some boys~

Jeez Steve would be the kind of parent who picks the pacifier off the ground and sticks it right back in the kid’s mouth and teaches him to ride a bike with no helmet and teaches him to make a fist so he doesn’t hurt his hand while he’s throwing punches and lets him smoke as long as it’s outside. Meanwhile Tony won’t even let the kid drink cow milk and only wants him to drink milk substitutes and constantly pours hand sanitizer all over him and won’t even let the kid play hard-light baseball without a helmet.

EXO as Subs: In One Word

1.) Sehun - The Bratty Sub

2.) Tao - The Whiny Sub

3.) Kris - The Rough Sub

4.) Kai - The Needy Sub

5.) Suho - The Demanding Sub

6.) Chen - The Vocal Sub

7.) Xiumin - The Kitten Sub

8.) Lay - The Good-Boy Sub

9.) Kyungsoo - The Closet Sub

10.) Luhan - The Denying Sub

11.) Chanyeol - The Obeying Sub

12.) Baekhyun - The Clingy Sub


this boy! Oh he’s a big tough man he will protect me for I am a helpless damsel! put the hero complex away dude, you didn’t even see what happened. leave me alone forced male love interest I dont want to talk yikes.

A concept:

Lance becomes the Black Paladin. Then, at some point in the future, he gets in trouble on a planet surface. Not one but THREE lions bust through the ceiling to save him. Black takes him back up to the Castle with Blue and Red hot on her heels and when they get back there it’s a scene like when all of your pets want you to give them attention at the same time as they all try to check up on him and Lance has to keep rotating between them to reassure them he’s okay

anonymous asked:

what's the most stereotypical infp thing you've ever done?

Once I very nearly got hit by a car because I was absorbed in making a daisy chain and humming disney songs, does that count?

Okay what if beside normal bc scrolls, there are also scrolls of each breed that turns you into ones for a specific climate?

Like say you’re a skydancer living in the Southern Icefields and want to turn into a tundra so you won’t be so cold. But whoops, you accidentally bought a scroll that turns you into a desert tundra, so now you’re completely furless!

u ppl really need to stop just making up japanese names and thinking ur good to fuckin go


A long sketch comic in which Keith realizes he’s really fuckin dumb