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OK, so I was doing @morshmalliver ’s b-day present and I realized the image was gone (like, shit, first the contracture now this) and as you can see the universe wants to kill me, so I was sketching again and I just couldn’t do it right and somehow it ended up in sad shit.

was flirting w/my crush and just suggested that we punch each other

im blaming drarry for this

  • Lucretia: Alright, we've separated this power into these powerful artifacts. They all hold a piece of us. They are how we are going to save this universe. Magnus, what did you make?
  • Magnus: I made this chalice, and it's got these powers that let you like- change the past. It's pretty neat, I'm proud of it.
  • Lucretia: That sounds very good. What about you, Merle?
  • Merle: Got a belt! I wove it from, y'know, the natural world, so it's got the powers to control plants, and weather, and animals. Stuff like that.
  • Lucretia: I'm impressed, Merle! Taako?
  • Taako: I, uh. I got this rock.
  • Lucretia: A rock?
  • Taako: Yeah, I mean, it turns stuff into other stuff. And it's really plain, to show, like, the ability to become more than it really is, I guess.
  • Lucretia:
  • Lucretia: Taako. Did you forget to make a relic?
  • Taako: How could I have forgot? I got one right here.
  • Lucretia: That's a rock. You just put transmutation magic in it. Magnus was creative! Even-
  • Magnus: Yes!
  • Lucretia: Even Merle put work into his, although I don't like to think about what that involved-
  • Barry: Please don't.
  • Lucretia: You picked up a rock! It's disrespectful to your coworkers!
  • Taako: Fuck you too then! I'll just fuck off with my artifact, and you can all do your scavenger hunt shit, I could not give less of a fuck.
  • Lucretia: No, there's no time for that! Just- just give it to me, and let's get this over with.
  • Lucretia:
  • Lucretia: This is the least interesting rock I've ever seen.
  • Taako: Fuck off.

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sougo d3 (where tamaki hugs him from behind)

Ahh I live to suffer ;;;; I just want those two to bE HAPPY…

Oh man I ended up working way more on this one // I got so invested ;;;; can’t help it I love these two….. But HEY thanks a lot for the lovely request <3 <3

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about that anon and the fanchants and stuff, you can't expect all of them to know the fanchants or how to say them properly; it's one thing to know the language and learn the fanchants, but to not speak korean and learn fanchants is hard... i mean i don't know about them but i could really feel the excitement in the room

umm okay but. i’m going to the 24k concert in moscow in a week and the russian fan page uploaded the fanchants in korean, romanization and cyrillization for us to learn them?? it’s not that hard if you actually take time to sit down and learn it 

  • Them: I want to read a good old manga
  • Me: Astro boy
  • Them: Did I say manga I meant show
  • Me: Astro boy 1960's series
  • Them: Well I want it to be in color and have angst-
  • Me: Astro Boy 1980's series
  • Them: I want it from the year 200-
  • Me: Astro boy 2003's series
  • Them: ...
  • Me: ...
  • Me: ...We can keep playing this game all day if we gotta

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Okay but Ryan mentioning early on into Gavin holding him hostage that "fucking course this happens to me, apparently I deserve both a narcissist and kidnapped by a fucking monster." And at first Gavin brushes the former off, deciding it doesn't matter. Until he begins to care for Ryan and Ryan trusts him more and spills the beans about (Gaston). At first Gavin feels bad for them, as that's how he was, but learns better. Also Ryan with trust issues because he's currently only valued for his looks

our Gaston is gonna be an oc named Luca because sorc and I have an inside joke of all our “bad guys” being named Luca. But it’s basically just going to be like regular Gaston.

but yess both boys have their trust issues and poor Ryan. The only people who try to get to know him do it for his looks, certainly not caring truly about him or anything he does with his life. (And CERTAINLY not caring about his inventions and tinkering and his fucking smarts because boy might be pretty but he has some BRAINS on him).

But then Gavin starts caring for Ryan and starts listening and trying to learn what Ryan does and is so incredibly impressed by him and what he does and Ryan slowly lets down his walls as he realizes the other isn’t just caring about his looks.

Trying to figure out if you’re ace or aro can be so much harder than other sexualities because it’s like, trying to find the absence of something. Imagine you’re at a pond and you want to know if there are any turtles, or fish. Say you find a turtle and you’re like “great! Now I know there are turtles.” Or a fish, now you know for sure there are fish. Or you find both, and now you know for a fact there are both turtles and fish in the pond.

But like, if you don’t find any turtles it might be that there are no turtles or maybe you’re just really shitty at looking for turtles and maybe you THINK you saw a turtle over there or maybe it was just a stick. Maybe there are only a few turtles. Maybe you need to do something special to find the turtles. Maybe a bunch of these rocks are actually turtles but you couldn’t tell them apart. Maybe there are no turtles. You have no idea. Meanwhile some people are saying “Oh there have to be turtles! You’ll find them eventually ;)” or “How many turtles have you found in your pond?” or “Try planting some vegetables at the shore to attract the turtles.” Or “Oh no! What disaster happened to your pond that there are no turtles?” And you’re just standing there wet with an empty net and a tired expression.

But whatever because whether there are turtles or fish or not your pond’s ecology works just fine without them because that’s what eco-communities do they form a system around what they have. You aren’t missing anything if you don’t have turtles you just have a pond system without turtles. If someone tried to change you by pouring a bunch of turtles into your pond it would probably fuck something up.

So you don’t have to be entirely sure. You don’t have to search every inch of the damn pond before you can decide there are probably no turtles. If you want to take the aro or ace label because you think it fits go for it. And if you do find your turtles you can rename the pond. That’s fine.

Callout post for trans boys:

  • handsome??? so handsome?? 
  • if you got a little tum, it is good tum and so lovely and i love it
  • rocking it?? like wow!!!! you’re doing so good!! 
  • best bois!!! lovely bois!!!
  • curvy boys??? i love them!! so good!!
  • thick boys??? GAH so good!! 
  • boys with large chests??? THE BEST BOYS!!!

You’re all awesome and rocking it and I love you all. 

So late at night I was thinking about Lance, as one does, and I wondered…how much does the group know about Lance, really?

Because I realized that all of his most personal moments were by himself or with one other person and came just before something major happened so no one really had time to reflect on it.

Does everyone know how homesick Lance is? When everyone else–particularly Keith and Pidge–were having it out about home and families, Lance had already excused himself and was having a moment with Coran. Then the castle got blown up and Lance was injured, having shielded Coran from the blast. Coran never had time to talk about any of it; he and Hunk were in a pod to the Balmera before their moment could be spoken of. Did they ever revisit it? Did the group realize or have the time to learn that Lance had saved Coran, or did they just assume he got caught up in the blast by coincidence?

Did Keith ever mention that it was Lance’s plan that got their job done or was he distracted by “could I be Galra” thoughts?

Does anyone know that the reason Lance got stuck in the airlock was because he thought he heard Coran calling for help? Keith just found him there, and we never saw Lance telling him how it had happened. Was it ever brought up again?

When he has cool moments, does the team remember? Do they think about it? Shiro and Pidge saw him take that amazing shot, but Shiro is gone now. Does Pidge ever mention it? Does she ever think about how he stepped in for her back at the Garrison? Does Hunk think about that? If they do think about it, do they assume that Lance sees it, too?

Do they understand that he’s constantly willing to put his life on the line for people he’s never even known? That even though he’s sad and lonely and wants to go home, he keeps that inside and puts on a brave face so he can keep doing his part to save the universe? Even though he also thinks he’s not really contributing that much?

Does the group grasp how selfless and brave Lance is; do they see how little he thinks of himself; do they ever see what we’ve been seeing all along or have they just been getting tiny bits and pieces of the big picture that is Lance this entire time?