some awkward loser

So find your passion and enjoy your life
follow the road to adventure
We are the restless and we are the young
We are the reckless and we will dream on
we live like it’s free
in this crazy wild world
we strive to achieve
what others couldn’t before
—  Midnight poems #01 - Some Awkward Loser

Ok so honestly I’m all for protesting but please DO NOT PROTEST AND FUCK UP PUBLIC PROPERTY AND MAKE TAX PAYERS MONEY GO TO THAT LIKE PLEASE PEACEFUL FUCKING PROTESTING HERE! THE REST OF US ARE TAKING NOTE THIS SHIT IS BAD BUT IF YOU WANT TO DO SOMETHING EFFECTIVE TAKE A DIFFERENT COURSE JUST NOT TO PUBLIC PROPERTY. Friendly reminder that everyone has to pay for that in the end in taxes. I get that this whole shit is fucked up and I’m totally for marching against this shit but at the same time can people also not use this as propaganda and just add lies or stress the truth. Like wtf? People can you please not add or exaggerate because then we cannot make our minds off of lies and no shit will get done. There is nothing to be said about racism. Racism shouldn’t even exist at this point in the world tbh. It’s fucking bullshitery. Instead I really do think that officers should carry a handgun but use it as a last resort and to take down a person, they should use their fucking taser or think more logically we’re fucking animals. There are test cops take to become cops and be trusted with shit like reacting past basic instinct and to think both logically and naturally. Honestly please stop using this shit as PROPO-fucking-GANDA!!!! Racism is one thing and if someone can prove that the officer confesses for killing him out of being black then ok I take back that comment and I’m a fucking moron. But don’t label this 19 year old as a teenager because 19 has the -teen part to it. Instead label them as a young adult just like all those other brave souls who go over seas and volunteer for the armed forces to protect this country we live in. There’s just so much shit I don’t agree with here. But in the end from an awkward losers point of view, I say if racism is still a thing then can you please just assign colored people on the force to colored neighborhoods for the sake of racism and just yeah stop fucking racism altogether. Lastly, STOP DEFACING PROPERTY!!!!!! HOLY FUCK LIKE YOU’RE NOT GONNA PAY FOR THAT!!!! GO TO CITY HALL GET ON THE FRONT STEPS OR OUTSIDE OF IT AND PROTEST THERE!!!!! WRITE A SPEECH AND PRESENT IT TO PEOPLE!!! GET PETITIONS SIGNED BY THE MAJORITY OF THE COUNTRY!!! ANYTHING ELSE ASIDE FROM DEFACING PUBLIC PROPERTY please and thank you for your time