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i know that some gross male dudebro is going to mansplain star trek to me at some point in my life, and at that moment i will cut him off with a theatrical “oh, the sound of male ego. you travel halfway across the galaxy, and it’s still the same song.”

this is an excellent response for 3 reasons.

1. The quote is actually from star trek, so if he doesn’t get the reference, it means it’s likely that I know more about the show than he does.

2. If he does get the reference, he’ll have to eat his fucking words

3. if he doesn’t get the reference, he will assume you have been halfway across the galaxy and are therefore an alien. and of course it is always good to have at least one person convinced you are an alien.

that concludes this text post. have a nice day

the legendary nina zenik has contributed her fair share of highlights in the six of crows series but 

“It’s not natural for women to fight.” 

It’s not natural for someone to be as stupid as he is tall, and yet there you stand. Did you really swim all those miles just to die in this hut?” 

is truly Iconic™

why do i keep laughing at the thought of female!spider-man…(spider-girl? spider-woman?) getting caught without her mask on and the dude who catches her just goes on a rant about ‘fake geek girls’ and how ‘that costume isn’t even accurate oh my god’ and ‘comic-con was last week’

and her secret identity is saved because some dudebro in a batman t-shirt thinks he’s hot shit 

12x11 Episode Review - What a Ride That Was!

Having just completed my second watch of this episode I have to say I am slightly stunned. I guess the best way to put it is ‘not what I expected’. But then what did I really expect? I was expecting pain, heartbreak, drama, interspersed with some humour and a big “no homo” scene to counteract last episode. I was expecting some dudebro Dean to appease certain types of viewer, along with a nice helping of deep subtext into Dean analysis for us to eat up that would go straight over that type of viewers head. I was certainly not expecting… Larry.

I haven’t looked at tumblr yet, except to glance at my askbox. I assume that you are all suitably going mad over Larry. Over the implications of Larry. Over the sheer insanity of the episodes biggest innuendo fuelled moments and probably laughing about it. I expect a hundred gifsets. I want to reblog those gifsets. I am also sure that Larry has already been meta’d to death… But what’s the harm in a little more meta to add to the massive pile gonna do? Because I wanna meta the FUCK out of Larry.

But there is a lot more to this episode than just Larry. We did get heartbreak. We did get drama and we did get some really nice character moments. Rowena particularly was amazing this episode (who am I kidding though she is always amazing) and I loved learning more about her thoughts. Overall I think it was entertaining, though not one of the best episodes, but that could be because the writing was a bit sloppy and sometimes the story didn’t make sense. I’ll get to why in a bit. Let’s just say that Meredith Glynn isn’t my favourite of the new writers by any means. I didn’t even review The One You’ve Been Waiting For because I didn’t feel particularly inspired by it at all.

But having said that she gave us Larry, and for that I will forever be thankful… even if she didn’t intend for us to take it the way I have (and I am guessing most of you reading this have too).

Anyway, main points to take away under the cut:

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  • Nintendo: So what's your favorite part of Breath of the Wild?
  • Some dudebro: I think my favorite part is the punishing nature of the combat system. The seemingly high difficulty of all the enemies of the game forces you to treat every encounter as a potentially dangerous event, which really keeps you on your guard and constantly searching for the next weapon you can use to destroy your enemies. It's really quite a robust and challenging system.

Okay, but imagine the first time Steve and Bucky hear the term “feminazi.” Some dudebro at a convention or public event the team is forced to go to calls a woman a feminazi, and Steve and Bucky just lose it and start yelling at the guy because they’ve lost friends to actual Nazis, and a woman standing up for her rights as a human being is not comparable to slaughtering millions of people.

anonymous asked:

like Passengers just seems like *another* one of those sci-fi films in the trend of sci-fi movies in the film industry but like. okay. what does it have in common with wall-e? the romance? the "boo technology is making us fat and dumb" plot?

okay no listen alright its my blog ill be a conspiracy theorist if i wanna:

i’ll just get this outta the way now- this movie couldnt decide if it wanted to be whimsical or an existential horror, but by the time they decided “shit, lets be ~whimsical~” it was already creepy as fuck and irredeemable, but that didn’t stop them from trying. and it was especially fucking weird to notice these things after we sat through a scene where lawrence tries to smash pratt’s skull open with a crowbar for preying on her and basically trapping her alone with him for the rest of her life???? lol anyway:

  • The Axiom -sorry, ~The Avalon~, was really where i first started noticing this, the general designs i guess anyone could argue are just your average stock sci-fi designs, but i’m your local fucking nerd and wall-e had a special kind of aesthetic that stood out to me, so it really struck me as bizzarre when i noticed little things like how the general interior of the ship was weirdly similar to the lidodeck and the balconies of the economy class cabins 

(these especially set me off to go into comparing screencaps but i digress)

  • all the music/instrumentals during the ~whimsical scenes~ post-lawrence’s introduction suddenly started sounding like bootleg thomas newman - he did the music in wall-e, and i’ve mentioned here before i’ve got a really good ear for his music style, having listened to the wall-e soundtrack thousands of times since i was 12, and there were points during this film i actually sat up and went “what the fuck” because i could pinpoint EXACTLY where the music was taking from in wall-e as well as TN’s other big hits (such as finding nemo and series of unfortunate events), but of course this only happened after the film decided that it was a romance film and not a fucking horror movie???

  • the plot of the movie in terms of the romance itself was… ugh… it was like the some creepy dudebro interpretation of wall-e and eve i guess?? because it felt like it was following a similar formula but fucking it up REALLY BADLY and REALLY FORCED

    - last living “guy” around finds a “girl” and gets a crush on her

    (except in wall-e, everyone around left on the axiom or was a robot that died, eve came in to the picture because it was her job, not because wall-e forced her, and wall-e was curious about her but respecting her boundaries)

    - “guy” keeps trying to wake the “girl” up from suspended hyper-sleep because he likes her

    (except in wall-e they were already established as friends who had relative concern for each other’s well-being, and eve had entered a forced shut-down sequence, wall-e was rightfully worried and trying to “bring her back”)

    - “guy” keeps watching over and attempts to wake her from her suspended hyper-sleep

    (except in wall-e, this was a sweet and empathetic bot who was trying to help his friend and make her happy and safe, and this actually had every right to be considered cute and endearing and the right thing to do)

    - they did the “dancing in space with kissing” scene

    - they did the “getting sucked out of the garbage airlock” scene

    - they did the ““guy”’s self-sacrifice by wedging himself in a part of the ship to fix it” scene

    - they did the “”girl” picks up the “guy” after sacrifice and desperately tries to put him back together” scene

    - they did the “oh no you were too late he’s dead” scene plus the
     “wait no he’s actually okay and they kiss” scene

    - they even did the end-credits “ship is now covered in vines and foliage because time has passed and all is well, also we’re still together i guess” scene

  • nitpick but, even some of the robots and the ship’s voices seemed to be oddly similar too? my brother pointed this out and he hasnt seen wall-e in YEARS lol

anyway this movie blows for a ton of reasons but this was a hilariously weird experience for me lmao 

I swear, I’ve not been so happy in my life as when I was listening to MBMBaM and I heard them just name drop so causally and yet so skillfully the concept of non binary people. Not as a joke, or some kinda punch line. Just matter of fact, non binary people exist, we approve, that simple. 

I’ve listened to a lot of podcasts in my life. They’re usually a bunch of people who sit in a room and just BS around. It’s fun and a good way to distract a day away. But what always ends up happening is there’ll be that one episode where some gender politic issue comes up, and what do you know, it goes from being a bunch of cool people hanging around to some dudebros who don’t realize it’s not okay to say transphobic slurs and are woefully ignorant of any gender politics. Like, I can usually avoid the internet dudebros who think saying racial slurs is funny, but I always end up being tricked by the dudebros who can’t just talk about the Matrix trilogy. No, they gotta start saying “how weird” the Wachowski sisters are. 

And it’s just really cool to just know that McElroy’s aren’t gonna burn me that way.