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Got a request on Instagram to draw something sugar skull related and decided to draw something from Veruca’s past! here’s V and her dad and sister getting ready for a parade! I had a lot of fun with the colors * o *  also made a YouTube Video of me drawing it  

"Things My Roommates Have Said" Starters
  • "That's racist, now put on the sombrero."
  • "He's an old guy with money, he's the perfect victim."
  • "Why did you replace all the pizza with booze?"
  • "Is that your naked blanket or your sleeping blanket?"
  • "I promise I'll tell you if I ever consider stealing your husband for his money."
  • "I'm in my twenties and yet I'm calling some anime high schoolers senpai, can I really be trusted to make decisions?"
  • "Hey you opened my booze! Thanks Mom!"
  • "No one wants to rob a house with dicks hanging on the walls."
  • "Let the weight of those blankets push the sadness out of your body."
  • "If you can't suck ten dicks at once then how do you expect to get away with murder?"
  • "I love my new background, just look at all the tentacles and anime tiddies!"
  • "You know what makes people do anything? Shame."
  • "This kid is gonna be so confused because she now has five moms and she calls two of them dad."
  • "Most of my ideas might be illegal, but they usually work."
  • "My mom said we're not allowed to sell drugs again."
  • "The only sex rule in the apartment is to not have sex in the kitchen, I cook there."
  • "This is family time, that means we look at dicks together."
  • "I told you that playing drunk uno would destroy friendships, I warned you and you didn't listen to me, and now you suffer."
  • "Why are all my shoes in the fridge?"

High school best friends Charlie, Sam, and Cas doing a webshow as an assignment for their computer apps class. And between Charlie’s queen of the nerds thing and Cas’s confusion at all thing pop culture and Sam’s bitch faces, they actually become pretty popular, so they keep doing the videos even after the assignment ends.

And in the question vids, the question that probably gets asked the most is “Why do Cas and Dean hate each other?” Because everyone can see that they totally do. Whenever Dean does something on the show, Cas glares at him, and he glares right back. They’re constantly making snarky comments to and about each other. And Cas always insists that he doesn’t hate Sam’s older brother, but then Charlie and Sam give him matching bitch faces.

After a couple years of the videos, they’re coming up on the big 200, so they decide to do a live show with live tweeting and tumblr interaction with their 5000+ followers. And midway through the show, they decide to play spin the burrito (a game of their own invention).

“I’ll go get the burritos!” Sam volunteers while Charlie yells, “I’ve got the sombrero!”

“Here, have a staring contest with Cas while we’re gone,” Charlie instructs the viewers as she and Sam stand to leave.

As they run out of the room, Dean can be heard in the hallway, “what’s up guys?”



And Cas is busy staring directly into the camera, so he doesn’t see Dean peek his head into the room to check that the coast is clear. He doesn’t anticipate it when Dean’s arms wrap around him from behind as the older boy says, “Hey, Sexy.”

He barely has time to process before Dean is turning his head to the side to smash their mouths together. Cas tries to pull back, “Dean!”

“Don’t worry; I hid the burritos in the way back of the freezer this time. It’ll take him at least four minutes,” Dean promises. “And the sombrero is in the back of the hall closet, so that’ll take her five.”

“The camera!” Cas protests. Dean leans in for another kiss, murmuring, “Just edit it out later like you always do…” He presses another hungry kiss against Cas’s mouth, and Cas allows himself to be pulled under for a moment before he remembers that he can’t just edit it out later because…

“It’s a live show!” Cas squeaks, and Dean freezes. His eyes flick over toward the camera.

“Live?” He asks, and Cas nods his head.

Dean stays frozen there against Cas’s mouth for a solid ten second before he mutters, “Aw, fuck it!” And then resumes kissing his boyfriend.

When Charlie and Sam run back in a couple minutes later holding their spoils, she actually squeals. She holds out her hand toward Sam. “Pay up, bitch!”

Ok, so imagine being this sobrero guy, and suddenly you turn your back and come face to face with:

The Thin White Duke of Death,
holding two straight razors,
drenched in the blood of a bunch of armed guards
that he sliced to death
who are lying in the background in the pool of their own blood.
And he is just there, smiling.

Hell, I would die of a heart attack right then and there.

To his credit, the sombrero guy died a few moments later, when Joker hanged him from the balcony (yeah, happy times).

Comic: Batman #680, part of Batman R.I.P. story arc by Grant Morrison and Tony S. Daniel

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SJWs really like to hate on people for wanting lgbt characters and the like actually done well rather than just pitiful stereotypes.

You know why people deride the racial stereotypes? The high-pitched “hip” black guys? The Sombrero-toting Mexicans? The computer obsessed japanese people that live by samurai honour and stuff?

Because it takes something tiny that shouldn’t even impact their personality much (in this case, race) and makes it their entire personality

They can’t seem to wrap their stupid little heads around the idea that maybe people don’t want that shit with lgbt people either. The fuck good is “representation” when it doesn’t represent anything more than a stereotype and not real people?

“I’m Mexican, and though I would love a Latin American princess, I really don’t want Mexican roots on it. I mean, Disney would obviously make a beautiful princess, but even though I love my country, we don’t have many "princess stories” to tell. These are more like legends. And I don’t like the idea of all this BIG SOMBRERO GUYS AND LARGE BLACK BRAIDS GIRLS on a movie. That’s not the way we look now.“

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Random, but I came to say that I never realized how big of an issue cultural appropriation is to PoC. I was at a football game and there was some white guy in a sombrero and a Mexican guy sitting next to me said: "See, it's so annoying. If that guy wears a sombrero to a game, nobody says anything, but If I wear one people look at me like i'm crazy and i'm the Mexican one!" It really stuck with me and i've been thinking about it every day.

Same with AAVE

I’ve heard Black folks belittle other Black folks for speaking AAVE while praising White folks who “attempt” AAVE