some days are just like that

making OC ref sheets is ha r d

Y'all realize you can dislike something/someone just cause it doesn’t vibe with you, right? Like doing 726382847282377 hours of research to make things look problematic and telling other people that they’re bad for liking it isn’t necessary at all


#so much tongue #so little time

poison buddies! 💜💚

The solarpunk!Luigi and steampunk!Mario piece from the stream today - thanks to everybody who dropped by!! took me ~7hrs not counting first sketch to finish this piece. what am I doing with my life 

I’m home! ( *¯ ³¯*)~~♡ 

i draw joseph and caesar casually a lot when i’m bored 

Draco before the First Task
  • Lucius: That Potter boy won't last five minutes against a dragon
  • Draco: What are you saying Father? He's amazing. He'll definitely make it to ten. And then it'll be over only because he'll end it spectacularly with some daring stunt <3<3<3
  • Lucius: Oh Draco, you're so young and stupid and W R O N G
  • Draco: *glares*
  • Draco: *muttering* My Potter will hear about this

Two bros sleeping in the same bed 0 feet apart cuz they’re really gay.


lotr + modern!hobbits for @wondcrwomans

“And now leave me in peace for a bit! I don’t want to answer a string of questions while I am eating. I want to think!
"Good Heavens!” said Pippin. “At breakfast?