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How can you be an educated lawyer and believe and all thse ttheories that make no sense about larry i dont understand how can you even believe larry is real?? and that louis is faking having a baby ( this is honestly the part that idk how can anyone believe) cause i can believe larry was once real or its real somehow if i put some effort but louis faking having a baby its so ridiculous

Didn’t you hear? I’m not a lawyer, I’m a receptionist.

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Bow’s first narrated segment on Black-ish is providing some much needed historical education and subtlety to the conversation about biracial identity

In the first-ever episode of Black-ish told from the perspective and voice of Rainbow, the Johnson family matriarch is forced to deal with an identity crisis when Junior brings home his first girlfriend, who is white. Initially, Bow tries to deny that she’s bothered by Megan’s race. But of course it doesn’t immediately work out that way, and there are some important historical reasons why.

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i thought that the clip where sana and isak fight about whether the answer is A or D was kind of unnecessary but now i see the importance of it. it reminded us how strong sana’s opinions are and how confident she is in them. how when she sets her mind on something nobody can stop her. she is so sure she is right that she doesn’t even want to check the right answer from the internet when isak suggests it. but now. now sana has gone and googled homosexuality + evolution. she has done some research and educated herself. sana admits that she was wrong and tells isak, because she is a good person who wants her friend to feel safe and comfortable around her.

I really do forget that people who aren’t lesbians don’t always know about concepts like compulsory heterosexuality and them saying molly can’t be a lesbian because she’s been attracted to men isn’t an attack on lesbians (like me) who did have a hard time figuring out their feelings towards men but. it sure feels like one sometimes.

  • what she says: im fine
  • what she means: Does Yuri Plisetsky go to school? Does he get bullied for being a figure skater? Does he get bullied for the way he looks, especially after he begins growing his hair out as he trains to become like a prima ballerina? How much time does he spend in the principal's office for getting into fights or cursing at teachers? We know he's never been asked to become someone's friend before Otabek - has he been pushing potential friends away since he was a small child? How has his family's financial situation and his need to help provide for them impacted his school life? Does he get decent grades? Is he good at any particular subject? Or does he just not care at all because he knows where his future lies? Maybe he's had a private tutor for several years now instead of attending regular school? Someone please assure me that Yurio is getting some kind of education, whether he likes it or not, and that no one picks on him.
Some sexist crap

A teacher gave this student a zero because her art project violates the dress code.

The student also posted the nonsense notes her professor gave her on social media. 

They read, “I have no idea what to do w/ these. They’re artistic but…”

This is very stupid and wrong to give such marks when it comes to art. Almost every student has used a portion of their body as artistic expression! And it definitely looks like some kind of sexism!

This is art and every piece of art has the right to exist!

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Yooooo what if the family Reaper is watching from afar in the Christmas comic is Reyes' ex-wife and son? They now believe him to be dead, but he can never reveal himself because of the monster he's become. All he can do is... check now and then, to see that they're alright without him.

Oh boy, going straight for my feels without hesitating, don’t you?

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