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Hi hon! Ereri/Riren for the shio meme (bet ya didnt see that coming XD)


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  • When or if I started shipping them: Hmmm I think (if I remember correctly because it was some time ago) that I started shipping them right before the female titan arc. I never saw myself shipping them because I, like most of the antis, was pissed off because of the court scene. So when I slightly started shipping them I decided to do some research about why Levi had beaten Eren up. I read some manga analyses and actually started agreeing with the “he had to do it to prove Eren could only be ‘tamed’ under Levi’s command so he wouldn’t get killed by the military police”. So after that I rewatched the episodes and started shipping them even more. When the anime ended I started reading the manga and found many more details and little hints of their relationship and I just fell in love with this. I mean their dynamics, and especially their caring and looking out for each other is just heartwarming *sobs*
  • My thoughts: I think I’m a bit to deep in this ship hahaha, I never thought I would be the person who would be shipping fictional characters so intensely. I wanna say much more but I think my answer would fit more to in next question.
  • What makes me happy about them: EVERYTHING! Okay but for real now, I just love everything about them. They have both been through so much but cope with it in a different way. Levi is a very emotional person, but decides not to show it and Eren is only capable of expressing his anger through violence. (in the beginning) I also just love the fact that Isayama himself kinda ships them too (he also ships Armin and Eren) I also love that Eren has always looked up to Levi, and even when he got to know him (and see he is blunt and a clean freak, etc so all his bad sides) he still looks up to him and accepts him. As for Levi: he is the only one who understands and accepts Eren. He has even called him ‘a monster with perfect fearsome beauty’ but for him, Eren isn’t a monster because of his titan shifting. He is a monster because killing comes naturally to him and there is nothing that can stop him, not even love. (he said that not me, I would never be able to put it into words like that) I mean I can go on for hours and hours about what I love about these two dorks, but I think this is enough for now :D
  • What makes me sad about them: It makes me sad to see that there is so much hate in the ereri/riren tag. I’ve never seen an Ereri shipper bashing other people’s ships so why does everyone bash ours? I hate the fact that they call Levi abusive and a Paedophile, if they would do some research and actually pay attention they would understand why the court room scene happened. But they are just so close minded and don’t want to listen or see anything (canon or not) that clashes with their opinion. Okay this wasn’t supposed to be about the antis but I just had to because that’s the only thing that I hate about this ship.
  • Things done in art/fics that annoys me: smut without any meaning. Smut where they just randomly meet and Eren is like “wow he’s hot”, Levi is like “oi brat wanna fuck?”, Eren: “fuck yes”, and boom. I HATE THAT. I NEED DEVELOPMENT IN A STORY.
  • Things I look for in art/fic: I love fluffy artwork where they are just cuddling and smooshing each other. And I also really like slow-build in fanfics, like I wanna see the moment where they go from “why is he so rude?” to “he’s actually really caring” to “shit I think I’m falling for him” to the awkward stages and then to the confession. And I need everything in a story; fluff, smut, very little angst (because I just can’t handle that shit), a good background story, development and a happy ending.
  • Who I’d be comfortable them ending up with, if not each other: Eren with Armin, and Levi (I was gonna say Erwin but it is too late for that) so I would say if not Hange, he is gonna end up with his cleaning products.
  • My happily ever after for them: I want them to both be alive in the first place! (Yes Isayama I’m looking at you and still hating you for killing off my boy Mike) If they both manage to stay alive, I hope they will find a cure for the curse of Ymir (If you don’t know what that is just look it up :) ) and after there is peace between Marley, Paradis and the rest of the world: That they will both finally be able to actually admit and be with each other, ( I think that everyone in the survey corps just doesn’t get involved with someone because there is a big chance that person would die and it would ruin the combat if they got emotional.) And then just grow old together outside the walls, in a cute little house, etc.
  • What is their favorite non-sexual activity?: Drink tea while just babbling about whatever comes to their mind.


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