some brushed birds

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Ficlet suggestion? cas takes a painting class, and dean is watching him paint. dean wants to try. he wants to paint with his hands though, then destiel happens. idk help me

Hope you don’t mind I tweaked it a bit :P

Dean grumbles under his breath, shifting awkwardly in his seat.

He can hear the rest of the class settling in, various ‘excuse me’s and ‘pardon’s when people inevitably bump into each other. Dean crosses his arms, waiting impatiently. He isn’t really sure how he let Sam talk him into this.

Sam, who had bailed on him at the last minute, but then in-sis-ted he go anyway without him.

It’ll be fun, Dean, he had said. Get you out of the house.

Dean gets out plenty, thank you very much. And he’s practically an expert at navigating the bus system, considering.

The instructor claps his hands softly, calling their attention.

“Your paints should be on the table to your left, labeled so you can work with different colors, if you so choose,” says a deep but calm voice. “Brushes and water beside them. Please don’t hesitate to call out if you require any assistance.”

Dean raises an eyebrow. Well, maybe today wouldn’t be a complete waste. The instructor sounds hot. He picks up the brush, smirking. Maybe he can ask for a little hands on help.

He shakes himself. Nah. Just get through this, splash some paint on the page so you can show your dumb moose of a brother that you accomplished something today.

Yeah, Sammy. Art class for blind dudes.

Great idea.

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I’ve never had the chance to have a pet.. but birds are my favorite companions.

There’s been a lot happening lately. I’ve been drawing a lot too, though, and I’m aiming to post more soon. Here are some crows for starters.