some day i will write a real fic for them i swear

Day 10 - YouTube

Note: I wasn’t going to write anything for this, but then I asked Bunny (my best friend) what she thought my Baz’s favourite music would be and she was like “Baz adores lady gaga. And edm. And waltzes. And basically anything used in a ballet. And dubstep mashups of the above. He makes some himself under a secret dj name” and tada~ this fic was born. Also I forgot to mention, this is in the same AU as my Coffee Shop fic and the Music fic, which you don’t have to read to understand, but it does make a bit more sense…

For @carryon-countdown


Simon was on the floor, laughing so hard tears were streaming down his face.

Baz (his boyfriend of two months, sixteen days and two hours) was red faced, sitting on his bed with his arms crossed rightly over his chest and massive (expensive) headphones hanging around his neck.

“Shut up, Snow.”  Simon only laughed harder.  “I hate you.”  Baz said without any real force behind the words.

Simon held up his hands so Baz could seem them over the edge of the bed and after a few shaky attempts (he was still giggling), managed to sign, ‘GAGA? Serious?’

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Contents Under Pressure: Resbang 2015

have some struggling awkward model Soul and workaholic, ambitiously flirty Maka. you can read it on [ here] or on [ao3 here].

warnings: depression, stalking, swearing, second-hand embarrassment, angst, and minor character death before the start of the fic. don’t worry though - there is also plenty of kissing and fluff. 

please take a moment to check out the amazingly lovely art that @ifeanart [art here] and @gemini-chan [art here & playlist here] made!

more crying under this, lmao:

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The Boy in the Space Jacket

Pairing: Phan
Genre: angst
Word Count: 1,100-ish
Warnings: homophobia, bullying, mild bruising/bleeding, one swear (oooh what a rebel)
Prompt: Could you make a fic where Dan and Phil are in high school and Phil gets bullied and Dan stands up for him? -super-phan-locked
*I’m sorry I switched the people I read the prompt wrong*
Disclaimer: This isn’t real (obviously- Dan and Phil are kind of grown men). I am just a lame little teenage girl who likes to write fanfiction. Also the bullies are made up people because I didn’t feel like insulting some YouTuber by making them the bully (although I could have used some abuser like Alex Day or Jason or Sam Pepper… hmm…). Also this is all based around how American schools are because I know nothing about England’s school system except that they’re called “years” or something.
(Wow, world’s longest disclaimer.)

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