some days are like this even in australia

Aliens react to Murderers/Humans who love to kill

Ok so I just spent my entire day reading the Humans are space orcs/earth is space Australia fandom and I wanted to add to it.

Aliens react to the SUPER HUMANS.
Imagine being an alien who has had many deadly encounters with pissed off humans beforehand encountering someone with incredible bloodlust. Like, they would have noted that when searching/hunting , humans would stay quiet. But then when hiding in a closet from the strange human, the human starts fucking cackling. The human just acts so animalistic the alien cannot even believe some humans can act like this. Just thinking about how terrified that alien would be if he survived and just goes to his friends and tells them about it like “HOLY SHIT GUYS, YOU KNOW HOW IN ANCIENT HUMAN LEGENDS THEY HAVE THESE THINGS CALLED BERZERKERS WHICH ARE JUST HUMANS BUT EVEN MORE INSANE”?! THEY EXIST AND I ENCOUNTERED ONE"!
and after this humans have to explain that some humans are born with extreme differences which cause them to act animalistic and without care towards social norms.


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Agree or disagree: Season four Benedict is like prime gorgeousness


unaired pilot, he is fresh meat. that succulent, so fresh, so full of potential, ohhh you just KNOW it’s a good cut of meat and you’re looking, not realizing you’re licking your lips because you’re so ready to get that fresh meat and thinking about all sorts of ways you can cook it into a delicious, juicy, meal

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s1 sherlock is like… damn this fucker, he’s like raw meat that you just took from the fridge. still cold, but you know when you defrost and tenderize him, he’ll be cooked till he taste so good. Medium-rare, that’s just right for this lil piece of deliciousness. Careful though, don’t cook for too long coz the meat is thin and you don’t want to overcook this soft fucker

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and then there’s s2 sherlock, which is like “hello my name is SEX” and you died before you even manage a bite of your meal

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s3 sherlock is like some serious fancy cooking meat in a red wine reduction sauce served all fancy with a cheese tuile

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and then s4 is like a fancy ass steak sprinkled with motherfucking olive oil and rosemary and squeeze some lemon and a dash of salt and char grilled and caramelized to fucking perfection and even if you feel full it’s like “fuck i can’t look away” 

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how do i choose????

also i may or may not have been watching masterchef australia the whole day

Space orcs Sleeping Patterns

Sleeping patterns can vary widely from human to human. Some stay awake most of the night and sleep through most of the day other do the opposite. Some don’t sleep at all until their bodies say fuck you and knock them out. Others sleep in short bursts. Some sleep lightly others wouldn’t wake up even if you used an air horn next to their ear. Idk man sleep patterns n shit like ?????

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Since we're asking questions about you, could you tell us about the weather where you are? I tend to think of Australia as one big desert- or scrub-type biome, but I know that can't be true considering how big the continent is and the fact that the southern part is closer to Antarctica than the northern US is to the arctic, and it gets pretty freakin' cold in the northern US. (Also, what is it like culturally to have winter while most other prominent first-world countries are on summer break?)

Culturally there are two things that bug me:

Online advertisements that say “Coming this Summer!” instead of a month and people commenting on my Summer-relevant posts (eg put water out for wildlife and prevent heatstroke) saying “This is really confusing because it’s winter here.” (Oh America, it’s not always about you.)

I know most of the world sees Australia like this:

When our climate map really looks more like this:

And yes, you may notice, that is basically a stinkin’ frickin’ hot desert taking up most of the middle, but it’s our desert and we’re proud of it, thank you very much.

While we might be mostly desert, that’s not where the majority of our population lives. Most of our population is coastal, where the weather is marginally less murderous, but you can still find plenty of cyclones up north and black ice down south.

Up north we have a tropical zone, which includes some (relatively small) rainforests, mangroves and savanna.

Along the coats we have more woodlands and grasslands.

And we even have an alpine region. That’s right, Australia gets snow.

(Alpine National Park R.A. Stanley)

And Tasmania, the little island on the bottom that the world seems to forget about, gets super fricking cold.

I am currently residing in the so-called ‘bushfire’ one of the first map. We’re known for having very variable weather. It’s neither that hot nor cold here. Our average Summer high temperature is around 26 Celsius, and our winter lows around 6 Celsius. Our ‘hot’ days are about 32 Celsius, and it’s extremely rare for us to hit 40 like some parts of the country do. Likewise, it rarely gets below freezing here.

My Granny used to say is was similar to England but warmer than Scotland, if that helps you at all.

Now, an Ecologist could go into much more detail about the Eastern mountain ranges and how they cast a rain shadow over the rest of the continent, how the old geological soils have affected the vegetation and so on, but I’ve only given you an overview and thrown some pretty pictures in front of you to show you how diverse our continent can be.

Female Vietnamese-Chinese-Australian

My dad is Vietnamese, but his parents come from China. My mum is from China, but she moved with her family to Hong Kong from an early age. They speak Cantonese (or as you otherwise might know it, traditional Chinese) as a main language, although they can speak (simplified) Chinese too. I was born and raised in Australia so I identify as Australian as well as Chinese and Vietnamese.

My area has some Asians, but you can get other PoC showing up too and as a writer, I like to embrace that (that’s why this profile exists). However, most people here are non-PoC, Australia being a former British colony and whatnot.

  • Clothing

Hand me downs. When your dad has 10 sibings and 2 of them are about an hour’s drive from your house, you can’t deny that’ll happen. However, I do get new clothes every now and again.

  • Food

My family does have a habit of eating rice and/or different Chinese styles of noodles a lot for dinner, but we eat pasta and other cultural foods every now and then. A typical lunch is normally a sandwich or fast food, while breakfast can be anything from dim sims to toast to apple pie (I think the apple pie is just a scrounge-for-money excuse on my mum’s part though).

We do eat Vietnamese food for dinner (a cold vermicelli dish with mint/lettuce, fish sauce and soft shell crab/spring rolls/cha lua/surimi scallops - or a combo of those - known verbally as something along the lines of “moong” to me, although I don’t know its proper name or spelling) or lunch (banh mi or pho), although the likelihood of having Vietnamese food for any given meal is significantly rarer than Western-style food/rice and normally it’s my dad who’ll eat pho.

We used to go out for yum cha for lunch (despite it being breakfast in most cases in Hong Kong) every now and again. When we’re in Hong Kong though, my maternal grandma makes us go to yum cha for breakfast and then to the same restaurant for dinner. There’s one dish I love from yum cha specifically (prawns in cheong fun with soya sauce) which is often on the menu and why I don’t mind yum cha in most cases.

My mum loves Japanese food, but my dad doesn’t like most raw things (I had a childhood friend whose mother used to work at a sushi shop, so we got lots of discounted food - it didn’t help my dad one bit) so me and my sisters have grown up eating sushi/okonomiyaki/sashimi and we’ll eat this stuff on birthdays or special occasions. That’s how we get into anime and learning Japanese at school. 

  • Holidays

My family is atheist, with a mild exception on my smallest sister’s part (she believed in the optional religious education classes a little too much, and so is a bit more insistent on Christianity). We normally go out to Chinese New Year celebrations in our vicinity (we normally buy the spiral potatoes on skewers and/or batter-coated octopus tentacles and eat them if not collecting freebies). We’ll eat mooncake, tang yuan or the like as a celebratory food around the relevant holidays, although we do sometimes eat them out of season if the food is around and cheap. We don’t take days off around Chinese New Year like Chinese are supposed to, but we do take breaks around Easter, Christmas etc. because schools, supermarkets etc. close on those days.

Red pockets (actually red envelopes, they have money in them) are a custom for birthdays, Christmas, New Year, weddings and Chinese New Year. If your birthday is close to one of the other listed holidays, you get one instead of two (see this profile for explanation). There is no set amount for the others, but normally for a 20-something-year old the cap is about AU $50 (we send the equivalent in American money to American relatives, but that’s less often than the ones we see in person and remember the birthdays for), and for weddings you should give more than that. 

We take basically any excuse to get together with extended family and Asian family parties are never dull. The adults, especially, gossip long into the night and if they bust out the alcohol, they go home at midnight or 2 am because…obvious reasons.

  • Identity issues

I thought, when I was younger, my surname was Chinese, but it turned out to be Vietnamese put through American pronunciation. I told my friends…and they didn’t give any reaction. Either they took it in their stride or just continued to think I was Chinese/Chinese-Australian like them.

I’ve been to Vietnam and Hong Kong on family trips before and for some reason, even though Australia is “home” to me, when all the people look closer to what you do and experience life similar to what you do, you feel like you’re “at home” in a weird sense. Can’t speak a speck of Vietnamese and my Cantonese and Chinese have fallen out of good use though, so I’m just berated by older relatives (in Cantonese and most times to my parents’ faces) when I visit them and speak in English.

I’m a bit more tan than my sisters due to neglecting sunscreen on sunny days, but my dad used to joke to me and my sisters that I was Filipino/Indian and looking back on it, that was pretty toxic. (It was also kinda hypocritical because he’s tanner than me, but he never pointed that out.) Some other people may get offended at being called “banana” or “ABC” (Australian-born Chinese), but me and my sisters can take it as a joke.

Talking about the Vietnam War is kinda awkward for me, as my dad escaped from it in his youth. I learnt about the war while doing an international studies course and being to Vietnam - there was this aura of coldness around it all the while and I don’t think I’ll ever get rid of it.

  • Language

I was taught Cantonese from birth, but Australia being as it is means English is my default. I had to learn Chinese and Japanese from language schools and school courses.

Hong Kong was British up until 1997, so there’s lots of English (the language, the people aren’t that common there) around and it’s easier to get by there (for me) than Vietnam. Vietnam was French in the 1800s so my dad knows limited French, but I’ve never learnt French. 

  • Study

I used to try and keep up with my parents’ standards of “play piano!”, “get good grades!” etc. etc. but as time wore on, I found I didn’t want to. In the end, I found they’re not too worried, so long as I do well in what I want to do and pass in what I need to do. 

…I’m also a proud procrastinator, as bad as that is.

  • Micro-aggressions

Notice how I’ve used “Cantonese” as a term for traditional Chinese, and “Chinese” for simplified? Cantonese and Chinese are completely different beasts. (I can get kinda picky about it, even though “Canton” is a somewhat whitewashed term and doesn’t refer to Hong Kong per se…I use the terms because I have no better way of distinguishing between the two.)

  • Tropes I’m tired of seeing

Kung fu Asians. Not all Asians are willing to whip your butt into shape with martial arts - most Asians wouldn’t know martial arts. For that matter, tai chi/taekwondo/karate/gong fu do not equal each other (yeah, Karate Kid with Jaden Smith is a misnomer).

  • Things I’d like to see more of

There’s one show I thought was fairly accurate in depicting a life like mine, and that’s The Family Law. Showing more family dynamics like that would be great.

I’d also like to see close siblings, regardless of genre, gender or race. (Not twins or OreImo, either - that’s a little too close.) I’m very close to my older sister, to the point where if we weren’t blood related, we’d be best friends.

It’s a weird demand, but regardless of where your story’s set or who it’s aimed at, I get kinda disappointed when people have an eating scene and they could check up some weird and wonderful food for it - for a workplace or school scene, a sandwich can make sense and it’s fine, but for one example, in fantasy feasts people eat “boar meat” and sometimes I wish they’d eat char siu instead of being so generic. Just do your research properly, spell the words properly and it’ll fit right in if it’s appropriate and/or relevant.

Read more POC Profiles here or submit your own.


CALLING ALL AUSSIE SWIFTIES 🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺

We need to get Taylor to the land down under. Album cycle after album cycle we watch as the US get so many opportunities to meet Taylor while have one day every 2 to 3 years to even catch a glimpse of the blonde haired beauty.


And I know what your thinking, Taylor doesn’t have a house in Australia? No problem mate, youse can all come round to mine. Got a pretty big backyard, good for a 100+ easy. Will make it a garden party. I can find some speakers. WE WILL MAKE IT WORK.

Now here’s what we all need to do!!!


• Tag all the Aussie Swifties you know

• Rebolg this over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over over and over and over and over and over over and over and over and over and over over and over and over and over and over
- Maybe with a selfie eating veggiemite, drinking a milo, at the beach or holding a kola. All the normal daily Australia activities.

• Share this post with any pictures you have of your first Taylor concert

• Or your first memory of hearing Taylor’s music

WE CAN DO THIS!!! 🇦🇺❤️🇦🇺❤️🇦🇺❤️🇦🇺❤️

If you see this please know there are hundreds of thousands of Australian Swifties dying to meet you. I have found so many wonderful people in this country of mine that share the exact same passion as I do, which is YOU. Many of them are here on tumblr, more than enough for a REP secret session ;). All willing to meet you anywhere in the country you’d like. Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane. You name it and we will meet you there. I would walk to the other end of the country if I had to. I love you so much and I know you wouldn’t regret it if you came. You already maybe so beautiful memories here, let’s say we make one more?

Daisuke Hirakawa at Anime Expo 2017: A quick summary

So Daisuke Hirakawa did make it to Anime Expo after all, and I was glad to attend his panel.  Anime Jungle sponsored his trip and appearance here.  The retail store sold pictures and Hirarin’s photobook during the Expo, and you could even purchase a ticket to obtain his autograph! Since I’m too old to wake up and line up and at ridiculous early hours for only the CHANCE to get his autograph, I chose not to.  I was happy just to attend his panel.

The auditorium was filled to capacity and they did have to eventually cap the line.  It took place in smaller room, so I felt quite far away from the stage since the room was more narrow.

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ur draco posts have been giving me liFE; could i pls request some hc's about how draco would would cheer his lover up if they were sad? (u write draco so well i always love seeing u post about him)

Hey sunshine,

I am so happy to hear that! Thank you for the kind words - and yes, I would love to write some more headcanons (they are actually a lot of fun to do - I’d like to do more). I think I covered most of things connected to being sad… I hope))

  • he would be the first one to notice that something is off
    • probably because you don’t look like yourself or your voice is a bit sad
  • he wouldn’t push you into talking
    • rather sit by your side, take your hand and just listen to you breathe
    • at some point, you’d actually tell him what happened
    • if someone hurt you, he’d calm you down, then fight (possibly physically) the person
    • if something has happened, he’d find a thousand ways to fix it
      • including his favorite “we can always elope and hide in Australia”
        • you have no idea why he likes it, but it’s funny
  • he’d make sure you are comfortable
    • if you are hurt
      • he’d convince your prefect that you need a day off
      • and sit by your side
      • and bring you whatever you need
      • cuddles
    • if you are sick
      • he’d make his house elf bring some of Mrs. Malfoy’s favorite soup
      • he’d bring blankets
        • and build a whole fort around you
      • he’d bring chocolate and a lot of fruits
      • he’d talk you to sleep
      • he’d never let you walk unless Madam Pomfrey allowed that
      • he’d not leave you even when he is told he can get sick
      • a lot of cuddles
  • he’d cuddle with you almost all the time
  • he’d make stupid jokes
  • he’d even ask for advise from various people
    • rumors are, he even asked Potter
    • no one denies that
  • he’d help you fix whatever happened
  • he’d always take you home if something big happened
  • he’d look at you like a hurt puppy
  • your first smile would send him through the roof
  • he would always hold your hands
    • because he needs you
    • and because he is terrified you may consider self-harming
  • he’d convince Snape to let you sleep in his room, so that he can take care of you
    • Snape says no
    • Draco still makes you sleep in his room
    • Snape laughs and lets you live
  • he’d make you a lot of coffee (or tea, whatever you like)
    • burn himself five times
    • burn the cup twice
    • burn the castle (attempts count)
    • the drink is amazing
  • he’d give you his sweater because he knows you like it
    • he likes it even more
  • he’d keep giving you compliments
    • sometimes very cheesy
    • sometimes in front of other people
    • always cute
  • he’d read to you
  • he’d play with your hair
  • he’d just hold you close for hours
  • he’d spend nights, listening to you whenever you need to talk
  • he’d never tell you to stop
    • because he knows how it feels to be ignored
  • he’d buy you stuff that you want
    • a lot of stuff
    • other people are jealous
  • he’d stare in your eyes
    • because he likes seeing his reflection there
    • also your eyes
    • everything about them
    • also describing your eyes to you
    • always differently
  • he’d wake you up when you have a nightmare
    • and hold you close
    • and repeat that it’s just a dream
    • and make you tea
    • and calm you down
    • and walk with you around night Hogwarts
      • Snape catches you
      • and leaves you alone
      • because you look lost, and Draco just tells him that he had a reason
        • and Draco never jokes about you not feeling well
High School Sweetheart

Word Count: 1, 489

Request: hey! could you do one where y/n is a high school student who lives in the u.s and she’s rich so she travels a lot, and whenever she and shawn are in the same town they hook up? kinda like they have real feelings for each other but don’t want to be in a ldr so they just settle for being a “couple” whenever they’re in the same place, but no one besides their families know about it. then one week he drunk dials her so a few days later she flies out to surprise him on tour

A/N: Ok so this is kinda shit so I truly apologize. Also, it took me like 20 minutes to come up w a title so I just kinda gave up I am so sorry to whoever requested this asjkands

The bell signaling class was over rang through the building. Almost as if it was instinct, you grabbed your bag, walking out of the classroom into the crowded hallways. Kids around you pushed and shoved each other, each one trying to be the first to get out of the building and get home. You made your way out the building and to the parking lot where your car had been sitting all day. 

Once you pulled yourself into the driver’s seat, you pulled out your phone to check it. You scrolled down your lock screen taking a peak at the different messages and Snapchat notifications that had come through while you were in class. But one certain notification made your hand stop scrolling and your heart skip a beat. You saw you had seven text messages, two missed calls, and a voicemail from Shawn.

You and Shawn had known each other for a little while now. You had met him while he was on tour in your city and immediately took a liking for you. You would hook up every time you were fortunate enough to be in the same city, and eventually, it became something a little more. Soon the heated make out sessions and late night hook ups turned into gentle touches and staying up all night doing nothing but talking. Both of you agreed, it was better just to keep things how they were instead of making an official relationship, because of both the distance and how no one but your families knew what was going on. But this didn’t stop you from having an aching feeling in your heart every time you saw his name on your phone because of how much you missed him. Currently, he was on the other side of the world, while you were still stuck in high school, which limited the communication even more than normal.

You unlocked your phone to view the messages and voicemail, only to see a few messages of jumbled words. You stared at the screen laughing, because the only words you could make out were your name and “pretty” somewhere in the mix. You switched to your voicemail, anxious to hear Shawn’s voice.

“(Y/N), it feels like its been like…. 10 years since I saw you. I miss your face. Your face is so pretty. You are soooooo pretty. I miss you. I wanna see you,” You heard his slurred voice through the speaker of your phone. You heard a vibrating beat of music as well as a mix of voices through the background, telling you he was probably at a party.

You giggled from the cuteness of the message, which quickly led to a frown. You didn’t realize how much you missed him until this message. It felt like ages since you had heard his voice, so something about hearing it now made your heart drop. You wanted to see him. You didn’t care if you had to miss a week of school, you wanted to see Shawn.

You quickly drove home and didn’t even give your mom a second to breathe before you asked the question.

“Can I go fly out and see Shawn?” you blurted out, watching your mom’s eyes grow wide. 

“Hello to you, too, sweetheart,” she giggled, taking a seat like she knew this would be a long conversation.

“I’m serious. Can I? I know I’ll miss school, but I’ll make it all up. I’ll even ask for some of the work so I can take it with me. Please I-” you rambled, quickly running out of breath. Your mom stopped you before you could get another word out.

“(Y/N), if I say yes will you calm down?” She interrupted, to which you quickly nodded your head. 

After about an hour of planning, you had a ticket to Australia for the next day and a suitcase already packed. 

The next morning, you headed out early to catch your flight. Although it was nearly a 15 hour flight, it felt short due to your long nap you took almost the whole time. But as soon as you landed, your leg shook with anticipation. You had never surprised Shawn before. What if he didn’t want to be surprised? What if those drunk calls meant nothing?

You scrambled to get off the plane and grab your luggage, making your way out to the street to catch a taxi. Your entire body shook, making you think this was not a great idea. You pulled out your phone, and quickly became disheartened when you saw there was not one text from Shawn. 

The trip to the arena where Shawn was playing drug on slowly, only making you more nervous. You wanted to turn back around and take another nap. You didn’t want to have to face the embarrassment that came along with this.

The taxi pulled up next to the arena and you collected your bags, thanked and paid the driver, then began heading to the back of the arena. Before you even made it back, a few of Shawn’s friends walked by, quickly recognizing you.

“Hey! I didn’t know you were coming!” One of them said excitedly before embracing you in a short hug.

“That’s because Shawn doesn’t know…” You said awkwardly, your weight shifting from foot to foot. Both of them suddenly became ecstatic at your words, their faces lighting up.

“Holy shit, he’s going to be so excited. He’s been going on and on about you. He won’t shut up,” He rambled while grabbing your bag and helping you inside.

They led you backstage and to the side stage, where Shawn was sound checking. They both urged you to go on and surprise him, and you obliged nervously.

You stepped out into the empty arena, slowly making your way across the stage. You stood behind Shawn for a couple minutes, not sure what to do now. You didn’t want to scare him or make him angry. Eventually, you built up the courage and raised your hand to poke him on the back. He abruptly stopped the song from going any further and reluctantly turned around.

The minute he saw you his face went from confused to the happiest you had ever seen him. His eyes grew wide, his cheeks flushed red, his rosy lips were spread to his cheeks. Just by the look of happiness from him, you felt your lips grow in a reciprocating smile. Without another moment passing, Shawn leaned forward, scooping you into his arms. His face was buried in your neck while he spun you around, your legs dangling off the ground. His face lifted off your neck to leave quick, gentle kisses all along your cheek and neck, making you let out a giggle in return. 

Even after he let you back down, his arms didn’t budge, keeping you locked against his chest. Your arms were looped around his waist, holding him tighter to you, not wanting to let him go again. You wanted to stay like this for as long as you could.

Suddenly, Shawn separated from you slightly, just enough to get a good look at your face, almost as if he was checking to make sure it was actually you.

“What are you- How are you- Oh my god I missed you so much,” He stumbled over his words from excitement before pushing you against his body once again. You smiled as you buried your face in his chest, taking in his sweet scent.

“I uh… I saw your messages… And I missed you… So I came to see you…” you mumbled shyly, your burning cheeks pressed against him. You felt him kiss the top of your head multiple times, before barely letting you go once again.

“What about school?” He asked, worry clear on his face.

“I’ll make it up, I just needed to see you,” You explained, feeling your cheeks heat up even more by your words. The smile on his face returned as he leaned his forehead to press against yours.

“I need to see you, too. I think we should see each other more often, actually,” He suggested, his soft eyes looking into yours. A hand came up to gently caress your cheek, his soft skin lightly touching yours.

“What do you mean?” Your heart beat fast, hoping he was saying what you thought he was. Your entire body felt shaky again, nerves running through your veins.

“I think we should make this official,” He whispered, his lips sweeping against yours. Your breath hitched in your throat at his words, not being able to give a proper answer. Your breathing was fast and you thought for sure he could sense how nervous you were. After a couple seconds, you were able to calm down, the smile returning to your face.

“I’d like that,” you whispered, before feeling his lips press against yours fully in a gentle, sweet kiss. 

ID #72181

Name: Ben
Age: 20
Country: Australia


I’m Ben, and I am currently living in South East Australia. I currently work as a Car Washer, but I plan on possibly moving into Videogame design sometime in the future.

I thought I would give this a shot, as I suck at making new friends, and being extremely shy I have little luck talking face-to-face with people, unless I know them rather well.

I am able to talk about pretty much anything, but I would prefer to stay away from politics and religion as my pitch black sense of humor would take over at that point, unless you ask that I not make jokes about such topics. I am able to make a joke about pretty much anything, which some see as cruel, but mostly I am just indifferent to such things.

I would love to travel and see the world one day, so being able to meet someone overseas who I know would be pretty cool.

I watch a bit of anime, and play a few Videogames (WoWS, War Thunder, Destiny, Overwatch, maybe some WOW soon, idk), but I tend to find myself doing nothing but watching YouTube lately. I also enjoy reading, and will thoroughly recommend the Skulduggery Pleasant series and Vampire Academy series to anyone.

Preferences: 18-30 would be preferred, as I would like to talk to people around my age, or even a little older. Open to all genders, but would prefer females as I don’t have many female friends and would be interested in seeing their point of view on some things.

Country-wise, matters little to me, so long as you are able to communicate with decent/fluent English. Germany and Japan would be a bonus though, as I look forward to one day travelling to those countries.

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So this has been on my mind for days so I had to share. What if Chuck and Herc had been at the Academy for whatever reason when Knifehead hit? Do you think they would have gone to see Raleigh, since Herc is a fellow Ranger? How do you think little Chuck felt watching his favorite non-relative Rangers fall like that? Do you think Chuck demanded Herc take him to see Raleigh? And if he did, do you think they would've walked in on Raleigh screaming for Yancy?

*rubs hands together*

This is a top-shelf ask, and it’s gonna get the royal treatment. Because I, too, have wondered, and I’ve even been tempted to write about it.

So, to start: “What if Chuck and Herc had been at the Academy for whatever reason when Knifehead hit?”

I think it’s a general fandom consensus that Chuck idolized the Becket brothers during their glory years. I mean, he borderline hated his father (never; he never ever hated Herc for one second, no matter how bitter and angry he was), he was already beyond determined to become a jaeger pilot and get revenge for all the things… and here are these two young, stalwart, unpredictable but HIGHLY EFFECTIVE blokes who are killing kaiju left and right and making all the headlines.

It doesn’t hurt that they’re also pretty to look at. But that’s beside the point.

Young Chuck, too angry and hurt to look up to his own father (we’ll not talk about Scott because that’s a whole ‘nother bag of snakes to lay straight), would’ve been very likely to grasp onto these kids – because Raleigh really was just a kid when they joined the program – who were everything he wanted to be, saving the world and shit. I can’t imagine him NOT idolizing them, frankly.

So maybe he pestered Herc – who had NO idea what to do with his prickly, ball-of-rage-and-gall son he’d saved in a moment’s blind panic when he realized he couldn’t save both of them and Angela would kill him if he’d saved her and left Chuck to die – to take him to the Academy. Not to meet the Beckets, of course not, why would he want to meet those stupid American wankers? But to get a feel for the Academy itself, since he was by-God going there himself as soon as they quit with the bullshit age restrictions and accepted him.

And Herc, guilty and lost and with nothing but the war and his already-dodgy brother and his small, angry, standoffish son who never wanted ANYTHING because he was always so angry… made it happen. Maybe it would lessen some of that anger. Maybe… they could get past it if they could just spend some time together. Fun time, not shatterdome time.

Now: “Do you think they would have gone to see Raleigh, since Herc is a fellow Ranger?”

Oh, my, yes. That would’ve been #1 on the list for Chuck, though he would never have admitted it. Young Chuck would have put it as an after-thought, an “Oi, while we’re here, can I maybe meet that youngest pilot bloke and tell him not to rest on his laurels because I’MA be the youngest pilot any day now?”

And Herc, likely hoping the Beckets’ easy-going manner and friendly smiles would coax back some of the brilliant, happy little boy he’d lost back in Australia, set that shit up like it was nothing.

Then: “How do you think little Chuck felt watching his favorite non-relative Rangers fall like that?”

Okay, Satan. YOU ASKED FOR IT.

Because even so young, Chuck was no stranger to the concept of mortality. Sure, the jaeger program had, up to this point, been a resounding success. That doesn’t mean he’d missed how badly we’d fared against them before the giant robots. How much of our own planet we’d poisoned fighting them off with nukes because… what else could we do?

He was a bright kid. Too bright to NOT know what was happening.

So even though the jaegers hadn’t started falling in earnest yet, he knew there was a distinct possibility of it happening sometime.

But not the Beckets. Not those shining examples of youth and ingenuity overpowering brute strength and terror. Not now. Not YET. Not when he was supposed to meet them TOMORROW, dammit.

They… they were… humanity was WINNING. How could it have gone so wrong?

Herc, of course, got immediately sucked into a strategy meeting because, even then, Stacker Pentecost knew who he did and didn’t trust. Chuck was worried because Herc had made mutterings about how stupid it was to call what happened “disobeying orders” because you don’t bloody get to argue an impossible order when a goddamn kaiju pops up in your bloody face, and it sounded like… maybe the younger Becket was in trouble.

BIG trouble. Get-kicked-out trouble.

If he lived, which wasn’t expected. Because everyone knows that when your Drift partner dies, so do you.

It wasn’t his mother dying all over again. He’d never met the kid, after all. But… he had a Becket brothers poster on his wall in his bunk, and one of those brothers was already gone, and the other one was in critical condition and rumored to be more than half out of his mind in the med bay (understandable, considering how much of him must’ve been yanked out with his brother’s body), and apparently going to be kicked out in disgrace if he DID live, and….

For a while, young Chuck couldn’t do anything but sit on the edge of his bunk and, well… not cry, exactly. Again, it wasn’t grief. It was… a loss. A loss of hope. A blow to his dream of being the youngest jaeger pilot and kicking kaiju ass and saving the world.

He’d always wanted to be Raleigh Becket. Now, Raleigh Becket was damn near a vegetable and might not live out the week.

So: “Do you think Chuck demanded Herc take him to see Raleigh?”

HELL NO. Are you kidding? The little bastard snuck away when Herc was off in yet another meeting about what to do now that the world knew the jaegers might not be enough anymore.

He just needed to KNOW, okay? Maybe… it wasn’t all over before he ever got a chance to prove himself. Maybe… Becket could still be okay. Maybe… and he was rather proud of this one… maybe he could actually be of comfort. Maybe they could be friends.

Hell, if he played his cards right, they might even end up as co-pilots. Him and Raleigh Becket. Kicking kaiju ass and saving the world.

So you bet your ass he snuck away. I won’t divulge whether or not he was humming theme music as he kid-ninja-ed his way to the medical bay (he totally did, and he was blissfully unaware that literally all the shatterdome personnel he passed saw him; they were just too gobsmacked themselves to do anything about some kid running around while the world was falling apart around them).

And finally: “And if he did, do you think they would’ve walked in on Raleigh screaming for Yancy?”

Not exactly. Not screaming, anyway. More… constantly weeping in both physical and mental pain, unable to grasp that the presence in his mind was gone – but sort of wasn’t at the same time, which was worse; like a phantom ache but inside his mind instead of in a missing limb – unable to stop repeating his brother’s name, though his voice was little more than a harsh whisper.

He was strapped to the bed. At first, Chuck was FURIOUS. How DARE they? This was one of the best jaeger pilots in the world, dammit!

But there was blood on the pale blue hospital johnny, a blotchy stain over the right flank, a weirdly tidy patch in a geometric pattern over the left shoulder and chest, and before he could make a right ass of himself, he realized the restraints were an attempt to get Becket to hold still and stop reopening his injuries.

Jesus. This wasn’t… he couldn’t….

Was there anything left in that young, handsome, All-American blonde head but a dead man’s name and unendurable pain?

Chuck lost his nerve. It was only for a moment, but it was long enough for him to turn away from the demoralizing sight on the bed. Long enough for him to take a step toward the door, toward telling himself none of this had happened, because if this had happened to Becket, it could happen to HIM, and he damn well wanted to pilot a jaeger someday, and to do that, he had to get that image out of his head.

That could be HERC, and he had to get away right now because no.

Then, the constant, hoarse litany of broken Yancys stopped, freezing Chuck just inside the door.

A soft, soul-weary sob.


Gritting his teeth, young Chuck turned his stubborn self back around and faced the truth. The truth was Raleigh Becket, strapped to a hospital bed, cheeks wet and almost blistered from the constant stream of tears, lips cracked and voice wrecked and body scarred and broken in a blood-stained hospital johnny.

“Mr. Becket?”

Jesus. He sounded like an idiot.

But the restless would-be thrashing stilled.

“Uh… do you… need anything?” He narrowly avoided facepalming. “I mean, I could… are you thirsty? I can get you–”

Raleigh Becket suddenly screamed, full-throat, his body arching against the restraints, fresh blood staining the pale blue. If Chuck had been even a few years younger, he’d have pissed himself in terror.

It was a near miss, even now.

“Raleigh, stop! Jesus, mate, please stop!”

Because the scream went on, hoarse and throat-tearing and awful, and years later, after he’d picked a fight with the has-been, he’d go back to his bunk in a fury and suddenly remember that scream and how it had seemed to reach down his throat and grip his guts in a frigid clutch until he just wanted to sit down right there on the floor. Until he clapped his hands over his ears because surely his eardrums would burst from the intensity of it.

The sudden memory – how could he have forgotten? it had haunted his nightmares for years, though he would never admit it – would send him into the jaeger bay to work on Striker, and he and Herc would have yet another shitty argument about how Chuck would never be good enough.

And he would again remember that scream and how he’d wanted to maybe be Becket’s friend, his co-pilot, but he had instead damn near pissed himself and, in a panic, had used the kerfuffle of all the running medical personnel to skulk away like a coward, instead.

He never told Herc.

But eventually, after Pitfall and a few tentative, awkward conversations that slowly became easier and full of more laughter than painful silences, he did tell Raleigh.

25 jan 16’back 2 school advice

hiiiiiii it’s jess, and this is my first masterpost/advice post!! since i’m going back to school and starting 10th grade (sophomore year??) very soon, i have decided to share some of my tips + advice for the new school year :]


p.s; in australia, high school is from grade 7-12.

001; be nice  —

  • omg be a nice person please!! treat others like how you would want to be.
  • smile @ students/teachers when you see them, even if you don’t know them & who cares if they don’t smile back??
  • popularity doesn’t matter. popularity doesn’t matter.
  • i know it can be a bit daunting, but talk to people and be genuine !!!

002; organisation —

  • stay organised so you can meet your deadlines and remember important events!! 
  • use a binder and label different sections with tabs
  • invest on a planner, start a bullet journal, download an app or use a calendar or even printables!! trust me, any of these will make your life so much easier!
  • make sure you have spare pens/pencils !!!
  • clean out folders once a month
  • make to do or assignments list
  • make sure you always have a clean study space

003; change your mindset —

  • changing your perspective on things can make a huge difference
  • change your study habits and see how you can improve in different things, because there is always room for improvement!!

004; set goals —

  • setting goals gives you long term vision and short term motivation
  • goals are the fuel that will drive you forward 
  • if you want something, don’t just wait for it. go out and make a change
  • if you want to get an A? thEN GET AN A!! WORK HARD & PROVE OTHERS WRONG.
  • reward achievements !

005; friendships —

  • trust me when i say this, your friend group from the first year of hs will change. you will learn who your true friends are throughout the years.
  • let go of toxic people!! they will only make you feel bad about yourself 
  • be friends with people who support & care about you; choose wisely.

006; get involved —

  • join clubs or your school sports team!! you can meet new people and spend time with them, doing what you love!
  • you will meet a diverse group of people
  • extra curricular activities look good on your resume
  • go to school sport games and have fun w friends!!

007; homework —

  • do it asap !!! 
  • don’t procrastinate, the longer you put off work, the harder it will get
  • procrastination leads you to rush tasks, so you’ll have less time to do it and it might not be to the best of your ability

008; teachers + classes —

  • please respect + be nice to your teachers !!!
  • if you don’t understand something, ask them
  • don’t be afraid to ask!! its their job to teach you
  • be punctual!
  • be an active student! participate in class discussions- ask or answer questions

009; exams / studying —

  • stay disciplined.
  • review and revise.
  • use different study methods e.g. practice tests, flash cards, mind maps
  • take breaks, stay hydrated and have small snacks!!
  • over learn the material !! never underestimate a test
  • once you’ve finished exams, treat yo self!!! maybe buy cute lil stationery that you’ve had your eye on
  • be gentle with yourself, don’t get to stressed and don’t overload yourself w work
  • choose a working environment that is tidy and quiet. make sure you have no distractions!
  • hard work pays off!!!!

010; GOOD LUCK !!!

i really hope you guys enjoy this! feel free to message me or request anything here, i love u all 💖✨

Secret Sessions.

I think everyone can agree that Secret Sessions are such an incredible thing for Taylor to give to her fans to thank them and show how much she cares. She honestly goes above and beyond for her Swifties.

But in saying that I get it. It’s hard when you are one of those fans that feels like they never get noticed, never has had her comment on a live stream, been sent a package, held a Grammy or never has had the opportunity to meet her or tell her how much she means to you. This person is me 100%

It can be hard seeing so many fans live out your own dreams right in front of your eyes, especially for those in places where things like secret sessions seem impossible (Australia represent) or for some Swifties even seeing her on tour is beyond a mission.

But, I just want to remind everyone not to give up hope because Taylor is literally going beyond humanly possible lengths to thank and meet.

Every. Single. One. Of. Us.

One day you WILL meet Taylor! You will get to hug her and hold her and hear her say your name as she looks back at you and smiles. You are going to get your chance to tell her how much you adore her and what her music has done for you, you’re going to be able to cry or laugh, smile or RIP DIE DEAD right before your idol because you will finally be living that same moment, experiencing all the same emotions the secret sessions fans got to feel at this moment in time.

We are Swifties, we need to remember when we stick together and support each other we are strong. We will all get our special moments eventually, good things just take time ❤️


Break Up Series (Luke Hemmings x Reader): Chapter Two - Beside You

Summary: Three weeks into the first leg of the tour, you’re missing Luke, and wondering if he’s thinking about you as much as you’re thinking about him. Both of you are yearning for each other, and are clinging onto every last thing that could connect you to each other. 

Warnings: Expletives, sexual innuendos.

A/N: Writing this chapter actually made me cry a little? That’s never happened to me before, but I hope you enjoy it! :)



It’s funny how time works – it feels like it’s been three years since Luke left for tour, when in reality it’s only been three weeks. I thought it might have gotten easier by now – the fact that he’s away – but, if anything, it’s only got harder the longer it’s been. I’m faced with constant reminders of him every single day. From being asked about him by family and friends, to still going for dinner at his parent’s place on a Tuesday, to him being all over social media, to seeing his tour posters covering the entire city – it feels like I’m going through a bereavement but the person in question isn’t actually dead. Luke is literally all I can think about, and whilst it makes me feel as though a massive part of me is missing, he is the only thing I want to think about. It’s like the pain of not having him around is what is getting me through this – it means I was wrong; nothing has changed between us.

The nights are always the hardest, because they give me more time to think. I keep myself occupied during the day – running errands for my parents, hanging out with friends, going to the movies; whatever it takes to keep my mind off my absent boyfriend – but there’s nothing much to do at night, other than think about all the things I could have done with Luke that day and then cry myself to sleep. My parents think I’m being ridiculous – they haven’t said so, but they don’t have to – but I think that’s because they don’t fully believe ‘kids our age’ can possibly be as in love as I insist we are. I think they wanted me to break up with Luke before he left for tour – they were always sceptical of him over the fact he was in a band and, they too, had read the Rolling Stone issue, which didn’t make Luke look like the model-boyfriend. They had seemed to warm to him, though, after they got to know him better.  I don’t know why they seem to have changed their mind.

It’s night now – well, early hours of the morning – and I’m sitting by the window in my bedroom, with only the fairy-lights above my bed lighting up my room, and my phone in my hand. I look out the window, but there’s nothing much to see – after all, most people are asleep at-this-time of night. It’s then that I notice the city light that usually lights up my street has gone out. I don’t know when or why it went out, but the others further down the road are all switched on, so it looks as though the bulb has gone. When I was younger, I used to have trouble sleeping because of my nightmares. When I was really young, I used to just wake my mum up, and she’d comfort me. But, when I felt I was too old for that, I’d get up and sit exactly where I am now. I’d look out of my window, and that city light would be shining. With that in mind, I’d watch as the night faded away around me, and I wouldn’t feel so scared anymore – like for as long as there is light, there is hope. This is the first time I’ve ever seen that light not shining at night when it should be, and it gives me shudders thinking of what that might represent.

I jump when my phone buzzes. Luke’s name flashes on my screen, and I smile to myself – right on time. I answer the phone and hold it to my ear, as my head rests against the wall behind me.

“Hey.” I speak softly.

“Hey.” He replies, and we’re met by a comfortable silence. Luke calls twice a day – once at 1:30am, when it’s 8:30am the day before for him, and once at 3:30pm, when it’s 10:30pm the night before for him. I never did understand time zones, but I’m starting to get used to them. We text every day, too, and sometimes we even have time for an extra phone-call.

“So, how’s LA?” I ask him.

“The same.” He answers, “How’s Australia?”

“The same.” I repeat, “But different without you.”

He sighs, “I know princess, I know. It’s different for me too. Calum says thanks for the birthday present by the way, he laughed his head off at the card.”

I smile, happy Cal liked his present. I bought him a book counting-down some of the greatest basslines in the history of music I’d found in a book shop one day and a mug calling him the greatest bass player ever. I had his card personalised with a funny, inside joke the two of us have going. I gave the present and card to Luke the day before they left for tour so he could pass it onto him.

“Did he have a good birthday?” I question, “The party looked insane. I wish I could have been there.”

“Yeah, the party was good,” Luke tells me, “It would have been better if you were there but, you were there in spirit. We all had a drink for you.”

It makes me smile that he still thinks of me even if he’s a million miles away and constantly doing fun stuff without me. I had worried he would forget about me; leave me behind, but he hasn’t – even further confirmation that nothing has changed between us.

We’re silent again. It’s not that we have nothing to say to each other – we both have so much to say to each other – but we’re almost desperate to avoid the elephant in the room (or, you know, over the phone-line) because neither of us wants the other to be upset or feel bad for not being with the other.

“What are you up to, then?” I persevere – I am, after all, interested in his tour shenanigans. I want to know everything – even the smaller details that seem unimportant. I feel like knowing what he’s doing right this second, what he’ll be doing once we hang up, what he’ll be doing in between now and our next phone-call…will help me feel closer to him; I’ll feel like an insider again and not someone waiting helplessly on the outside.

“Talking to you, of course.” He responds in a joke-like manner.

I roll my eyes, which seems stupid when he’s not here to see it, “No, I meant like, whilst you’re talking to me. Are you eating breakfast? Are the other guys with you? That sort of thing, silly.”

For the first time this conversation, he laughs. It’s not a ‘that’s so hilarious’ laugh, but it’s a laugh all-the-same. Any sort of laugh the two of us can get out of each other seems like an accomplishment, so it makes me feel good that I was the first one to get a laugh out of one of us.

“I’m actually taking a piss.” He tells me, and I can tell in his voice that he’s smiling.

Now it’s my turn to laugh. I don’t know whether I laugh because it’s funny to think of him pissing whilst talking to me on the phone or if it’s because – and this is really bizarre – it’s the kind of content I was hoping for. Him, doing something normal; doing something he would do at home. It’s oddly comforting.

“Are you actually?” I shriek, before slapping a hand over my mouth in fear I might have woke my parents up by mistake.

“Yeah, hang on a sec…” He laughs, before my ear is met by the sound of a running liquid. He returns to the phone a few seconds later, “Told ya!”

I twist my face, “Urgh, how do I know that you didn’t just run the kitchen tap?”

He sighs exasperatedly, “Is this your way of asking for a picture? ‘Cause baby, that’s not how you do it.”

I roll my eyes again, though I’m secretly glad we’ve gone from those awkward few seconds of not knowing whether we should be mentioning the elephant in the room or not to speaking the same way we would if we were together in person.

“No, I’m smoother than that, Hemmings, and you know it!” I giggle back to him, happily.

He goes silent, which takes me by surprise – usually, I’m the one who goes silent and he’s the one having to pick the conversation back up – and it causes me to freeze. I wait a few moments to see if he’s going to say something, and just as I’m about to ask if he’s still there, he speaks up.

“Fuck, I miss you.”

I feel a lump in my throat, but I swallow it back. I promised myself I would never let him see (or, you know, hear) me cry whilst he was away, because I didn’t want him to feel guilty about having to leave me.

“I miss that little giggle of yours. I bet you’re blushing too, huh?” He continues.

My cheeks do feel a little warm. I nod, forgetting that he’s not here to see me. I think the silence that responds to him gives him the answer he needs.

“I miss how shy you get around me sometimes, even though we’ve been together for a year. I’ve never had this with a girl before. It’s like we’re still in our honeymoon-phase, you know? I’m not sure I ever left the honeymoon-phase; I’m not sure I want to leave the honeymoon-phase.”

Silent tears fall down my cheeks. I cry in-spite-of myself, but I still don’t want Luke to know. I brush the tears away individually.

“You know, the city light across the road from me has gone out.” I say, trying desperately to change the subject, “Maybe I should get in touch with the council to see if they can come out and fix it. You know what I’m like about that city light.”

He doesn’t reply straight away. I hear him take a deep breath, and that’s when I realise – he’s been crying too. That only makes me want to cry more.

“Yeah, um, my mum has the number for the council if you want. You still go to hers for dinner on a Tuesday?” He finally answers.

I nod, “Yeah. Every week.”

“Well, maybe you can ask for the number then? Or, you know, find it for yourself.” He suggests, his voice still shaky, as if he could burst out into tears any second now.

We revert to silence. Both of us wanting to acknowledge how much we miss each other, but neither of us being brave enough to risk upsetting the other. I’ve never needed to tell him I love him more, but I’ve never needed him to be happy more either.

“I wish…” He begins, taking a moment, “I wish I was beside you.”

“Luke…” I say, softly but firmly, “Don’t do this.”

“But it’s true.” He responds, matter-of-factly, “You know…I told you this would be the hardest thing we’d ever have to do, but I said that in the hopes we’d prove ourselves wrong. We haven’t. It’s the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do, but…knowing that we live under the same sky and watched over by the same sun, and that that never changes…it gives me hope that everything else will stay the same, too. So, no matter how hard this is, we both know that we’ll still be the same on the other side of it. You’ll still be the same; I’ll still be the same; you’ll be there when I get back; and I will be coming back to you. If I can promise anything to you, it’s that I’ll be coming back to you.”

I can’t hide the tears anymore. They come out with every sob and every sniff. Now he knows for sure how heartbroken I am that he’s not beside me anymore.

“And I promise to be here ready for you coming home to me.” I tell him, “I’m not going anywhere, Luke.”

“Six months.” He says, “Six months, and we’ll be back in each other’s arms. It seems like a long time on paper, but it’ll fly by.”

“It’s so close…but so far away.” I sob, wiping away my tears with the sleeve of the silk dressing gown my grandmother got me for Christmas.

“Exactly.” He agrees, “But it’s nothing we can’t handle.”

I nod my head in silent agreement. If we’ve made it this far, we can make it even farther. I’m sure of it; he’s sure of it; we’re both sure of it. We both enter another silence – this one filled with an uncertainty I don’t like the feeling of – and all that can be heard is each other sniffing and taking deep breaths.

“Did you find the package I left you?” He suddenly says.

I furrow my eyebrows, “No? What package?”

“The one I left in your wardrobe?” He replies, with a small hint of amusement in his voice, “I can’t believe you haven’t found it yet. Anyway, it has a bunch of my clothes in it. Hoodies and stuff. I thought they’d make it easier for you when you’re missing me. They’re all sprayed with my favourite cologne.”

I smile widely, for the first time this conversation, “I can’t believe I didn’t notice it either!”

I step off the sofa next to my window, and walk over to my small walk-in wardrobe, opening the door and peering inside. There, tucked away in the corner, is a cardboard box I hadn’t noticed before. It surprises me I hadn’t noticed it, but then again, I never really pay much attention to what’s in my wardrobe when I’m just grabbing something to throw on.

“Luke, I don’t know what to say. Thank you, and…I’m sorry I didn’t notice it earlier.” I apologise, dragging the box out of my wardrobe and into my bedroom,

“Why didn’t you say anything? It’s been three weeks!”

Luke laughs – and I’m relieved that we seem to be over the tears now – “I wanted it to be a surprise, for you to find it and then tell me over the phone. I was starting to get worried that I had only dreamt I’d left it there!”

I roll my eyes, “You should have said something!”

He continues to laugh, “I’m sorry!”

Once again, we’re left in silence – but, this time, it’s a happier silence, like we’re both so happy with each other that nothing needs to be said. I suddenly hear movement and voices on the other end of the line, and I get the idea of what’s coming next. My shoulders droop as I stand alone in my bedroom.

“I have to go,” Luke mutters, and I can tell he feels as sad about it as I do, “That was Ashton…the car’s here to take us to the venue ready for soundcheck.”

I nod understandingly to myself, “Sure. You better get going, I wouldn’t want you to be late.”

“No, neither would I.” He agrees, “Our tour manager can get quite scary when he gets all disappointed on us.”

I burst out laughing, and he laughs too. We always try to end our phone-calls on a positive note, so we’re not leaving each other crying – even though I end up crying once the phone-call has ended anyway.

“Well, I’ll talk to you later.” I tell him, softly.

“Yeah.” He agrees, “I’ll talk to you later.”

We say our good-byes, subconsciously trying to make them last as-long-as we can so we get to hear each other’s voices for just that little bit longer, and hang up. I place my phone on top of my desk behind me, and move around the box so I can sit down on my bed. I sigh to myself, rubbing my forehead, before bending over to open the box.

The first thing I see is a soft-toy penguin which I bought him as a joke for his birthday last year. He kept it on his shelf in his bedroom. Then was a pile of his clothes – mostly hoodies and T-Shirts. I found my favourite T-Shirt of his – black, with white sleeves that had black stars going down them that he had worn for the Summertime Ball in London a few years ago – and a grey hoodie I haven’t seen him wear since we were back at school. Just like he said, they all smell of his favourite cologne – another one of my birthday gifts for him.

I strip off my dressing gown and my pyjamas, before changing into his T-shirt and hoodie, and climbing into bed. I lie on my side, and hug into myself. If this is as close as I’m going to get to hugging Luke over the next six months, then I’m going to do it. And when the clothes no longer smell of his favourite cologne, I’ll go out and buy another bottle of it, just so I can smell him again. Tears fall from my eyes again, but this time I don’t wipe them away. Luke isn’t here to see me cry and he isn’t on the phone to hear me cry either, so nothing can hold me back from sobbing myself to sleep.

And as I lay here, crying, I wonder…

Does he think of me as much as I think of him?

                                                                                 CHAPTER THREE >>

anonymous asked:

How does someone actually register to vote in this country? I keep seeing the post for how to check if you're registered, but not actually how to do it if you're not. Is it a phone call? Because I don't think I could handle that. (I also have my suspicions that the government is intentionally making it hard for the younger generations to do it.)

My problem is that they have “lost” me, they can’t find me on ant records when I recently went to vote, like I didn’t exist and have never voted. But I did enroll and have voted before and even received a (wrongful) fine for NOT voting in a certain election and now I’m… Gone?

And someone the other day told me that enrolling again could be considered voter fraud so like??

I think I’m going to do it anyway. I want to have my say on marriage equality, even though they have the power to veto us anyway… I just want them to have to actively ignore me if they are going that route.

Also, how sick is it that some politicians have said they don’t want to acknowledge it before they have even heard it?

For those confused, Australia is having a plebiscite on marriage equality… That is voluntary and postal based and it’s a very strange and unusual call.

P.s, to those thinking of boycotting this vote… I get it, you’re mad. This postal vote is ridiculous and demeaning and we shouldn’t have to petition for our own rights.

But we’ve been petitioning for years, I’ve been gathering signatures before I was out of the closet, people have marched and fought and passed away.

Yes, this should go through parliament, yes this is oddly being treated as completely different than any other referendum and yes… They can probably just ignore us.

But it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t speak up and SAY something.

If they are going to ignore us they should have to drown out a screaming cacophony of voices that refuse to shut up and go away.

Don’t underestimate your voice and what a lack of it might mean. If we get an overwhelming “no” vote then I worry about the message that sends.

Not just to politicians that are supposed to represent us. But to Australian lgbtq youth. I think we should fight for every chance at a step forward, even if it is tiring and, yes, demeaning.

They will not take our silence as power,
and there are those who will use or absence against us if they can.

Please vote. Vote yes.

Real life Australian gothic

So last week I was driving through rural Victoria (Australia for you international folks) to check out some locations for a new film I’m producing
And my petrol light turns on when I’m about to go through some middle of nowhere ‘town’ called Streatham (the term one-horse town applies here except they didn’t even have one horse that I could see)
So I stop and run into the General Store (thats what it was called, like this was the Olden Days and I was coming in to get a pennyworth of taffy or some shit)
and this old terrifying woman like the woman from American Gothic is behind the counter staring at me except instead of a pitchfork and a creepy husband she’s surrounded by day-old sausage rolls and meat pies and outdated packets of iced vovos (this is true Straya Country)
so I say “I’m about to run out of petrol, I’m running on empty, where’s the nearest petrol station?”
And she stares at me for ages and then goes “25 k’s.”
And I’m kind of going to cry because I don’t want to run out of petrol here because it might possibly be the creepy town from House of Wax and this woman is probably a serial killer
“I don’t have 25 k’s.” I say.
And she just stares at me for a while and then says “You coming or going?”
and I say “I’m going to Hamilton.”
And she says “Oh you can fill up at Lake Bolac”
and I’m like “Great where’s Lake Bolac?”
And she stares at me for ages and then goes “25 k’s.”
So it’s obvious now that Ivan Milat’s wife here isn’t going to help me and thinks I’m just another City Girl in my signature Melbourne Black Turtleneck
so I go back to my car and I think 
OK I’ll call the RACV but FIRST I want to see how far I can get to Lake Bolac when my petrol light is on.
So I get in the car and I start driving and I’m a little terrified.
A few minutes down the road and I notice SMOKE coming up from my PASSENGER SEAT and the NEW PHONE CHARGER is BURNING A HOLE IN MY SEAT
So I rip it out and throw it on the floor of the car and then everything is ok but I don’t stop because I don’t know if I have enough petrol to start the car again so I just keep going
So now my phone is fritzed out and dead because the phone charger burned a fucking hole in it, so now I’m on rural roads at least ten kilometres in every director from civilisation and Wolf Creek is practically about to happen or Jeepers Creepers at the very least.

But anyway I keep on driving because I have an amazing mix CD and ‘Take On Me’ is playing and I think if I can just keep this up for another 15 kilometres I will get to Lake Bolac and I’ll be OK and Everything Will Be Fine

Suddenly the petrol light starts FLASHING at me and the needle has dropped below zero (which logically makes no sense, I can’t have negative petrol in my tank, liquids don’t work that way)
And I think This Is It and This Is The End and also I’m Going To Be Stuck On A Rural Highway and also I’m Probably Going To Die Out Here and also I Don’t Even Have Any Fucking Cigarettes On Me So This Is Going To Suck
So I’m powering down the highway at 120 ks and this petrol light is flashing at me very angrily but the car Keeps Going and there are SIGNS for Lake Bolac!
So I drive into the town and I spot the green BP sign and I’m so relieved and THEN
and i’m thinking oh god oh god no baby just a little further just a little further
And the car is slowing down and making a funny sound and I’m slowly approaching the BP
And getting slower and slower
And then AFRICA by TOTO comes on my mix CD

So I do what anyone would do in this situation and I turn the volume up full blast and I put down my windows and I ROLL into the Lake Bolac BP at absolute snail’s pace with Africa by Toto blasting out for the whole fucking town to hear

and that was why you should always fill up before you leave for road trips. and also buy proper phone chargers and not cheapo ones from the checkout at Officeworks.

How He Reacts to the Breakup

Just wanted to let everyone know that (Y/H/T) is your hometown. :) let me know if you want a part 2! Here you are @hopelesslyhemmings 😉 


 "How’s he doing?“ I could hear my mom say through the phone from behind my closed bedroom door. 

 "He’s locked himself in his bedroom. We haven’t gotten any reaction out of him. No screaming, yelling or crying. He just stays in his room. Every once in a while he’ll come out to go to the bathroom, but that’s about it. He sits in there strumming his guitar,” Ashton says as if I can’t hear him.

 They just don’t get it. She was… Is the love of my life. We both said hateful things, but I can’t take back what I said. I feel so ashamed of myself. I brought her insecurities to life and threw them in her face. That was the one thing I promised not to do in a fight, but I did. And as a result, I lost her.

 "I’m getting on a plane, I need to see him,“ my mom says then whispers, "Do we even know why she broke up with him?" 

 "He never said,” Calum says then sighs, “I just want my best friend back. And to make it worse, I have to deal with (Y/N)’s heartbreak as well. I was her go to whenever Luke wasn’t available. I was her best friend too, well besides Luke." 

I suck in a harsh breath. That was the first time I’ve heard her name fall from any of the guys’ lips, and it’s so god damn bittersweet. 

 "Okay, well let me know if any things changes. I’m getting on the earliest flight to you guys,” my mom says. 

 "Okay, fly safe Liz", Michael says and hangs up. 

 "Luke, buddy,“ Michael says knocking gently on my door, "Your mom’s coming here to see you." 

I don’t respond. I just plug my headphones in and remember how (Y/N) would curl up into my chest in this bed, and softly rub her hands down my torso. This is the first since she left, that I fell asleep with a smile on my face. The next morning, I’m awoken with a soft call of my name and gentle knocking on my door. 

 "Luke, honey, it’s me. Open up please,” my mom says.

 I pull the blankets back and put on some sweat pants. I walk around trying to find my towel so I can shower. After I find it, I stand facing my door with my hand on the handle. Time to face reality. I open the door, and feel a gentle breeze on my face. As I open my eyes I see the concern on my mothers face. 

 "Oh honey, come here,“ she says as she pulls me into a hug. 

 This is the first time, I’ve had human contact since she left. I slowly wrap my arms around her and rest my head on hers. The embrace is so comforting that I need to pull away soon, or else I’m going to break down. 

I pull away gently and croak out a soft, "Hi mom." 

 Then I turn to walk to the washroom, where I see three sets of eyes watching me. I give a nod to my three band mates and close the bathroom door behind me. I have to lean against the cool door to calm my racing heart. That’s the most human interaction I’ve had in days. I turn my head and look into the mirror, looking at myself. Red, tired eyes, and messy hair that I’ve ran my fingers through one too many times. I can’t seem to look into this mirror, because all I can remember is the last time she was here with me. I turn away and turn on the shower and strip down. Once I’m in, I lean my forehead against the cold tile wall. That’s when I let the tears fall. This is my safe place where I can let all my emotions go. I effortlessly wash my hair and body, and step out. The cold hits me so fast is raises goosebumps on my skin, the way her hands use to do. As I step into the hallway, I see my three band mates and my mother look at me. I can’t stand to see the sympathy in their eyes, so I lose it. 

 "What? WHAT? I can’t stand you guys looking at me like that. I’m not a doll. I’m not some piece of China. I’m a human being. I can feel like this, I’m entitled to it. You want to know why we broke up? I’ll tell you. We got into a huge fight over God knows what. Something about females and clubs,” I laugh humourlessly and continue, “a deadly combination those two. And before you start, no I did not cheat. She was afraid. Afraid that one of those times I was clubbing, I’d forget I was in a relationship and do whatever the hell I feel like. I told her she was stupid, that I love her too much to do that. Then the argument got heated and I threw that insecurity in her face saying that maybe, just maybe I would go out and do that. I said that it would be better than staying with her. I can never forget the look on her face when I said that. Or the choked sobs that fell from her oh so perfect lips. It’s like a broken record playing on repeat in my mind over and over again. That is when she told me she can’t stay with me. That is when she grabbed what she could and walked out of this goddamn apartment. I had a ring you know? I was going to purpose to her on our 6th year anniversary." 

I’m crying, I know I am. I can feel the tears rushing down my face, but I don’t care. Nothing matters to me more than her. My mom comes running up to me and engulfs me into a hug whispering soothing words into my ear, but I don’t care. Michael and Ashton walk over and join her, but I don’t care. I look at Calum who is holding his phone in his hand with the speaker on and (Y/N)’s name is on the screen, and that, I do care about.


 "Hey there,” a sickeningly high voice says. 

I turn my head to see a scantily clad woman looking right at me. I can literally see “FUCK ME, I’M HORNY” written on her forehead. 

 "Hi,“ I grumble back a response. 

I don’t even know why she’s talking to me. It’s not like I’m very approachable right now. 

 "Why don’t you come dance with me?” The woman asks me and puts her hand on my thigh. 

 "Yeah, no thanks. Not interested,“ I say with irritation.

"Oh c'mon baby,” she purrs at me. Quite horribly, if I must say, “I can make all your troubles go away and I can make all your fantasies come true,” she says trying to climb onto my lap. 

 "What part of I’m not interested do you not understand?“ I say, and gently push her away. I’m angry but, it doesn’t mean I’m going to hurt a woman. "If I wanted a quick fuck, I would have already done it! Now can you kindly, leave me the hell alone!" 

 "Jesus, something crawled up your ass,” she says and walks away swaying her hips as to say ‘you don’t know what you’re missing.’ Oh, but trust me. I do. It just doesn’t involve her though. It involves (Y/N). My beautiful girlfriend, well, ex girlfriend. I blew up on her. Starting accusing her, when true to her word, she did nothing wrong. She was feeling home sick, said she needed to see her family. So she hopped on a plane. Went back to (Y/H/T). Then about three days after she left, pictures started arising of her and some other dude. That got me pissed. She wasn’t home sick, she just needed to see her side boyfriend. I hopped on a plane so quickly, none of the guys could even talk some sense into me. When I arrived at her house the next day, that’s when the truth came out. He was her best friend from public and high school. I felt like such a fool. Accusing her of cheating, being a liar, and many more cruel words, when it was all just a simple mistake the public had made. A mistake, I made. And to make matters worse, he was there. Saw the whole thing. Shielded her from me, as if to protect her. And that’s what brings me here. To a shitty bar in Australia, that my three band mates and best friends dragged me to. 

 "Did you hear anything I said?“ Luke asked as I just realized he was beside me. 

"Why are you looking at me like that?" 

 "When the hell did you sit beside me?” I asked confused. 

 "Like ten fucking minutes ago. Where the hell have you been?“ 

 "Sorry, I just can’t stop thinking about her,” I say, sighing defeatedly. 

“Then hop on a fucking plane and win her back. Sitting in a bar isn’t going to do shit. Remind her why you guys got together in the first place, and all of the great things you guys did. Remind her of the little things,” he says. 

 "Luke! You’re a fucking genius!“ I yell at him grabbing my jacket and leaving. 

"Yeah, I know. But I don’t look like a genius right now, considering you left me sitting here at the bar all alone. Jackass." 


 "Another one,” I say slamming the shot glass down. 

 "Dude, that’s like you’re tenth one! I’m cutting you off!“ The bartender says and takes the shot glass away. 

"The fuck you are! Get me another one,” I say growling. 

 "Dude, calm down,“ Calum says to me, appearing at my side and dragging my ass away from the bar. 

 "Dude, what the fuck? He was just about to give me another one!” I scream over the bass of the music. 

 "Are you delusional? He was about to kick your ass out! Now, sit the fuck down.“ Calum says, and forcefully sits me down at the table, where Luke and Ashton are with their girlfriends. 

 "Hey there Mike,” Kaytlin, Luke’s girlfriend says sweetly to me, “How are you?”

 I love Kaytlin, don’t get me wrong. She’s literally a female version of Luke, but not. Apparently, she’s just not my favourite person right now. 

My mouth proves that for me when I say, “Don’t fucking talk to me.”

 She is immediately taken back, and let’s out a soft gasp. Luke on the other hand, is pissed, “What the fuck Michael?”

“She’s friends with (Y/N). All of your girlfriends are. They probably knew what (Y/N) was doing and didn’t tell me. They knew she was cheating and continued to let her. They let her hurt me,” I say fuming. 

 "Listen hear Michael,“ Kaytlin says in the deadliest voice I have even heard her speak in. It takes me back, along with everyone else, "I didn’t know what (Y/N) was doing, neither did anyone else. She kept this a secret, not just from you, from all of us. Don’t get all pissy with us. Don’t you think if we found out, we would have told you right away? I mean, c'mon! I’m known for being bold! I would have told you right away! I’ve been friends with you longer than I have her. You come first Michael. I wouldn’t have ever kept this from you. I would never purposely hurt you, you know that,” she says, panting a little after her speech. “You need to stop drinking, it’s not good. Don’t let her ruin you. Find someone else you can and will treat you ten times better than she ever could.”

 I’m speechless for awhile, but when I speak up, it’s to thank Kaytlin. 

“Thank you, Kaytlin,” I say, standing up to hug her.

 It was exactly what I needed to hear to get my act together. 


 "Fuck, right there, keep going,“ the girl underneath me moans, as I pound into her. 

 Her moans and my breathing the only thing being heard. I can’t even remember her name. I just remember going out to buy drum sticks because I’ve broken every other pair I have, and ran into her. Then one thing led to another and now here I am, fucking her senseless. I give one last thrust and I come undone, Jane Doe joining me. I pull out of her and roll over onto my back. 

 "Fuck, you’re good at that. I have to go now, but if you ever need me, I’ll leave my number for you,” she says as she winks at me walking out of the room.

She has another thing coming if she thinks I’m going to call her. I don’t call back. Never do. Every night, every city, I sleep with a different girl to get (Y/N) off my mind. The one girl who I loved. I thought she was going to be the one I married, the one who would be the mother of my children, but I was wrong. I was so wrong. She was known as a heartbreaker when I met her. I knew that when I got involved. I thought I could change her, but I couldn’t. I was a bet. Her friends bet her that she couldn’t make me fall in love with her. And I did. I fell hard for her and fast. I remember the first time I told her I loved her, we had been dating for 7 months. We were curled up on the tour bus in my bunk, watching the bands old keeks, when she started teasing me. I pinned her to the bed and started tickling her, and told her she had to beg me to stop. When she did, I realized in that moment that I loved her, so I told her. She told me she loved me back, that was the first night we made love. Then a couple of weeks after, I overheard tell her friends everything. I have never felt so crushed in my life. When I made my presence known, she ended the call and flat out told me the truth. Told me I was a bet, and that when she told me she loved me, she didn’t. Said she never did. Told me she didn’t want me. I was never the same after that. I became the heartbreaker, I was never going to let someone do that to me again.

anonymous asked:

do you have any more stories to tell?

  • so I live in australia
  • and in australia, more than most places, the weather is often the news.
  • bar polar-vortex like cold, we have it all
  • floods
  • bushfires
  • hurricanes
  • drought
  • ozone layer depletion
  • they had to add a new colour to temperature maps because australia was so hot once
  • the entire continent is a veritable gumbo of natural disasters
  • so the place i live is pretty moderate, absurd weather-wise
  • (well. there was this giant sand storm once, which made us look like we were living in a post apocalyptic wasteland for a few days)
  • not photoshopped whatsoever i’m serious
  • (we had exams that day and all this orange sand snuck in under the doors of the hall where we were sitting and made little hurricane whirlpools in the aisle between our desk rows)
  • (all our teachers were wearing these like SARS face masks)
  • (it was ridiculous)
  • (honestly looking back, my entire high school life was RIDICULOUS)
  • but every once in a while, even if you live in civil australia, you’re still gonna get some really jank ass weather
  • and for us, it was the great storm of ‘07.

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anonymous asked:

You don't have to respond to this, but have you heard about the allegations against Jesse Lacey? I'm struggling a bit because this band helped me through a hugely toxic part of my life and to know Lacey has done these horrible things is depressing. But I was reminded of you because I rmmbr being introduced to them after listening to some of your fae tales playlists and even though one good thing in my life is tainted, I wanted to thank you for being a good light in my life.

Yeah, I’ve heard. I found out on the day (I follow a few people who are huge  Brand New fans, like - much bigger than me, and I always considered myself a big fan - we paid $1000 to fly to Melbourne to see them when they came to Australia but didn’t come to Perth some 10 years ago). It’s been around my Facebook etc. and I also follow his wife on Instagram (who understandably hasn’t posted at all since all of this happened).

It’s pretty hard, when - for so many people - that music has literally saved lives. I know it’s gotten me through many episodes of pretty intense suicidal ideation.  It’s just shitty. I’m glad that people are feeling more empowered to speak up about abuse that they’ve experienced though. And upset that it’s happened in the first place. It’s always way more prevalent than most people realise, and the only way to stop that is to end the culture of silence around it. I wish I could say I was surprised. I just feel heavy and disappointed about it all. :(

Jersey Girl

SHIT GUYS I WROTE CALUM’S JOCK DOM SMUT. it starts off kinda cute and ends really cute so that’s cute… but the middle is sexual so that’s fun! (here’s Ash, Luke, and Michael’s) ps: it’s not about a girl from New Jersey. Jersey the state has nothing to do with this.

A/N: contains explicit sexual content, bondage, language, daddy kink, and ice play - do not read if you’re not okay with that kind of stuff

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