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(Draco Malfoy x Reader) She Drew Me pt.2

Please read Pt.1 if you haven’t

  Draco is being awkward. Draco knows he’s being awkward. Draco knows that other people think he’s being awkward but he can’t help it.

  Ignoring all the strange stares he’s getting from his classmates he stiffly butters a crumpet being careful not to get any on his robes. His eyes are constantly darting towards the Gryffindor table but the one person he’s looking for hasn’t arrived yet.

  Breakfast started 30 minutes ago, the heck is keeping her?

  To his consternation Blaise had decided to take a seat next to him that morning and couldn’t seem able to stop nattering about something to do with…something. What? He wasn’t listening. With his eyes fixed firmly to the entrance of the Great Hall, he took a careful bite out of his crumpet; and promptly spat it back out again.

  “Who in Salazar put marmalade on this?” He coughed reaching out for his pumpkin juice and taking a large gulp to rid himself of the vile taste.

  Blaise gave him a weird look. “Uh, you did, Draco.”

  Draco scowled at his friend. “Why would I do that? I don’t even like marmalade, you pillock.”

  Blaise smiled slyly. “My my, what has gotten the Ice Prince in such a bad mood? Let me guess, is it Potter? Is it because you tripped on the stairs this morning? Oh, I know! Is it because Professor Snape- mhmph!” He was unable to finish that sentence due to an apple being shoved unceremoniously into his mouth by yours truely.

  “Two words Zabini. Shut. Up.”

  Blaise spat out the apple and gave him an even broader smile. “And now we’re on last name terms. I wish the best of luck to whoever has pissed off his highness.” 

 Draco groaned. 


  In the end you never did turn up to breakfast and Draco is definitely not worried about you at all. In fact, it is because he is curious and not worried that he asks Blaise about you on the way to their first class which was Potions. 

   “Oh, (y/n)? She lost her sketchbook yesterday and she’s been searching for it ever since. Knowing her, she’s probably still looking for it now. You haven’t seen it, have you? Normal sized, leather bound-” 

   “No, I haven’t” Draco said a little too quickly. If Blaise noticed he didn’t say anything, too busy he was with his musings.

   Actually, it’s been in his bag since he left the dorm

   Everyone had already taken their seats and heated their cauldrons when you finally showed up. You were panting slightly and your cheeks were flushed giving your usual complexion a rosy glow, not to mention your tie was also crooked. You looked absolutely adora- hideous! He meant hideous! No no no he was not about to call you adorable. No way

   All the students attention was now on you but you seemed unfazed by it, your usual deadpan expression giving nothing away. 

   “Miss (l/n). Care to tell the class why you are late?” Snape drawled raising his head up from the textbook long enough to give you a glare. 

   “Sorry, Sir. I overslept dreaming about pink fluffy unicorns dancing on rainbows.” You drawled back in an almost perfect imitation of the Professor.

   A collective giggle arose from some of your classmates while the rest of them looked completely horrified. No one spoke to Professor Snape like that. Sure enough Snape’s eyes narrowed to dangerous slits.

   “Lets see, 20 points from Gryffindor for your tardiness and another 20 for disrepecting a teacher. Oh, and another 10 for not being aware of how to properly wear a school tie.” He sneered. 

   All the Gryffindors groaned at this but you were undeterred. “With all due respect, Professor. Who in the name of Merlins greasy beard would take points for a crooked tie?” 

   “(y/n)!” Granger gasped looking scandalized. Draco had to bite the inside of his cheek to refrain from laughing and it looked like Blaise wasn’t doing much better. 

   “Detention, (l/n). If you don’t want me to fail you this instant you will shut that disgraceful mouth of yours and sit down.” It seemed as though Snape had surpassed all the stages of anger and entered the realm of deadly calm. 

  Silence reigned as the class waited for your next move with bated breath but after recieving the evil eye from Granger, you relented and made your way to the last empty seat……… which was right next to Draco’s. 

   You completely ignored him as you set up your cauldron. This did not bother him in the slightest and he absolutely did not keep glancing over at you once every thirty seconds. No he didn’t. 

   To his annoyance, halfway through the class Blaise leaned over him to talk to you. “I take it you didn’t find your sketchbook then” He chattered cheerfully making Draco roll his eyes. 

   Your scowl looked disturbingly like his own as you directed it at Blaise. “Do I look like I’ve found it, Zabini?” 

   Blaise pouted. “What is it with you and Draco today? Zabini this, Zabini that. My name is Blaise in case you two have forgotten.” 

   Your eyes focused on Draco for a moment making his heart leap but with a blink you looked away again. Draco suddenly really really wanted you to look at him again and he racked his brain to try and think of something to say. 

   Come on. She’s right there. Just say something, anything. You could comment on her potion. Or, give her advice on how to dice the frogs legs. Heck, you could just insult her like you usually do. Or maybe you could, maybe you could- 

  “I have your sketchbook!” He blurted. 

   There was a faint plopping sound of your stirring rod falling into your cauldron as you stared at him slack jawed. “You what?“ 


 "I-I have your sketchbook” He repeated. 

  Avoiding eye contact, he reached into his bag and rummaged around until he felt leather. He placed it on your table with a thud. 

   "Waaaiitt, you said you didn’t know where it was when I asked you earlier” Blaise pointed an accusing finger at him but Draco ignored him because, right now you looked completely mortified. 

   "Did you open it?“ You voice came out in an almost whisper. 

   "I did” Draco answered as firmly as the stupid butterflies in his stomach would allow him to. 

   You lowered your head in defeat and let out a harsh laugh. “So, what did you think of my drawings?” You asked bitterly. There was something else laced in your voice and when he realized it was fear his traitorous stomach did a fucking swoop.

  Hesitantly, he reached out and put his fingers under your chin bringing your eyes up to meet his. Draco was honestly surprised how easily a smile sprang to his lips when your very nice eyes widened in astonishment. Leaning in to make sure only you could hear. He whispered carefully.

   "They were beautiful" 

   But not as beautiful as you. 

SUMMARY: In your haste to answer the door (under obviously panicked circumstances), you forget your glasses. You have to calm Credence down, but some cute fluffy things follow. (off these two requests:)

  1. Can you please maybe write some sort of scenario or bullet list where its both credences and the readers first kiss EVER like neither of them have experience ??
  2. i looooooove your writing 💕😚 can i request something cute like Credence sees you without your glasses for the first time

Word Count: 1,899

Warnings: Some descriptions of panic. Nothing too major, mostly fluff.

A/N: Forgive any typos, I didn’t proof read lmao. Sorry it’s been so long!!

Your bare face had made you uncomfortable since you had gotten glasses, if you were being honest. It felt strange, to not have the familiar weight balanced dangerously on your nose, even if you always had to push them up by the bridge or wiggle your nose to make sure they stayed in place. And now that you had developed a desperate infatuation with the boy who had come with the group staying in Tina’s apartment, they gave you an excuse to break eye contact and hide your face from inspection while you pretended to be worried about if your glasses were secure. Because if anyone looked closely enough, it would probably become clear that you blushed any time Credence was even in the same room as you.

Oh, Credence was his name, by the way.

You could not remember ever having been this shy, or uncertain, or confused. You were normally pretty outgoing and knew how to talk to people and could communicate effectively, but there was something about Credence. Not that you could really name what that something was, but. It was something. Maybe it was just that you had a giant, massive, horribly new crush on him and that this experience was certainly out of your depth. You were just young, you guessed, and had been so focused on your grades and your career that you had largely neglected your romantic life, but now you were here, with no experience, and totally unsure of yourself. Maybe that was the something. The being unsure. He wasn’t a puzzle you could just solve or a problem you could just push past—he was a person. A closed off, suspicious, calculating, powerful, dangerous, completely intelligent, sensitive, calming, and absolutely riveting to talk to, if you could get him to talk to you.

Which, since you were so nervous around him, was really hard to do. You could tell that he could sense your discomfort, which added to his own, so most of the time, you settled for listening when he talked to Newt or Tina or Queenie or Jacob, when they were around, which was most of the time. You knew they weren’t keen on leaving Credence alone, not after what they told you had happened to New York while you’d been away, but… You weren’t as afraid as they were that something else would happen. You couldn’t say why, but he seemed…too controlled to let that happen again. Part of his allure was that control.

Or, that perceived amount of control.

Because tonight, in this moment, clearly, he was not in control.

It was mostly a normal night. You had left Tina’s apartment to walk across the hall to yours at around 9 PM, had gone to your room to sleep around 10:30 since you were tired, and had brushed your teeth, set your glasses on the bedside table, and drifted off by 11. Then the pounding started.

Clearly, it was on your front door, a desperate, frenzied knocking that you could tell was from a closed fist beating relentlessly on the wood. In your haste, you tripped over your nightstand as you scrambled forward, darting as quickly as you could to the front door. When you swung it open, breathing hard with a hand pressed firmly to your chest, Credence pushed frantically past you and shoving himself into the corner of your living room. He was hazy, if that makes any sense, kind of blurring at the edges. Fading away and coming back into focus on a loop. The only thing you could really tell (on account of not having put your glasses on in your hurry) was that he was crying.

Cautiously, you stepped forward. “Credence? What’s wrong?”

His eyes stopped their spastic survey of the room to snap in your direction. You could tell he was assessing you, and you knew you should have been scared of what he would do if something stuck him the wrong way but… Again, you just weren’t. But he didn’t seem to find anything awry because the tears almost instantly stopped, which alarmed you slightly, but clearly it was a bad night. So you could understand that his emotions might be somewhat volatile or unpredictable. “Didn’t—know where to—go.” His voice cracked, rasped out of his throat in cut up phrases and around strange pauses, much as it had done when you had first met him.

“Well—Why did you have to go anywhere? Is something wrong?” You sat down and crossed your legs on the opposite end of the room, wanting to wait to get the okay from him that you could get closer.

He rested his forehead on his knees as he drew them up to his chest, but you could tell he was squeezing his eyes shut. You couldn’t focus on much else though, since you still couldn’t see. “The—way that they—look. The way that they look—at me.” On the last word, he erupted almost gently into a grey smoke before returning to a solid after a few seconds, but this time he seemed more definitively solid, less hazy.

“How were they looking at you, Credence?”

“Like I’m going to—break. Like I’ll break any—second.”

When he started to shudder, shoulders caving around his knees, you crept forward on your hands and knees to be across from him, so he knew you were there, so he stopped caving in and started looking out. You were close enough now that his face was clear in your vision, not blurry anymore from your inability to focus. “You’re not going to. I know that. They’ll know that too. Maybe they just need some time.”

Credence glanced across to you from the floor briefly. This time he was the one who couldn’t maintain eye contact. “They—know me best.”

You sat down across from him and noticed that he had laid his hand, palm upward, outstretched and unmoving between the two of you. You reached out cautiously and waited for the indicative twitch of his fingers under your hand before gripping his hand tightly. “You know you best, Credence.” He looked from your joined hands to your eyes again. You could tell he was thinking. “Do you feel like you’re going to break?”

He shook his head slowly before speaking. “I just—hurt sometimes. And when I—try to tell them they—panic, talk in these voices that—they don’t usually use. I can tell they think I’m going to… That…” You waited patiently for him to work around the words, just stroking your thumb over his knuckles to try to soothe him or ground him or help at all. “I just wanted them to listen.” His voice sounded so small on that last sentence.

“I’ll listen.” You couldn’t help the boldness in your voice, the defensiveness, the pain that you felt when you realized how lonely that must have been, to feel like his pain came secondary to the worry of his roommates and friends. That they cared more about what he’d do than about his emotional distress. You could understand why, but you cared more about him than anything else in this moment. Screw the whole city. You moved slowly to sit next to Credence, wrapping an arm around his shoulder as he pressed into your side and let himself shudder. “I’ll listen…” You whispered one more time, closing your eyes and trying to fight off your own tears as you felt Credence clenching and unclenching his fists, unsure of where to put them.

Minutes passed this way, though Credence’s tears had stopped almost as soon as they had begun. You were sure he was used to having to quiet down quickly. When he pulled back though, he had a small smile on his face, which you were about to question, but he spoke first, after rubbing a hand across his face to wipe away stray tears. “You’re not wearing your glasses.” He sounded amused.

You couldn’t help the strangled laugh that forced itself out of you before you answered. “Well, yeah, I was in a hurry. Made it really hard to see where I was going though. I feel blind without them. Naked, too.” You turned crimson at that word choice and buried your face in your hands.

Credence exhaled sharply, which you took to be a laugh, and you saw his face was tinged pink too. “Well, your eyes are… They’re really pretty. I’ve never seen you—without the glasses on. And I feel like—I don’t see your eyes because you’re always touching the glasses.”

You blushed at the compliment and withdrew your arm from his shoulders, playing with the sleeves of your shirt instead of the glasses. “Well, I do that when I’m—when I’m nervous.”

A quick glance over to Credence showed that he was confused. “I made you…nervous? Why? Did I… Did I scare you too?”

You felt horrible when you saw how sad he looked and decided to take a chance. You took a deep breath before confessing in one long exhale, “Iwasn’tscaredIjusthaveahugecrushonyou.”

You felt so silly that you just wanted the earth to swallow you whole. This felt so…middle school. Which felt about right since that’s about where your social skills had developed to. But the confession was awkward and sudden and probably unreciprocated and—

Credence’s hand had crept slowly to your side, just letting his pinky brush your hip. He was looking straight ahead and was red as a tomato, but this was—something. You held your breath as you intertwined your fingers with his. You didn’t know when you were going to exhale, and you felt like you were suffocating, but you couldn’t bring yourself to break the silence.

Not before Credence spoke. “I’ve never… I don’t know…”

You faced him then, which was encouragement enough for him to look at you too. You answered quietly, “I’ve never… either. I don’t…”

The two of you just looked at each other, breaths held, and you had hardly noticed that your faces were drifting together before his eyelashes brushed cheeks. It was probably awkward that your eyes were open when your lips first touched, but the moonlight on his face was really breathtaking and so was this moment. His lips were chapped, and cold, and scratched yours lightly, since yours weren’t exactly not chapped either. It was brief, maybe only a second or two of just lips pressing together, before you broke apart, but it was enough to have you both blushing under the weight of the new experience.

“Was that—Is that okay? I’ve never…kissed anyone before.” Credence’s face started to flame both with embarrassment and shame at the explicit confession.

“I’ve never…kissed anyone either, Credence. We’re in the same position.” You chuckled nervously but looked down to your hand, where Credence was stroking his thumb absently. You pressed a quick kiss to his cheek, letting a grin break across your face once you noticed he had a small smile playing at the corners of his mouth too.

Credence let out a shaky breath once the silence seemed to have settled comfortably between the two of you and rested his forehead on yours, looking down at your joined hands, before speaking. “Can we—figure this out—together?” His voice was a whisper, hardly louder than the silence, and so was your response:

Of course.”


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Homework Tips for ADHD

Here’s my process for getting work done with ADHD! Feel free to take parts you like and ignore parts that don’t appeal to you to create your own effective workflow!

  1. Write your to-do list (for the day/week/project.)
  2. Break every task down as far as it can go. Instead of “write essay,” break it up into “outline paragraph 1,” “outline paragraph 2,” “write paragraph 1” etc.) Don’t be afraid to get silly! If breaking it down all the way to “set up computer,” “open Word document,” “format document,” helps you stay on track, then do it!!
  3. Estimate the length of each task. You may say “but my ADHD means I am terrible at conceptualizing time!!” and trust me yo, I understand. But just go for it. Try finding the smallest unit and using it to measure, like this: “I want to write 6 sentences in paragraph 1, and I can definitely write 1 sentence in 5 minutes, so paragraph 1 should take me 30min.” When in doubt, always overestimate.
  4. Prepare your schedule. I use Google calendar, but you can use any other app, a real calendar, or just a piece of paper! Google is nice because it gives you alerts when you have a new task coming up.
  5. Block in all mandatory activities. First put in things that are mandatory/set in time, like classes, events, meals, and sleeping!! (Yes, treat meals and sleeping as mandatory, time-locked activities. You’ll find yourself a lot more productive if you take care of yourself!)
  6. Lay in blocks of work + scheduled breaks. Scheduled breaks are really important! 5 minute breaks every 20 minutes of work is a good rule of thumb, and maybe a longer 10-15 minute break whenever you reach a milestone as a reward!
  7.  Use timers when you’re working and during breaks. 30/30 is an amazing timed to-do list app for staying on track, and Forest is really good to keep your phone from being a distraction.
  8. If you hyperfocus, make use of it! If you hyperfocus on your work, it’s okay to deviate from schedule as long as you’re still being productive! Just make sure you remember to take care of yourself (try not to skip meals/sleep) and make sure you can still finish the other tasks you had on your list.
  9. If you can’t focus, mix it up! If you totally can’t focus on the assigned task, instead of just getting distracted, see if there is another task that is more appealing to you that you could get done in that time slot instead. You can always go back to the original task later.
  10. Try to make it fun! Sing about whatever you’re working on, write funny comments in the margins, color code things and make them look interesting! Anything you need to do to engage yourself more, go for it.
  11. Don’t freak out. If you completely mess up and fall way behind schedule, the most important thing is not to freak out!! Stay calm, tell yourself that it’s okay. Take a quick breather, splash some cold water on your face, eat a little snack, anything to keep yourself from falling into an unproductive rut. Then sit down, readjust your schedule taking into account the trouble you’re experiencing (maybe you needed more time on a task, or maybe you need to lower your goals for the day), and then… keep trying your best!

(feel free to use this/spread it around even if you don’t have ADHD. it was just created with us in mind!)

Second Date- WidowTracer

Lena busily walked through her kitchen, her eyes glancing every now and then towards her clock. She had 20 minutes to finish preparing dinner and get properly dressed. She glanced down at her vintage Beatles t-shirt and black leggings. Yep this is totally date worthy apparel she thought with a silent laugh. Alas, she didn’t even have 5 minutes before she heard a knock at her door.

“Come in!” She called, not thinking about how she looked before the words left her mouth. The door opened and Widow stepped in. She had her hair in a casual ponytail that swung like the pendulum of a grandfather clock. Her choice of apparel was similar to Lena’s from their first date except instead of a dress shirt it was simply a nice white t-shirt.

“I’m sorry that I’m early but I didn’t want to be late” Widow said with an apologetic smile. She held a bouquet of blood red roses in her hands. Lena blinked and practically bounced over to her.

“It’s okay” Lena said with a quick smile as Widow handed the bouquet over to her. She quickly looked around her semi-neat apartment for a vase or something to put the flowers in. Her eyes lit up when she spotted a lonely looking clear vase sitting dangerously close to the edge of her coffee table. After placing the flowers in the vase she suddenly remembered she was still cooking.

Widow held back a laugh as the girl practically sprinted towards the stove. “What are you cooking?” Widow asked as she walked slowly towards the kitchen. She took in the sight of the girl’s apartment. Items were arranged haphazardly on shelves and bookcases and she glanced at the bedroom door that was slightly ajar.

“Uh” Lena stole a quick glance at the skillet that was on one of the burners. “Well” She lifted what looked like a patty of some kind with a frying pan, “it’s burnt” She blinked like a confused child at the patty like item.

Widow smiled and rested her chin on her hand. “So I guess we aren’t going to eat then” She laughed when Lena looked at her with a sheepish expression on her face.

“I could always order some take out? Or I could order a pizza? I know it’s not as nice as what you’d expect but I’m sorry” Lena rambled on and on about how she couldn’t cook to save her life and how sorry she was.

“Lena, Lena, Lena!” Widow shouted, Lena stopped mid-sentence and looked at her in confusion.

“Oh sorry! I was rambling” Lena mumbled and glanced at her feet.

“Hang on” Widow cut her off before she could start again. “Don’t worry! I don’t care if you supposedly can’t cook! To be honest pizza sounds a lot better than what you were originally going to make” Widow offered her a caring smile that seemed to relax Lena a bit more.

Lena nodded and a smile slowly returned to her face, practically lighting up the room. “Well if you want pizza then I’ll need to know what you like it with!” Lena grinned as she walked towards her phone that sat on the gray counter top.

“I like all toppings” Widow shrugged and walked after her. Lena, taking note of this, nodded and dialed the number for the local pizza delivery place.

“Hello! Can I have a large pepperoni pizza?” Lena asked into the phone. The creaky voice of what sounds like a teenage boy could be heard as he asked for the address. “30 minutes? Okay!” Lena grinned and hung up before turning towards Widow.

“A large?” Widow raised an eyebrow. “Are you that hungry?” She teased.

“Oh shut it” Lena’s ears turned red in embarrassment as she looked shyly at her feet.

Widow smiled and leaned down to kiss the top of the girls head before she glanced at the couch. It appeared to be clean. “Lena?” Widow turned towards her.

“Yeah?” Lena looked up at her.

“Where is the restroom?” Widow asked and Lena pointed towards a door that was right beside the bedroom door. Widow thanked her quickly before walking in, locking the door and leaning against the wall with a small smile on her face.

“She’s too cute” She whispered with a soft laugh that she prayed Lena could not hear. Widow was already starting to fall for the small, bubbly, British girl with the spiky brown hair and warm eyes. She hadn’t felt like this about anyone ever since she assassinated her husband, Gerard Lacroix.

Lena paced in the living room nervously as she watched the clock, listening to its every tick and click. Her stomach growled at the thought of food coming any minute now.

Widow stepped out of the bathroom to see a pacing Lena. “Lena? What’s the matter?” She queried, her head tilted a fraction of an inch to the side.

Lena practically jumped two feet when she heard Widow. She had zoned out completely and forget she was there. “Oh nothing!” Lena smiled. “I am just really really hungry” She giggled.

Widow couldn’t help but smile. This girl was the definition of adorable at times. “Told you s-” Her sentence was abruptly cut off by the sharp crack of knuckles on a door.

“I got it!” Lena bounded towards the door and opened it to reveal a curly haired boy that looked to be about 22. “Thanks!” She grinned as she dug into her wallet for the twenty dollars needed.

“Cool shirt” The delivery boy said after taking in Lena’s appearance from her wild hair to her sock clad feet.

Lena grinned as she looked up. “Thanks! They’re a great band aren’t they?” She pulled out a crumpled twenty dollar bill.

The boy nodded happily. “What’s your favorite song by them?” He leaned against the doorway with a look on his face that made Widow narrow her eyes.

“Hey Jude” Lena smiled. She had practically memorized the lyrics.

“No way! Me too!” He took the bill from her hands and stuck it in his pocket. “Maybe you and I could grab a bite to eat tonight? My shift ends in 10!” He looked at her with a hopeful twinkle in his sky blue eyes.

Lena’s smile wavered just a bit and Widow suddenly stepped out of th shadows with narrowed yellow eyes. “Sorry love I’m already on a date as we speak?” Lena didn’t even glance behind her as she jabbed a finger in Widow’s direction.

The boy blinked, realizing that Lena was that type of girl. “Oh um well have a nice date you two” He blinked and walked off as Lena closed the door with a soft click.

Lena balanced the greasy box on the palm of her hand as she walked towards the counter. After depositing the box on the counter top she grabbed two clean plates from a cabinet above the stove. “How many slices?” She turned her head towards Widow who held up a single finger, a universal sign for one.

Widow thanked her for the pizza and took a careful bite out of the still warm slice. Sauce dripped onto her chin and she quickly wiped at it with a paper towel. The pizza was actually pretty decent.

For a few minutes the only sounds they emitted were those of chewing and swallowing. Until finally Lena looked up and said, “Widow, I really need to tell you something” Something about the tone of her voice and her facial expression told Widow that this wasn’t going to be some silly joke.

Widow gestured for her to continue with a simple wave of her hand.

“Widow I know this is our what second date? Yeah pretty sure” Lena paused to think, “yep second date I was right the first time.” Lena grinned triumphantly to herself. “Anyways I really, really like you Widowmaker” Lena looked down bashfully.

Widow smiled and tilted her head up. “Don’t worry chèrie, I like you too” Lena looked at her with such a joyous expression that Widow couldn’t help but kiss her right there and then.

After what seemed like hours but was a mere 30 seconds, the two parted with the same breathless expression from the previous date.

After a few seconds of staring at each other’s the faces Widow pulled her head back. Lena frowned and tilted her head, “What’s the matter love?” She was now sitting on the counter next to the pizza box.

“Nothing nothing it’s your so cute” Widow laughed to herself that she that she said this out loud for the first time to anyone.

Lena’s ears and cheeks turned a similar shade of red as she looked at her, “Oh shut it. I’m not” She looked down at her hands.

“No trust me you are” Widow smiled as Lena tilted her head down so their lips met again.

Maybe it will be different this time

Behind the Walls (Chapter 14)

Behind the Walls Masterlist

Pairing: Professor!Bucky X Reader

Words: 2,660

Warnings: None…except like intense making out! Some curse words. Dry humping?!

Summary: You are currently getting your PhD in Art History, your dissertation being about The Power of Nudity in Art. Your advisor recommends you switch from being her TA to another professor because she feels her health is declining and wants you to get the best help/advice from someone new. She recommends Dr. James Barnes and believes he will be of great help to you. Things don’t turn out as you plan.

A/N: Happy thoughts everyone! For now at least. Let me know if you want to be tagged and thanks for the support everyone :) Sorry this was late.

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Yesterday I hit 4,8k followers which is insane, and people suggested I’d do a writing challenge. So here we are! This is a supernatural writing challenge, so only supernatural fanfiction allowed (:


  • Must be following this novak trash™
  • Ships, reader inserts, real people ships, all allowed. I’m not accepting John x Sam/Dean, Bobby x Sam/Dean, Mary x Sam/Dean, you get the idea.
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  • I won’t read ABO, heavy BDSM and things close to those extremes. If you worry about your ideas, please ask.
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If there’s any questions or things I forgot, feel free to ask me!

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Before the Sun Is in the Sky - Part 3

Pairing: Lin Manuel Miranda x Reader


Summary: Sometimes, it’s best to end it while the love is still there.

Warnings: Cursing. That’s it. (I’m surprised I haven’t written any *bow chicka wow wow* scenes yet. Whaaaaaaa?)


A/N: I’m still so astounded the fact that you guys actually enjoy my writing????? Like it’s so rusty?????? BUT YEAH, ANYWAY. I dunno, it can’t be all rainbows and unicorns, friends, so I was like, LOL, LET’S DO THIS. So yeah, I present to you the final chapter of this series thingy. I dunno what to call it. But again, thank you so much!!!!! I am extremely humbled by your response!!! I have one request that I’m working on right now, but if you guys have anything else you’d like me to slaughter, I’d be honored to be your shitty author. I legitimately love you all.

P.S.: Shameless promo here. GO FOLLOW BECCA BECAUSE SHE IS FANTASTIC AND PERFECT AND SO INCREDIBLE. Tbh, she inspired me to write because of her own brilliance so GO, FRIENDS. GO READ HER STUFF. Okay read the thing now byyyyyyye.


It’s been two weeks.

Fourteen days, seventeen hours, twenty-nine minutes, and eighteen, nineteen, twenty…

After being exclusive with Lin for a solid eight months, (and seeing him consecutively for thirteen days since that first date despite some days that only allowed you half an hour together), it’s been two entire weeks since you’ve physically seen him. Your fingertips haven’t grazed the stubble on his cheeks, his arms wrapped themselves around your waist, your lips haven’t tasted the sweetness of his own. Your ears haven’t been graced by his melodious voice, your eyes have not been transfixed by his mesmerizing dark brown orbs, your skin has not felt his radiating warmth. It’s been fourteen days.

This wasn’t fair.

Not to you, not to him.

You couldn’t help it. Your life was far too hectic, far too full of chaos for you to balance your career and a relationship. To make matters worse, he was in the throes of his musical with deadlines left and right. Lin was at the mercy of creativity for the sake of production, and he often disappeared for days at a time to clear his head or find inspiration. When creativity struck, he was a goner.

And sure, you spoke as much as your lives would let you. Over text, numerous phone calls, playing phone tag, leaving sweet voicemails, you were both still on each other’s minds. But it wasn’t like your lifestyle allowed much time to spend together, no matter how desperately both of you wanted to.

You had already met his parents (upon his insistence and disregard for your apprehension), slept with him (which carelessly happened on the third date because the way he kissed you when he dropped you off at home after breakfast had needy, lust-filled undertones that you just couldn’t deny), and woke up next to him a few nights in a row (because the feeling of the contours of his body matching perfectly with yours was a sensation you just couldn’t do without), you two were going so strong.

You knew his birthday, his favorite color, the way he took his coffee, the poem that made him think the hardest, the song that never failed to send a chill down his spine. He knew which cushion on your sofa that you found the most comfortable, the cupboard where you kept your sugar, the plans you had for your future together (even going as far as the color of the back splash of your kitchen, the type of dog you’d get, and even names for your kids – you two just didn’t know how to take your time), the things that kept you up at night. If asked, you both could write novels about each other.

But perhaps those novels would only intersect for a chapter, only to diverge upon completion.

And maybe it was time the chapter ended.

You picked up your phone to shoot him a quick text and saw that he had already beaten you to the punch.

From Lin:

(5:10 am) - Good morning, beautiful :) Rise and shine!
(5:10 am) - Wakey, wakey, rise and shaky!
(5:11 am) - Despierta, mi cariña 😚

If only he’d known that you couldn’t even manage to snag a wink of sleep the entire night.

You tossed your phone behind you and rolled over on your side to get a glimpse of the clock that sat on your bedside table.

5:13 in the morning.

Your schedule at Columbia had you coming in at 6:30, giving you a little less than an hour to get ready. With a groan, you willed yourself out of bed, taking a minute to sit up on the edge to mentally prepare for the day.

A ping came from behind, alerting you of another text.

From Lin:

(5:16 am) - I’m thirty seconds away with your favorite: ME.
(5:16 am) - And bagels and coffee, but clearly I take precedence ;)

Your heart leapt up into your throat, and you felt asphyxiated, wrought with anxiety and guilt for having led him on for this long.

It wasn’t like you didn’t want to see him because you did. Fucking Christ, you wanted nothing more than to see him, to wrap your arms around him, to kiss him, to hold him. If he asked you to stay home, you’d find someone to cover for you (even though you had an opportunity to scrub in for a spinal correction for herniated disk, otherwise known as your Holy Grail) just so you could spend the entire day in nothing but your underwear and Lin’s t-shirt while both of you lazed around your apartment.

Even though you anticipated it, you jumped at the sound of the buzzer, signaling you to make your way over to your front door to let him in. Without even checking who it was outside, you simply pushed the button to let him in, lingering by the coat closet after unlocking the door.

“Good morning, sleepyhead,” he greeted as he sauntered into your abode, the scent of coffee quickly filling the immediate space.

Lin didn’t waste any time, gently placing the items on the side table opposite the coat closet. He took you into his arms and placed a quick kiss on your temple before finding your lips, kissing you passionately as if to make up for the moments he couldn’t be with you.

“Hi,” you managed to squeak in reply. That was all you were able to say.

He walked over to your kitchen and brought the brown paper bag and tray of coffee to the counter, quickly offering you a cup. “Just the way you like it.”

All you could do was smile softly as you took the cup out of his hands, making yourself comfortable on a kitchen stool. Taking a small sip, you remained quiet as you watched him pull the food out of the bag, beckoning you to dig in.

“Mike’s was packed this morning,” he started as he took a bite, still talking with his mouth full. “I mean, it always is, but it was like everyone within a three-mile radius suddenly needed dozens of bagels. It was insane.”

You just looked at him from across the counter, not really knowing how to segue into the conversation that needed to happen.

It was too difficult though.

There he was as eccentric as always, charming and mesmerizing, so full of light and conversation. You’ve always enjoyed his mere existence, the way he looked at you, the way he spoke to you, the way he held you – everything about him was so incredibly fantastic. It was all just… wrong timing.

“Lin, we need to talk.”

Damn it, how cliché was that? You sounded like every Goddamn romantic movie Hollywood ever produced. And you couldn’t even help it. You didn’t want to sound so generic, so insensitive, so callous, but you just didn’t know how else to do it.

He put his food down on the napkin in front of him, his eyes finding yours, trying to read your expression. “Oh, um. Okay.”

You swallowed hard, already feeling the tremors in your fingertips travelling throughout your entire body. Fuck, you weren’t prepared for this.

“I can’t see you anymore.”

Shit, you just ripped the band aid right off. No bracing yourself for impact, no warning.

In that moment, you couldn’t bear to look at him. You could practically feel his eyes burning a hole in you, wordlessly pleading.

“Why?” He breathed quietly. “What’s wrong? I thought we were doing fine.”

“I just…”

Words were suddenly foreign to you, and you found yourself struggling to construct sentences.

“Y/N, what happened? Did I do something wrong? Baby, look, if I did something wrong, I’m so sorry. If I hurt you, I’m sorry. But please, tell me what’s wrong.” Lin moved over to your side of the counter, placing both hands on yours in some attempt to get you to face him. “Why can’t you see me anymore?”

Why couldn’t you see him anymore?

You were too busy. He was too busy. Your schedule was complicated. He disappeared randomly. You barely had enough time for yourself, let alone another person. He needed time alone to write. It wasn’t fair to him and it wasn’t fair to you.

The answer was simple, so why couldn’t you just say it?

“Lin, I…” You began, but you couldn’t even finish. Eyes fixated on the wood counter, you felt tears already forming, blurring your vision. “I’m sorry.”

“Sorry for what, Y/N?” He asked almost frantically. “Why are you apologizing?”

You could practically feel your own heart madly beating on your tongue, somehow making it even harder to speak.

Suddenly, you felt him wrap you up in his arms, pulling you closer, tucking your head under his chin. Of course, this only made the dam break, sending your tears streaming down your cheeks.

“Baby, please look at me,” Lin whispered as he pulled away, taking a hand to lift your chin. He placed a kiss on your forehead before holding you again. “Tell me what’s wrong.”

You couldn’t handle it anymore. He was too good to you. The way he was comforting you right after you’d just broken the news that you decided you couldn’t see him anymore was enough to break you into pieces.

After gathering yourself and mustering the courage to elaborate, you let out a trembling sigh and ran a hand through your messy hair, turning it face him.

“I can’t be this,” you spoke, gesturing around. “For you. I know you will always be here for me whenever I need you, but I’m just not… I can barely find time for myself, and when I do have a free moment, sometimes you’re somewhere else. And I get it, trust me, I respect that, but it’s just not fair for both of us to have wait around for the other to be free–”

“Y/N, I’m making the conscious decision to do this. This isn’t your doing, it’s mine. I’m the one that’s choosing to be here. I’m here right now! I’m making the time see you–”

“Lin, that’s just the point! You’re the one doing all of this and I can barely meet you halfway.”

“And I’m fine with that,” he replied softly, his voice quivering. “I’m fine with all of it.”

“But I’m not, Lin,” you spoke as tears rolled down your face. “I’m consciously wasting your time–”

“You’re not!” He exclaimed with a shake of his head. “You are not a waste of my time.”

“This is for the best,” you mumbled, feeling a wave of guilt wash over you, practically drowning you in its relentless tide. “I can’t let you do this. ”

There was a measure of silence between the two of you as he took a step back, taking a deep breath.

“So that’s it?” He asked, his tone admitting defeat.

You couldn’t say anything in reply. Instead, you just sat there with your head down, unable to meet his somber gaze.

Without another word, he stepped towards you and kissed the crown of your head.

“I love you,” he murmured against your hair.

And with that, he saw his way out of your apartment, letting the door click shut behind him.


The rest of your morning was a blur.

You cried in the shower, sobbed in the elevator, wept on your walk to work. Sniffling in the resident locker room, you opened up your locker and stuffed your bag in it, causing a sticky note to fall to the floor. Not wanting to leave a mess, you bent down to pick it up.

It was a note scrawled in messy handwriting.

‘Sixteen hours until I get to see you again. It won’t be long now :)’

It was a note he’d written when he brought you dinner at work. Lin dropped it off one night and pasted the sticky note on the Chinese food container, leaving it for you to find when you got a chance to eat.

For fuck’s sake, you couldn’t catch a break.

Wiping a stray tear away, you stuck the note back up on the door of your locker, your fingers lingering on the ink for a few moments before you shut it.

Okay, breathe, you thought. It was your decision. Deal with it. Stop crying. No more crying.

If only that inner pep talk actually worked.

It was a sixteen hour shift, but there was no prize at the end of it anymore.


Despite the usual excitement at work, you still found your tasks monotonous, going through the motions without your typical glee, counting down the hours until you could just go home, curl up, and cry.

Ten hours into the day, you managed to steal a few moments to yourself to grab a quick bite to eat downstairs in the cafeteria. Hunger just wasn’t on your mind though, so after grabbing an order of fries, you opted to sit in the quiet chapel to gather yourself in peace.

Phone in hand, you mindlessly unlocked it, checking to see if you had any texts, missed calls, or voicemails.

There was a notification for a new text message and your heart stopped as you held your breath. Part of you wanted it to be from Lin, but the rest of you knew that you wouldn’t be able to take it.

It was from your little sister asking if you could help her on her science project this weekend.

You let out a sigh, partly in relief but mostly in disappointment, because you wanted to know if you were still on Lin’s mind. But you didn’t have the right to think that way anymore. You’d made your bed, so now you had to lie in it.

Your fries had already gone cold and you no longer found them appetizing (if you even had an appetite), so you picked up your things and left the chapel, deciding it was best to get back to work instead.

The rest of your shift was spent with you doing post-op follow ups on the pediatric floor, sulking between patients and sniffling in empty rooms. Your eyes were obviously puffy and your nose was embarrassingly red, something you know Lin would’ve teased endearingly. The thought of that only twisted the dagger that was already buried deep in your chest.

Midnight struck and it was almost time for you to head home to your warm bed, with blankets to wrap around you, pillows to support you, and blackout blinds to shield you away from the monstrosity you’d created earlier.

After checking your roster for any additional stat checks you needed to complete for the night, you approached a fellow resident and handed her the tablet.

“You’re up,” you told her with half a smile. “Goodnight.”

You went straight home after changing out of your scrubs, trying to distract yourself from the inevitable breakdown that was already on the brink. Typically, you’d whip out your phone and dial the number you knew by heart. Lin never made you wait more than two rings to pick up the phone as long as he was awake. He’d ask you about your day, and even though he had no idea what your medical jargon meant, he was still all ears for you.

But you couldn’t do that anymore. It was time to face reality now.

Stepping foot into your apartment building, you walked over to the elevator, took it up to the ninth floor, moping down the hallway before getting to your place. With a swing of the door, you were greeted by the shadow of two coffee cups and half-eaten bagels still sitting on your counter under the moonlight. You shut the door and just stood there, tears spilling over, guilt and heartache suffocating you, his words from this morning still resonating in your head, his kiss still very much present on your lips, his scent still lingering in the air.

You couldn’t even look at it.

With your eyes shut, you sulked to your room and closed the door, collapsing right onto your unmade bed, not even bothering to change.


You had gone six days without hearing from him. Not that you expected to, especially since you felt you had no right to hurt because this was your choice.

Work had you just as busy as always. Running from floor to floor, dashing from OR to OR, you were fully submerged in your daily duties (and rightfully so, because lives were at stake). It gave you the opportunity to focus on something else, to distract you from the fact that your heart was trying to claw its way out of you because you had betrayed it.

Things were slowly normalizing themselves and you felt like you were going to be okay.

At three in the morning on day seven (you still couldn’t help but count the days), you stirred awake, subconsciously reaching for your phone on your bedside table.

No new notifications.

Part of you wanted Lin to fight back, to convince you that you’d made the wrong choice, to show you that he was relentless and persistent. But you knew that wasn’t the case. The man would jump off a roof if you told him to and he’d do it in a heartbeat without a second thought.

You told him to go.

He obeyed.

Sleep was nowhere near the top of your priorities at this point, so you went through your phone, swiping through pictures, reading through text messages, listening to voicemails.

‘Hey baby,’ it started. ‘I just so happened to order way too much Pad Thai and I don’t want it to go to waste, and I know a certain doctor that also just so happens to really enjoy Thai food. I also just so happened to walk past David’s Cookies on Bayard and it reminded me of your sweet tooth, so I got you something sweet.’

There was a brief pause.

’I also got you some cookies.’

You heard him chuckle at his own joke and you started laughing despite the tears forming in your eyes yet again.

‘So I’ll see you in a little bit because A) I can’t finish all this food by myself, and B) I can’t last another moment without seeing your face. Hasta luego, cariña.’

That was the day he stopped by the hospital just to drop off your lunch. He was protective of you, and he knew that if you didn’t take the time to eat, you would’ve starved.

Sitting up against your headboard, you placed your phone somewhere to your side and you cried, your sobs resonating throughout the four walls of your room, shoulders heaving, knees trembling. You cried for the mistake you’d made, cried for the pain you’ve caused, cried for the man who had made everything in your life so much brighter.

He was the missing piece. He was the love of your life. He was always the endgame.

Without a second thought, you quickly dialed his number and prayed to every religion’s God (or Gods because you were in the midst of an act of desperation) that he would pick up.

‘Hey, you’ve reached Lin! Leave it at the beep!’

Your heart dropped. Sure, you didn’t really expect him to answer the call, but you also hadn’t prepared yourself for this outcome. This was pure improvisation at this point, and you figured you should leave a message because you had nothing more to lose.

“Lin, it’s me. I’m sorry, I made a huge mistake. I wasn’t thinking when I thought it’d be better this way, but I just can’t do it. I’m so sorry, Lin, I’m so sorry.”

As pathetic as it was, you were blubbering already, hiccuping after every other word, sniffling between sentences.

“And I know you don’t even wanna hear from me anymore, but I just need you. I was so stupid to think breaking up was a good thing. Lin, I’m sorry.”

You hung up and sat there all distraught, unable to catch your breath as you tried to choke down your sobs.

That was it. It was really over. You had pushed away the one man that truly wanted to stay, screwing up everything in the process.

As your sobs finally ceased, sleep finally found you, giving your body a moment to relax from all the strenuous crying.

An hour and a half later at 4:34 in the morning, you heard your buzzer go off, causing you to gasp yourself back to consciousness.

Your heartbeat raced as you tiptoed to your front door, pressing the button for the intercom.

“Who is it?” You called out groggily, rubbing your swollen eyes.

“It’s me,” he replied.

You didn’t even need to confirm his identity. You knew that voice.

Without hesitation, you buzzed him in and felt the waterworks flowing again, relief washing over you despite the guilt that still burrowed in the pit of your stomach. You unlocked the door and opened it, stepping out into the hallway to greet him when he came upstairs.

“Y/N,” he spoke softly when he spotted you from the elevator, picking up his steps to get to you sooner.

When you were finally within his arm’s reach, he took no time in taking you and holding you tightly. You finally let yourself breakdown in his arms, crying softly against his chest as you held onto him.

“I’m sorry,” you sobbed. “I’m so sorry.”

“Shh, I’m here, I’m here.” Lin smoothed the hair on the back of your head. “I’m not going anywhere, baby, I promise.”

His voice cracked and you heard the heartbreak you’d caused.

After managing to pull away from him, you took a deep breath to recollect yourself, wiping your eyes with the back of your hand.

“I love you,” he whispered, beating you to it. “A thousand times over, I love you.” His eyes welled up as he looked down at you, his arms still not letting you go.

You couldn’t even give yourself a chance to reply. Reaching up and placing your hands on his wet cheeks, you pulled him down for a kiss, your eyes fluttering shut, forgetting the rest of the world around you.

He returned the kiss with an arm around your waist and his other hand in your hair, pulling you impossibly closer to make any remaining space between you disappear. His teeth grazed your bottom lip, giving it a slight nip.

“I am so in love with you,” he murmured against your lips when he broke away, his nose nuzzling yours.

“I love you,” you whispered in reply, pressing a kiss on jaw. “I love you so much, you don’t even know. I’m so sorry.”

You rested your head against his chest with your arms around his waist, not wanting to feel what it was like to not have him in your arms again. The six full days you had to endure without him were already hell on earth.

“It’s okay, Y/N, I’m here now.”

Lin took your hand in his and his fingers found themselves at home between the spaces of your own. He led you back into your apartment, not taking his eyes off you, a soft grin on his face.

Once the door was closed, he brought you over to your sofa, sitting you down on your favorite spot before taking a seat right next to you.

“I know I will fall off the face of the earth, sometimes for days at a time,” Lin started. “And I know the hospital will make you disappear on a near daily basis, but the bottom line is that, no matter what, you are the one thing that will always remain constant for me. You will always be the first thought on my mind and the last dream of the night. I will always come back to you. In all possible circumstances, I will always choose you, Y/N. It will always be you.”

A single tear rolled down your cheek as you smiled at him, leaning forward to kiss him once again. The weight on your shoulders finally lifted itself off and dissipated into nothing.

You settled into his side and he draped his arm across your shoulders.

“I’m sorry,” you said softly. It seemed like that was one of the only things you could say.

“Apologize one more time and I’m walking out the door,” Lin joked, chuckling slightly.

The sound of his laugh gave you the sense of comfort you’d lost that dreaded morning, and your lips managed to break into the most genuine smile you’ve had in a week.

“I missed you,” you said as you looked up at him.

Lin simply pressed his lips to your temple. “Not as much as I did.”

You were thankful you had a full twenty-four hours off from work, giving you the entire day to spend with the love of your life.

Both of you spent the next two hours talking about everything and nothing. He caught you up on the progress of his musical, you educated him on medical terminology, you both laughed at the absurdities of your respective careers. He played with your hands, drawing shapes on your ticklish palm with his index finger, watching your fingers curl sequentially upon every swoop and curve he drew. You nestled into the crook of his neck, the soothing sound of his voice lulling you to sleep.

After falling asleep nestled comfortably in his arms, you were woken up sometime late in the morning by Lin leaving a trail of kisses, starting from your forehead to your jawline.

“Good morning, sleepyhead,” he greeted you quietly.

“Hey,” you replied with a groggy smile, still between sleep and consciousness.

“I’m thinking bagels,” Lin suggested. “Are you thinking bagels, Y/N?”

Your sleepy smile grew into a foolish grin, and you pressed your lips to his, giving him a quick peck. “You read my mind.”

Feather Fans And Garter Belts {Part 13: The End}

Originally posted by steverogersdaily

Fandom: Marvel/Avengers

Pairing: Pre-Serum Steve Rogers x Burlesque Dancer Reader

Warning: Angst, mentions of supposed death, grief, Incredibly sad

Writer: @imaginesofeveryfandom aka @thequeenofthehobbits

Summary/Request: You like Steve Rogers because he’s sweet and kind and doesn’t look at you like a piece of meat. Steve likes you because you treat him like anyone else, make him feel confident, and look at him like he’s just as tall as all the other guys.

Part 1 X, Part 2 X, Part 3 X, Part 4 X, Part 5 X, Part 6 X, Part 7 X, Part 8 X, Part 9 X, Part 10 X, Part 11 X, Part 12 X

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So this is kind of long. A story about how you and Alex get… linked together. Based off another post by fanficy-prompts!

Words: 2943

Warnings: Playful bants and swearing

   I love my job, but everyone needs a day off now and then. I was a merch girl for All Time Low and those boys seemed to tour non-stop. Which is why after a month of working without any days off, I was looking forward to having a day to myself. I love the guys I tour with, but I can only handle so much testosterone for so long.

  After the concert that night, I was finishing up packing the merchandise booth when Alex came tromping over, stupid grin and all.

  “What do you want?” I said, turning away and putting the last of the t-shirts into a box. I made sure they were nicely folded as they’d be sitting in there for a little longer than usual.

  “Wow, okay, I just came over to see if I could help my favorite merch girl but I see how it is,” he said in mock hurt.

  “As it so happens, I just finished,” I said matter-of-factly as I closed box, “Anything else I can help you with though? Maybe a shirt with your face on it?” I said as I turned around and placed my elbows on the table, looking up into his big brown eyes innocently.

  “I’d much rather have one with your face,” he said smiling as I stood up and rolled my eyes. He was always fake flirting with me.  

  “Yeah yeah, I’ll get on that Gaskarth… hey, what’s Barakat up to?” I trailed off as my attention was drawn to Jack walking over to us, looking like he wasn’t up to anything good.

  “What’s happening Jack?” Alex asked hesitantly as he turned to look at Jack.

  “Nothing much. Zack told me you came out here to see Y/N and I had something I needed to tell the two of you,” Jack spoke casually as he strolled over to the booth and stood next to Alex.

  “Well what do you need?” I asked, drawing both his and Alex’s focus back to myself. He looked at me, but his gaze shifted to over my shoulder and squinting at something behind me.

  “Is that a poster you forgot?” He said still looking behind me.

  The poster box was the first thing to be loaded into the truck so I silently cursed myself as I turned around to see what I had missed. My eyes scanned the floor, looking for the forgotten piece of merchandise. I was about to turn around and tell Jack to piss off and put his glasses on until I felt cool metal on my wrist. I went to pull my wrist to my chest and was met with Alex’s hand  punching my boob.

  “The fuck Alex!” I exclaimed before examining my wrist. Joining the two of us together was a shiny pair of handcuffs. I looked over to Alex who appeared to be in as much shock as I was.

  “I’m gonna murder that lanky bastard,” I said angrily as I made eye contact with Alex. He nodded in return before we both shot our glances over to where Jack had stood moments ago. We were met instead by him already 100 feet in the other direction and running faster than I’d ever seen him. I knew we’d never be able to catch him now, especially with my legs aching from standing all day. I turned back to Alex who was quickly typing on his phone. He hit one last thing dramatically before shoving his cellphone into his pocket.

  “I just texted Jack to find out what the fuck is going on,” Alex said, sensing my confusion. I stood staring at each other before I finally said something.

  “I’m gonna climb over the table I guess,” I told him, sliding over it while trying not to pull him around. Right as I hopped off, Alex frantically removed his phone from his pocket. His eyes skimmed the screen before he replaced it in his jeans.

  “What is it?” I asked as he stared off into the distance. He didn’t respond to me so I elbowed him in the side.

  “Ow, what was that for, Y/N?!” He began rubbing his side with his hand that wasn’t attached to me.

  “What did Jack say?” I asked. Alex sighed before looking back down at you.

  “He wants us to go on a date so he handcuffed us together so we’d have to,” he moved his spare hand from his side up to his head to run it through his hair as he spoke.

  “That’s so dumb! What a prick!” I exclaimed, fuming. Somehow though, deep down, I wasn’t really that mad at Jack. Alex and I had become such close friends on this tour and honestly, I thought he was pretty attractive. I’d fantasized dating him but I never imagined actually acting upon it, besides I knew his feelings weren’t the same for me so I was content just imagining what would never be.

  “I know,” he sounded spacey and distant as the words left his mouth, and like his mind was elsewhere.

  “So you wanna get the key?” I asked. He broke out of wherever his mind was and looked me in the eyes.

  “Yeah, let’s go back to the bus. I’m sure he’s laying in his bunk laughing his ass off.  Alex turned to walk away and I followed. At least he’d attached my left hand to Alex’s right and not like my left and his left. The both of us could at least walk comfortably like this.

  After a few minutes of walking in silence, we approached the All Time Low tour bus. Alex opened the door and I followed him inside. I was met with something I’d never experienced in all the times I’d stepped foot on this bus, silence. No one was watching tv, or playing a videogame, or drunk on the couch, or making out with some chick, or loudly singing in the shower, or yelling about their hair, or just generally making noise. I was mildly taken aback but Alex kept walking, pulling me with him, obviously he’d seen this more times than I had. The two of us made our way back to the bunks where you saw all of them open and empty except for one. Alex walked over and violently pulled the curtain back. We were not met with a giggling Jack though, but rather a startled Zack scrolling through his phone.

  “Dude, what the fuck! I could have been masturbating!” Zack yelled, removing one of his earbuds.

  “Where’s Jack?” Alex asked, not responding to Zack’s remark at all.

  “Oh hi,Y/N,” Zack said, peering around Alex.

  “Zack, where is Jack?” Alex said again, more firm this time as he stepped into Zack’s view.

  “I don’t know! He came in here like 10 minutes ago, ran around grabbing shit then left and said he was going out. You know Jack, with the day off tomorrow, I doubt we’ll see him before bus call.” Zack looked at Alex with a puzzled look as he spoke. I could see Alex’s Jaw clench at the end of the sentence.

  “When is bus call for you guys?” I questioned. Alex turned to me with a look of defeat and a small amount of anger on his face.

  “3:30 am,” Alex responded with his jaw clenched. I pulled out my phone and looked at the time it was 1 in the morning currently.

  “That’s okay then!” I allowed a smile to creep onto my face knowing that I’d only have to be chained to Alex for the next 2 and a half ours. It wasn’t ideal but it was doable. Before I could speak again, Alex interrupted my thoughts.

  “Tomorrow,” I looked up at him as he said this, his eyes not meeting mine.

  “Come again?” I asked, not believing what had just come out of his mouth. He looked down at me with a straight face and spoke again.

  “Bus call is at 3:30 am tomorrow morning. Not 2 and a half hours from now, 26 and a half hours,” before I could respond to Alex, Zack spoke up again.

  “Why do you guys need to see Jack so bad? He questioned, looking from one of us to the other. Alex didn’t say anything but simply held up his arm, mine following against my will. A grin appeared on Zack’s face before he started cracking up.

  “Oh my gosh! He told you he was going to do it too! He gave you a fucking warning but no one actually thought…oh god!” Zack continued laughing as he began taking pictures of the two of us with his phone. Before I knew it Alex was quickly walking away from Zack and pulling me behind him.

  “Have fun lovebirds!” Zack shouted at us as we got off the bus. Alex continued to hurriedly walk away from the bus, still dragging me behind him for several minutes as I was slightly jogging just to keep up with him.

  “Alex where are we going?” I finally asked. He stopped and turned around to look at me. I was thankful to have stopped for a second.

  “I have no clue, Y/N and I’m so sorry,” He responded as he met my gaze. I saw something in his eyes for the first time since Jack locked us together that wasn’t frustration and anger, they were filled with a look of disappointment and sadness, I wasn’t sure if that was any better.

  “This isn’t your fault Gaskarth, come on, let’s get a coffee.” He nodded his head at my words and we began to walk side by side while searching for a coffee shop.

  When the two of us finally found one that was open at the late hour, I froze before we could walk through the door.

  “Is there something wrong? Alex asked. I nodded my head and looked down at the handcuffs.

  “This just looks really kinky,” I responded, snickering a little at the sight of it. Alex laughed quietly as he glanced down at the mess the both of us were in as well.

  “Maybe I can make it a little better,” He said before intertwining his hand in mine. He then pulled down the sleeve of the hoodie he was wearing so it was covering his hand almost completely. It did make the handcuffs less noticeable and he was able to hide most of the chain. We entered the tiny store with Alex and walked up to the counter to order some coffee from the poor lady who was working that late at night. We were the only ones in there so we got our drinks then sat down on the same side of one of the sticky booths, slightly out of view of the register.

  “Did you text Jack again?” I asked Alex after we were both settled.

  “I did, but he didn’t respond. And if he’s out then he won’t check his texts.” Alex told me as he took a sip of his coffee.

  “So I guess we’re stuck like this till tomorrow then huh?” I responded. Alex snickered quietly as he looked down at the table.

  “I guess so,” as he spoke I felt again like he wasn’t really paying attention and that his thoughts were elsewhere.

  “When Zack said that Jack ‘warned you’ what did he mean?” He let out a long exhale before he answered me.

  “Jack knows I have a crush on you but I’m too much of a pussy to actually ask you out. He said the other night that if I didn’t make a move, he’d handcuff us together so we’d have to go out. We were a few beers in and everyone thought he was joking. I didn’t even remember he said that until he actually did it,” he turned to you as he finished his sentence but I looked down at the table instead.

  “And now I just made things really awkward cause you don’t feel the same. I knew you wouldn’t, that’s why I never asked you out. I’m just some d-” I cut off his ramblings by pressing my lips to his. At first he seemed surprised by the kiss but he soon returned it. Finally he broke away from me, I bit his bottom lip playfully as he slowly moved away from me.

  “I never said anything cause I didn’t think you felt the same way,” I said blushing. Alex was smiling and he took my hand back in his.

  “God I hate it when Jack’s right,” the two of us broke out into laughter at his statement, feeling much more comfortable with the situation than when we had walked in. We talked for hours, just letting your coffees go cold and discussing a broad range of topics. Everything from what a vampire would be if a zombie bit them to when the two of us started liking each other to that one tv show you both watched as a kid but neither of us could remember the name. I began to yawn and noticed a couple of people in the restaurant with us. Alex checked his phone and his eyes opened wider.

  “Nothing back from Jack, and and it’s 6:30 in the morning,” Alex said rubbing his eye with his free hand.

  “I’m exhausted,” I said mid-yawn.

  “Me too, but I’m really not looking forward to us trying to fit in my bunk like this,” Alex said gesturing to our hands.

  “In another situation, maybe,’ he said quieter, I slapped his arm lightly and he laughed.

  “There’s a hotel a block down?” I suggested to him.

  “Perfect,” he responded as he began to slide out of the booth.

  A half an hour later the two of us had checked into a room. We walked over to the window and pulled the heavy curtains shut. The sun had been almost rising as we walked in and we wanted to get at least a few hours of sleep. You and Alex struggle slightly but managed to take off our shoes and in a fit of giggles, both of our pairs of jeans. We both crawled into the king sized bed and fell asleep facing each other.

  I woke up, feeling my hand being moved slightly. I opened my eyes and were met with Alex staring at me.

  “Sorry, didn’t mean to wake you,” he said. I could get lost in his chocolate eyes and his hair was ruffled and messy from being in bed. This moment seemed fairly perfect and I didn’t want it to end any time soon.

  “It’s okay,” I replied, stretching and accidentally bringing Alex’s hand with mine, “what time is it?”

  Alex rolled over and grabbed his phone off the side table.

  “It’s, uh, 5 in the evening,” he told me.

  “Man, this is going to fuck up my sleep schedule. I said turning and sitting up slightly against the pillows. Alex smiled at my comment and sat up as well. The two of us laid there for a while watching tv and just relaxing. Eventually we ordered room service and dealt with the bathroom situation but other than that we did a lot of nothing and it was truly great. I was forced to not do anything and I couldn’t remember the last time I’d allowed myself to do nothing.

  “We should probably head back,” Alex said looking at his phone. It was getting late at night and hopefully Jack would be getting back to the bus soon. We got up and replaced our clothes before gathering our things and checking out of the hotel. We made our way back to the bus, this time greeted by Zack and Rian sitting on the couch.

  “See dude! I told you he actually did it!” Zack exclaimed pointing at us.

  “Oh my gosh this is great,” Rian responded  as they both broke out in laughter. Alex gave them a sarcastic smile before sliding into the table, with me following him. The both if us scrolled through our phones for a little while until we heard the tour bus door open.

  “What’s up everybody,” Jack yelled, slurring slightly.

  “Where’s the key, asshole,” Alex responded in a monotone voice as we slid out of the booth.

  “Aw you guys are no fun,” I could tell he’d been drinking but wasn’t completely out of it. He began rummaging around in his pockets until he pulled out a small silver key. He walked over and unlocked both of the cuffs, both Alex and I immediately moving our now free hands and rubbing our wrists.

  “But was I wrong?” Jack said bluntly, turning to Alex. Alex’s eyes shot to the floor and his face turned red.

  “No,” he practically whispered staring at the floor.

  “See! I told you she liked you!” Now it was my turn to blush.

  “There’s better ways to get us to go out than handcuffing us together though,” Alex said, not being able to hold back a little bit of laughter.

  “Shhhhh, it worked,” Jack plopped down on the couch next to Zack as he spoke, immediately pulling out his cellphone. Alex took my hand and pulled me to the back lounge of the bus, shutting the door behind us.

  “Sorry but I’d never hear the end of it if I did this out there.” Before I could ask what he meant by that he placed his lips on mine and wrapped one hand around my back while using the other to caress my face, and this moment was so much better than anything I could have ever imagined.

Panic Mode.

Neymar’s POV

I rushed into the large, stomach-turning building in a hurry as my eyes gazed around quickly to find my way through the unfamiliar halls. I could see plenty of eyes widen with surprise at the sight of me but I was in no shape or mood to entertain any fans right now.

One minute I was speeding through the busy streets of an intersection and the next minute I was watching a woman have a full on panic attack in the driver’s seat of her car. I didn’t mean to be so reckless with the way I was driving, letting the fact I was in a rush put someone else’s life in danger for my own stupid reasoning. Now that I thought back on it, it surely wasn’t worth it as I now wandered into the nearest hospital in search of the stranger to make sure she was okay.

I remembered accelerating through the intersection only to be surprised by another car coming from my right, nearly plowing into me before the driver slammed onto the brakes harshly and I rammed my fist into my horn as a split second reaction though it was actually my fault I had nearly caused the accident.

I thought I had escaped from any liability as I pulled to the side of the street to check on the now still car, surrounded by concerned pedestrians and individuals who had stopped their own drive to get out and check on the woman who was now holding her chest in pain while those around her called for an ambulance. Everyone had a frightened look on their face which immediately sent me into panic mode as well. I had managed to avoid a collision but the woman still seemed to need attention from a medical professional. I just hoped it wasn’t too bad since I knew I was to blame.

The guilt was insurmountable as I watched from afar, afraid to get too close and turn the attention to me. I watched as an ambulance arrived to take the woman off, the crowd growing to at least 10 people now who watched over the woman concerned as she was taken off. I knew I had to at least extend my apologies.

Which was why I was now navigating the unfamiliar territory in search of someone that could help me find this woman. I spotted a receptionist desk and quickly walked up to it, spewing words from my mouth rapidly. “Hi. I’m looking for this woman. Ah…” I ran a hand through my hair nervously. Shit. I didn’t even know her name. “She just got taken into this hospital. Short brown hair, she had on a black top. I think she may have had a panic attack while driving?” Those were all the details I could supply to the older nurse who sat there looking up at me.

I could hear the whispers of some of her colleagues behind her as they recognized me but right now, my focus was on finding this woman. “I’m sorry, sir but we can’t give out patient information especially to non-family members.” I guess I would have to plead with her.

“Please, ma’am. It’s all my fault she’s in the hospital and I just want to apologize to her. I won’t be able to go home until I do.” Her face softened sympathetically but the shake of her head let me know she wasn’t willing to compromise her job for my sob story. “I understand, sir but I can’t let you go back there.”

I wanted to explode with anger but I calmed myself realizing she was simply doing her job. It wasn’t her fault I had made this stupid mistake so I plastered a weak smile on my face and headed off after thanking her for her assistance.

All I could do now was wait and hope for a miracle that maybe the same woman would come gliding out of the hospital room and past me to assure she was okay.

But 30 minutes passed without a sign of that.

I was growing discouraged until my miracle finally came. I watched as a woman quickly bounded into the hospital, just as I had, and went to the receptionist. Close enough to hear, I eavesdropped on the conversation of the woman detailing an incident involving a Y/N and a panic attack. My eyes lit up.

That had to be her.

I quickly rushed from my seat while who I assumed to be Y/N’s mother was beginning to head down the hall and to the room number she was given. “Excuse me!” I yelled out to grab her attention, causing her to turn around.

She seemed a bit stunned to see me of all people calling after her. “Uh…yes?” I gave a polite smile and held out my hand for her to shake. “Hi, I’m Neymar. I’m sorry for listening in to your conversation but I heard you were here to see Y/N? She had a panic attack?”

Still confused and taken off guard, the woman slowly nodded and shook my hand. “Yes. Are you her boyfriend or something? My daughter never told me she was dating a famous footballer.” I chuckled and shook my head. “No ma’am. I actually don’t know her. I’m kind of the reason she’s here,” I admitted. I didn’t want her to toss me out of her sight so I quickly began talking again. “I’d be happy to explain what happened if you let me see her. I just want to apologize.”

Her expression softened into a smile. “Sure, Neymar. You can come back with me.” We began walking again through the hall and to the room number of 203. I made sure to tell her everything and place all of the blame on myself like it should have been but she assured me not to feel too guilty. “Y/N tends to have panic attacks often. It’s not completely your fault or anyone’s for that matter. She can’t always control them.”


“Well I shouldn’t use that word but it isn’t her first one. She has them every few years it seems, much more than the normal person. She has a lot of fears she’s trying to tackle and one of them is getting in a car accident. Her mind must have just reacted to the near collision and set her off but I’m sure she’ll feel much better when she sees you.” She gave me a reassuring smile and soon enough we were outside of the room. “How about you go in first?” Y/N’s mother suggested, patting my shoulder to encourage me to go forward.

Reluctantly, I slowly opened the door to find a bright brown eyed woman staring off out the window until she heard the door creak open. She immediately turned her head and there was that stunned look I had been getting all afternoon, now visible on her face.

“Hi…” I uttered meekly. She returned the greeting in nearly the same manner. “Hi. Are you in the wrong room? You’re…” I interrupted her sentence, “Neymar.” I held out my hand to the young woman who was still looking dumbfounded.

“That panic attack must have done more to me than I thought.” I immediately laughed at her sense of humor, watching as she slowly took her hand to mine to shake.

“I actually came because…I’m the reason you’re here.” Her face screwed with confusion and I knew then I’d have to further explain. “I’m the one that cut you off and I’m incredibly sorry for that. I’m an idiot and I let my own schedule put your life in danger.” It seemed she now understood why I had come but she didn’t seem mad in the slightest. In fact, a smile was now on her face. “Ah, so you’re the jerk I’ve been cussing out in my head for the past hour. It’s fine. We all make mistakes I guess.”

I was unsure of what to say next so I simply invited myself to take a seat next to her hospital bed. She seemed to be well and in good spirits, probably just relaxing before she could return to a vehicle. “I heard you’re a fan of mine…”

She immediately blushed and held her hand to her face to deflect my view. “My mother’s here huh?” I chuckled and nodded. “She is. Maybe you could come to a game. I’d be happy to give you tickets if you accept them as an apology?”

Y/N dropped her hand back to her side and smiled a satisfied grin. “I’d love that.”

He Doesn't See- Harry Imagine

     All I could hear was the tapping of my shoes against the tile in this hell, school. I had to go to the “bathroom”; yeah, ha-ha, that’s a lie. I just needed to clear my head of the boring lesson Mr. Rodger was giving us… yeah, that’s a lie too.

     I did need to clear my head though, to just slowly ignore what he told me last night, to not think about it. It had to stop invading my thoughts while reading the textbook. And he especially, needed to stop looking at me across the room while I was taking notes.

     After a slow lap around the school, I decided I really did need to go to the bathroom, and I promised myself that I would head back to the classroom afterwards.

     As I stepped out of the stall, I was instantly confronted by my reflection. Staring at myself all I could think was, how could he not see all the pain in my eyes when he said those words?

     I walked over to the door like a slug. Not caring this time of day that I was wearing my rubber duck pajamas. As I opened the door I wasn’t surprised to see the curly haired boy I had known since I was 13. “Come on in Harry, you better love me, I’m getting up at 3am just for you.”

     “Y/N! I missed you at the party tonight… wait no, we… we missed you at the party tonight. You know that kid John… John Flapps in our Chemistry class… ha-ha that’s a funny last name, Flapps…”

     “Harry just get to the point already!”

     “Yeah, okay, well that John kid really fancies you. You should date him,” he slurred with a wide grin on his face as we climbed the stairs.

     “What? No Harry, I don’t like John. You’re obviously drunk and maybe high, lets just get you to bed. You can sleep in mine with me, but you’ll have to climb out the window in the morning like usual okay?”

     “Yeah, Okay,” he was already in his boxers climbing into my bed.

     This didn’t bother me at all, and it wasn’t a first. Between the two of us Harry was the party person, and I was the girl that stayed home and read. But because I was the best friend in the world, I let him come over to my house so he wouldn’t get in trouble with his mother.

     “Y/N you are a life savor, I couldn’t live without you, you are the bestest friend in the world… wait no you’re like a sister!”

     “Oh, uh thanks Harry, now go to bed we have school in the morning.” Way to get friend zoned…

     Right as I closed my eyes I felt a poking in my back. I flipped over to my left side to see a wide eyed Harry. ”What Harry?”

     “I just realized I forgot to tell you the best thing ever!”

     “And what’s that?”

     “At the party tonight, I had sex with Rachel Beck. I completely got some; I’ve had a crush on her for the longest time.”

      I was now the one with the wide eyes, I couldn’t find my voice.

     “Isn’t that awesome!” He was overjoyed.

    “What,” I was so quiet I wasn’t even sure he could here me. “I need to go get some water from downstairs.”

    “Okay,” he was already half asleep.

As I got out of the bed, the salty water was already on the brim of my eyes. As I got my water, I attempted to calm down. How? How could he not see the pain in my eyes?

     I couldn’t go back up there though, there’s no way I could go back to sleeping with that body I adored so much. To see him twitch if he was cold; to see the corners of his mouth move up about any dream he’s having with Rachel Beck in it. I didn’t have to want to see that cheerful smile of his in the morning; so I wrote a note for both him and my mother for them to read in the morning, saying I had left for school early to study.

     I was too lazy to climb the stairs and go to the guest room, so I got comfortable on the couch and set my alarm for 5:30 am.

     As I re-entered the room I tried to make as little noise as possible, but of course Mr. Rodgers turned around instantly. “Miss Y/L/N, you were gone for 15 minutes, why is that?”

     “Girl issues Mr. Rodger, would you like me to explain?” I was not in the mood today.

     The class had a small fit of laughs about my excuse, “No, just sit down Miss Y/L/N.”

     He was staring at me again, but I didn’t glance at him. Don’t look into those green orbs Y/N, don’t. I reached my seat and opened my textbook to a random page, there was only 10 more minutes until lunch. I just stared at the clock, having last night’s memory play over in my head again and again. I didn’t know what I was going to do for lunch; every day since I can remember Harry and I have had lunch together. Maybe he can have lunch with Rachel, and Ill hide in the bathroom. It is a pity, but I didn’t want to lie and be happy for him right now, maybe tomorrow.

    I was pulled out of my trance by the bell, luckily I was closer to the door than Harry’s seat was. I just had to go to my locker before Harry got to his, which was right next to mine. But I was too slow.

     Harry was looking at me cautiously, “Hey, you okay? You didn’t make a silly face at me once in English class, I mean that’s a first,” I loved that chuckle that came after that sentence.

     “Uh… Yeah… I’m fine. So what are you doing for lunch?”

     “Don’t you mean we? What are we doing for lunch? I was thinking we could walk to noodles and company, does that sound good?”

     “I brought my lunch today, I just want to stay on campus, but you can go…”

     “Nah Ill stay here with you, I wanna eat with my best friend. But you always bring the largest of lunches, will you share with me? Ill love you foreeever.” Yeah just not the way I want I thought. But he gave me that cheeky grin I couldn’t resist.

     “Yeah I guess.”

     We decided to walk over to the park for lunch and have a picnic. I slid down the trunk of the tree and Harry sat across from me, waiting for me to toss him some food. I didn’t have and appetite today, my stomach was in knots.

     “Are you going to eat the sandwich?” He asked so innocently, but I was still depressed or pissed… I’m not sure. I didn’t want to rub any of my bad emotions on him so I shrugged and slid the sandwich to him. I stared at the grass picking out each long piece I could find.

     “Mmmh, what’s in this sandwich?”

     Ham, Swiss, mayo… but I didn’t want to look up, I was on the verge of tears, I just shrugged again. I could hear the foil move when he placed down the sandwich.

     “Okay what’s wrong?”

     Just shrug Y/N, this conversation will change. But it didn’t… “Y/N, look at me.” I didn’t; I just couldn’t.

     I could hear him crawling, wrappers moving around, his breath getting louder; then the smallest tingle of the rough skin of his fingers skimming over my chin. Of course right as my head was lifted, the first tear fell, and he saw it all. “Y/N…”

     I wasn’t thinking, my action was uncalled for, but all of my body leaped forward onto him, smashing my lips onto his. Not even a second later I realized what I had done; I was ruining our relationship… I pulled away and stood up, seeing the look of shock on his face. “I –uh- have to go.” And I ran towards my car.

     I drove towards my house, there was no way I was going to be able to sit through the next 3 class periods with the horror of what I’ve done on my mind; and with Harry sitting right next to me.

     I knew eventually he would be over at my house to give me back my bag and we would have to talk. So in the meantime I just watched reruns of friends on television and laid on the couch.

     Somewhere in that time I fell asleep, but I was awoken by harsh banging on the front door. “Shit,” I whispered through my teeth. It was 6, and I had missed 11 calls from my mom and texts saying she had left her keys at home. “Coming mom!”

     “It’s not your mom!” That voice I knew so well, and was terrified of today was behind my door.


     “Y/N open the door,” He sounded so calm, but I still didn’t want to face him.

     “You can just leave my stuff on the porch, I’ve got something in the oven, Ill grab it in a minute.”

     “Y/N, I’ve known you for the longest time, I can tell your lying. Just open the door.

     “I don’t think that’s a good idea…”

     “Y/N, open the door,” he was starting to sound a little flustered.

     “No! I can’t do that and you know it too. Because if I see that face that I love so dearly I’m going to crash and burn… But you couldn’t see it could you! I have to confess everything now! Because you can’t god damn see, you can’t see all this time how much love I have stared at you with for years! You had to just go and fuck Rachel Beck, not thinking once about the people who have been here! Next door for Christ’s Sake! …But who am I kidding… how could you ever love me… how could someone like you love someone like me… why would you ever look at me, like how I look at you…”

     “Y/N, open this goddamn door!”

     I had never heard him yell with so much rage, and I myself was furious. I shot for the door handle and twisted as fast as I ever have, yelling, “How can you not fucking see-“

     He cut off my sentence by rushing in and pushing me up against the wall, and forced his lips onto mine. With out hesitation I kissed back, and let our lips move in sync.

     After a minute of unbelief I couldn’t hide my smile and had to pull away. He held the same smile I did and moved his head towards my ear to tell me something.

     “I can see perfectly.”

1000 Days Of You - Part 10

A/N: Sorry for the really late update. And yes this is a short part but I’ll make it up to you guys in part 11. 

Chapter 24 – Twenty Four Hours

17:00 EST

He smiled nervously. People bustled by, but he didn’t notice. Caroline was all he saw. She stood still hanging on to every word that fell from his lips. What an odd sight it was. Two people standing deathly still while the world hurried past them.  

“The thing is. . I don’t know when ..  and trust me I tried to pin point it. . but..   some where between me being your albatross and you saving me from myself. . I . . fell in love with you. . and I. . I didn’t wanna pretend that I could go about life without you anymore…so I left Chicago. .”

He couldn’t read her expression.

“And I know I should have told you a long time ago… but. .I’m here now…for what it’s worth . . And you probably think it’s unfair that I’m telling you this when we had decided to remain friends. . and maybe it’s too late for me… . but. . I need you to know that I . . love you . . ”

She took in a sharp breath.

“So yeah. . I want you to ask for more. . so much more. ” He concluded.

18:00 EST

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Let it In

Following the events of Let it Out, Riley gets some advice, has a lot of conversations, and gets her relationships with everyone back on track. 

Notes: Once again, special thanks go out to @sand1128, who is amazing! And thanks to everyone who has read, liked, reblogged and everything in between. The response to this fic has been completely overwhelming and I love all of you!

Riley wakes up slowly to sunlight streaming across her form. She’s cuddled up against her Aunt Morgan on a couch that she vaguely remembers moving to in the midst of her crying jag. Her eyes feel dry and puffy and a little painful. She knows from past experience that when she gets up and looks at herself in the mirror, her face is going to be a blotchy, swollen, tear-stained mess. Fitting, considering how she feels.




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anonymous asked:

I'm not sure if you're taking fic requests, but can I have minkey? With Kibum trying to work out but has no inspiration to do so and Minho suggesting that Kibum could do push-ups with Minho under him. Thank you (*˘︶˘*)

tbh i’m not sure if i should still accept fic requests considering how long i recently take to answer them. :/ i feel really bad… so sorry for the wait anon! but thank you for the genius prompt~ i hope you enjoy it! i had a lot of fun with this one and i hope you do too.

ps: also inspired by this fanaccount. ^^;;

5 more minutes.

Just 5 more minutes on the treadmill and Kibum will call it a day at the gym.

It’s a miracle that he is even here with Minho bearing in mind he’s only surviving on a few hours of sleep and had a 12 hour work day. Kibum thinks he has gone mad. They both have. Who in the right mind would choose to exercise at 1 in the morning over getting a good night’s sleep? Clearly, considering how they’re the only two people in the gym, only Minho and he aren’t thinking straight.

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a hazy shade of winter

AN: This is my first fic for The 100, and my first written for a while. The tone is soooo off and patchy is places, and I’ll just be happy if anyone makes it through it all! So I’m sure there will be gaping holes in it, but I hope that there are some of you out there who enjoy reading it :)

Getting stuck 30 feet above the ground next to the man you’re trying to avoid is admittedly not an ideal situation, especially if you’re afraid of heights. Or, Clarke tries to ignore her feelings, but the ski fields (and Bellamy) won’t let her.


So really, the situation was less than ideal to start with. Clarke mustn’t have been as inconspicuous as she believed the night before as she snuck out from Bellamy’s room after the impulsive decision to jump his bones. Octavia clearly knew something was up, and also clearly loved placing Clarke in awkward situations, as she pushed her forward to the loading line of the Mount Weather chairlift, a double chairlift, with none other than Bellamy Blake next to her.

‘The loveseat,’ the Mount Weather chairlift was known as.

As Clarke was swept up by the lift, she became distinctly aware of Bellamy’s presence next to her. Memories of the night before began to reappear. It had started with the gluhwein. Well, really it had started a long while before that, months before, when Clarke had noticed a fluttering of affection while arguing with the objectively attractive brother of her college roommate. But Clarke wasn’t good with actual feelings, so she was going to blame the alcohol.

Besides, there was also an open fireplace and snow and hot chocolate and marshmallows and arguing and laughing and staring and biting of lips and romantic lighting, so really, Clarke had no choice but to make out with Bellamy.

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scottygirl  asked:

Draeden Prompt: They have a baby girl and as soon as it shows that she'll take after her mom's natural curly hair, Brae sits Derek down in front of the computer and makes him watch a ton of black youtubers' hair tutorials because she will NOT let her baby walk around with ratty hair while she's away on missions just because her daddy was clueless tyvm. And Derek gets into it and makes Brae let him practice on her.

THIS.IS THE BEST PROMPT IVE RECIEVED THUS FAR YES. workin real hard to make this one good.


“That is a hell of a lot of hair.”  Malia eyed Derek as he picked Kamryn out of her crib, “well for a one year old anyway.” “I blame Brae for that one.” he put Kamryn on his hip and headed toward the living room, Malia followed making funny faces at her behind Dereks back. “Now since she just woke up she shouldnt be tired until we get home.” he said resting Kam in a circle of her toys and taking a seat. “So just keep her entertained, which shouldnt be hard.” “Got it, Stiles will do that.”  just as Malia spoke Stiles wandered into the living room, Braeden trailing behind him. “She doesnt eat right after naps she hates it, so wait maybe another hour before trying to give her anything, just put some cereal out in front of her she-” Braeden stopped mid sentence staring at her daughter who just put a stuffed giraffe in her mouth. “Derek you couldnt put her hair up or something it’s going to get all tangled and itll be hell to wash tonight.”

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