some days are just like that


Day 5 : “Over the Airwaves” - Voice/Music 

Gabe singing just to cheer up Jack is my cup of tea ~

Didn’t actually think I would participate in the reaper76week but after reading through the list of what’s to come, I couldn’t resist making something after finding a song I haven’t heard for sooo long, and it brought back so many memories…

ya’ll wondering what song dis is?: Eternal featuring BeBe Winans - I Wanna Be the Only One

just FYI, I tweaked the lyrics a bit to my liking in some places..

I really want to be filled with love and happiness and friendship and kindness but some days the pettiness and selfishness and hate and jealousy just won’t let go and I can feel myself radiating this negative energy that I really want to get rid of. It’s like I can feel myself being an unattractive person but I just can’t stop it.

Fate Doesn’t Need to Know Our Names

When I first met you,
you electrified me to my very core
To this day, I swear 
that every color in the world
burned in your eyes that night
The moment
they looked in mine

We had only just been introduced,
and yet, beyond any sense of logic or reason
I truly, honestly
felt like I knew you somehow

There was an immediate
and unexplainable comfort in you
Like we had known each other once
In some far-off world
long ago

Even though everything felt familiar,
we were still just strangers at a party
Forming a connection
We both knew we shouldn’t

I remember when you led me outside
into the rainstorm that night
After we had laughed and talked for hours 
in that gloriously shitty blanket fort we made
And everyone else had left

We shared a $4 bottle of wine on the porch steps
And then I watched you from the driveway
as you walked to the middle of the empty street

You looked up at the wild midnight sky
and took in its intensity for a moment.
You let it surround you completely,
then you closed your eyes
and breathed steadily with the rain 

You had this adorable,
whimsical smile on your face
toward the end
As if that night was some kind
of enlightening experience
You would remember

Maybe you were right,
because during the party
I couldn’t take my eyes off you. 
Nearly everything you did was mesmerizing
You made sparks fly
around you
I would never forget.

Eventually you met my gaze,
and half-smiled
You held your hand out:
A shy invitation to dance 
under the streetlights

The tranquil sounds of the heavy rain
mixed with our
quickened heartbeats
And made for the perfect background music
as you held me.

With our skin drenched,
and bodies touching
You whispered to me 
the most pure words I have
ever heard spoken

Genuine truth
that came from
all we had discussed that night
That’s all it was.
And in that moment
I knew.

I knew we were meant for other people
I knew you would be
my greatest mistake
But it was one I’d make forever
In the face of 

I knew that the most.

i hate the mentality of some popular artists on youtube/tumblr that ‘if you want to call yourself an artist you had better draw every day and always strive to improve and never experiment ‘for fun’ and take a class on colour theory and anatomy and proportion and cartooning and and and’ with like zero regard for peoples’ financial situations or physical abilities?? 

like there’s a very elitist, exclusionary mindset with some artists where they just insist on all of these hurdles that aren’t necessarily accessible and just completely step all over any artist who draws for fun

like it’s largely the reason why it took me so long to call myself an artist? i can’t afford fancy supplies, i don’t have the time for art classes (i’m a chemist ffs), i’m not interested in sitting down with an 8-hour online course about colour theory like i just want to draw what i want and not feel bad for not putting in more effort when i’m just trying to have fun and make others happy

anonymous asked:

Just curious, why do people get sent to Death Row even though it is more likely they will not be killed? Like with Dylan Roof, you said if he gets sent to one location he is more likely to be killed than if being sent to another location? Why is that? Why not just kill him immediately?

Because of the appeal process. Some states just take a lot longer than others. In California, for example, there’s a massive backlog of death row inmates and some states put capital punishment on hold because of the issues with drugs. People very rarely get executed in modern-day and it really differs state to state making the whole system hypocritical and pointless. Millions of dollars are wasted per-year just so people can be given a death sentence that will likely never be carried out.

I think I’m gonna leave simblr for now

tbh it’s not that fun anymore, it feels more like an obligation than a hobby, and it eats up so so so much of my time. I wanted it to be like a little thing I did on the side, not the only thing I have time to do, ya know? And I’m 100% out of ideas and inspiration for my legacy, and thinking about going in game right now just makes me anxious. Playing the sims isn’t supposed to be stressful lmao. My queue runs out at some point tomorrow and I’m not going to refill it. I don’t know how long I’ll be gone for, maybe forever, maybe just for a few days. Hopefully not forever, though. I do love it here and I’m vvvv attached to my sims, but we’ll see I guess. *shrug*

I’ll still be around, so if anyone wants to talk or something I’ll get your messages! I have so many friends here and I don’t want to lose touch, and even if we’ve never spoken before, feel free to send me a message at any time. I’ll probably still be catching up with my favourite stories from time to time, and I have some sims to make for people still and I’m sure I’ll do that too. But other than that my blog may be empty for a while.

So… bye for now I guess,,


Hey guys! This blog has been inactive for quite some time, and I’d like to bring some positivity back into the fandom. I’m hoping I can get support from all the new Choices blogs, so please reblog this to get the word around! We’re looking to get our inbox full of positive messages about our fellow PB friends and blogs, so if there’s someone you’d like to compliment whether it be anonymously or publicly, we can post it for you. Just check out our blog to see what we do if you’re still confused! Thanks for reading this far, and have a blessed day! - Mod S

another preview of my piece for @objectheadzine

Object Head Zine 2017 Spooky Edition Kickstarter

Please help out the zine and check out the kickstarter. To be entirely honest from how its progressing, it’s likely it won’t reach it’s funding. It’s just barely reached 20% with only 13 days left! Please consider pledging if you can! If you like spooky stuff. If you like object heads. Give the zine some love!

And if you just enjoy my art and work, helping the zine will help me! So if even if you may not like object heads or spooky things, please help your good ol’ Tiger out, aha?? You’ll also be helping with the pay for the other contributing artists and the organizers! I MEAN HAVE YOU EVEN SEEN THE ARTISTS INVOLVED IN THIS!? I bet you’re a fan of at least ONE of them already!?

I’m still holding hope and optimism that the kickstarter can be funded! Please let’s all put in a last BIG effort!! Pledge and spread word on social media! Tell family, tell friends, tell followers!! Who knows, a miracle could happen!

It’s 2 am and I just finished the movie Your Name - I am honestly a changed person.

“Why do y'all always seem to be having a party in your class??”

Like because when you shove 20 Latinos into a room together a party just happens ese.

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Do you worry about the authority you command being one of the most well known tumblr lefties? I see a lot of young people coming to you for advice

Sort of! I think there is a sense in which unfortunately some people do forget that I am a regular person, with regular feelings and desires and a daily life completely outside of this website- a lot of which I don’t even necessarily post about! And there is a tendency on a lot of people to put bloggers they like on a pedestal. I have asked repeatedly that people not approach me this way, for their own sake as well as mine- not only is it a bit dehumanizing, but I’m just straight up NOT an expert on anything, and I am still quite young and quite foolish at 22. On top of this, being invested in political growth means for me that my political stances are always shifting and moving from day to day as I read and think more and develop my ideas more strongly. So I don’t like being seen as some beacon of truth. I’m just a 22 year old with a blog that a good chunk of people have chosen to follow, and that’s really it- by any reasonable definition I’m still a young people myself!

But it is not the biggest deal honestly. Like I said, I’ve done my best to make it clear that I’m no expert in anything, even though I do of course highly respect my own opinions and politics. I am always wondering the best way to navigate this blog and the space it takes up but honestly I’m not too worried about it. People idolizing me is on them, not on me- I cannot and will not make many attempts to -correct- how people see or interact with me as long as they aren’t inappropriate or rude. I’m not an elder in any sense, just a young adult. As long as people don’t try to take my word as the word of god, then it’s all fine by me honestly.


K so I’ve noticed lately that some guys look like they are freeballing when I’m at the gym and then today there was a guy who literally took of his pants and Or on shorts and wasn’t wearing underwear under either! Like I didn’t know there was guys who actually did this! How common is it for guys to actually do this? Is it an all day everyday thing? Is it just a gym thing? Also why? The freedom? Do you want people to look at your junk? I don’t understand and someone should explain this to me please. Hands up if you freeball and tell me about it

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imagine the luckex smut tho

bruh I thought this was a song rec for a second ANYWAY there’s some prime alex/lucy smut out there I can rec you if u want?

I’m looking through the tag on ao3 and I’m realizing it’s been so long since I’ve read any of these haha ANYWAY here’s a few good ones

There’s a handful of others but these are my favorites. lots of DEO sex

also I miss the days when everyone didn’t just automatically write Alex as a bottom like come on people have some variety. ANYWAY.

Good morning Tumblr!!

It’s a new day and another chance to spread some good.
I’d like to encourage you to take a moment here and there to send a message to some of your favorite Tumblr’s. Let them know that you are thinking about them and appreciate their presence on here.

And as always, have a great day!!


This is going to take some time to write, but I want to educate you all on some things. and this is just how I see it. 

The fandom is throwing up a tissy about the whole ubbe x margrethe x hvitserk ordeal. saying it’s incestuous and wrong and that margrethe is using them. but let me just say a few things and then you can go back to whatever the hell your opinion is, whether it has changed it not. 

  • int he vikings era, relationships like this were not wrong. often married couples would share their beds with others. still now to this day it is seen as a normal thing. Poly relationships are not unhealthy relationships. Ubbe and Hvitserk are not dumb little boys, they know what the hell they are getting themselves into. They are 19/20 and 18/19.. both well into their adult years by the standards of vikings
  • Ubbe and Hvitserk have always been very close. They trust one another more than anyone else, even other family members. It is clearly seen throughout all of the seasons from when they are little to now as men. Ubbe loves Margrethe, he would not have freed her otherwise. Hvitserk obviously loves her too or he would have never have done anything. Ubbe could also see clearly that Margrethe does have feelings for Hvitserk too. Him making that offer to them, to be together also is him accepting that and being mature about it and knowing it would make everyone happy because he loves his brother, he wants him happy.
  • Just because the brothers shared a bed with her, it does not mean they do anything to each other. If they did that would be incest. The two of them sharing a woman together, that is not incest. 
  • Everything that happened was consensual and spoken about in clear terms. They are all adults. they are all free people. They all chose what they wanted.

I say all of this because it makes me so angry to see how people can made such idiotic assumptions about the whole situation. No it is not what I was expecting to happen. Yes I did have a funny feeling from the beginning of the season that it would happen somewhere along the line. I am a woman that has been in a fully committed poly relationship in the past and I know very damn well that you can love more than one person at a time. Stop your shit against Margrethe. Unless she does something that actually calls for you to out her (like PURPOSLY trying to wedge the brothers apart.. which she is clearly not doing) then shut the fuck up and enjoy the show!!!

*****ETA:  many people are commenting about “Well this will be fucked up when she eventually falls pregnant.” When you are in a devoted poly relationship.. it does not matter biologically who the father is in a situation like that. I believe they would both raise the child as their own, or since Ubbe is technically the husband it would default to being his child. There is so much more to Poly relationships that people just do not goddamn understand and they need to open their mind. It’s not uncommon and it has been around for centuries. 

I’m so sad to see some people (artists I like, who are good people, who I still consider my friends) having to leave the Lazytown fandom becaude of a toxic environment, or hate, or even deaths threats

Please don’t be shitty to others in this fandom, or any for that matter! It breaks my heart to see it happen here, Lazytown is good and pure and I know there are wonderful people here, don’t be petty just because someone doesn’t share your ship or you don’t like their art style or some ugly BS like that

I don’t want to look back on this someday and wish for the early days of the fandom, when it was small and kind and wonderful, before turning toxic. I don’t want to. I really hope it doesn’t turn out that way.

anonymous asked:

i really like stimming via eating crunchy foods, do you have any recommendations for some nice crunchy foods :00 ??

Croutons are a great crunchy food , someone just mentioned them the other day!! They’re nice and crunchy, but not so much that they feel like they’ll break your teeth out haha! 

If you want a bit of a softer crunch, any kind of snack similar to cheetos is great!

If you want something crunchier/harder than croutons, there’s a snack called corn nuts, they’re probably the crunchiest thing I’ve ever eaten? They’re kinda hard to find where I live though (and idk if they’re available at all outside of the US), so that’s inconvenient ^^; But if you can find them and you want something that’s super extra crunchy, those are nice!

(Most of the things I’m thinking of right now are junk food, my bad ^^; But as always, if anyone else has more suggestions, leave a reply!!)

feeling low energy today, so i’m curled up in bed with the laptop and reading some bookmarked fics. 

this is after i opened the layover and went ‘why did i stop again?’… read it over. ‘oh yeah, dialogue. that thing i’m terrible at, and this fic will need lots of it.’ 

so… low energy combined with small brick wall is turning into fic reading day. 

wh0-needs-a-s0cial-life  asked:

Can you do some headcanons for Johnny dating a person with glasses? Thanks!

- No, he’s not the kind to just steal your glasses to wear them

- Unless you wear them for fun, like popping the lenses out

- Modern day hipster Johnny does that

- Okay but he respects you and also wants you to be able to see him so

- He does tease you about his 20/20 vision and the kind of vision you have

- When you’re not wearing your glasses, he holds up like, 2 fingers, asks how many he’s holding, and if you say two, he’ll stick up one more just so you’re wrong 

- He makes sure you take your glasses off before bed though

- That’s when he tries wearing them

- And heck okay because he’ll be like

- “Why are they so blurry?”

- And you’re just like,,,, baby,,,,, they aren’t prescribed for your eyes,,,,,

- If anyone in the gang tries teasing you about them he’s just

- “Guys, c’mon, you wouldn’t like it if-”

- “But we don’t wear glasses.”

- “I’m about to make it where you do wear glasses.”

- He’ll get super duper sassy