Stomach ache

Neutral bed sheet placed over the place I go and sleep.

Not watching your advertising on my tv screen,

unless it’s funny - then I sit through it - sometimes.

So I suppose they are winning, not that they try anything less.

Losing seems like second best,

why did you buy that dress?

Selfish love for the way the pattern

crawls across my chest.

Likely story coming from the mom of a three story.

She wasn’t wrong, my question was answered

there wasn’t any hesitation when she stepped

confidence is what she did best.

Now, sitting with half drank beverages on this cold

plastic table. The air condition is having a seizure.

Sweaters and jackets look out of place unless

you are standing in a freezer.

When I was younger I loved to go and watch

the actors at our local outdoor theater.

Visually imprinted the way their clothing,

eyes tasting their every movement - what a show.

I have this memory of a baseball game,

where I was younger - I also had a pair of binoculars.

I sat in the stands next to my family,

and looked at this girl on the metal runway.

She looked much older but I couldn’t

get over the way her body moved.

I stopped looking when she peeked at me

over her right shoulder.

Pack up your supplies, pat the writing dry,

and wait for the car to arrive. 

Could I get some water in this?