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Wake up

Hey love! Could you write one where harry and y/n got into an argument/fight that ended one of them to walk out then something bad happen to y/n? something like that, you decide the the end but i hope it’ll all be good, love your writing!! xx

Here it is, sorry it took me so long.


“HARRY, STOP YELLING AT ME!” Y/N was beyond mad right now. She got home from work and she barely made pass the door when Harry start to acuse her of cheating. 


Harry was never one to believe in rumours. Since the beginning of their relationship 4 years ago, Y/n had made very clear she wasn’t going to believe the rumours about him and she expected for him to do the same. And for 4 years they were fine. But not today. Fans started to send him pictures of her and some random guy out for lunch and something in him just snapped. 

They’ve been fighting for hours and Harry can’t quite believe the guy is “just a friend”. Y/n have been working a lot and he knows is because she wants a promotion, but the green jealous monster inside of him was telling him she was always late because she was fucking someone else. But in the end, it all came down to one thing: Harry was scared of loosing the love of his life. 

“I thought you trusted me, I thought we had an agreement of not believing rumors, Harry!” Y/n was already crying. She was tired, she had a stressful day at work and now her boyfriend was accusing her of cheating.

“I know, but you’ve come home late everyday and now this pictures and…”

“You know what? I’m going out. I need a time from you right now. And I really hope when I get back you’re ready to apologize because you know very well that I would NEVER cheat on you.” She got her car keys and her purse and before Harry could say something, she was already outside the door.


3 hours. It’s been 3 hours since Y/n left the house and to make it worse she’s not answering her phone. Harry have been trying to talk to her since she left, but she keeps ignoring him. He knows he’s wrong. Y/n could never cheat on him and he should know better than to believe rumours going around the internet. He was just so afraid of loosing her that he might as well have already done it.

He tried to call her one more time and this time she answered.

“Y/n? Where are you?”

“Hm, sir, this is Officer Casper. What are you to Ms. Y/L/N?”

“I-I-I’m her boyfriend.” Harry felt something odd in his stomach and he could swear he was about to throw up. “Where’s Y/n? Where’s my girlfriend?”

“Sir, your girlfriend suffered a car accident. We found her car at the side of the highway. Can you please come to hospital St. Mary?”

Harry could barely knew what he was doing. He was shaking and crying while driving as fast as he could to the hospital. How bad was she? Maybe she’s ok, maybe it was just a scratch, right? But if it wasn’t? What if he lost her? He couldn’t imagine a life without Y/n and he knew it was all his fault. If he hasn’t believed the rumours and started a fight, she would be in his arms right now, cuddling to him and telling about her stressful day at work.

He parked and rushed to the hospital entrance. He could see a nurse talking to a cop and he ran over there.

“Sorry, are you officer Casper? How’s Y/n?” Harry was clearly distraught and the nurse offered him a seat.

“She’s doing some exames right now. She has a broken ankle and bruises, but overall she’s fine. We’re just making sure nothing else is wrong with her. You can wait here.” The nurse left after someone called for her and Harry turned to the cop.

“What happened?” 

“She was driving too fast and some animal crossed in front of her. The car that was behind her said she tried to avoid the animal and she ended up crashing the car into a tree. She’s fine, she was unconscious when we got here.”

“Mrs. Styles? She’s at her room. Do you wanna see her?” The kind nurse asked him and after he nodded she took him to see Y/n.

Harry let out a strangled cry when he saw his beautiful girlfriend lying in the hospital bed. She has her ankle in a cast and a few cuts in her face and arms and a bigger one in her forehead. She looked so fragile.

“It looks a lot worse than it is. We gave her some painkillers for the pain.”

“Thank you.” The nurse let him alone with Y/n and he sat in a chair by her side. “Baby, I’m so sorry for everything! I know you wouldn’t cheat on me, I was just so afraid I would loose you… Please babe, wake up. I need to know you’re ok and that you forgive me. Wake up, darling.”

She didn’t respond and Harry let out a sob, holding her hand.

“He is gay.” Y/n whispered. 

“What?” Harry said surprised. 

“The guy I was getting lunch with is gay, you idiot.”

“Oh my god…” Harry kissed her hand. “I’m so so sorry, Y/n. When that officer told me you were in the hospital I thought that I had lost you for good. Please, don’t scare me like this anymore. I can’t live without you. I can’t.”

“I won’t. I mean, as long as you stop believing rumours. Deal?” She smiled down at him.

“Deal.” He kissed her lips.

“I love you, you idiot.”

“I love you too, darling.”



  • You do not need Amiibo cards to play
  • Villagers will occur naturally
  • Cards are used to Immediately move villagers in or to move in special characters that would never move in normally (Isabelle, Resetti, etc)


  • You can go back to edit houses
  • There is probably not gonna be free roam feature
  • Villagers Houses you have made are cataloged into this menu and by clicking that villagers icon you can travel to their house
  • This allows for you to have as many houses as you want with out being limited by space.


  • The US release is September 25th 2015
  • All the buildings (not houses) you design will be on your “main street”
  • This is not an upgrade too ACNL