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“I quite enjoy my life here.  A quiet, peaceful, and relaxing life.  I have no intention of throwing that away.” - Nagai Kei

Not my best work but I can only get better from here! ✨🌟

Everyone Forgets: A Stiles Silinski Imagine

Summary: It’s your birthday but everyone forgets. Even your best friend you have secretly a crush on.

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Word count: 617

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I woke up by the sound of my ringtone waking me up for school. It was a normal day, besides it was my birthday. Excitement and adrenaline rushing trough my body as I got ready for school. I straightened my hair, added a bit of makeup & concealer like every other day but today I decided to try and do some eyeshadow. I placed a warmer brown tone into my crease, and a shimmery champagne tone on my lid. I added some gloss on my lips, got dressed in a beautiful white dress, with some black details, I had saved for this day with some black overknees, got my keys and my bag and waited in front of my house for Stiles who picked me up every single morning since he has to drive by my house anyway. “Wowowow, you looking-” he stuttered while checking my whole outfit from head to toe “-different. But, like not in like a bad way. I mean.. um… ummm… it’s, wow. You look amazing. Any special occasion?” He scratched his neck and looked at his wheel. I would lie if I said I didn’t have feelings for him, but I knew he didn’t. I let out a quick “thanks & no, not really.”, wondering why he didn’t congratulate me on my birthday.

Did he forget it? How could he forget it, he is my best friend?

Getting in the car, I felt a nervous and angry atmosphere. The nervousness came from Stiles and the anger from me. I cupped my cheek into my hand and looking out the window, realizing we had arrived at BHHS. I pushed the door to his Roscoe open, walked out of the car and sighed. “My day just started being horrible.” “Hmm, what was that?” “Uhm, nothing.”

I walked in school with Stiles a few feet behind me and everyone’s gaze on me. Nobody greeted, no one congratulated. The bell to our first lesson rang. Algebra with Stiles, Malia, Scott & Lydia.

I sat in my normal seat next to Scott’s and in front of Malia’s. I turned around to say hi, the lack of a reply made me clench my fists together until they made a crack sound. “(Y/N), everything fine?” Theo leaned over my desk before the teacher could send him away. “Don’t act like you care Theo. Apparently nobody does.” I frowned with anger in my voice. “What do you mean?” He insisted, one thing I liked about him, even tho he was a complete ass. “Forget it.”


After 2 painful hours of class and a “walk out of class talking to no one” I waited outside for my best friends. Unfortunately, they never came. I waited about 10 minutes outside the school when I decided to look for my best friend’s Jeep which I couldn’t find. I let out a loud sight, so I began to stroll over the campus to the bus station. As I finally stood in front of my frontdoor, I grabbed my keys out of my bag & opened the door. There was no light, meaning the shutters were down. I turned on the light to hear a loud “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!” as all of my close and not so close friends jumped up from their hiding places to congratulate me. Scott, Malia, Kira, Theo & Liam approached me first. The Surprise was excellent. The music was great, the drinks were good. “You having fun?” A voice became louder behind me. “Stiles.” I whispered with a smile in my voice. “Happy Birthday Sweetheart. I Love you.“

Just sitting here imagining how goddamn badass and totally awesome the trailers could be if pretty much the same crew returns for DA4 with the Inquisitor as the protag.

Probably some black keys song playing in the background idk
A cloaked inquisitor is sitting in a tavern in Kirkwall on their way to Tevinter probably and some dumb ass comes up like lmao look at this piece of shit let me just start a bar fight. Asshole starts a fight and the Inquisitor single-handedly kicks his and his buddies’ asses, then the main asshole sees the Inquisition symbol on them and is like

“Holy shit the Inquisitor-! I thought you were retired-!”

The Inquisitor reveals this shiny ass prosthetic arm from their cloak and wiggles their fingers and says

“Not when there’s still so much work to be done.”
Then knocks the bitch out.

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TENEBRARIUS | listen here

                      ❝i can feel their claws scratching
                                        screeching in desire
                                  as they flourish each breath i take.❞

Food For Thought : The GazettE World Tour 2016

As the gazette have finally gotten over their fear of the united states and have announced their 2016 world tour I’ve started to notice a lot of…. “thirsty” fan girls and boys suddenly popping up. Now i’m not against any dick hunters out there, in fact i condone it. Like go out there and get it in, live life. 

Anywayyyyyyys, here’s the deal

1. Don’t be that guy

u all know those insane fans, like the ones who stalk members back to hotel rooms, the ones who put like pube hair and teeth into food and give it to them… don’t do that…. please…. It’s creepy, it scares them, it scares me, and if u are going to go ahead and do that anyway its gonna end up here and i’m going to yell at you, other girls will want your head. it’s not good for any of us. 

2. The Gaze boys aren’t just a dick attached to a sack of meat

They haven’t even gone on tour yet and Ruki has already complained about the foreign fans, i’m sorry the gazette isn’t going to your country, it’s not their fault, don’t yell at them. Like not to be a fucko or anything but there is a lot of people flying to different cities/counties just to see them. If you are whining that “wah they didn’t come to my city” go do something about it. ( I understand the young fans who gotta ask their parents and were turned down, and people who just don’t have the funds) *Also to the people who are going, don’t fuck it up for everyone else,  l’m sure everyone wants another world tour in the future

3.  If u busted , accept it

 Probably a solid 50-70 % of gals out there are wanting a little extra at the end of the show, u got a lot of competition out there my friend. If someone gets it before u, or they turn you down… whatever the case is, there is nothing to sob about. Maybe you aren’t his type? Maybe he’s scared of foreign girls? Maybe the old man is just tired? 

4. Concert etiquette for the modern fan

If any of u guys have been to lives or even those anime con concerts u probably know what i’m talking about. And if you don’t you are probably the issue, I know this is the first time a lot of hard core fans are going to see their boys in the flesh for the first time, you are all probably giddy with excitement. But have some chill. Don’t push threw the crowd to get to front row, you didn’t wait in line for that spot, have some respect. Know personal space, idk if the gazette does furi or whatever??? but if they do don’t be throwing your hands into others faces. Don’t bite/ hit/ kick/ fight people over guitar picks and water bottles. 

 I hope everyone going has a golly ol’ time seeing their 40 something emo boys. 

Give me more of Sirius Black who likes books and reads pretty often (maybe not quite as often as Remus, but still often), and will lie down with his Moony and have intellectual, meaningful conversations, and likes to learn; who cares about people and doesn’t lead anyone on because he knows that’s a crappy thing to do.

Give me less of Sirius Black who chases blindly after any thrill he can find, and selfishly breaks hearts, and groans and shoves Moony’s book out of his hands when he sees his boyfriend reading so that he can sit on Remus’s lap and make Remus never get anything done.

Because Sirius Black was never made by JK Rowling to be a careless douchebag; that’s something that too much of the fandom has made. In fact, he’s quite the opposite canonically, and I’m tired of him being made into that kind of person.

be comfortable, creature ☆ a ringabel/edea (with a side of alternis) fst

i still remember (bloc party) ✘ razorblade (the strokes) ✘ run right back (the black keys) ✘ some boys (death cab for cutie) ✘ trembling hands (explosions in the sky) ✘ ashes ashes (katie costello) ✘ violet hill (coldplay) ✘ be comfortable, creature (explosions in the sky) ✘ all my days (alexi murdoch) ✘ you are a tourist (death cab for cutie) ✘ strawberry swing (coldplay) 


anonymous asked:

Don't you think it's wrong to hate white boys as a whole? I mean you're always talking about how shitty it is to be prejudiced against and then you turn around and do the exact same thing to other people.....?

i truly felt as though this was over like did u miss yesterday or what it’s basic concepts y’all are not grasping and for this i pray for you

  • studies show i do not in fact hate every white boy
  • studies show i have (sadly) only dated white boys
  • studies show lots of my friends are white boys

when black girls talk about not wanting to like white boys it’s because a lot of us, including myself, used them as a way to erase who we were and distance ourselves from other black people. growing up i wanted nothing to do with other black people. “white boy thirst” is something we experience because we feel like wow if a white boy likes us, we’ve made it!! i’m closer to being white and looked as a valuable person. it’s the same reason i still to this day loudly say “mom, come here” in a supermarket so people know my mother is white and will from that think of me differently in the few moments we share a space. i still to this day am surprised when white boys like me. still. and it makes me feel better about myself. up until recently i literally measured my value as a person on if i was going to be in a bi-racial relationship. they didn’t need to do anything but be decent to me and i was hooked.

like i said here the last THREE relationships i’ve had w white boys resulted in me discovering some weird low key black girl fetish. PoC are constantly fetishized and sought after by white men who are looking for something “exotic” or “spicy” or what the fuck ever, like they want to say they’ve tried us once. do you know how gross and demeaning that feels? i’m sitting here like, tf is this white boy calling me “ma” and “shawty” for ? when i know for damn sure he isn’t calling any white girl those names.

you need to lose the argument that “well you say its bad when we do it to you but you do it to us!!” because it is not an equal playing field and we are literally doing it to protect ourselves.

when there is a legitimate + necessary warning sign list for me to dating white people, you can not tell me my reluctance is anything but survival.