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Do people really think bi girls are that bad? Because I'm bi and have never had a girlfriend so it makes me nervous that one day I'll meet a girl and she won't date me just because I'm bi

In essence, no, good or reasonable people don’t think bi girls are bad at all. Why would they be? They’re just another human being therefore there’s no reason to dislike them. Unfortunately, lots of preconceived ideas and stigma come with certain groups of people. For example people also stereotype that gay boys are always very effeminate and sometimes annoying, lesbians are usually overweight with short hair and are more butch than femme and bisexuals are more likely to cheat because they can “choose from either sex”. All preconceptions are total bullshit. Yes I’m sure some people do fit these stereotypes but being bi doesn’t mean you’re more likely to do/be anything than straight/gay/lesbian/trans/a/non binary/queer people. 

I think this generation are much more open minded and liberal when it comes to stereotyping - especially those within the community so hopefully you won’t have much trouble. If you do have trouble with one girl, then she’s not right for you and you should move on to someone else who loves you for you. I have many friends who identify as lesbian who have had relationships with bisexual girls, as have I. It’s all good :)


As many of you know, I’ve created playlists for each character in @thebrightsessions. It’s a big part of my process as a writer and also just fun to do.

Agent Green has never had one. When I was figuring out who this guy was, I realized he was one of those people. You know, those people that don’t really listen to music. So he didn’t get a playlist. But he gets a song. 

If Owen Archibald Green were a song, he would be “A Day in the Life” by The Beatles. I don’t know why exactly, he just is. When I thought about making a playlist for him, this song immediately came into my head. This was the only song that came into my head.

If we did normal episode titles instead of silly in-universe ones, Episode 30 would be called “A Day in the Life”. But we don’t and it’s not so here’s this post instead.

lgbt+ people with mood disorders are lovely and great and beautiful and terrific!

lgbt+ people with personality disorders are lovely and great and beautiful and terrific!

lgbt+ people with neurodevelopmental disorders are lovely and great and beautiful and terrific!

neurodivergent lgbt+ people that i’m forgetting to include in this post are lovely and great and beautiful and terrific!

all neurodivergent lgbt+ people are lovely and great and beautiful and terrific!

…and the clear voice was like the ring of steel. “But no living man am I!”

FMA-LotR crossover anyone? :)
Éowyn!Riza, inspired by a conversation with @the-flame-and-hawks-eye

Thought maybe someone might find this useful??? Cause I did it for me, but fandom is family so… SHARE TO SPARE A LIFE and the struggle to make straight damn columns ( yes, Ivan, they totally look right )

AND: Some of the combinations turn out pretty interesting 8D

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When terroriser’s in the house that’s when you know you need to turn the fuck up

And is that fem h2ovanoss you see? Yes, yes it is.

(Uhh first real post I guess???)


tfw you waited every episode for their game scene to air only to find out it doesn’t exist.

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So I absolutely love your blog and I was wondering if you could recommend me some more cool or just generally awesome blogs?:)

Thank you! And yes I totally can!

my fav mutuals and besties:

@alrightanakin, @kylux, @astralluke, @lesbiankenobi, @darthvcder, @darthvders, @obidaddykenobi, @clairenovac, @heartflicker @imaginaryanon, @dis4daria, @anakinshouldnt, @oikenobi, @sithobi, @autisticanakin, @spacery, @rogrs, @teethsoup, @ahsoka, @ffinn, @ah-sokka, @starjedi, @tfa, @moonlignt, @platanochips, @octavigustus@cadbanee, @barneswilson (I know I’m totally forgetting some but there is a short list)

Some good aesthetics! 

@monetts, @loopwhole, @pastel-cutie!!

Good Star Wars!!

@darthobi, @anakin-no, @leias, @skywalkrs, @jedianakin, @ripcassian !!!


Have a bunch of unclean/unfinished/bad Gravity Falls doodles from someone who can’t draw.


tbl 312 “the vehm”


why does everyone in the askbox either wants to get stabbed by some kind of kitchen utensil or trying to get into lucio’s love life omfg-

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could you give rec me some fun and nice inspirit blogs?

Hello! Yes, absolutely!

Firstly, you should totally check out my fellow @inspirits-only admins, because they are all awesome! @dimple-soo @gravity-kontrol @judginghoya @purpleboyhowonee @star-hoya @whwoohyun

Then please take a look at our members page and get to know some Inspirits there, too! Some people I speak to a lot and who are super friendly and nice and fun are: @becuzgyu @annadream @infnthoya @whiteconfession @ifnt-saranghae and there are loads more too but I keep forgetting! 

Once you start following these blogs, you will be easily able to find more,and you’ll realise that Inspirits on Tumblr are freaking awesome and friendly and welcoming ~~ 


I swear, together, we are infinite. 

Happy birthday, @xhellnhighheelsx!!!