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I was heading out to have a snack when I noticed this … creature sitting at the edge of the picnic table. It was festooned with pendants, beads and a garland of clementine skins. This creature seems really peaceful, and we sat and shared some strawberries for a while, then I invited them in for some air conditioning. This gentle collector spirit will be up in the shop tonight at 6pm if you’re interested ✖

how to wake up happier ♡

For the past few days I’ve woken up feeling a lot happier and way more positive, simply by starting a few more healthy habits. I figured that I might sprinkle and share some of my positivity with you peeps! ♡ 

If you are recovering from any mental health issues, or want to take the next step, this might be benefitial to you, as it was to me - however, I will warn you that different things work for different people :)

before bed:
practise self-care and self-love, think positive thoughts, breathe fresh air, listen to calming music, read a good and positive book, drink water - stay hydrated kiddos, drink some calming tea, take any medication you need to, make sure everything you need for tomorrow is prepared and make sure that you room is in good conditions to sleep in. 

when you wake up:
don’t reach for your phone the moment you wake up, open your curtains, open your window and let some fresh air in, have a drink, stretch and remember the positive thoughts you went to bed with.

some helpful words from some beautiful peeps
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“Quick fact. Ready? Consuming protein prior to bed time may enhance sleep quality by providing the body with amino acids necessary to create human growth hormone. This hormone plays a role in deepening sleep, as well as muscle recovery following exercise.” | @thepowerwithin

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Can you please make a post addressing the Wale situation, the previous rumor caused fans to harass Wale until he tweeted that he was quitting the collab today. This is really bad

I made one my dear and said how that rumor was groundless. Yesterday there were ONE anti that I saw that started telling wale to stay away from Namjoon and that he is for sure only after Rap Monster’s fame. Did you cringe? yeah! That’s total nonsense. That’s how you detect an ANTI. They make NO SENSE. But people started answering her and trying to educate her, the more you answer a tweet, the more popular it gets … aaaaaannnnnnd now the anti evaporated into thin air, made some good news turn into Wale being upset, Namjoon being embarassed and ARMYs apologizing to Wale. SEE!!! That’s why YOU. NEVER.FEED.THE.ANTIS. And please guys, do not believe anything you find online SO EASILY. *sigh* 


Surprise gift ch.10

It had been four months since Yondu had claimed his mate. The small omega was innocent and playful at times but he had also learned she could be a handful. Centaurians in general were known to be wild most other races even referred to them as savages but his female also had the Drakorian blood flowing through her veins and he swore she was wilder than him. Currently he and a small group of his crew was on a mission on the planet of Velfor, a forest and water covered planet with little inhabitants. He had taken his mate along with him so she could get some fresh air and was busy briefing his men on what they were to do. Supposedly there was a crashed ship near by that had a cargo hold full of ammo. He didn’t need it but he knew some buyers that would pay big for that kind of heat. “…got it?” he asked his crew and saw them nod their heads before breaking off into smaller two man teams and going different ways to look for the ship. “Alright darlin’ let’s ead’…” he started turning to where she was just standing, when he saw her gone he stopped. “Y/n?” he said looking around but saw her no where. Giving a growl he heard a chuckle from beside him. Seeing Kraglin standing there he pointed towards the east.

“She went that way cap.” He said.

Letting out an annoyed huff he nodded to his first mate and went to find his omega female. Walking through the forest it didn’t take long for him to find her. Looking up into the high limbs of the trees he put his hands on his hips and let out a whistle. Instantly her eyes snapped towards him when she heard him call for her. “What er’ ya doin’ girl?” he yelled. 

Hearing the familiar call of your mate you looked down to the ground to see him standing there with his hands on his hips. You could tell by the look on his face he was not happy. “Nothing.” you said as sweet as you could. Looking back at the small creature you had been chasing you held your hand out and tried to reach for it. You didn’t know what it was but it looked so cute. It was small, about the size of your hand. It was covered in brown fur and had big floppy ears. “Come on it’s okay. I ain’t gonna hurt ya.” you cooed and watched as the creature slowly moved towards you but stopped when Yondu talked. 

He knew she was up to something. Clicking his tongue he let out a huff. “Y/n.” he said and saw her tense. “Down.” he huffed out in annoyance.

Tensing at the slight anger in his voice you bit your lip and held up your hand again looked into the small things big round eyes. “Come on…” you said in a soft voice. Giving a soft whistle you watched as it’s ears perked up and it smiled. Smiling back it hopped into your hand and you heard another call of your name this time followed by a commanding ‘NOW.’ Holding the small thing to your chest you climbed down from the tree, letting Yondu catch you when you jumped from the last limb. 

Yondu gave his mate a hard smack to her backside and growled into her neck making her shrink inward. “How many times I gotta tell ya ta stay by me. Ya listen ta me girl!…” He snarled and saw her look down at the something in her arms. His brows furrowed as he looked over the creature. Realizing what it was he ran his hand over his face. “Why ya got a mogwai?” he asked.

You winced at the sting in your backside but perked back up when you heard him mention the 'Mogwai’. “I found him. He’s cute.” you smiled looking down at the little thing and then back up to Yondu.

He had one brow raised as he looked at his mate and the fur ball. “There lil’ pests what they are. Good eaten tho’.” he said and saw her look at him with furrowed brows. 

“You are not eating him.” you said looking at your male with a firm glare. Hugging the mogwai closer to your chest and turning him away from Yondu.

The alpha male let out something between a snort and a growl. When he heard a small whistle come from the thing he dropped his jaw and rolled his eyes. “ya taught it ta whistle?!” he said and saw her give her guilty smile. Rolling his eyes he began walking away, ranting under his breath in Centaurian. 


 Later that night Yondu had made them a small fire and found them something to eat other than the Mogwai that was now singing. Looking at his mate he saw her to have a smile on her face as she looked at the small creature. Yondu couldn’t help but grin at the thought of how she would be with their own children one day. Her being an omega, no doubt she would be a wonderful and caring mother, but him. He was an alpha and they normally made good, protective fathers but he had not had parents to show him how to act growing up. He remembered very little of his life before slavery. Hearing his mates voice he snapped out of this thoughts and looked over to her.

Seeing your mates face contort into one of sadness you furrowed your brows, “yondu?” when he shook his head and looked to you he tried to force a small grin but you didn’t fall for it. “What’s wrong?” you asked him.

“Nothin’ princess…” he started but quickly watched as she only looked at him in that knowing glare. Letting out a sigh he dropped his head. He had never told her about his past. She knew he was a former slave but that was it. “Just thinkn’ about the past.” When she moved over to sit in his lap he swallowed. She deserved to know, after all she had opened up to him, maybe it was time he allowed her the opportunity to know him as well. Leaning back against the tree he rubbed her upper leg with his hand and looked up at the stars. “I was a lot like ya. I only knew me parents fer a short amount of time but I’s can remember what they looked like. I remember our home, it was in the mountains. We lived in a cave…. when I was about three they sold me ta the kree. I don’t know why, I think it was cuz i had so many brothers and sisters and they didn’t ave’ any money.” Stopping he took a deep breath as the imagines of his past played before his eyes. “… The kree they cut off my fin and made me a battle slave. Fought fur twenty years until Stakar came and freed me. E’ made me a ravager and I worked under him fur five years. The night I first met ya, e’ gave me my own ship ta Captain and the the best thing I could ave’ ever asked fer…” he said with a small smile. Looking down he saw her clueless and gave her a soft smile. “You.” Closing his eyes he closed the gap between them and pushed his lips to hers. Slowly turning he laid her down on the soft grass and held himself above her. Kissing her lips he pushed her shirt over her head and started with her pants feeling as her fingers pulled on his own clothes. Hearing a noise he cracked one eye open to see the Mogwai looking at them with wide eyes and a tilted head. Growling into her mouth he balled up her shirt and threw it at the fuzz ball before going back to his previous acts.

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A/N: I was watching grimlins when i wrote this chapter…don’t judge me.

Today I walked out of the bank and saw a woman leaning against my car trying to see into my cargo area and pounding on my rear window. As I approached she started to scream at me calling me an animal abuser . Saying my dogs were unresponsive in their “horrible cages” and I “left them in the car with the windows closed to slowly cook them” . She told me she called he police and I better walk faster to come open my car and get them some air. Said she was about to break the window to save them.

I very calmly opened the cargo area to reveal empty dog crates . I didn’t say a word. She ran off to try and tell the police they weren’t needed. People suck ! Lmao


@toonytou I’m sorry these are so late! I hope I didn’t forget anyone… Jim was kind of a late addition as I’d drawn him earlier for an art trade but never really felt it was good enough to upload. I apologize for all of the mistakes, too. Aaaa but I’m rambling! Anyways, have a fabulously fantabulous day you lovable dork!!! Eat some delicious and healthy food and enjoy some fresh air!! Just take life at your own pace and continue being amazing!

Soft boys in flower crowns, this must be heaven (ᅌᴗᅌ✿) 

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Any take on Luke as just a normal kid whining about freedom should probably account for the fact that he lives on a lawless desert planet controlled by gangsters who kept his father and grandmother as slaves

Water signs: I want to spend hours together talking about nothing

Air signs: I want to spend hours together talking about everything


i’m gonna hire jimin as my main model for my future brand, expect it around 2018

The royal freak combi

Ugh I feel kinda down lately; pretty much because of school exams. BUT drawing my ship made me happier! :’) I really should draw more of my ships like OkiKagu, NaLu, BokuAka, GinHiji and so onnnn

Credit to the amazing KageHina artist for the pose:  (Wrong Direction)