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As promised, I present you with Sombra headcanons for shy and socially anxious s/o. And yes, I’ve been gay for Sombra since I laid eyes on her from that leak :3c And since we only know base stuff about her as I’m writing this, some of the things I’ll say regarding her might get outdated once she’s actually in the game.

-   Being with Sombra up until now had been very enabling for the anxiety stuff. She usually stayed indoors when she wasn’t going out to some mission she may or may not have been sabotaging, and of course she wouldn’t let you come with her even if you really wanted to.

-   Something changes though which puts an end to the whole ‘avoiding people’ thing you had going on 

-   She’s been noticed

-   Yes, you’ve read that right. Apparently, she’s been leaving a couple hints and loose ends that had led some people to know of her existence. You question her since you’ve never known her to be sloppy when it comes to tying up said loose ends

-   “ Cariño, there’s nothing to worry about. This is all part of my plan! I played around with these people for the longest time. At first it was a game for me but they actually ended up making the LumeriCo job go quicker! See? Not so bad!” She would tell you as she embraces you and peppers a few kisses here and there, chuckling when your cheeks lightly turned red.

-   Unfortunately, her plan is to be on the move, never staying in one place for too long. Even though she was noticed it didn’t mean she couldn’t be hard to pin down.

-   Traveling around comes with interacting with others. When you mumble with your words, she lightly rubs your back a bit to comfort you.

-   Lets you hide behind her to avoid talking to people sometimes. Don’t worry~

-   The smug grin on her face when you do this tho

-   Will tease you constantly and flirt more often than she would with someone who wasn’t as shy as you. 

-   If you absolutely need to do something but you’re too anxious to do it, she gives you the most persuasive pep talk that boosts your confidence so much. You’re amazed every time

-   Because of this, being with Sombra actually boosts your overall confidence, and she’s always there for you if it’s just not a good day that day.

-   Will say really ridiculous things in a flirtatious tone so she can see you blush and the confused look on your face after. she thinks it’s too pure

-   Her laughter is so nerdy when she does that. Sometimes you’ll try to be extra cute for her to get giggles out of her. Once she realizes what you’re doing though, you’re in for a whirlwind of affection that usually ends up getting a bit steamy if you’d like~  

windstonality  asked:

Can you do the 'having to share a bed with their crush' thing for Sombra, Mercy, and Pharah possibly?

@windstonality You didn’t say whether you wanted this to be headcanons or scenarios but since I haven’t been on in forever and I wanna get requests done HEADCANONS IT IS ENJOY

You can decide the context of the situation, but yeah y’all have to share the bed. Not that either of you mind, of course.~


  • To be honest she’s the most unaffected by the prospect of sharing a bed. She just kinda shrugs it off and makes a joke about it being friend bonding!
  • She gets to bed after you. She’s a busy hacker, what do you expect? But she only stops to rest when you call her over. “Sombra, you need sleep. Soon you’ll be typing the wrong numbers in and finding underground porn sites instead.” “I’m better than that. And only for you, Y/N.”
  • Sombra isn’t shy about physical contact in this situation. To be honest, I see her being the person who presses her cold feet to your legs under the covers. She just laughs and moves away whenever you mumble for her to quit it. But she secretly does want to sleep close to you, and have
  • When she wakes up she opens her eyes to see you and the first thing she does is smile. She sits up sleepily and yawns before looking down at her side. Your sleeping face is really cute, you know that? She may or may not take a picture to save for herself later. (Reaper catches her pulling it up once and FINALLY has a way to tease her back if he so chooses.)
  • “Y/N, beunos dias. Despertar.” Your day starts with her lightly shaking you awake by the shoulder. You groan and are about to flip over when she pokes your nose and tells you to get up. (If you don’t she just threatens you with cold water. You learned the hard way once that she’s not afraid to do that. (It’s cause she trusts you.))


  • Angela’s a little shy, but she’s more concerned with your comfort than her own. “Will this be alright, Y/N? I can try and arrange something else for myself.” “Angie, we’re just sleeping in the same bed. It’s fine.”
  • I see her being the first one to get in bed. She sleeps with her hair down, and OH MY L O R D she looks amazing. She only notices you staring because of your red cheeks. “Hm? What is it?” “Nothing! You just look really pretty.” “Oh! ..Thank you.” 
  • She turns over after that and you mentally scold yourself but in reality there’s a smile on her face. Oh, and she doesn’t sleep until she knows you’re going to as well. You need your rest! She will force you into bed if she has to, honey.
  • She wakes up first. Mercy is on a natural early rising schedule. The nerves of being a doctor will do that to ya; you always want to be there in  time. Plus she lost her parents, so I think she likes to use as much of her time helping people whenever she can. 
  • She admires your soft snores for a few moments, getting up and giggling to herself. You are awoken later by her voice softly greeting you. “Y/N, wake up, mein freund.” When you sit up she carefully hands you a mug of your favorite warm beverage. “How’d you know I like (insert drink here)?” “I pay attention to the little things.” The little smile she shoots you is enough to get you up for the day.


  • Pharah is the one who takes the most issue with the prospect of sharing a bed. It’s not like it’s a big deal, but she doesn’t want to invade your space.
  • When you two determine you have to share, the first thing she does is ask what side you want. She explains that space is important to her and you find it super adorable when she suggest a pillow as a border. “If you need to, we can put a pillow there to remind us.” She says “us,” but she means “you.” She would never forget.
  • You tell her that’s not necessary and get all snuggled in. She watches you get comfy before she gets under the blankets herself. Pharah turns to face away from you when she sleeps.
  • In the morning her eyes open to see hr now facing you. And you are right against her, your head right below hers. A dark blush lights up her face at first, and then she decides it’d be right to wake you.
  • “Y/N,” she shakes your shoulders a little as she calls your name. You open your eyes slowly and look up at her. “Good morning..” Okay, that was adorable. She then explains. “We seem to have gotten close in our sleep. Sorry-” “Don’t be. I like it.” You lay your head back down and Pharah just stares for a moment before smiling softly. “Whatever you say.” 

Sombra’s new assistant.

Guess he needs to be more specific.

Sorry Veves, Pixel Sombra is being a jerk. I’m sure you would have been a lovely tribute.

Apperances in order:

King Sombra from @sombrashy

Shy Sombra from @askshysombra

Mare Sombra from @askmaresombra

Prince Topaz from @askopalescentpearl

((Intentionally using a smaller frame for this and the next update as this is meant to be a smaller room, as opposed to a hallway. And look, Sombra is back in the cape and crown, been a while. XD))


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