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Imagine explaining how we measure time to aliens. "Yeah, months are thirty days. Some are thirty-one. One's twenty-eight, but every four years, it's twenty-nine."

When I was younger I didn’t understand how time worked or that months had an order, so every few weeks I would ask if it was my birthday month yet because maybe it would just pop up because while I ostensibly knew how to count, in reality it seemed like dates were arbitrarily determined by the Society of Adults Dedicated to Thwarting Kayt’s Desire For Many Presents and to the aliens you describe that’s kinda what the entire calendar is like.

Ok so we all know Viktor has a slight complex about getting older (probably because of the worries of an athlete wondering how many years he has left, the way he has to present his image, maybe even a little bit of vanity). I imagine he spends a lot on hair products and skin care and he takes care of himself well and he’s always worrying that he’s growing too old and he’s always a little bit more savage when Yurio calls him ‘Old Man.’

And one day, he notices Yuuri looking at himself in the mirror, fiddling with his hair. He notices that Yuuri has some silver hair. 

And before he can launch into a panic (”Don’t worry Yuuri, I know where we can buy the best hair dye, oh, and I can pluck those white hairs out for you”), Yuuri just turns to him with watery eyes and says, “Look Viktor, I have hair like yours! We’re growing old together!” and sounds so damn happy that Viktor just melts.

Cue hugging and make-outs and cooing.

And then when people ask Yuuri in the future, why he doesn’t dye his hair, why he leaves it salt and pepper, that’s his answer and that always guarantees a glomp from a faraway viktor ok

Sometimes I wish I could consult for cosmetic companies… like they need to chill the F out with their constant releases. I’ve talked to so many people that like makeup but aren’t obsessed but just feel constantly bombarded with makeup now more than ever. It’s so daunting entering the world of makeup when companies are shoving new stuff down your throat every second. Then makeup influencers use like 60 products for one look. Urban decay just came out with their 100 lipsticks and nobody’s talking about them because they then launched more stuff right after. Y'all remember when the second naked palette came out and it was like the only big launch they had for the entire year? Then tarte cosmetics and too faced come out with some tacky eyeshadow kit thing every other day. They are both so tacky now. This is why companies like glossier/milk/pat McGrath are killing it. Especially glossier and pat McGrath. They both have a very small selection of products but everything is carefully launched and super high quality. Like the products live up to the hype. Ugh! Someone pay me to consult!!!! God damn.

Okay but like

Imagine Boss secretly being the hugest cuddle bug ever

But he never wants to admit it aloud


Like one day, Boss came home from work. It was a particularly stressful day, and he just wanted some time to relax. He quietly goes upstairs, passing the couch where Red was sitting.

“uh, boss?” Red murmured. “y-you okay?”

Boss said nothing and quietly went up stairs, his shoulders hunched forward and his expression blank, which was a sure fire way for Red to tell something was up.

Boss went into his room, shutting the door behind him without much force. Stars, he didn’t even have the will to slam it shut like he normally does… he strips of his armor and puts on some more comfortable clothes to wear: a black tank top and a pair of black sweatpants. Yes, believe it or not, Boss actually did dress sloppily on occasion. He left his armor laying carelessly on his bed before he left the room. He really just didn’t give a shit today.

He stepped silently down the stairs, his eyes focused on the ground as he didn’t want to really look at anything at the moment. He was headed for the kitchen to start dinner. He knew Red wasn’t going to–

“boss.” Red called, his voice firm yet gentle.

Boss turned and looked at Red, his expression turning from its blank, sad look to a look of excited shock.

“SANS…” he murmured happily as he took in the sight in front of him.

Red was laying on the floor right in front of the couch, with a bunch of pillows behind him and Boss’s favorite blanket neatly folded in his lap. It was made of synthetic fur, a rare find in the Underground. He loved the fuzzy texture of it against his bones…

It also happened to be the only blanket he’s ever found that can actually completely cover him without leaving his feet out in the open, and that was a plus in his book.

Red chuckled and patted the ground next to him. “well don’t just stand there and gawk, boss. c'mere and snuggle for a bit,”

Boss looked almost shy as he walked over and knelt down next to his brother, his hands fighting in his lap as he looked at the smaller skeleton awkwardly.

“c'mere, ya big doofus,” Red said teasingly, gently taking hold of Boss’s hand and tugging him closer.

“BUT I HAVE TO MAKE DINNER..” Boss objected, his hand beginning to slip away from Red’s as he began to get back up.

Red pulled him back down, his grip firmer. “dinner can wait. you need some time to relax…”

Boss grumbled something inaudible before finally giving in and settling back down. He let Red take the blanket and lay it over the two of them, his expression awkward yet content. Red shifted closer to Boss until he was flush against him before laying an arm over his ribcage.

“y'know, you can do a little of the work here, too…” Red grumbled.

“SORRY…” Boss said quietly before turning on his side so he could face Red. He wrapped his arms around the smaller skeleton and pulled him close, breathing in the faint scent of mustard and cigarette smoke as his nasal cavity was buried in the fur of Red’s hoodie.

Ahhh, what a nice smell…

Red’s fingers traced small circles in Boss’s back, rousing a small and trill purr from him. He pulled Red a little closer, his arms around him tight yet gentle.

“I LOVE YOU,” Boss murmured, his voice just above a whisper.

“i love you too, sugar,” Red responded, his voice warm and happy sounding.

Boss smiled to himself and nuzzles into Red’s hoodie fur. Red almost never called him anything other than Boss… and it was a nice change of pace for once.

His eyesockets began to drift close, the wake nurturing scent of his brother slowly lulling him to sleep. Red soon followed, the loving and protective feeling of the taller skeleton’s arms around him, pulling him into a peaceful sleep as well.~

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How do you deal with hate? I get really upset when people on here are horrible to me and I don't know how to deal with it.

That’s what some people don’t understand. Being horrible may mean nothing to them but it upsets some people. Honestly, if people are rude to me, I just block them because I don’t want that kind of negativity on my blog. I don’t like arguments. I don’t like rude people. If I see something on someone else’s blog I disagree with, I scroll past it because I understand that people can say whatever they want on their own blog - some people cannot fathom that and feel the need to spew their input, even on strangers blogs…

At the end of the day, they’re clearly unhappy in their own lives that they feel the need to be rude or horrible to strangers online. Try not to let it get to you because I can guarantee, you’re a much better person than they are and when they mature, they’ll realise that.


So a few days ago I finally reached 1000 followers. I know - a thousand. Wow. What an amazing feat.

But I have to say, I never thought I’d ever reach this amount of followrs ever again. And I know a lot of the people who follow me probably don’t care about me personally, but there are still some people I would like to say thank you to, and show some appreciation for following me and inspiring me, and for being just, awesome people. :)

+ if you’re in bold, then you mean more than you could possibly know, and you have made me the person that I am today.


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First certain people kept talking shit about Harry and his PR team for doing no promo and that no one would care when he releases his music. Now the promo is too good and over the top, according to them. There's no pleasing some people. Why can't they just admit that they want Harry to sit at home and do nothing until the 1D reunion? Because that's what they want.

it’s funny because when those people were complaining his team does “nothing,” the argument they used was always that they care about him and want the best…so how the fuck can you complain now because I’d say a teaser played during prime time of a popular tv show is pretty much the best 🤔

and like lmao at the end of the day they don’t have to like what he does or care about it because that’s not my loss or Harry’s, only their own, but god I wish they’d at least shut up and let everyone who is rightfully excited and who actually cares about him and actually wants to watch him succeed do their thing without trying to become the old man yells at cloud meme every second of every day 😇

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I have an AU with no writing skill plz spread it for some talented person like you to see: Kagome and the gang are kids and live in the same apartment building, Kags lives over Inu and talks with him from her balcony and tries getting him to play with everyone else, imagine the cute games and him opening up to her and them growing up together and pool days! Based off my own experience I had where I met my first boyfriend when I was 7, I'm now 26 and happily married to said ex-grumpy boy

I HAVE TO SAY THIS IS SO ADORABLE I WOULD JUST LOVE TO RAED THIS. You should totally write this!!!! It’s so cute and fluffy!! Makes me just melt! 

( I was totally headcanoning that the God Tree would be a tree that they use to climb to get to the other’s balcony ) 

And congrats! That’s such an adorable story and to have lived that sounds so amazing!~ You guys have been through everything together! 

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Hey! Can I ask if there was any specific reason why you took down the "Of You and I" story on Ao3? I super liked it! I thought it was really very interesting! I saw the chapter 2 update but when I went to read it, it said it didn't exist. No worries if you had any negative personal feelings or anything, I was just a bit curious. I hope you're having a great rest of your day :)

I’m just not satisfied with the pacing and structure, so I took it down to work on some more. With something as heavy as that story, it takes a lot of effort to write, and I wasn’t satisfied with the initial product, so I’m rehashing it. That’s all :D

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AU where nindroids are made on an assembly line as foot soldiers and are all the same physical model, perhaps with slight differences (some may be marked as higher ranks than a mere foot soldier). Zane exists amongst these.
Every day they are told just how insignificant they are.
“You are a machine,
A model,
One of a thousand built just like you
Quality of work determines the value of your life.
And if you can contribute nothing, than you are worth nothing.”

And they all believe it.
They were built with purpose and if they can not fulfill that purpose, they are nothing.

One Zane–our Zane– believes this too. He is just another cog in the machine.

One day he is sent on a mission, which gets interrupted by someone

His name is LLOYD.

The two get into a skirmish, but in just those brief moments Lloyd is able to say something that triggers something so innate in Zane, that he begins to question his place in the world.

He’s left, confused, but wanting to know more.

The boy leaves, but Zane vowes to track him down and to pass on these words to the other Zanes…


((Here’s my mun-day post where I actually talk about myself. Only kinda.))

((This is @occiferhigashikata and I from like a billion years ago and then kind of a recent one where we’re posing with some moon rocks. Basically I just wanted to say she’s my best friend in the world and I’m so glad she started drawing again because in just a year, she’s gotten so good, and I’m so proud of her and fyiahdsjknmasdjsbdajs. She runs a great policeman-Josuke blog, and she’s hilarious, and an amazing writer, and she also crocheted a really nice Thor blanket for my birthday once. 

If I wasn’t MarineJoot, I would probably run an Okuyasu blog, because look at us.

So there’s today’s glimpse into the mun’s life. I’m going to bed now. ))

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do you listen to sorority noise? if not, you should. i think you'd really enjoy them. i like that the singer is so open about things. he doesn't try and portray depression as this little simple thing that can go away. it's a monster that's always there, some days more so than others. he doesn't talk about addiction as being inherently negative or overly romanticized. it's a constant fight, and sometimes you lose, but you can always try again. you're not bad for relapsing, you're just human.

ooooh what song, tell me

Lazytown Characters As Things I Have Done Meme

Sportacus: wore a brown spot into the grass on the lawn next to my dorm’s dumpster by practicing butterfly flips every night for a couple months

Robbie: outlawed screaming in one of the kids’ karate classes for no reason other than the resonance hurts my ears

Stephanie:  ran through the (probably reclaimed) school sprinklers every single day after school in 8th grade just because I thought the concept of running through sprinklers was fun.  

Stingy: carefully kept at least some money in my gift card balance on iTunes for six years running, refusing to buy too many songs at once because letting it get to zero felt like “giving up”

Pixel: painstakingly screenshotting almost 400 @dril tweets in order to created a 365 page-a-day calendar just because I felt like it needed to exist

Trixie: snuck into a corn maze with my friends two years in a row just so we could try it out in the dark, almost got caught the second time

Ziggy: drank a peanut butter + chocolate Blenders instead of eating dinner, even thought it was FREEZING OUTSIDE (Blenders is like jamba juice but better)

Milford: drove 20 miles to bring my best friend a chocolate bar because she was sad and wanted chocolate

Bessie: Talked to my grandma on the phone for a really long time at age four, then said “my ear is getting hot” in order to signal that I was done


Ithro: drank straight, home cultured kefir because someone said it would help with my stomach issues even though oh god the sour

Penny: wasted a euro by tossing it into a fountain just to make a “hier, nen euro” reference (worth it)

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bby prince pls recommend me some anime to watch ; ^ ; I am in need of something else (besides what's airing/just finished airing)

My dude I am struggling to find good anime too!!! I’ve just been managing with Miss Kobayashi’s dragon maid and random comedys that my roomie suggests. A new wave of spring anime should be coming out soon though. In the meantime it doesn’t hurt to check out some anime that’s been out for a while now.. I just googled some anime coming up and none really caught my eye.. but I did see an ad for Nyanko Days!!!

Nyanko Days is a slice of life comedy about a girl and her cats (I think her cats are animated as cat girls too aha, very cute). There’s 12 episodes and each episode is 2 minutes. It’s kind of like how Bananya was! It isn’t something that’ll fulfill your thirst for anime, but it might help settle you down for the time being! I’m definitely gonna be checking this one out later tonight! Sorry I didn’t help very much.. I’ll update you if something better comes up! 

Or if anyone’s watching an anime they like rn, please leave a recommendation in the replies!!! 

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aalso, im really glad you turned on anon, you seem like a really cool person to talk to, but im too shy to send anything off anon ;-;

anon will stay turned on until I have a reason to turn it off again, aka until people send me threats, gore, etc. again, or until I wake up one day and have more than 30 asks at once in my inbox. Right now it’s daily about 20 whenever I wake up with getting some throughout the day.

That being said, if I don’t answer an ask then bear with me my inbox is a bit croweded and sometimes I just forget

also, guys there is 0 reason to be shy to me. I am a nerd who cries about how perfect Fareeha is.

Okay I suck and didn’t update at all this weekend, but I will update at some point today (it’s like 2am in Chicago). So I just wanted to reach out and say sorry and let you know that I’m definitely going to be finishing Jimin’s series in the next couple days!

Sorry again. Much love

- Caroline