some day i will understand

“Aren’t you afraid? Aren’t you afraid that one day he will look at another girl the way he used to look at you?” her best friend asks.

“Not anymore, not since I realised that I deserved better. I can see him falling for her, and I am okay with that. I wish him happiness and fulfilment. But he has to understand that some day I am going to look at someone else the way I used to look at him. He has to know that some day someone is going to look at me the way he used to, and they are going to choose to stay. My world will not stop turning because he no longer is there to help it turn when I can’t get out of bed in the morning. I have learnt to be a complete person without him.

Syriannas, completely fascinated by Dorian’s sleeping face in the early hours at Skyhold.

my favourite part about the “i’ll catch you, i’ve got you tina” scene wasn’t just the dialogue (lbr the dialogue takes uncontested #2 and the actual catch takes uncontested #1, but at a narrow #3), it was the way newt was talking to her and looking at her, his stance that screamed that he had been doing this his whole life and he knew just what to say and how to appear the most trusting, eyes wide and locked straight in hers, tone low and confident

i guess what I’m trying to say is, newt scamander, the magizoologist was just so present in that scene, and it was a great newtina one, yes, but it was also a brilliant newt moment too, because it cut right to the core of who he is and how he sees every life: as completely and utterly equal at the heart of it

that’s my favourite thing about him


Harry & Ginny;  [x]

I never really gave up on you. Not really. I always hoped…. Hermione told me to get on with life, maybe go out with some other people, relax a bit around you, because I never used to be able to talk if you were in the room, remember? And she thought you might take a bit more notice if I was a bit more — myself.

Week 4: Hide and Seek

Summary: yay! week 4 of sex games with Castiel. This game is like regular hide and seek, only it involves sex toys and lingerie. 

Pairing: Cas x reader ((duh))

Word Count: 2.2k

Warnings: language, use of sex toys, le sex, I also went crazy with the NSFW gifs I got from my cas porn blog, sorry hahahahah

A/N: I havent proofread this yet so pls excuse any mistakes, I’ll fix em later!

Sex Games Masterlist


Ok, so you were sore.

Like, really sore. Upon waking up the next morning, you could barely move your stiff muscles. So instead of continuing the games, much to Cas’ dismay, you opted to stay in bed all day and catch up on some reading.

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For the Anon who asked me something with Kanjiklub. I hope you like it!

Guro-A-Day Challenge (week long)

I looked some up and didnt understand some of them soo here it goes

Day 1: Bleeding Eye or Eye Socket/ No Eye
Day 2: Headless/ Decapitated head
Day 3: Teeth/ Bitemarks
Day 4: Mutation (go crazy)
Day 5: guts/ outward organs
Day 6: Knives- other sharp objects
Day 7: Infection
I’ll be posting mine on my main blog DevilishlyCorrupt
Show me yours if you wanna!
Happy Bleeding~!

Still to this day, I just don’t understand how some people compare love to fire. I refuse to think I am going to get burned by the one I love the most. I refuse to believe that, because I like to think he would be the one to save me from the flames.
—  please don’t burn me // Ellen Rose

“You are now rocking with the very best
Rapper from around the way
I wanna say hello! (hello!)
Everybody calls me by my old name
So lame, you can just call me “Pharaoh”
Ain’t nobody stoppin’ this
Pharaoh's on top of this
Too many things in the day to try to fit in
All of you should stand up ‘nd dance, no sittin’
Straight up out the tomb big dreams on my mind
Gotta find my way in this Boo York way of life”



Transparent cheerleading Chuugakkou daughters <3

Valentines Day Countdown D-4

To @pointsofdatamakeabeautifulline

The day I met you, I was in love. We’ve come so far since our first visit. I know we have an affair going on, but I hope to call you my husband one day (tbh if suga asked for your hand I would understand). I hope some day we can have a kpop children. Thank you for being a great father to my children. They were not your own, but you treated them as if they were. Here’s to the next 69 years of affairs.

- your affair wife

it’s not a ray of hope but a straight up (ha) sucker punch you know. straight people don’t get that. can’t get that. they want us demoralized and they want us six feet underground and they want us hopeless and complaint and maybe, some days, it works, and we are.  some days it’s so hard not to be. i understand. but we pull each other up. we always do, just by existing and listen, i know it’s trite. some days you want to give up and say, look, i’m not strong enough, i’m tired and half the country wants me dead and what even is the point of a community in the hell-pit of florida, the raised skin of a bible belt mark, and what use is pride when i have to look over my shoulder to hold my girlfriend’s hand at the winn-dixie. and then you catch two middle aged women out of the corner of your eye, unattractive and undone up, go about their day holding hands and buying their damn groceries and you want to wave, you want to point at yourself and you want to say look, me too, and the butch one scowls at you and you cry on the way home out of an all encompassing sense of belonging

Prayer Request

This past month and a half, I have been having a lot of trouble emotionally. It started out with the death of someone I care for deeply (this person was like a grandfather to me), and I haven’t seen them in several years so it’s been hard to deal with. On top of that, I’ve been struggling with friend issues…one friend in particular I kept hurting over and over through misunderstandings and overreacting to situations…and I don’t know where we stand in our friendship now…all I know is that I have been ignored for almost a month straight without any knowledge of how to make things right between us. I’m so confused…there are some days when everything seems fine and I don’t understand why things can’t just go back to the way they were…other days I feel like our friendship is over…it’s stressful…I have so much anxiety over this and i’m still grieving over that death on top of it…it’s caused me to run away from Skype for a while (and maybe for a very long time if not permanently depending on what happens), and maybe the rest of social media if it gets bad enough…I feel so attacked…please pray for me. I don’t want the devil to win in this…I want to be ok. Please pray for strength for me as well as that maybe I can somehow patch things up with that friend one day. I’m trying hard to trust God, but I don’t I am strong enough to do it on my own…


happy valentine’s day everybody! ♡

so of course my boss’s wife ratted me out nd he’s mad bc its unprofessional or w/e even though literally no one has had a problem with it but him and his priss wife

71 date ideas

Dates are incredibly important. Especially if you are in a relationship or in the stages of getting to know someone. Dates help you grow together. They enable you to see different sides to each other. They create a unique bonding experience. I loathe the assumption that you should stop dating once you are official and places yourselves in front of a sofa day in and day out. There is only so much ‘How was your day’ questions that can be asked. I understand it some cases, it’s a matter of finance. Or it’s a matter of whether one should split the bill or whether the instigator of the date should pay. These are fair questions as dates can be expensive and some people are fond of the traditional approach. But a date is not always about heading to a Michelin star restaurant. I have pieced together some date ideas that range from being free to the ultra exquisite and expensive.

  1. Take dance lessons together. Dances like Salsa, Zumba, Tango can be sensual or hilariously funny.
  2. Wine/Champagne tasting.
  3. Afternoon tea at a fancy restaurant.
  4. Spa Days for two
  5. Picnics by the lakeside or on the beach.
  6. Candlelit dinners at home. You do not need a massive beach for this, the living room will do.
  7. Cooking together. This is a great time to try out new recipes you otherwise would not. It can be great fun measuring flour together(haha) and preparing scrumptious meals.
  8. Three course meal at an exquisite restaurants. Sites like Amazonlocal and Virgin experiences do amazing deals.
  9. Design your own perfume
  10. Attend sport games together. I love this followed by a hearty burger!
  11. Visit a Museum and/or an art gallery. London is filled with these. From the Geffrye museum, the Science museum to the Tate Gallery. Sites like tripadvisor and timeout can help you find the cool places in your city.
  12. Hotel and theater trips.
  13. Visit a theme or water park. Some notable ones in England include Thorpe Park and Sandcastle Waterpark. Some notable ones abroad include Disneyland Paris, Sjam Park in Spain and Aqualandia in Italy.
  14. Camping. Grab a tent and your best clothes. Bring deliciously food to roast over a campfire.
  15. Cheesemaking classes
  16. Cooking classes
  17. Movie marathon
  18. Visit an all you can eat buffet
  19. Helicopter Tour of your city
  20. Late night Ice Skating
  21. Long walks throughout the city. There are canals, walking trails and rivers which can be lovely places to walk around.
  22. Long drives.
  23. Heading to the library together. Read books and share ideas.
  24. Concerts. There are many free concerts especially during the summer.
  25. Food festivals. These can vary from international cuisines to cheese markets.
  26. Couples Massage. Or give each other a massage
  27. Check out the local zoo and farm.
  28. Volunteer together. You may want to help fund-raise or decorate a venue.
  29. Have a board game night. The loser can do embarrassing or sexy tasks.
  30. Attend a jazz night or check the local area to see if any bands are playing.
  31. Bring the laptop or tablet to the park and watch movies together.
  32. Bring blankets to a secluded area and cuddle under the night stars.
  33. Pottery class dates. You can create everything from plates to jugs together and paint it how you wish.
  34. Attend a yoga class together.
  35. Country drives in the summer. Bring plenty of ice cream and water.
  36. Go for a traditional breakfast or some organic hot chocolate in a cute small cafe.
  37. Go partying all night long
  38. Go for a ride on a quad bike
  39. Visit a rooftop bar
  40. Railway trip with dining option
  41. Have a boat ride. I did this for my birthday and it was incredibly calming, not to mention very affordable
  42. Attend a comedy night or a spoken word performance
  43. Champagne afternoon tea
  44. Clothes shopping together
  45. Luxury holiday.
  46. Visit a rooftop bar
  47. Go diving together
  48. Host a dinner party together
  49. Yacht trip together
  50. Treetop getaway/ holiday trip
  51. Visit a luxury cinema. These are often quiet and secluded
  52. Create a home cinema. Lower the lights, create an endless supply of popcorn and sweets.
  53. Attend an evening at the Opera
  54. Play golf
  55. Luxury sailing abroad
  56. Lessons and classes. This can range from swimming, acting to painting.
  57. Takeaway evening. I love a well prepared takeaway. Sites like justeat are wonderful if you live in the UK. And it takes the stress of having to cook together
  58. Couples boardgames. Some of these niche boardgames are sexual whilst others focus on questioning
  59. Have oysters and champagne
  60. Put some money aside, get glamorous and go to dinner at a Michelin Star restaurant
  61. Pillow fight
  62. Go bar hopping. You can visit skybars to niche cocktail bars.
  63. Meet at cafes and just rant about your day
  64. Visit huge home department stores to gather ideas
  65. Browse book stores and local  markets. In London, there are several food markets to become acquainted with.
  66. Go on city tours. I’ve heard of Jack the Ripper tours which are exciting
  67. Attend live home shows or sports shows and races
  68. Check out exhibits at massive and independent galleries
  69. Play sports together - tennis, swimming, running, badminton ,cycling, dancing are all very ‘couple’s sports’
  70. Have dinner by a riverside
  71. Go bungee jumping, quadbiking or parachuting

Enjoying problematic media while critically analysing it is watching the king and I and knowing how racist it is but also understanding that the time period it was made there wasn’t as much access to information about Thailand in the West which generated in a bunch of racist stereotypes but it’s also Rogers and Hammerstein so you just decide to take it at face value and enjoy the music.