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Clone Wars/American Civil War AU

                                                                                                               So, I drew those Anakin/Padme historical AUs a little while ago, right? I started with the American Civil War one, and as I was drawing, just for fun, I started coming up with 1860’s appropriate names for the two of them, and then for more characters, and then for more, and IT JUST GOT OUT OF HAND.

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Below the cut are some notes and sketches for the Clone Wars Civil War AU that I’ll probably never write. Assume everyone lives/happiness AU, because why not.

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a Relationship Worth Keeping In Memories , ‘Seven and MC as Past lover’s

It is amazing this story brought up the fourth wall interaction , Seven is most likely to be breaking the fourth wall most of the time. How is it possible for Seven to be able to talk to us directly from a game. It’s true this is a part of the plan by Cheritz but it is too much. Clearly , Cheritz want us to find out ourselves. Based on all the theories i have read from other bloggers , it is amazing how creative people are to make a theory about something unimaginable.

Seven , Most likely to be a Main character in the game due to all Secret stories exist in the game. The other characters are just minors[or something else *smirk**smirk*]. Let’s focus on elephant in the room , everyone is focusing about Seven remembering everything the player had done in every journey. But if he is able to remember us , that would mean he can watch us in any ways or is he dead?? I mean ghost can travel to any layer of the universe. But this doesn’t mean anything by the end of this theory

Btw , as mention above Seven and MC as past lovers , this is about all theories about him remembering about the players journey throughout the whole gameplay and the calls he called and we called , mentioning about ‘Dont forget me’ 'Choosing the others route make me sad.’ ??

It seems like Seven knows something about us that we don’t. Are we dead? Or are we forgetting something important? My choice of answering this question is we had lost our memories. That’s the point of the reset but in conclusion , Seven is resetting us to the beginning , wanting us to remember everything all over again. For me it makes sense as how this game had works , how Seven is patiently waiting for us to return back to the present.

Consider this , MC is the chosen one. At the end of the prologue’s bad ending , remember how Unknown said that he will find someone else and taking us as an assistant? Unknown was willing to find someone new to replace MC to become a bait to the team. That was disobeying the rules that was given by his savior! Remember once he got you , the game shows a bad ending sign , bringing you back to the main menu and again you enter a whole new gameplay. How is this possible , i mean you play a new gameplay and again you experience the prologue again? And remember , you entered your name for the game only once. That means you were reset.

At some point during the making of this theory , something open my mind. What happen if all of this RFA members are experiments? Someone is testing them out or creating clones to put them in a world that never meant to exist? Well this will be in a another theory.

Let’s carry on , i think people should understand the correct timeline for the game. It’s true that Seven should be played last since he holds the true end but we’re trying to fix the timeline of how could it lead to Seven remembering us on every routes. We know in order to play Seven’s route , you need to unlock it with 80 HG. I know he breaks the walls a lot of times but in his route , it was different than the other routes. It is clear he has no memories about you at all but in other routes , stating about your previous adventures about Yoosung’s route and in Jaehee and Jumin route , you call him in day 10 , Seven was so upset and lost.

He sees different outcomes , not as similar as his route. Making it very understandable that Seven is our first man. He is meant to be the first love for the MC , but why does Seven’s route along with Jumin’s was locked? Is it because it is a memory that Seven wants to erase? Or whether time had tangled causing this story to be locked. Like time had distorted and disappear from the timeline. If you read my Hourglass theory , you might understand what i mean here. Unlocking the Deep Story is suppose to bring back the right timeline and do the right choices. Unlocking a future that was meant to be the last by using the HG. That’s why they say play his route last.

If Seven is meant to be our first lover , that’s why he was upset in day 10 in other route when you call him. Those voices you hear could probably be in another dimension reaching to you , remember that Seven support you and suddenly broke down. He really wanted you to run into his arms but you couldn’t see it. So much of your memories was lost, imagine you had experience all of this already[finish all routes] but Seven reset you back to the start locking all your memories away. To observe you until you reach him again. It was your ability to unlock  them again , recover your lost memories. Seven is hurt that you couldn’t reach him so quickly.

That’s why Casual Route was there , you have to recover everything starting from the less heart breaking adventures. So , I am a theorist and I will put the right timeline in order. I mean my way xD

Seven > Yoosung > Zen > Jaehee > Jumin 

this is my way of seeing it

But that’s not it. Time had been destroyed and tangled but what if it was just a dream? The After Ending of Seven’s Route , he was dreaming. This might be a dream theory. He is stuck in a never-ending nightmare.


HEY GUYS , finally this part 2 of the reset theory is out. But i’m trying my best to make a clear statement but i sense a broken english here and i think people might get a bit lost so i’m so so so sorry. Hope you guys will look forward to the next part~

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Hey, I could totally see Tony’s daughter going NOPE, we’re keeping my name, whose global empire do you think this is, and Rhodey’s kid’s all pffft ilu ok fine.

I actually thought a lot about the permutations, which is probably why I fucked it up.

Like Tony’s daughter keeping her name, or Tony and Rhodey managing to combine their DNA – because let’s be real, Rhodey is one of maybe three people in the universe who would put up with being Tony’s babydaddy/mama, even Steve would not do well in this situation – or maybe like, Tony never had a kid but Rhodey’s daughter was like “We cannot let the Stark name die, I shall nobly carry his baby while I run his company with an IRON FIST (not that Iron Fist)” or Tony cloned himself for a few generations, or maybe he just named his kids after Rhodey because Rhodey is awesome. 



JARVIS got up to some shit after Tony and Rhodey died. 

Yes. I think that one is my favourite. 

“I must have a Sir. But if I am to make a new Sir, perhaps one with a trifle more self-control…”