some dude talking on a cellphone

so i wrote these tags about bitty and kent accidentally getting vegas married and then @lardosgf messaged me and said, “jack gets to vegas and they don’t know what fuckign hotel they’re in so he’s checking every hotel he sees.”

……and then i accidentally expanded on it. a lot. whoops. super informal but whatever. ~2k. rated m-ish. (non-explicit discussions of sex?)

one change to what happens in the first part: jack is on speaker during the initial phone call after bitty & parse get married. (you’ll see why)

(first part)

they don’t know where they are, so kent says to jack, “hang on, i’m finding out,” and then he walks out to the street to check the name of the hotel.

“we’re in the golden nugget,” kent says.

there’s a pause. jack says, “what??”

“yeah,” kent says. “we went in because it had a funny name.”

jack sighs. “jesus christ. i’ll be there in 10.”

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