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I have a theory about Rincewind. We all know that Esk is the female Wizard but narritive convention would dictate that she have a counterpart. What if the reason Rincewind isn't good at wizard magic is because he's more suited to witchcraft then wizardry? Has anyone talked about this before? I want fanfiction of this...

“I can’t be having with this,” Granny said, each word sharpened to points and enunciated with the accuracy of a champion knife-thrower outlining an unlucky target. Her glare was focused like a laser. It looked as though it could shatter rocks and burn cities to the ground. It was only slightly undercut by the enormous array of novelty candles that adorned Nanny Ogg’s mantelpiece.
Rincewind, the unfortunate soul in her cross-hairs, shrank a little deeper into his armchair. He rather felt he couldn’t be having with this either, and tried to say so, but the old woman’s look seemed to have fused his tongue to the roof of his mouth.

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Chances are (bughead fic)

“And really, he shouldn’t be bothered, but he really is.” In which Jughead feels insecure about Betty and Archie.

“Oh Archie, that sounds wonderful. I’d love to come watch.” Betty smiles brightly, nodding her head along with Archie, who seemed satisfied.

“Watch what?” Jughead interrupts, taking a seat across from the two at their usual lunch spot.

“Archie invited me over to listen to his new song.” She replies and offers him a small smile and he really tries to force one back over in her direction, but he fails miserably.

And really, he shouldn’t be bothered, but he really is. And it may be because Archie’s the golden boy, the prince, the jock. Or because Betty’s got that look, that soft look that’s really only reserved for Archie. Or because he’s selfish. He can think of more reasons as to why he can’t seem to be happy at the prospect of the two best friends bonding again but he knows it boils down to one thing. Betty.

“That’s great. But Betty, I thought we were going to do some more digging? I mean, what would an ole’ hardy boy like me do without his Nancy Drew?” He tries to joke and make the situation lighter, but he feels his chest tighten at how he called her his Nancy Drew when she wasn’t really his. Was she Archie’s? No. But she could be and that really bothered him.

“Oh Juggie, I’m sure it won’t take that long. I’ll come by the Blue and Gold straight after!” Betty assures him and he feels his mouth curl in a smile, before it breaks into a full beam and he’s glad. He’s really glad.


Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock.

Jughead realizes he’s being ridiculous. While Betty did tell him it wouldn’t be too long, he can’t seem to calculate how long that is exactly. It’s been about an hour or so since school ended and truth be told, he hasn’t done any work on their case. In fact, the most he’s looked into is “how long is too long when a girl tells you she won’t be too long?” and he’s slightly embarrassed that he searched it up, but he’s not like Archie. He’s inexperienced and the only girl that’s ever been this much of a interest to him is Betty.

He decides to go over there. He’s not sure what he might say or if he might make it all the way to Archie’s house, but before he can talk himself out of it, his feet are already moving towards the door.


He finds them hugging. Betty’s gushing and she looks like literal sunshine and he has to force himself to look away. He knew it was too good to be true. He may have kissed her, but Archie had her heart. He hates to admit it, but he stays for a few minutes before deciding that she won’t be leaving to come to him anytime soon and he walks away, almost defeated.

The next few days are painful to say the least. Jughead tried to be cool and collected, but his eyes linger a little too long when Betty sits down next to Archie during lunch or when she hugs him goodbye at the end of the day. He even flinches when Betty chooses to be Archie’s lab partner instead of his. And he’s upset, because Archie already has a girl. A pretty, musical, fierce girl named Valerie. And he hoped that that would put the final nail in the coffin of the great cliche Betty and Archie chronicles. He hoped even kissing her would’ve done that. But it wasn’t enough. He wasn’t enough.


He finally snaps on a Friday night, when they’re all out at Pop’s. He doesn’t touch his burger or his fries or his milkshake and he doesn’t contribute much to the conversation either. Not that he does that much anyway.

It’s not until Betty comes back from the restroom and chooses to sit next to him that he feels a smile tugging at his lips. He tries to relax and be a relevant part of the group throughout the night, but Betty keeps distracting him. She’s constantly leaning over him to reach for the “ketchup”. But really who needs ketchup that many times? She even purposely grazes her hand next to his on a few occasions and he may be clueless about girls but he’s not that clueless.

So, he turns to her and smirks, his eyes squinting slightly as he observes the blonde who flushes under his gaze. He decides it’s time to be straight forward, much like when he kissed her.

“Now Betty if you wanted my attention, you could’ve just said so instead of feeling me up all night. I’m not just some piece of meat ya know. I have feelings.” Jughead teases, his arms stretching to lean against the booth.

Betty laughs and it’s beautiful. He almost forgets the last few days he’s had and everything seems right. Until it wasn’t.

“Betty?” Archie pipes up, shooting her one of his boyish grins and quirking an eyebrow. He doesn’t want to, he really doesn’t want to, but it happens anyway.

“Archie for god’s sake, don’t you have a girlfriend? It’s getting confusing as the only one you seem to be paying attention to these past few days is Betty. So please clear that up for me, will ya?” Everyone stares. Kevin’s mouth is hanging open but he’s got that thirsty for drama look etched across his face. Veronica is smirking and Archie’s confused. He doesn’t even want to look at Betty because he’s already embarrassed enough.

“I just..Jughead, Valerie and I aren’t official yet but I really like her. She’s been busy with the Pussycats these past few days and I didn’t want to interfere with that. We have a mutual understanding of how important that band is to her. Betty and I are friends. Always have been. What’s gotten into you?” Archie responds, furrowing his eyebrows and shrugging his shoulders in a questioning manner.

Jughead is unsure on how to respond. Instead, he mumbles out an apology and scrambles out the booth, careful to avoid Betty. His feet have never moved that fast in his life, but he’s hurrying because he knows she’ll be running after him and he can’t deal right now.

“Juggie! Juggie, please stop!” He hears her call after him and wants to keep walking. He wants to run away from her but she’s already got a hold on a part of him that hasn’t been around for a while.

He stops for a moment before turning around to face her. She’s bent over slightly, catching her breath and he’s scared. Scared that he might lose her. Scared that she’ll be angry.

“Juggie, you kissed me.” Betty looks at him for the longest time and he’s unsure of how to respond. Yes, he kissed her. That much was obvious.

“You kissed me and it was like I was home. I do everything to be this perfect daughter, perfect friend, perfect girl, but it’s exhausting. I tried so hard, for so long to uphold that image and Archie fit right in. He was part of that perfect fairytale that fit with the perfect me.” Betty stops for a moment, pursing her lips and he opens his mouth to tell her that she doesn’t have to do this. She doesn’t have to explain why it’s not him.

“But I’m not perfect. And I don’t want to be. Juggie, I want you. I know we didn’t exactly talk about what the kiss meant or what would happen. But I had so much going on with Polly and then to top it all off, you’re bring out these crazy emotions in me. You’re like my safe place to come when everything gets too much. You’re my home.” He doesn’t let her continue, because his feet are already moving towards her.

“You’re my home too, Elizabeth Cooper.” Jughead smiles and moves his hands up to cup her face and he’s leaning forward. His lips touch hers and he knows. He knows that he’s the one she wants and he knows that he wants her too. They’re kissing and it’s good. It’s so good. He doesn’t worry about Archie in that moment or whether or not Betty will choose him instead. Because chances are…that won’t happen.

Stardew Valley: Shane marriage dialogue

@spectrevakarian​ I took a look at the wiki and I don’t think Shane’s marriage dialogue on there is complete, and I have a tendency to take the proverbial ball and run way too far with it, so: here’s all of Shane’s dialogue once you’re engaged/married.  This is all taken directly from the dialogue game files (EngagementDialogue, MarriageDialogue, MarriageDialogueShane).

The wiki’s actually pretty spotty with a lot of the characters’ dialogue so maybe I’ll do this for all the romanceable characters.

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I spent the day at a campground beach and I come back home to annoying water in my ear and apparently some major happenings here what is going on I'm lost we have a Dark option now???? Do we get the possible chance to stab him? I would really like that chance, I immensely enjoyed running Anti through with a pipe in the demo.


I’m filling out the other options in the Choose Your Mistakes gamebook. But some paths need quite a lot of writing, so I chose to start writing them along with you again, just like we did in round 1. 

Same rules, same method. New mistakes. 

Ways to thank your (cat) familiar

- Pet them on their favourite spot and shower them in affection.

- Respect them! Cats need space and privacy sometimes.

- Engage their natural instincts. Whether it’s waving one of those feathery things in the air or getting them to chase a laser, cats love to hunt! It’s especially important to give indoor cats their playtime. Don’t ever get mad at your cat for their natural behaviour, and avoid getting them declawed. 

- Give your cat some comfy places to sleep and nap. Did you know cats spend about 16 hours a day sleeping? Invest in a cat bed, make one, or just lay a blanket down for them for the puuurfect sleep. One of my cats really likes sleeping in the laundry basket in my closet so I make sure it’s always lined with a blanket.

- Toys! There are tons of inexpensive ones you can buy or make. My cats LOVE pipe cleaners for some reason. Cats usually also love a good cardboard box. Experiment until you find something that your cat really likes.

- If your cat needs extra motivation to play, get them something with catnip in it. You can even grow it yourself and also use it in spells!

- Buy or make a cat tree or a scratching post for your cat.

-  You can always give your cat treats in moderation. My cats go crazy for a bit of tuna.

- Feed them the right food. Consult a vet about the best food for your cat to keep them strong and healthy. Always read the ingredients.

- Is your cat black? Keep them safe!!!!!! Many horrible people will harm a black cat for reasons that I don’t understand, so keep them indoors- especially around Halloween.

- Along the lines of keeping your cat safe, make sure that any ingredients you use for magical work are safe for cats. Many plants and flowers are toxic for cats and same with certain essential oils. If your cat gets into something toxic, call Poison Control to find out and then take them to an emergency animal hospital immediately.

- Talk to your cat. This one is kind of obvious but you can thank your cat by actually telling them! They may even meow back at you! I also recommend talking to your cat throughout the day as you go about your activities. You don’t want them to get lonely!

- Look your cat in the eyes and blink slowly three times. This is supposed to be the same to them as saying “I love you”.

- Never, ever abandon your cat. Take care of your cat even when it grows old. There are way too many cats in shelters. Along the same lines, get your cat fixed. Kittens are cute but there are already way too many cats that desperately need homes.

- If your cat is old or has arthritis, let them lie on a heating pad. Cats love the warmth and it will make them feel a lot better.


So. My dad decided I need a summer project to keep me busy, and offered to show me how to use bits of pipe and stuff “to make steampunk things”.

And because I’m a nerd, my immediate thought was “COSPLAY”, followed by “STEAMUNK HOLTZ COSPLAY”. So now I have something to do with my life and my bank balance for the next few weeks: design and assemble a steampunk proton pack, plus sidearms. I’ve made a pact with myself that I have to contribute to the project every day, so that I don’t let it slide or lose motivation.

Monday was spent looking round all the hardware shops in town and getting VERY EXCITED, followed by buying one or two pieces to play with just to get used to how they worked (images #1 & #2). I really like the tarnished effect the blowtorch had on the pipe, and I’m now tempted to blowtorch random bits of the ensemble to make them look cooler. Tuesday was spent researching what the gadgets look like and sketching out some designs that resembled the originals while looking about a century and a half older. I also tried to figure out what bits and pieces I could use for everything. (Image #3: the pack itself. Image #4: the proton wand and sidearms. Image #5: the outfit.) Today’s job is going to be trawling every hardware aisle and charity shop in town, trying to get as much stuff I can use for as little as possible. Wish me luck~