a couple of trial and errors and much frustration but I got some leaves going on now! I did some work on the mouth, sanded the stem and other leaves and shaped the teeth a bit more. I am going to add thorns soon and add some more detail to the leaves. Not much more to do now until I can start priming, which will be interesting now that I live in an apartment.

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It’s finally done! I was kinda bored with this season. I found my attention shifting when some of the new characters showed up. It gets a tad repetitive in the middle but I still enjoyed it. I’m glad they got a happier ending than the first series at least.

Because freelance work has pushed back personal work projects such as this series but that hasn’t stopped me from watching episodes before bed, I am ahead of some of these pieces. Next up is Wedding Peach and after that is Nurse Angel Ririka SOS. I’m starting to watch Saint Tail now. Gotta keep up with these!