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Cabinet Battle (A. Ham x Reader)

AN: this is just a quick lil one shot but if you would like more or wanna request something else just message me!! @iamnotthrowingawaymyshit

Having an uncle that’s one of the most powerful men in the country had its perks. Take today for an example, Uncle GWash (only you are allowed to call him that) was taking you to the cabinet meeting he was to attend to. 

“(Y/N), I must warn you that Mr. Jefferson and Mr. Hamilton’s arguments can get a little…out of hand so please excuse them if they do anything rash.” Your uncle said as he led you through the doors for the meeting. 

“Uncle, I think I’ll be able to handle.” You said with a wink. 

 He shook his head and laughed, knowing fully well that you are a very strong-minded woman. 

You took your seat and waited for the battle to commence. Soon, two men bursted through the door, one with a bright magenta coat the other with a green. You recognized them as Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson from your uncle’s complaini- description of them. They seemed to be arguing before the meeting had even started. You rolled your eyes and looked down at the journal you brought to take down some notes. 

They both walked further into the room, still at each other’s throats before Mr. Jefferson spotted in your seat. Mr. Hamilton looked at him questionably because of the sudden drop of the argument. He followed Jefferson’s line of sight and found you sitting comfortably in your chair, writing away in your little notebook. 

His heart skipped a beat.  A beautiful woman who wrote as fast as he did and was into politics? He was already infatuated with you. 

He tore his gaze away from you and saw Jefferson was eyeing at you also. Alex scoffed, as if Jefferson had a chance with you, he sneered in his mind. At the noise, Thomas turned towards Hamilton with a challenge in his eyes. And Alex narrowed his in agreement. 

The two politicians made their way to you, but Washington grabbed Hamilton before he could reach you, stating he had some urgent business to talk with him. 

Jefferson smirked and looked down at you scribbling away on the notepad. 

“Y'know darling, if you write too fast you might hurt your pretty little hand.” He reached over the table to grab you. 

Your head snapped up to see the cocky Virginian eyeing you like a piece of meat. Although he was very handsome, he seemed like an… asshole to say the very least. 

“Thank you for the warning, Mr. Jefferson but I assure you that I’ve written much more and much faster without ever hurting my ‘pretty little hand’. So please,” You smiled at him with fake sweetness. “Don’t fucking touch me." 

You both heard a snort on the other side of the room from Mr. Hamilton. Jefferson huffed and grumbled about you being a "snobby bitch” and plopped down in his chair with wounded pride. 

Your uncle stepped into the center of the room and announced that the meeting would start and everyone is to take their seats. You scooted up to the edge of your chair in anticipation and looked around the room. You caught Hamilton’s eyes staring at you and he winked causing you to blush and pretend to write something down. You heard him chuckle before Jefferson stood up to make his argument.


The debate was getting very heated, both men throwing insults and comebacks left and right before Hamilton finally retorted, “At least I have class Jefferson, you don’t have any game.” And glanced at you for half a second. 

Nobody but you, Jefferson, and Hamilton himself knew about the second meaning behind that statement. 

The battle got even more intense, both men straightened their backs and started delivering words so fast only they could understand what was going on. It seemed like they were completely off topic yet they were still screaming at each other about some plan or law.  

They looked like they were about to punch each other before your uncle finally stepped in yelling over them, “That’s it! Meeting adjourned! We’ll settle this tomorrow at noon!”  

The two men relaxed and gathered their belongings at their desks. You stood up and grabbed your stuff, making your way towards your uncle. 

“That was something.” You told him with a laugh. 

He groaned and rubbed his face, “This by far was the most competitive I’ve ever seen them. I am so sorry." 

"It’s quite all right,” you looked over and saw Alexander walking towards you and your uncle. “I thought it was very interesting." 

"Well (Y/N) I have some other matters to attend to.  Would you like me to take you home?" 

 "I think I’ll find my way." 

 Washington smiled and walked out the doors to whatever thing he needed to be at. 

"A brave feat to go against Mr. Jefferson like Miss…" 

”(Y/N) (L/N)“ 

 He repeated it and you liked the way it rolled of his tongue. 

"Well Miss (Y/N),” he grabbed your hand and brought it to his mouth to kiss it. “I’m Alexander Hamilton and I hope I’m not being too rash but I was wondering if you would like to accompany me to the market later?” He asked sweetly. 

You blushed and ducked your head, stunned and quite swooned over the fact he had already asked you out. You were about to accept his invitation when you heard laughter coming towards the both of you. 

“Wow Hamilton, you either always have your head way to far up the clouds or too far up your ass,” Jefferson said with a smug smirk. “She’s far out of your league even though she is most likely a bitch.” He said the other part far quieter but you were still sure you were meant to hear it. 

You gasped and glared at the Democratic-Republican. You released your hand from Alexander’s hold to reach out and slap Jefferson. He stumbled back in shock and shame. 

“Don’t ever speak to me like that again!” You said with a hiss. 

You then grabbed Alexander’s hand and led him outside and into the sunlight for some privacy. When you turned around to speak to him, his cheeks were dusted pink and his eyes looked at you like you were the most wonderful thing he’s ever seen. 

All your confidence had slipped away in that second. How rude you must have looked! Even if he was being rude himself you don’t just slap someone. 

You lowered your head in shame and tried to stutter something to the man with you. 

“I-I-I’m really s-sorry about that!! I’m n-not usually th-that violent b-but I was so a-angry and i-if you no longer w-w-wish to to go o-out with m-me I fu-fully unde-”

Alexander chuckled and grabbed your shaking hands. 

"If anything Miss (Y/N),” He took your hand and kissed it like he did earlier. “It makes me want to be with you more. I hope we are still on for our walk to the market. I would be heartbroken if you didn’t. " 

You blushed again but you almost turned red because of how sweet he sounds. 

"How could I say no? I can’t leave you helpless like that.” You flirted and kissed his cheek. 

For the first time in his life, Alexander was actually speechless. You giggled and led him towards the marketplace, hoping this would lead someplace special.

Kingdom Classification: Solangelo

Summary: The you’re the slightly-on-the-weird-side guy in class who actually talks to the plants and I’m that one oddball who obviously doesn’t belong and you might not like me since we’ve argued a lot but the plant I want to care for is dying and I am now seeking your help AU… . aka The Botany Class AU that no one asked about but I still wrote because I’m such a Solangelo trash.

Will Solace had no idea what to think of one Nico di Angelo. The guy, who seem to emit an aura darker than darkness itself is simply an oddball (then again, anyone who doesn’t like the sun is an oddball to him). The boy is a bit of a loner who seem all gloomy and uncaring about the world all the time. He dresses in all black. He doesn’t talk to anyone and is totally unapproachable.

A perfect example for a human being who won’t fit on a light and friendly environment such as their school’s Botany Class.

So it had been puzzling to Will when the boy walked to their class that day, occupied one of the empty seats and proceeded to busy himself with glaring at the board and ignoring the strange look the other students had been giving him.

“Stop glaring at the board, Nico” Ms. Persephone, the teacher in charge of their class walked in whilst pushing a trolley with her.

“Why am I even here?” Nico had asked, voice sounding disrespectful and bitter. He looked up, glare now focused on the teacher but Persephone seemed unfazed. In fact, she simply looked at Nico with sympathy in her eyes.

“Because I think you needed it” The teacher spoke calmly.

“No I don’t! You don’t know what I need” Nico retorted back. Harshly. “You don’t know anything!”

“I’m just trying to help, Nico” Persephone tried pacifying amidst the current ruckus and her class being curious as to what was going on.

“If you want to help then just leave me alone!” With that Nico stood from his seat and walked out of the room. Persephone sighed and breathed deeply, eyes mirroring sadness for a moment before facing the class with a smile.

“Now class, sorry for the little drama. I assure you, Nico will be back to joining us by tomorrow but for now, I’m officially assigning each of you a plant to take good care of…”

Will actually stopped listening by then. What just happened?

Nico di Angelo did came back in class the next day.

Nico di Angelo is an annoying piece of shit whose level for caring is close to zero.

Okay, maybe that was going a bit too far. However, for someone who values every living thing (except for weeds, smoking and his fourth grade Science teacher, which are all nuisance) Will can’t help himself but take Nico’s actions as some deep kind of insult to life.

Really, not everyone has got green thumbs but does he really have to end up killing every single plant assigned to him? Just look how the leaves of that poor little Bonsai had wilted. Or that Sunflower. Or that Anthurium . Or even that Cactus. Or the many other plants that Will really doesn’t want to remember right now.

It doesn’t help that the plants seemed to look pleadingly at Will, begging to be saved from the boy whose hands are responsible for their demise.

Rest in peace, plants. May you find Elysium.

Will Solace must have been some sort of a criminal from his previous life. And he’s currently being punished in this life. That or his sister Kayla had been telling the truth about his birthmark being a source of bad luck.

Why? You ask so?

He had just been assigned as Nico di Angelo’s class partner.

“Why do I have to take care of it? It’s going to die soon anyway” Nico stated stubbornly.

Will wanted to either strangle himself or Nico. Himself to stop his exasperation and Nico to stop being annoying. Why does the boy have to be so difficult?

“Well, mister di Angelo it’s not dead yet which means we can still save the plant and so save the plant we shall!” Will smiled enthusiastically. Nico scoffed, still uninterested.

“It’s a hopeless case for it.”

Will glared at Nico before he started stroking the plant’s leaves affectionately. “Don’t listen to the evil overlord, he’s just a grumpy man”

“…and the crazed weirdo started talking to the plant. Lunatic.”

The blonde gasped, scandalized. “I must let you know that talking to the plants let them grow. How can you not know that? You uncultured swine!”

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The Tree House - Part 2

Summary: Dean and you have been friends ever since you were children. The two of you always were inseparable and no one could ever come between you. He has always been protective when it came to you which he proved in High School when problems occurred around you. To your disappointment your parents came between you and Dean, wanting to move “for your own good”. Years have passed since you’ve seen Dean, but in the end you always find your peace together in one place, whether  it was alone or together. The old tree house.

Words: 1437

Pairing: Teen!Dean x Teen!Reader

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Warnings: bullying, kinda violence, angsty (I promise it’s most likely only this part being angsty)

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The Tree House Masterpost

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