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Why is it that so many C/helley fanfictions feel the need to make GLaDOS the villain somehow, yet ChellDOS fanfictions don’t ever seem to make W/heatley the bad guy?

It’s almost like they have to demonize GLaDOS and erase all her development in order to make W/heatley look better.

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Okay but imagine Futaba and Pidge being adorable dorks and snarky nerds together, hanging out (hacking together), changing clothes and glasses to mess with people, pulling sass on others. Futaba sitting with her legs close to her chest while Pidge sits crosslegged like they always do. Just two dork geniuses being best friends casually hacking the government. Just. IMAGINE.


That is the best idea


Keith ft. Marmora suit, paladin suit a few years down the road, and Lance

(Allura probably lets them modify their armor as they get older. Lance A. doesn’t believe in shoulder pads and B. refuses to be the sharpshooter and unable to welcome anyone to the gun show due to “excessive armor.” Keith’s has a hood. And something like the Marmora helmet.)


I’m not looking for somebody
With some superhuman gifts
Some superhero
Some fairytale bliss
Just something I can turn to
Somebody I can kiss

I want something just like this

this time, @evgirunslaad provided the inspiration with “Something just like this” by Chainsmokers and Coldplay
first i imagined the chorus from inko’s pov and god it’s perfect, but then i considered it from toshi’s pov AS WELL and gaaaahh *tears*

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