sombrero man

  • Reaper: (Is named Gabriel Reyes. Has a Dia De Los Muertos MARIACHI skin THAT INCLUDES A SOMBRERO. Has an Origin's skin IN GAME that shows him with a dark skin tone and black hair. Is from Los Angeles, a city with a huge Latinx population. Is consistently drawn as having dark skin in the comics and other illustrations pre-experiment that turned him into Reaper.)
  • People: Are we sure he's Latino? I mean, can you site a source on that? I dunno, seems fishy to me.

So, I drive up to the Starbucks window to get the Grande Caramel Frapp I just ordered and I’m waiting for this guy to move his ass cause I wanted my freaking coffee and then he finally drives past the window and I pull up and this guys is wearing a sombrero.  Like a full blown Mexicano sombrero with the tassels ans the bright colors with his black t-shirt and his green Starbucks apron.  

And then he asked me how I am. And I reply, I’m good. And I thanked him. 

And then, as he hands me my Grande Frapp, he says Tuesdays are underrated.

I thanked him again. 

I drove away and got home and smiled and am now sitting typing that because there are so many happy thoughts that just surround one man in a sombrero.  He just exemplifies positivity and it is one thing that restores my faith in humanity.