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Okay,so I was playing around with my local listings for Sunday and I came acrossed something really interesting. As you can see in the first picture, the show Globe Trekker is listed to play at 7:00. It’s the one that takes place on the Andes. So I decided to go to the main page for the TV show and look to see what the show was about and perhaps find some kind of fuckery clue and boy did I find something. On the schedule posted in the second pic, it mentions that the Globe Trekker: Andes is playing at midnight AND scheduled on the first pic but not the second at 7. Another fuckery thing is that the five o'clock showing doesn’t exist. At all. And the Globe Trekker that is set in China doesn’t exist either! Both are descripted as being in the Andes. All of this which I provided with picture proof! So yeah, it could just be a coincidence and they fucked up the website pretty badly, oooooor it’s a sign. After all,the universe isn’t that lazy! 😉 I think something could really be up! And I’m super excited to see whether I’m right or not. *slides sun glasses over face then places tin hat on head*

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That was a sentiment I never understood as a larrie. When I was still over there anything that happened would send all the bigger blogs I followed into a frenzy. Like thirty angry upset posts about how miserable they were, how much they wanna delete. Then an hour later someone decides they've found some kind of clue or pattern in louis' shoelaces and it's all "god I love winning, I wonder how antis feel always losing!" Like.... you just had your finger on the delete blog button two seconds ago.

Well, if you didn’t understand it AS a larrie, I’m at a loss. I don’t know how they do it. How they buy themselves these momentary highs when they’re so low so much of the time, lamenting their place in fandom, lamenting how much 1D’s teams hate them, lamenting how it is that these horrible forcible closeting women are allowed to go free in the world without being pelted with shit every day, lamenting how they’re forced to follow Briana’s second cousin’s car dealership’s top salesman on instagram and track all his likes

And then they sit and crow for five minutes about how antis are so pressed, and that….. buys them a week? more? of that?

I’ve got a challenge...

I am thinking of a series…Can you guess it? Here are some clues:

  • the cast is mostly male
  • main character is bright, energetic, and cheerful
  • there’s a ton of characters (some have only appeared once)
  • most of the characters seem human, but are not actually human
  • they live among humankind, but can never be human
  • hint hint: anthropomorphism
  • they’re also extremely old, but never age
  • they did experience WWII at some point…
  • not much of a story arc, mostly slice of life episodes (although there was a slight story arc at the beginning of the series, it kind of sidetracked)
  • stories are filled with little historical tidbits here and there
  • tons of Christmas and Halloween episodes/events for some reason
  • has an English dub
  • has a theatrical movie that’s extremely wacky, even compared to the context of the original series, and leaves people (even fans) more confused than anything else
  • the fandom can agree that the animation has improved over the years
  • shipping arguments can cause a fandom war
  • tons of fan videos on YouTube
  • it is SUPER popular in Japan
  • very elusive creator

What am I thinking of?

heres why i love tjlc and going this hard over it. when will we ever get to go this hard in our lives over something and have fun? in movies and shit these heroes have these epic battles and choose sides and make comrades and what the fuck ever. and like. that does happen in real life, real life conspiracies happen but only about real ass shit. if you wanna get into a big conspiracy youre probably gonna get the government on your ass. you wanna go dig up clues to some real shit you do that at your own risk. this is like. a massive rpg mystery sherlock holmes game. this is getting to be a detective and a conspirator without getting men in black coming and murdering your family ok. this is fun. is this stupid to the outside observer? sure, whatever, i dont care. this is our conspiracy and this is our mystery and this is our time to stick up for what we believe in and nobody has to die and it’s fun

The blog post “The Six Thatchers” contains a queer couple, a love triangle, a pining best friend, an unstable relationship, and a weapon with the murderer’s initials on it that was once thrown in a fire to deflect attention from its incriminating qualities.

But if only there was some sort of clue as to what the episode will be about when it comes to Sherlock, John, and Mary!

Sometimes I feel like the culprits don’t get a severe enough punishment.

Like, I know theses are games for all ages, but come on. Take, for example, Lori. She literally tries to kill Nancy. She knows full well that sealing Nancy in the mine will kill her. And her punishment? Dad doesn’t pay for her stuff anymore. And Jane? She doesn’t actively try to kill anyone (that I know of), but she engages in dangerous behavior and tries to gaslight her stepmom. Like, send the child to therapy, Hugh. Also, Rentaro’s robot tries to drown Nancy. His punishment at the end of the game is his girlfriend breaking up with him? I don’t know you guys.

Asks based on ND game characters!

Hal Tanaka: Have you ever been caught cheating in school?
Millie Strathorn: What fictional character or celebrity you dislike the most?
Abby Sideris: Do you believe in the paranormal?
Lisa Ostrum: What language(s) are you fluent in?
Brady Armstrong: Have you ever met a celebrity?
Henrick van der Hune: Have you ever had amnesia or a concussion?
Jeff Ackers: Are you a rule follower or a rule breaker?
Joy Trent: Favorite childhood memory?
Jenna Deblin: Do you have any sacred family recipes?
Tex Britten: Do you like the city or country more?
Mrs. Drake: Are you superstitious?
Josiah Crowley: Have you ever been in a play?
Charleena Purcell: Favorite kind of books to read?
Minette: Do you have any tattoos?
Pua Mapu: Have you ever been surfing?
Lou Talbot: Are you artistic?
Henry Bolet Jr.: Did you ever go through an emo/scene phase?
Colin Baxter: Do you have a celebrity lookalike?
Donal Delany: Where do you spend most of your time?
Coucou: Are you good at keeping secrets?
Rachel Hubbard: Do you have any siblings?
Scott Varnell: What are you scared of?
Miwako Shimizo: What is your dream job?
Karl Weschler: What is your favorite game? (Board, video, etc)
Deirdre Shannon: Do you consider yourself a good driver? (If you can drive)
Dylan Carter: If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?
Wade Thornton: Do you have any hobbies that people find surprising?
Bridget Shaw: Can you fake accents?
Kiri Nind: If you could star on a reality tv show, what one would you be on?
Xenia Doukas: Do you have a favorite mythology story? (Greek or not)
Magnus Kiljansson: Do you have any pets?

To the creators and to everyone in the Yuri!!! on ice fandom

I just want to say Thank You

It has been a complete privilege to be part of this wonderful and amazing fandom. Yuri on ice has taught me a lot of things and I am grateful.

All these weeks of waiting for that one episode to finally come. All those headcanons that we try and make so that we’d have some clue as to what the next episode might be like, but still get completely floored when we finally watch it. Over-analyzing every little detail there is. Those moments where we cried about our beloved characters and wishing we’d be there to comfort them and tell them that it’ll all be okay. I love you guys so much, even though we’ve never interacted before. We share the same love for this show. This little show that has broke all the rules there is. Breaking the norms and constructs of what is usually done.

Our show might be over but the fandom is not. We’re still here and we’re always going to be here. If there really is a second season then you bet your ass that we’re still gonna be here, cheering on our beloved characters as they go through another round of facing their fears and overcoming them. I am not leaving this fandom and this show because for the little amount of time that it ran, it has touched my heart and made me fall in love. I hope you did too.

So, dasvidaniya and see you next level!!


On April 9th, 2009, Alyssa McLemore (21) got a call from her grandmother at 6:30 pm, telling her to come home because her mother was getting worse. Alyssa’s mother was suffering from scleroderma, and she was in a terminal stage. Alyssa assured her she was on her way, but she never arrived to the Kent, Washington, house.

Sadly, Alyssa’s mother died three days later and there still wasn’t any sign of her daughter. She remains missing now, 7 years later. Alyssa also had a three year old child when she disappeared, and she’s been described as a devoted mother who wouldn’t abandon her kid willingly.

There are some clues in this case. The day she was last seen, a witness said she was talking to someone in a 1990′s green pickup truck with possibly Oregon plates. Another witness also reported having seen this truck, and that the man driving it was with Alyssa. This man was described as being in his 50s or 60s and it looked like Alyssa knew him.

The most disturbing clue of all, however, was a 911 call placed from Alyssa’s cell phone at 9:15 pm on April 10th, a day after she went missing. The operator said there was a woman asking for help, but the call got disconnected before she could gather any useful information and the phone couldn’t be tracked. It’s unclear if the caller was Alyssa or someone else, and the phone was disconnected soon after.

Three aces up the sleeve!

well, those 3 robots in the background would be ( IF Sonic Skyline was a game XD because is not and i still don’t mean it) like hidden bosses, wich only would be unlocked if one completes 3 separated hidden quests where Sonic goes discovering some clues and hints about each one so he will know where to go finding the bosses or something like that dunno XD

the thing was, that these once were infamous criatures many many time ago, they were the Minotaurus, Arachne and a Cyclope.. they died but now Eggman got to revive them (somehow) as robots using their essence (??)(they are basically ghost powered robots)

once defeated, Sonic gould gain the “soul”of these guys (those shining diamonds) and after he gets the 3, Hermes Scarf; Hyper Sonic’s scarf would be obtained :D

i still must to finish each robot design.. X’D designing robots its so difficult! nyeeehhh! but at least i got an idea for each one! ^_^