some days

Feelings are weapons in the hands of the wrong person, and some days it seems like everyone is the wrong person. Some days it seems like the only thing people ever do with your feelings is use them against you.
—  “Why don’t you ever tell anyone how you feel?”
I live an insignificant life

And yet, it makes me exhausted. I wake up tired, I am tired all day, I go to bed tired, and then I can’t sleep through the night. I think too much. I exhaust my brain. I do everything I can for everyone I love, and I never feel like it’s enough. I am constantly trying to win a war that is raging in my mind. Some days there is hope, then some days, like today, there is none. Some days, like today, I have to convince myself to get out of bed and go to work. I have to convince myself to shower, and get dressed, and brush my hair. I have to convince myself that I am not worthless, no matter how much I feel that I am.