You ever notice that some people are just “naturally” thin and some are “naturally” hella fat? Pues…

Maybe you’re an ECTOMORPH?

External image
External image

  • Thin frame, long limbs and lean muscle mass
  • Hard to gain/keep muscle aka “HARDGAINER”
  • Flat chest and small shoulders

Maybe you’re a MESOMORPH?

External image
External image

  • Broad shoulders, well-defined aka “hard body”
  • Strong and Athletic
  • Gain or lose muscle/fat fairly reasonably 

Maybe you’re an ENDOMORPH?

External image
External image

  • Larger frame, wide-waisted aka “stocky" 
  • Stronger lower body
  • Gain muscle/fat easily

Or maybe you’re a combination of 2 kinds? Regardless, keep the terms in mind when addressing future workout plans. And btw, these pictures and descriptions are very exaggerated, but I’m sure you can honestly associate with at least one if not two somatotypes.


Different somatotypes (First classified by the greeks,but scientifically classified by William H Sheldon).. Simon Nessman bien connu fashion model is the typical ectomorph.lean,slender muscles,low body fat storage percentage. It’s the perfect example of a “skinny” boy yet desirable and fit. You don’t have to be super big to be fit.