some days the want is a tangible thing

senior syndrome

pairing: marcus flint x oliver wood

setting: modern, non-magical, college vampire au

word count: 3,131 

written for: HAPPY BIRTHDAY @bunimalsfiberdolls !!!!!!! 

notes: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Marcus wakes up thirsty.

He blinks, scrubbing at the corners of his eyes. There’s a suspiciously crusty stain on the inside of his bedspread; it isn’t white, but it’s not not white, either. He doesn’t know which pledge had laundry duty last week, but he thinks it was probably Goyle. Goyle always forgets to add detergent. Possibly, Goyle isn’t actually aware he’s supposed to add detergent.


Marcus rolls over. His tongue is sticking to the roof of his mouth, and his throat feels dry and rough and a little like he might’ve accidentally gargled paint thinner. A strange burning sensation is piercing his gut; if he concentrates, he can almost trace it back to a gently pulsating spot between his tonsils.  

Swallowing hurts.  

Swallowing hurts a lot.  

He vows not to try that again, and then idly wonders if he’s getting sick. That would suck. Hooch is picking captains at the end of the week, and Marcus would really enjoy stripping that fuzzy felt “C” off Wood’s jersey. Especially now. Especially after three months of silence and stupid passive aggressive Snap stories featuring way too many fishing boats. And lakes. And sad, ugly, shirtless Canadian bros who definitely didn’t need to, like, molest Wood so thoroughly.  


Marcus’s stomach rumbles.

He instinctively swipes at his teeth with the tip of his tongue.

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Be Mine? (Carry On Valentine’s Celebration Day 5)

It’s still Valentine’s Day where I’m writing from. This is a sixth year fic. Happy Valentine’s Day Snowbaz! <3 @carryon-valentines


Simon glared at Baz as they walked towards Watford. Baz told him earlier to meet him in the wavering wood to help inspect what Baz had claimed was a small dead spot. Simon had known it was a trick but had met Baz anyways, intending to get Baz to talk about why he wanted Simon off campus in the first place. Instead, however, a pack of goblins had caught up with them and they had both been forced to fight them off. On Valentine’s Day of all days.
It was dark now and Simon knew there would be hell to pay for having skipped out on all his friends’ celebration plans. As they got to the drawbridge Simon realized they had not gotten back on time, the bridge already drawn up.
“Well, this is fantastic,” Simon said.
Already exhausted, Simon threw off his jacket and spelled it into a blanket for him to sit on. Baz hadn’t really spoken since the goblin attack and wouldn’t look at him.
“I suggest you figure out how to spell your jacket into a tent or something, we’re going to be here for a while,” Simon said.
Baz, with a quick sneer thrown Simon’s way, complied and spelled a small tent for them both. They settled inside of it, anger tangible in the air.
“I didn’t plan for the goblins,” Baz muttered.
“I did plan to spend the day with Penny and Agatha so I don’t really want to hear it.”
Baz wiped a hand across his face, removing some of the grime there, and sighed.
“Look, I’m sorry. I just meant to keep Wellbelove waiting for you. But it wasn’t supposed to be an all night thing.”
Simon raised an eyebrow.
“Are you actually apologizing to me?”
“Yes,” Baz replied, his tone dangerous.
“Well,” Simon felt startled, “Thank you.”
They were quiet for a few minutes.
“Why were you trying to keep me away from Agatha?”
Baz gave him an unreadable side-glance.
“Some of us don’t enjoy watching perfect couples prance around on Valentine’s Day. I thought it would be fun to make her sweat it out a bit.”
Simon sighed, realizing Baz was a bit out of the loop.
“I don’t think you realize this but…Agatha and I broke up.”
Baz’s eyes widened.
Simon shrugged.
“We just weren’t meant to be.”
Baz rolled his eyes.
“Not according to everyone else at this school.”
Simon lay back in the tent.
“Well they don’t see the private stuff. Trust me, it didn’t work out.”
Baz stayed silent.
“What about you?” Simon asked.
“Do you have a special Valentine this year?”
Baz laughed bitterly.
“No. I’ve never had one actually.”
Simon studied Baz’s face.
“Nobody has ever asked you to be their Valentine?”
Baz slicked back his sweat stained hair.


It felt strange to be talking to Snow as if they were friends. The usual animosity was nowhere to be found inside the tent. Stranger, was the fact that Baz was telling Snow something that he hadn’t told anyone before.
“But haven’t you ever liked someone?” Snow asked.
He studied Snow. He was a total mess, blood and mud splattered on his uniform and his hair stuck up in a million directions. His blue eyes had dark circles under them, a sign of the sleeplessness that Baz already knew about. And the smattering of freckles on his face, lighter than the moles, somehow stood out against all the dirt from their excursion earlier.
His response came out a bit breathlessly.
Snow’s eyes flickered across his face.
“Oh. Then why…?”
Baz looked away, trying to break the tension building inside him.
“Because they don’t like me back.”
He heard Snow sigh.
“That must be hard.”
Baz shrugged.
“It’s not that big of a deal. Valentine’s Day is sort of hyped up. More about buying stuff than anything else.”
Snow didn’t respond. Baz heard some kind of crinkling noise and then felt a tap on his shoulder. Bewildered, he turned and found Snow holding some kind of candy in his outstretched hand.
“Here,” Snow said.
Baz took the candy bar from him. It was a mint chocolate Aero bar. They both loved them, it was one of the few things they had in common. The packaging was slightly wrinkled and it felt as if the candy inside had broken into multiple pieces.
“What’s this for?”
Snow was blushing.
“Now you can say you’ve had a Valentine.”
Baz felt his own cheeks warm.
“You’re saying…that you…”
“I’m your valentine this year,” Snow murmured.
They stared at each other for a minute, the atmosphere in the small tent changing. It felt as if Baz had to kiss Snow in that moment and that Snow might actually let him.
“We should get some sleep,” Snow murmured.
“Sure,” Baz said.
They settled under the blanket and looked at each other, a million questions swirling unanswered between them.
Baz smiled.
“Thank you.”
Snow smiled back, his eyes already closing.
“You’re welcome Baz. Happy Valentine’s Day.”

anonymous asked:

Hey, normally I would ask my rabbi this sort of thing, but it's less a halachic question and more and 'opinion of more observant women' question, so you seemed like a better place to ask. I'm married, and while I do not cover my hair consistently, on some Shabbats/holidays/days when I just generally want to feel tangibly closer to my faith, I will wear a scarf. I'm careful to not fully cover my hair, because I don't want to confuse people about my observance level. (Part 1 of 2)

But I wondered, do frum women find it annoying/offensive when non-frum Jewish women do this? Does it seem like we are faking something? (Part 2 of 2)

Mitzvos are not the exclusive property of frum women/people. As a Jew - no labels, just a plain old Jew - you are not only entitled to do this mitzvah, it is just as much incumbent upon you as it is upon any other married Jewish woman. If it’s not in the cards right now to do it all the time, that does not preclude you from doing it sometimes. Judaism is not an all-or-nothing religion: every single mitzvah, and every single time that any given mitzvah is done, has its own inherent value irrespective of whether it is done on a regular basis or in tangent with other mitzvos. 

Please keep doing this mitzvah - and do not feel like there is any need not to cover all your hair or to set yourself apart in any other way! If anyone takes issue with a fellow Jew doing a mitzvah, it is they who have the problem, not you.

Opening Up

Summary: As a new year starts and plans for the future are made, Chika is forced to confront her own perceived inadequacy. Riko and You are there to make sure everything is okay.

Pairing: ChikaYouRiko

Word Count: 2.6k

Links: AO3  FFnet

NOTE: A little thing for Chika’s birthday. All I want out of season two is for Chika to understand how amazing she is.

Chika had never been so intimidated by a slip of paper. Sure, all those tests over the years were scary and tough, but they paled in comparison to what sat in front of her. Even in the comfort of her own room, and with Riko and You sitting at the same table, she couldn’t bring her pen down to paper.

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8 Ways to Get Past Procrastination

1. Break up the task

If, for example, you need to do the dishes, this task can be easily broken up into something much more manageable. If you tell yourself “I’ll just do the glasses,” then you’ll do that… and you’re more likely to keep going, as you’re already there, and already have the water prepared. Getting up for something that seems like a lot less commitment gets us up easier.

2. Reward yourself

There are some awesome ways to motivate yourself by reward, simply by making a pact with yourself about your tasks. Every day that you go for a run, for example, you can have a can of pop. If you vacuum on one particular day, give yourself a manicure or do something else you love, which doesn’t take too much time.

3. Split things up over the week

For many of us, working or going to school makes us tired, and then we spend our days off doing housework and homework, essentially reducing the amount of time relaxing and really enjoying ourselves. However, if you know that doing your laundry only takes a few minutes of active commitment, why not do it in the middle of the week, instead of on a day you’d rather be relaxing? I guarantee you have enough time at the end of the day. Spreading out your housework makes the whole idea of housework (and homework!) much less daunting.

4. Create a habit

Obviously a long-term solution, but creating a habit means that you’ll get into a “groove,” and even expect to be doing your task at a particular time. After a while, it’ll simply be normal, and you won’t need to force yourself off the couch for it!

5. Make the task more enjoyable

I heard of one person who, knowing he had very many calls to make for his business, had an epiphany on this exact thing. He was making the calls from home, and really wasn’t looking forward to it… until he realized, why couldn’t he make said calls from the luxury of his hot tub, while drinking a glass of wine? Obviously an extreme example, but we can certainly learn from it. If you hate doing dishes because you get bored, why not play some music, or get yourself an audio-book to listen to while your hands are busy? Think of ways you can make your less-enjoyable tasks more interesting!

6. Get dressed for it

This is particular to doing a workout, but getting dressed for going for your run, or getting into your yoga pants is going to help you feel a bit more motivated. Taking that little step might get you just excited enough to go to it!

7. Drink Water

This might seem a little off-topic, but in fact, drinking water can help you feel more awake, even more than some caffeine. Keeping yourself healthy will make moving around getting things done, and also thinking, much easier, and will help you feel more awake through the day.

8. Make a plan ahead of time

Keeping a planner full of the things you have to do, as well as all the things you’d like to get accomplished, when, and how long it’ll take, is very helpful. All of these things will create an intention in your mind, and will make those things much more tangible and direct. People tend not to want to get into something that is undefined, and if you don’t actually know how long you’ll be doing your homework, your mind may decide you’ll be doing it for a potential five hours! And, who wants to do that?

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We'll Meet Again: Chapter 14 I'll Follow You Into The Dark

Sometimes you learn from your mistakes, sometimes you don’t. And if you are lucky enough, you are able to try again. This is a post-apocalyptic reincarnation love story. 

You can read all of my fanfic on the fanfic link on my main page. You can also track this story under #Scandal fanfic We’ll Meet Again.

Read first: Chapter 1: Prologue;  Chapter 2Chapter 3Chapter 4Chapter 5Chapter 6Chapter 7Chapter 8Chapter 9Chapter 10Chapter 11Chapter 12Chapter 13; Chapter 14Chapter 15Chapter 16

I thought I’d start giving a cheat sheet on which present character corresponds with their past life. There are a few that might remain a mystery until the right time.

Olivia Pope = Liviana Bishop
Fitzgerald Grant III = Fitz Grant
Quinn Perkins = Twitchy
Huck = Spin
Stephen Finch = Fincher (already left story)
Harrison Wright = Harry Walker
Abby Whelan = Amber
Edison Davis = Lewis (died in Tombstone)
Jake Ballard = Jack Story
Fitzgerald “Big Jerry” Grant II = The General

A/N: I sincerely apologize for the lack of update. The season finale kind of sucked the energy out of me. Well, the show’s the show. The fanfic is the fanfic. Let’s get this thing rolling. 

Chapter 14: I’ll Follow You Into the Dark

Love of mine, some day you will die
But I’ll be close behind
I’ll follow you into the dark
No blinding light or tunnels to gates of white
Just our hands clasped so tight
Waiting for the hint of a spark – Ben Gibbard (x)


“Trust me.”  They were simple words not to challenge if you want to remain polite. Normally, she’d smile and nod when someone would tell her that, never actually trusting anyone until she had some kind of undeniable proof.

She dealt with tangibles. Hard facts. She had her gut and she knew human nature. She knew that everyone was ultimately a selfish creature at heart and planned accordingly.

He held out her silk headscarf, a mischievous smile played across his lips. “You trust me, don’t you?”

Did she?  She really only knew him a short while. As a fixer, she knew what it looked like; a horny married politician and an employee that didn’t know her boundaries carrying on a tawdry affair. But being in the middle of it, it felt completely different. From the moment she met him, she felt a connection and a level of comfort that he in no way earned.

She fought it. She had taken a long time to build the protective barriers around her heart. When they both realized their mutual attraction that first day until this very moment she felt him stripping away those obstacles.

It scared the hell out of her and excited her at the same time.

“I trust you."  She felt another layer of protection slip away as she felt him secure the scarf around her eyes. She felt his lips caress her cheek in almost a chaste kiss before he suddenly jerked her hands in front of her and tied them together by a silky fabric that she could only assume was his tie. An impromptu bondage session at a random hotel room on the campaign trail didn’t exactly lend itself to the usual gadgets.  Not that she really knew what those were.

She wondered if he did. From their time together she suspected it had been awhile since he did anything this adventurous. It seemed like they each pushed each other to their limits. She gasped when he quickly flipped her on her stomach and felt her arms being stretched above her head and tied to the post. She felt the leather strap of his belt tighten around one of her ankles. When he secured it to the end of the bed, she felt a wave of anxiety wash over her.

As if he sensed her butterflies, he reached under her body and splayed his large hand across her stomach pulling her body against the length of him. His hot breath whispered in her ear, "Trust me."  He nibbled on her lobe and slowly stroked the plain of her body until his index finger rested right above her slit. He teased around her ever dampening cleft, but avoided exploring her depths.

"Do you trust me?”

“I trust you,” she moaned.

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Wildehopps 54 please :)

54. “I don’t hate you. I could never hate you. That’s the problem.”

[Inspired by Rich Moore’s tweets that Nick and Judy were separated for 3 months after their press conference fight!! D: ] 

Time had never been a tangible thing for Nick. Seconds easily intertwined with minutes, minutes ebbed away into days, weeks, years. Time was something he had plenty of, something he needn’t worry about. After all, he made his own rules, his life stopped and started when he wanted it too. If he wanted to go trick some shrew into buying a skunk rug, he’d do that today. If he felt like scamming some bright-eyed meter maid into buying him a jumbo pop today, then he’d make it happen. He had ‘till the end of the world to decide what to do, what to feel. The 20 years he’d spent alone on the streets had felt like nothing more than a hazy interlude, something that had floated by without any real awareness.

But then she just had to come along, she with her bright ideas and determined passion and Nick found that suddenly time didn’t revolve around himself anymore.

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