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{Fanacc}170902 SHINee World 2017 ~FIVE~ Special Edition in Tokyo Dome

Minho is soooooo much more hype than usual rn and it’s really no mystery as to why. Bless him we don’t deserve him. [ cr:keys_knees ]

*Taemin’s hair was too messy and the fans started laughing! Minho went over and tidied it for him

They are doing Lucifer with 4 very young dancers!!!!! Super nice

Yes, they are doing the stages with 4 members but Onew’s part remains (music). Only for certain songs, a dancer will stand-in for Onew

SHINee’s selective predebut/debut pics/after debut pics are showing over the VCR

SHINee are on a SHINee bus and going around the dome (shooting their signed coloured balls

Minho is looking so cute like a little boy in the cap and denim top (that looks like a raincoat!)

During Your Number, Minho was the one who ended and dialed a number. He went “SHINee World , (we/i) really like you!”

SHINee says this is the first time they are gonna perform “Tell me Your name” (and minho pretended to be very nervous)

There’s this “bunch/strands” of taemin’s hair that keeps “standing” up so the members teased him : “is this your keypoint today?”

Key pointed to the fans and then went “muacks”

The four of them are holding hands a while ago and walked together to thank the fans *awwwww*

Them : we hope that we will come back to the stage very soon as 5 members
Key seems to be holding back his tears. Can’t bear to see his face like this          [ cr:minhoclove

the main stage just picked itself up and rolled all the way to the back of the stadium wtf wtf

taemin’s hair was sticking straight up and minho fixed it

the little kids from the JAT vcr are on stage dancing to lucifer with SHINee

when SHINee came out the screen split in half horizontally and SHINee were on a platform that came out from behind and lowered down it was really high up

it’s really hot in the dome SHINee are drenched lol seriously key flipped his hair and sweat went flying OTL

minho tossed the prop cup to taemin and he totally failed at catching it and it went flying during your number 

key almost fell during his chair move during your number again… he didn’t, but almost did  he was laughing after

the tell me your name choreo is sexy omfg omfg rip there are cameras in the stage pointed up at SHINee and they are thrusting towards the stage (and the cameras)

SHINee really worked so hard to pull this concert together and they gave it their 110% despite the circumstance, i’m so thankful and proud

The concert was such a roller coaster ride of emotions… Tell Me Your Name will haunt me forever.. and i’ll see it again tomorrow [ cr: keyoemi ]

Everyone screaming for Onew so loud when he’s on the screen

Minho being extra lol Love it

They’re showing OLD photo shoot footage while they talk about each member

During Juilete Minho was playing around with the band too. So cute &   Key and Taemin were playing with each other XD

Minho is making fun of the way Jjong talks AGAIN LOL

Minho covered some of Onew’s lines!  

MINHO WAS AMAZING. WHAT EVEN. GET IT FLAMING CHARISMA.  Minho is giving hearts like crazy

They showed Minho’s face when Taemin was talking. He looked totally confused LOL

Key and Minho started singing and dancing to All Night as they left the stage Lol

Taemin and Jonghyun took off their jackets! Sleeveless shirts  

NEW VERSION OF KEEPING LOVE AGAIN. Minho had an extra rap?

Jinki is in the ending practice video  [ cr: @justrolyn ]

Jjong mentioned Onews name but rly just stated he wasn’t there. They don’t cover his parts and ther a lots of vcr with him too

There’s a backup dancer for Onews part during Sherlock

The most important fact for today’s dome: Key cried in the end because of sadness. Not happiness. They were SAD. Genuinely sad. [ cr: @Myuux2 ]

At the end of Diamond Sky the camera showed a fanboard saying “SHINee FOREVER

Minho did his best today to make us laugh, he was showering everyone with love, throwing even more hearts and smiles than ever! ♡

Tell Me Your Name was definitely the highlight of this concert. They started on the floor, then took off their jsckets showing low V cuts.

During one ment Taemin tried to say something but was struggling with words and he looked so cute that Minho hugged him XD

Key and Minho danced a bit of SNSD’s All Night during MTTM dance break and at the end XD [ cr: @anneaviel ] 

I cant stop crying when i hear Jinki’s voice n the members were so emo during Melody

They are always leaving a space on the stage for Jinki

For ABOAB, we were facing Jinki’s placeand it was empty

Makes me  emo cz they left a gap where Jinki stands and no one covered for his voice.. it was there loud n clear but only he wasn’t there

During Melody idk i think all the members got emo u could see it in their face n Key really emphasized the line "keep waiting for u

But the 4babies really gave in 200% to make up for Jinki .. i am sure Jinki will be so proud [ cr: RealUnkle1932 ]

Minho was so cute and did a lot of aegyo. Key was sexy as hell. Jjong was so passionate about signing.

Tell Me Your Name is extremely epic. And sexy. And Taemin was too much to survive.

Today’s queueing was extreme. My first time and I understood how hard is to get goods. [ cr: RealKasik91 ]

the bond between shinee and shinee world just makes me cry so hard






Taem: 1st floor people are u having fun Taem: 2nd floor people are u having fun Taem: 3rd floor people are u having fun Everyone: YEEEEE


[ pic cr: @pressitmvs]


They were saying "lets go lets go” while running to our side looool

minho looks like hes holding back so hard huhu

theyre bowing to every side too :(((

[ cr: @blancbutter

A few favourites from my colection: Hercule Poirot mystery paperbacks + contemporary guides

I love vintage 40s, 50s and 60s American editions of Agatha Christie books so much, they’re worth the expensive international shipping costs ($20 shipping for a single paperback)! Can’t buy them as often as I’d like but I enjoy collecting them. The gloves and stiletto-like corn knife on the 1944 edition of 13 at dinner (UK title: Lord Edgware Dies) are simple yet amazingly creepy. ♥

Sunday Morning - Joe Sugg

Pairing: Joe Sugg & Y/N
Words: 945
Warning(s): none
Summary/Request:  Can you make an imagine where Y/N and Joe are just cuddling in bed and having cute little moments and mainly have fluff? Thank you!!

You woke up to fingers tracing up and down your exposed back, your pj top obviously shifting during the night. The fingers trace up your spine and down to the base of it, moving to outline different shapes and words that you could barely make out.
What you did make out was the light touches that were spelling out the words ‘I love you’.
“I love you too, Joe.” You replied sleepily, turning your head on your pillow so that you could face your long-term boyfriend.
He smiled at your words, happy that you were now awake on the beautiful Sunday morning.
His fingers continued to make shapes on your back as you woke up a bit more.
Opening your eyes fully, you moved yourself so that you were cuddled into Joe’s side, head on chest and legs intertwined with each other.
“I don’t want to get up.” You whined lightly, nuzzling your head further into his chest.
“We don’t have to, videos are all scheduled, no plans with the boys or anyone today, just me and you and this room.” He answered, placing a kiss on the top of your head.
“Speaking of the boys, how are they?” you asked.
Joe spoke of the boys, how Jack was progressing well with his DJ work, Conor was working on some new music, Caspar being out with Maddie a lot and not really seeing the boys much, but he was happy that his friend was happy. He talked about Josh and Mikey, how they were excited for new projects coming up soon and some future skit ideas they had, Oli and how proud he was for him coming out with his second book, happy that he had made so many friends because he was bored and decided to do what Zoe was doing one day.
He spoke about the Sidemen, and the videos he recently filmed with Simon, JJ, and Cal. How he thought his viewers were really going to like them, however he did have to edit them down quite a bit since they were going on his main channel.
Joe was currently training with the boys quite a bit due to the Sidemen match coming up soon.
“I’m really excited for it, it went down really well last time.” He rambled, but you were content listening to him as he was happy. “But there’s going to be a lot more people there than last time…” he trailed off.
You turned to look up at him, moving your hand that was around his waist up to his face, getting him to look back at you.
“Hey, you’ll do great. I know you will. And I’ll be right there on the sidelines with the other girls, cheering you on no matter what happens.” You reassured him.

You moved onto the topic of going to visit your families for a bit before the summer, as that would be the busiest time of year for the two of you. You arranged that you would go down to see his dad and then his mum, before going out to see your family a week later. As you had been going out with Joe for a couple of years, your families were always very excited when the two of you came to visit, organising a fun packed week when you did.
You began to talk about VidCon, how excited the two of you were about going, to see all the long-distance friends you had both made through YouTube. About the collabs you had planned with others, knowing that they would be good for when they came out. You were both staying for two weeks after VidCon ended, spending a week at Coachella and the rest of the time relaxing and exploring California.

After the long and detailed chats about where you were staying, and where exactly the two of you wanted to go, you came to a comfortable silence.
Joe rubbed his hand up the side of your arm, pressing warm kisses on the top of your head, trailing them down the side of your face and eventually meeting your lips.
Joe changed his position so that he was hovering over you slightly, leaning his weight onto the mattress below you. Drawing back ever so slightly, he gazed into your eyes and smiled.
He leaned in again, pressing short but sweet kisses to your lips, making you giggle in response.
He moved to your side, but moved his hand so that his fingers delicately traced over your facial features.
“I can’t wait for Sunday mornings in the future,” he whispered, running his finger slowly down the bridge of your nose.
“Kids coming running in, begging for you to come make breakfast for them and to play games,” he continued, tracing the dip where your collar bone was.
“Us having to cover up quickly because we had some amazing sex the night before,” he smirked, tracing over the outline of your lips before you hit him in the side lightly.
“Joe!” you laughed.
“You’re going to look so beautiful in a wedding dress coming down the aisle, having that pregnant glow with all our mini-me’s, growing old together.” He smiled thinking about it.
You imagined the future, one with Joe and children, maybe a daily vlogging channel to document the most sacred moments of your time together.
You both smiled, Joe leaning down to kiss you properly, tingles coming from where your lips met and where his hands were rested on your waist.

He pulled back a fraction, “I think we should go make breakfast.”


More photos from the Marvel Studios set up at D23 this weekend! Check out the awesome set pieces and costumes from Thor Ragnarok and Black Panther, as well as a better look at the amazing Thanos statue, with some things still covered up. I think it may be the Black Order members behind him, but we’ll see soon enough!

Christmas Cookies - Flashfam x Flashmom

Prompt: Flashmom is trying to hide her cookies so that she has some for christmas, but between Barry, Bart and Wally they keep finding/eating all of them -only for her to wake up christmas morning to find the kitchen/living room full with plates of different kinds of cookies and her three boys asleep on the table, covered in bits of flour and dough?

“Thanks for making cookies sweetheart!” Barry said appearing behind you and grabbing a stack of cookies that you had just pulled out of the oven.

“Barry!” You reprimanded. “Those were the Christmas cookies!” You scolded. Your husband had the good sense to look at least a little ashamed.

“Whoops.” He shrugged sheepishly.

“Oh! Cookies! Thanks Flashmom!” Wally said speeding into the kitchen and stopping just long enough to take a plateful of cookies before speeding away again.

“Wait! Those aren’t -” You started to protest but it was already too late. Wally was long gone and so too were your cookies. You let out a low frustrated groan before pulling all the ingredients back out again. It would seem you would need to make a second batch after all.

“Here, I can help.” Barry offered kindly. You waved him off and nudged him away from the kitchen.

“It’s fine really. What I really want is for you to go take a nap. Don’t think I haven’t seen how thin you’ve been spreading yourself lately.”

“Eh. Tis the season.” Barry shrugged casually.

“Bed. Now, Mr. Allen.” You commanded pointing in the direction of your bedroom. Barry gave you a salute paired with an exhausted smile.

“I’ll be there in a flash, Mrs. Allen.” Barry responded dutifully before speeding off in the direction of the bedroom. You shook your head and rolled your eyes.

‘In a flash. Yeah, that’s a new one’, you thought sarcastically.

You worked in silence as you made a second batch of cookies. Once they were fully baked you hid them away where you were sure none of the boys would find them and moved into the living room to relax with a good book. Sometime later Bart waltzed into the room finishing the last bite of a cookie. No, no, no.

“Hey Grandma, can you make some more cookies? Those were amazing!” Bart complimented. You covered your face with your book and let out a long groan. “Grandma?”

“Those cookies were meant for Christmas.” You explained again with a sigh. At this point you decided against making a third batch. Chances are they wouldn’t make it to Christmas anyways.

“Oh, my bad! Sorry about that!” Bart apologized.

“It’s fine.” You reassured.

Truth be told, you were a bit upset that you couldn’t get even a part of a batch of cookies to last until Christmas. It had been a family tradition to make Christmas cookies on Christmas eve for the next day but with a family full of Speedsters it was hart to get food to last long enough around here.

When you woke up the next morning on Christmas day, Barry wasn’t in bed. You sighed, figuring a Justice League came up or some random villain couldn’t take a day off. What you didn’t expect was the sight that greeted you when you went downstairs to make coffee.

There on the table was all of your boys sleeping peacefully with flour and cookie dough smeared across their faces. The kitchen was an absolute mess after their little baking spree but scattered around the counters were plates upon plates full of Christmas cookies.

Without waking them you took a cookie and bit into it before starting to clean up the mess your boys’ made, your heart glowing at the thoughtfulness that they had.

Still … you bet that all these cookies will be gone by the end of the day.


A little sneak peek of this months monthly spread. There isn’t a lot on it as I don’t have a busy month and I prefer to keep my planners efficient as well as good looking. Ignore the orange sticky note flags, thy are covering some personal information. Have an amazing and productive day. See you next time ~ Beth

🎧 We don’t have to dance - Andy Black


The days of lemon meringue pies are probably behind her forever, along with dances with dance cards and white gloves and trolleys and fresh flowers delivered every day. But Mr. Reed said Saskatoon berries make a good pie, and Sansa’s determined to embrace new things, the things that are actually within her reach. So she agreed to try Saskatoon berries and he sent his son, Jojen, out to pick some for her, after she announced she wanted to make something special for dinner tonight to serve their expected guest, Sergeant Jon Snow.

Saskatoon Berry Pie  // just_a_dram


Say what you want about the Fifty Shades movies, but they had some amazing song covers

anonymous asked:

May I have a one shot of prince soma( from black butler) x chubby reader getting marry. Please and thank you love your blog! 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

Of course sweetie!~ I adore Prince Soma and honestly think he’s sooo underappreciated in the Black Butler fandom. Here you go sweetie! I hope you enjoy it!

Originally posted by kenmacchis


That’s what you felt right now and you had good reason to.

You were about to get married. Oh yes, possibly the biggest day of your entire life and it was taking place at this very moment. Gulping down some of your nerves, you took one last look at yourself in the mirror.

You looked stunning and that was the absolute truth. The white dress looked amazing on you and even covered some ‘problem areas’ you didn’t like, but Soma adored.

He always did. He’d tell you everyday just how perfect and lovely you were and that was just the beginning of it all.

Giving a light laugh, you smoothed the front of your dress, your tummy still poking out a little which made you smile. You didn’t hate it, no. You actually liked it and the loud prince made you realize that.

A knock at the giant Oak door broke you from your train of thought as Elizabeth came springing in; a giant smile on her face as she stared at you. Her eyes practically sparkled as she took you in. “Oh (Y/N)…” Grinning at your friend, you gave a little twirl and carefully walked toward her, ready to walk down the aisle. 

“Are you ready dear?” Taking a deep breath and exhaling all the silly nerves that were still fluttering around inside you, you nodded. 

She practically dragged you down the giant halls of Somas palace eager to see true love tie the knot as she kept saying through the whole wedding planning process. 

Spotting Ciel ahead, she booked it on full speed and you made it to him in record time. “Lizzy, (Y/N)’s in a wedding dress, you can’t drag her around like that.” The young man scolded the girl who only smiled and gave your hand a squeeze before going through the door to take her seat.

“Are you ready?” Seeing Ciel with his hand toward you, you nodded grabbing onto your long time friends hand. He was going to walk you down the aisle and you couldn’t ask for anyone better.

The music started. The doors opened. It. Was. Time. You and Ciel started walking, all eyes on you as you gazed upon the front where Soma stood in all his glory and smile lighting up his face, his gaze focused on you and you alone.

“You know, if the fool does anything to hurt you…Sebastian will be here in a moment.” Smiling at the worry your friend expressed you just clutched his hand tighter as you made it halfway to the front.

“I’ll keep that in mind Ciel, but I think I’ll be fine.” He let a rare smile spread on his face. “You’re right, the fool loves you dearly, he adores you with every fiber of his being. Well, here’s your stop.” The wise crack made you grin as he kissed your cheek and moved your hand from his hold to Somas.

Stepping up fully, you stood across the love of your life. You both have been through such an adventure and another was about to begin.

“You look absolutely beautiful as always my love.” The smile still on his face, he clutched your hand a bit tighter afraid if he’d let go, you’d vanish. You could see the formation of tears at the corner of his eyes as you smiled. He was so good to you…you were so lucky and so was he.

“We are gathered here today…” While the ceremony droned on, Soma and yourself just couldn’t break your gazes away from one another and you knew that the rest of your lives together will always feel like this and that was something you were truly grateful for.



While travelling in my campervan, I love going for morning walks. The last few mornings I have seen some amazing and spectacular dew covered spider webs