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Ugh I feel kinda down lately; pretty much because of school exams. BUT drawing my ship made me happier! :’) I really should draw more of my ships like OkiKagu, NaLu, BokuAka, GinHiji and so onnnn

Credit to the amazing KageHina artist for the pose:  (Wrong Direction)

Ed Sheeran Reveals the Ingenious Way His Girlfriend Rescued Their Cat After It Jumped Out the Window



When one of Ed Sheeran‘s cats escaped his home, his girlfriend Cherry Seaborn implemented the purr-fect rescuers plan!

A proud owner of two female felines with snack-inspired names (Dorito and Calippo), Sheeran told PEOPLE last week, “Dorito jumped out of a three-story window yesterday!”

“Cherry opened the window to let some air in, and she just jumped out,” the singer — whose new album ÷ currently tops the Billboard 200 chart — explained.
“Cherry obviously freaked out; she’s in this closed-off garden that we can’t get into because it’s not our garden. So Cherry tied all of her scarves together onto a laundry basket and put food in it and lowered it down and picked her back up. What an idiot, though!”

Sheeran, 26, and Seaborn — a 24-year-old risk advisory consultant he’s knows since he was 11 — began dating in 2015 and have had their cat companions for one year.

“Me and Cherry literally had them from birth, and they think that we’re their mother, from our warmth and our smells,” Sheeran said of the sisters, who make frequent cameos on his Instagram since he’s returned from his year-long social media break.

Sheeran said his girlfriend and his longtime pal Taylor Swift have bonded over their shared affinity for cats.
“Her and Taylor have hung out without me quite a few times; I think they have gal chats,” he said. “I don’t know what they get up to, talking about cats or whatever.” 


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Badboy!Taehyung + "Do I know you?"

the sound of music blaring through the speakers began to hurt your head. a migraine was going happen anytime soon. you were at a club where your roommate/best friend basically forced you to come out of the dorm. you were so not ready to go home with a drunken girl leaning on you as you would try to lead the way back home later tonight.

you sat at the bar as your finger gingerly traces the edges of your glass cup. the heat from your fingertips warmed up the edges as you hesitated to drink from the glass. you were no heavy drinker, heck it was your fourth cup and you could already feel the alcohol take its effect on you. your eyes glancing around the room as the images began to distort. you needed some air and so you gave your friend a heads up that you’d be outside getting some fresh air.

opening the door in a fast manner as you quickly exited the club making you bump into another body. a loud bang echoes throughout the ally. you just hit a stranger with a door. it took a few minutes for you to realize what was happening and to also realize that you knew that same hair color anywhere. kim taehyung. part of bts, a group of gang boys who attended your school.

“omg, taehyung, i’m sorry!” you exclaimed as you ran towards him with care. fingers pressing against his forhead as blood began to dribble down. you panicked as you went through your purse to find a pack of tissues and helped dab away the blood.

a groan of pain left his lips as his eyes met yours, “do i know you?” the question echoed throughout your head. did he really have to ask that when you were helping him out?

“no. but i know you not like i really wanted to though,” you deadpanned at the brunette as you helped him up. “it’s your fault for being one of the schools bad boy, kim taehyung.”

he nodded in agreement, “true. but thanks for the help, uhh—” he extended his sentence as he waited for you to tell him your name.

“it’s y/n. and no problem. you should go get that checked by the way,” you pointed at your forehead to show him where the spot was on his head. “see ya never,” you waved him goodbye as you walked away from him.

taehyung was left in awe. never has a girl ever said those things and maybe he was just a bit interested in you. the door creaked open leading to a confused jin.

“taehyung, what happened to your head? your bleeding!” jin exclaimed in concern. “who did it? we can find them and—”

“hyung, its nothing. don’t worry.” he didn’t want to tell jin that he got hit by a door by a girl. especially when he just got interested in her.

literally i’m so down right now that I don’t think i want to work on

  1. The White Queen
  2. Checkmate
  3. I’m Not Crazy

anymore… but like maybe I just need some air. So i think I’m going to go away for a bit..

Soft boys in flower crowns, this must be heaven (ᅌᴗᅌ✿) 

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Water signs: I want to spend hours together talking about nothing

Air signs: I want to spend hours together talking about everything


“Listen to me, I sound like a Blake Shelton song!”
“Yours is better!”